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Slug Information Center

Welcome to our information desk in the ZU. Here you can find plenty of information on your faculty members and a bit about the history of our fine institution. If you would like to learn more about our faculty members, simply click their picture for their full autobiography. Enjoy.

The History of Zing University

Zing University Faculty

President - Dr. J. Gotti

Dr. John Gotti was nominated by his fellow faculty members to be the president of this fine institution. His integrity and uncanny ability to talk to women earned him this prestigious honor. Dr. Gotti began his career as the advertising/ communication specialist. He was in charge of informing the student body as to upcoming "events" being held in the cr1B. He has brought what he learned from that position to the Presidency and has made Zing U. one of the most well-known schools in the country.

Dean of Students - Dean T.E. Smiggins

Dean Smiggins is a well known and respected faculty member around the ZU. This made Terrance Edward Smiggins a perfect fit for the position of Dean of students. Besides, no one seems to know the student body like Dean Smiggins. He often spends countless hours in his office with a struggling (well, it at least sounds like they're struggling) student trying to teach them the "in's and out's" of our university.

Chief of Personel & Executives - Mr. S. McPeerson

Mr. Swanson MePeerson is the Chief of Personel & Executives, or C.O.P.E., for Zing University. The COPE's job is to see that everything is organized between faculty members and the students. If their is ever a problem between two people, the COPE will be the first there. Mr. McPeerson was a well respected stock broker before joing up with the cr1B and starting up Zing U.. He still dabbles in it and is in charge of all finances coming into the university.

Executive Director - Dr. K. Busterson

Dr. Kent Busterson is the Executive director of Zing University. His responsibilties include... pretty much a little bit of everything. He is a jack off, I mean Jack of, yes Jack of all trades. From graphic design to university relations Dr. Busterson is in charge of it all. He is also the head counselor at Zing U.. If a student ever has a problem they need to discuss, Dr. Busterson's office is where they should turn. Besides his other responsiblities, he is also in charge of this website. So if you would like to be a part of it, talk to him.

Executive Intern - Prof. R. Hunglo

Richard Hunglo is a new edition to the cr1B staff. He was signed on late in the last year. His responsibilities to the cr1B in his first year will be a general assistant to the faculty. Once he gains knowledge on the inner workings of the cr1B, he will be given his own set of responsibilities and title. Prof. Hunglo brings a new age aspect to the cr1B, literally. He is the youngest member of the faculty and will be able to connect with the student body better than the elderly members.

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