YOWSER!  These fine journals have actually recommended this one!

Please read 'em!  Please love 'em!  Please tell me what their authors could have ever seen in mine!

A Journal of Sorts by Carole Jobes

anyone's any by mo pie

cognizance by sherri

Confusion by Meghan

Cracked Rearview by Jen

The Daily Slack! by Slackananda

Full Circle :: The Jera Files by Jera

Irregular Ramblings by Johanna Mead

Journal of a Cynic by Betsy Jones

Never Eat More Than You Can Lift by Ophelia


Staring Into The Sun by Catresse

watching paint dry by betsy

The Journal of the American Medical Association

(Umm, ok - that last one hasn't actually recommended my journal yet, but maybe that's only because its author(s) have yet to receive the letter in which I clearly stated my willingness to participate in cool medical experiments involving lots of electricity arcing between silver balls in a remote castle.  I'm sure it's just a matter of time since I'm cheaper to feed than a guinea pig and already answer to the name Igor.  Keep checking.)  

I would recommend other journals that I read unbeknownst to their authors
but am sure that would be the kiss of death.

- So -

Please read every online journal at least twice yourself
from beginning to end and make your own judgments.

Thank You

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