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CSR Underground

So Rich, Rob, Aaron, etc., you all think I got on CSS and took the time and effort to tell the world about CSR Underground huh? Well I hate to tell you but you're looking in the wrong place. Yes, I applied to CSRu once. I did that back in January from my dad's computer in his office at my house in West Chester. For me to actually do that I would obviously have to give a shit about your "underground" community. That's just it though. I don't give a shit. I've known about it for a long time. It's never really been much of a secret. Aaron told me a long time ago online that he wanted to start something like CSRu, but then I never heard about it again for a long time. Then over winter break when I was still involved with Redline Imports Rob Jones showed me the site once when we were all chilling at his then-girlfriend Nancy's house in Colerain. Once again I was like "whoopty doo." I've always known that a few of you were involved with it. I figured that Aaron was because he had mentioned it a long time ago. Then at Cruisefest I heard Rob, Rich and someone else all mention it late Friday night when the alcohol was flowing so I assumed they were involved too. I still found myself in a state of "not giving a shit." Your super-cool underground site always seemed like yet another clique in the car scene of Cincinnati. I find it ironic that the title page says "Fuck the bullshit" yet you all are apart of yet another clique by associating yourselves with CSRu. I didn't break into your site. I have viewed the forums on a couple of occasions in the past and Dan has told me that he was a member. I'm not that jackass that signed up on CSS to "expose" you all. However, I don't know what he thought he was really exposing to begin with? It's not a secret that you guys exist, however you all apparently try to keep it a secret who the members are. That's your business to deal with how you want. Since I'm not a member I won't ask why because it's none of my business and frankly I don't care. Anyway, good luck pinning that IP address of him to me. I just talked to the OSU Office of Information and Technology and they basically said that it's impossible for an outside source to detect an exact IP address of any specific computer on campus due to their firewall protection and the privacy rights they have to uphold. So anyway, good luck in your pursuit of the innocent. It seems to me like you should all be blaming yourselves though because if no one talked about it like you all claim you don't then no one would have ever found out about it and this situation would not be occuring. By the way Rob, you said you saw me post on my name in that thread on CSS. If so, let's see the screen shot of it. Prove it. In fact, let's see all of your real proof rather than the current "We don't like Kyle. We'll blame him." That's bullshit. I have more than enough real proof, beyond a reasonable doubt to back me up so if you want to play ball then step up to the plate instead of sitting on the sidelines gossiping like women.

Well originally this said "Thanks to the couple people that actually believe me," but obviously that needed to be changed. Didn't it Dan? I'm really not sure why everyone assumes I'm a liar and a thief. By the way Aaron, I didn't "play pretend on another website and get caught."

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