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What the hell is there to do?

The Zing U. Events page. If there is an important date to remember, it'll be on here. If you can think of anything else that belongs here, mention it to one of our faculty members and perhaps it will show up here.Or you could always e-mail us...just a thought.

*~* March *~*


  • February 7 -> "Dress to get laid" party
  • February 21-> 80's Party
  • March 20-> St. Patty's Party
  • April 17-> Hawaiian Party

CR1B Events:
  • March 3 ->Dr. Busterson's Birthday!
  • March 17->Happy St. Patty's Day!

  • March 20->St. Patty's Party! Wear all the Green you can!

Zing U. Events:

  • March 9 -> Back too school. :-P
  • March 17->Happt Sy. Patty's Day

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