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Classes & Majors

Even though Zing University is known as "the Ultimate Party School", we still take pride in our academic excellence. Yes, its true. We offer a wide variety of classes and majors for all of our Slug Students. Interested? Well just take a look at what we have to offer.


  • Accounting
    - Keeping track of the amount of "Slug Juice" at the party and being consumed.
  • Art & Music
    - Very underestimated major. Highly influental to any party.
  • Chemistry
    - Learning what to mix with what.
  • Communications
    - Desiphering all forms of communication, from body language to Instant Messanger.
  • Criminal Justice
    - Keeping people under control and from "yoinking" other peoples Slug Juice.
  • Education
    - Teaching younger Slugs the in's and out's of life at Zing U.
  • Finance
    - Keeping money under control is essential at Zing U. if you plan on making it thru the year.
  • Managment
    - Study on planning, schedualing, and throwing the ultimate party.
  • Physical Education
    - Most classes are offered at night, and several after a Zing U. party

Although you will specialize in only one or possibly two fields, Zing U. curriculum requires that all students receive at least one class in each area, for a better rounded education.

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