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The Voice of the Slugs!

Welcome to your page. Thats right, this page is devoted to the voices of our Slugs. There are 3 categories on this page to choose from.

  1. - There is the Slug Student of the Month. Each month, the faculty of Zing U. will choose a male and female student to be highlighted on the Zing U. website. What do you win? A "special needs" package from the faculty. How do you become the student of the month? You have to apply of course! Send our distinguished faculty an E-mail explaining to them why you should be the student of the month. Its just that easy... SO SIGN UP ALREADY!

  2. - The Faculty Mail. Each week, the faculty will post an E-mail from a loyal slug student to be answered on the website. Questions, comments, just general B.S. will be accepted, and they will be posted unedited. So send us a li'l sumthin and get ur voice heard.

  3. - The general Quotes Page is still here. But now it includes your Jokes!. Thats right, just send us a joke, provided its any good we'll add it to the page. Plus, you can read all the infamous quotes, and we'd be happy to have you add one to it.

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