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Beautiful Angel

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"Brown Eyed Girl"

With hair of shimmering gold and eyes of the purest blue
I can't help but feel in my heart I'm falling in love with you

I wish I could tell you what I feel, but I don't know how
If I only knew I would do it. I'd do it right now

I don't know what it is that's so special about you
I guess it's just all the little things you do

When you add it all up it means we belong together
Holding you in my arms forever and ever

There's something about you, a twinkle in your eye
I'm really gonna go for it, I'm really gonna try

You're all I can think about every minute of each day
If I ever did ask you out what would you say?

Would you say "Yes" and make my dreams come true?
Because you see,My Beautiful Angel,

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