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Welcome to Erica Diaz Homepage
Fall Term '99 Tech Prep

My name is Erica Diaz.
Table of contents
Project I:College Search
     1.My  college Essay
     2.How is it like to do college search in the Internet?
     3.My Recommendation of the best two colleges
ProjectII:"The Allegory of the Cave"
                           by Pluto
ProjectV: The Jungle
      1. portfolio
      2. pre-reading
ProjectVI:Writing about New York (Part I)
      1. observation journal
      2. descriptive essay
      3. reflection essay
                     Writing about New York (Part II)
       1. creative piece
        2. poem
          2. work ethics interviews
       3. report on the interviews
       1. Act I
       2. Act II
       3. Act III
      4. Act IV
       5. Act V
ProjectVIII:Things Fall Apart
PojectIX:SAT Prep