Beware the Announcer under your bed

Great News! Yet another online journal has made its debut TODAY!

Yes, in a world plagued by war, disease, and waxy yellow build-up, isn't it good to know that there are STILL people silly enough to think that posting their words to a web site is a worthwhile thing to do? Gosh, kind of takes you back to another time and place, doesn't it?? And that's not all! Experts agree: Regular reading of this new journal is GUARANTEED to boost your IQ, improve your love life, and allow you to reach your ideal body weight WHILE YOU SLEEP! Someday ALL online journals will be required by the government to have these features as a matter of course. Until then, enjoy a taste of the fabulous future JUST BY CONTINUING TO READ

Almost A Jester's Journal

Boneless Blather Written Mainly To Please My Cat

(Say WHAT?)

The 165 Infamous Prototype Entries

Oct. 16 - Taking The Sweetest Day Challenge

Oct. 17 - Sylvia

Oct. 18 - Thinking Long & Hard About Bathing Again

Oct. 19 - open mike night at the dreck cafe

Oct. 20 - when stagehands forget to unplug the amplifiers

Oct. 21 - Holidays Autopsied While-U-Read

Oct. 22 - Attack of the Blather Devouring Attorneys!

Oct. 23 - An Entry Written In Humble Service To Humanity

Oct. 24 - Trying To Come To Grips With My Sunday Paralysis

Oct. 25 - A Married Man Plays The Dating Game

Oct. 26 - Random Scribbles

Oct. 27 - Jester Day!

Oct. 28 - My Life As A Guard In The Harem Of Fate

Oct. 29 - "Your Cat's Got Mail!"

Oct. 30 - Stocking Up On Terror

Oct. 31 - Abbreviated Boo

Nov. 1 - As Authentic An Entry As I Can Muster On Short Notice

Nov. 2 - The Excitement Never Ends

Nov. 3 - A Rare, Gently Pre-Read, Dribble-Of-Consciousness Entry

Nov. 4 - Thinking Outside The Box

Nov. 5 - Writing Without A Net

Nov. 6 - Sometimes A Great Notion... But Definitely Not Today

Nov. 7 - Exorcising The Ghostism From My Heart

Nov. 8 - Deaf-Defying Dining

Nov. 9 - Phoned-In Entry

Nov. 10 - Stationary High

Nov. 11 - Winning The Cold War Only To Lose My Mind

Nov. 12 - Potty Training Shirley MacLaine (And Other Glimpses Of The Future)

Nov. 13 - Blather Malls & Journal Scans

Nov. 14 - Bed, Sun, And Prison

Nov. 15 - The End, Etc.

"Almost Another Jester's Journal"
(Hey! The sordid little saga continues! We'd cancel our Internet account if we were you!!)

...aardvark dreams...
(Random thoughts the voices in my head have pushed out my ear)

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I suspect it has been sleeping with the judges behind my back.

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If you just want to see what this shameless journal plans to wear
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And the winner is...11350-22666
Congratulations, Nancy! Keep up the good work!!

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