Rey Mysterio

Height: 5'6''

Weight: 165 lbs.

Finishing Move: The 619/West Coast Pop

Titles Held: 1x World Champ, 3x WCW Tag Team Champ, 4x WWE Tag Team Champ, 8x WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Champ, 1x WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champ, 2006 Royal Rumble Winner

Nicknames: The Human Highlight Reel

Real Name: Oscar Gutierrez

Rey Mysterio thrilled fans around the world in his exploits in WCW for years, and finally made his way to WWE in the summer of 2002. He won his first match over Chavo Guerrero, and dominated the Cruiserweight division for weeks. However, he raised the ire of Kurt Angle after pinning him in a tag match. Angle beat Mysterio at SummerSlam, and then again in a rematch. Mysterio joined Edge and they entered a tournament for the first Smackdown Tag Team Champions. They beat Brock Lesnar and Tajiri, Ron Simmons and D-von, and then met Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle in the finals at No Mercy. They lost, but did beat them for the titles in a rematch a few weeks later. They lost the belts at Survivor Series, when Eddie and Chavo Guerrero won them in a Triple Threat match. When Mysterio took on Albert, Albert managed to beat him and then severely injure his knee, putting him out for a number of weeks.

He returned and pinned Albert, now A-Train, in a tag match. He earned a shot at the Cruiserweight Title for WrestleMania XIX, but lost to champion Matt Hardy. Rey moved on and began to team with Tajiri, but managed to infuriate the Big Show during a match. Show demanded a match with him at Backlash, and took care of Mysterio in short order. As paramedics tended to Mysterio, Show picked him up on the stretcher and threw him into the ring post. Rey returned and got revenge on Big Show with the help of Brock Lesnar. He earned another shot at Hardy, and finally won the Cruiserweight Title in June. He started teaming with Billy Kidman, and they got a shot at the tag titles at Vengeance, losing to The World's Greatest Tag Team. Mysterio finally lost the Cruiserweight Title to Tajiri at No Mercy, thanks to Tajiri's henchmen Akio and Sakoda. Mysterio worked his way back into contention and won the title back from Tajiri just before the end of the year.

Entrance Music Lyrics

Who's that jumpin' out the sky?
R-E-Y Mysterio, here we go
Wear the mask out, the girls pass out
The boys just black out, better tap out (go!)

Off the top rope so look out below (below)
and the next thing you know you'll be on the floor (the floor)
Whatcha gonna do when you're on your back
from a mean bodyslam, ah damn, you're whack
You're like, "What the heck? All of a sudden
this dude's sittin' on my neck? Where's the ref?"
Straight from the WWE, how much trouble you see
when you face the man of mystery
Flippin' and spinnin' and doin' it fast
You can't remove the mask (why?)
Because he's kickin' your ass?

Mr. Mysterio is serious and delirious
and everybody's curious
Want to know where he's from?
You know, who is he?
Don't know a damn thing,
everybody get busy
The entertainer and you're now on the stage
It doesn't matter if you're in the ring
or trapped in a cage
What he looks like, the guy is easy to see
But guess what?
Looks like a winner to me