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Zing University: A History

The story of the great Zing University and its Banana Slugs is actually, not a very interesting one. For example, you mite read this once, if ever, and then never come back... so it must be pretty boring or uneventful. But, it is our history and we must embrace it. So anyways, as I was saying, this is the world famous Zing University. Or is it infamous? Either way, everyone knows about our institution of higher learning. And now, everyone will know the story behind the madness.

The story begins with a group of four distiguished professors from an un-named college. The group shared an office and eventually a dream. The office, room one B. The dream, to have a university completely student friendly. Where a student could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted... as long as it was within most of the laws. Unfortunatly, many of their colleagues did not feel the same way. They believed in rules and regulations, not in savoring the best 4-6 years of your life and living it to the fullest. Our fearsome foursome were now outcasts.

So, the four decided to start their own piece of heaven. A university they and their students could control without persicution from others. Where the only rule would be to live your life to the fulliest. People began to follow their lead. A fifth was added to the group of misfits to make their faculty complete. And what did they name the hub of student activities at this new University you ask?... why, the cr1B of course.

Now, to decide on a name. Sveral names were propsed, but one really stood out... "ZING". It means "having liveliness or enthusiasm", which fits our university like a condom. The universities official colors are Aqua Black, Grizzly Red, Clay Yellow, and Flight Blue. Then, decision time came for a nickname. A name to set Zing U. athletics above all others. The "Banana Slugs" was decided on because the slug is a dynamic creature. For example, they take their time and do it slow and steady, rather than so quick its over in 5 seconds. And they have got moves like you've never seen.

Alright, well now you know the horrible scary truth, wait... I guess that wasn't really horrible or scary. Just long and boring really. Well, now go enjoy some of our more enjoyable pages on our website.

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