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Billions of light-years away in some distant galaxy is a world filled with myth and legends, a world of fantasy. During the night, a bright and beautiful array of colors explode into the sky. That is how the planet became known as Aurora.

Brave adventures in search of glory, fame, and fortune have traveled this world to expose its vast secrets and bring many more into the light. Here, nothing is impossible. Men have become gods. Powerful wizards have changed the course of history. Armies have fought in the air, on the land, and in the sea.  Here, dragons and dinosaurs thrive. Here, elves play; dwarves build their colonies. Here, a whole world of fantasy unfolds.

Danger lurks at every corner. Vast treasures are uncovered. Beasts and demons roam the plains in search of prey. Men and women of all walks of life come to battle them for all their own reasons.

Who are you, brave soul? Have you come to be forever remembered in history? A whole world of adventure awaits you. Do you dare to explore it?

A young lad came across a rip in the fabric of space and time and curiosity had gotten the best of him. The boy was slung billions of light-years away to this planet. Many more had followed him through. This was a world of opportunities. This was a world to start a new beginning. Aurora was their last chance at redemption.


1. No Moding. That means you must accept the damage and misfortunes done to your character in a fair manner. It may not seem fair if something bad happens, but if it was done within the boundaries of the rules, you cannot object.
2. Keep fights In Character (IC). A character fight should not escalate into an Out of Character (OOC) fight. We do not tolerate billigerant people.
3. Only with prior MUN consent is your character allowed to perform any sexual acts with their character. We will not tolerate anyone who doesn't follow this rule. You get no warnings for violating it. Expect to be immediately expelled.
4. Anything that is outside the standard rules of the book and not stated on this site MUST go through a Quest Advisor or the Game Master (GM).
5. Some MUNs like to have more than one character per Screen Name (SN). That is fine, but only two may be permitted in a quest at one time.
6. There are those who advance their character or give them special weapons without having earned them. These people will immediately lose those items and advancement. Plus a 10% xp deduction is done! All adjustments will be made accordingly. We don't like cheaters!
7. We will not tolerate MUN harassment. This means harassing them OOC and having your characters harass theirs IC.
8. Anyone caught giving fraudulent information to anyone on the Aurora Team will be immediately expelled. No questions asked.
9. Keep profanity to a minimum. There are children that may be in the chatroom. If AOL is not notified but we are, we will give you a warning.
10. Violation of any rule, unless otherwise stated, will result in a warning. After you have accumulated 3 warnings in a 6 month period, all of your characters will be given a 1% xp deduction. All adjustments will need to be made. After 6 warnings, you are put on a one month suspension. No characters may play a part in anything. No damage dealt by them will be honored during this time. They may not gain any xp or items. If you violate any rule during the suspension, you are expelled for a 1 year period starting the following day. All characters will be forever dead and can never be raised by any means.
11. These rules may be amended, deleted, or altered at any time. You are responsible for keeping track of them by visiting the Aurora site at least once every two weeks. 

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