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Super Bowl XXXIV Champs

Hi and welcome to my homepage! Name is Linda aka Ramsin. Been bleeding Ram BLUE & GOLD since 1973. So that would be...ummm, hummm, a very, very long time :-) I can say with pride I'm not just another fan jumping on the Rams bandwagon!

I could have followed any other team, but I chose the Rams. It had to have been those horns that grabbed my attention! It was an omen I suppose. A few years later I found out I was an ARIES...sign of the RAM. Guess you could say I was born to be a Rams fan!

No Matter The Outcome,
No Matter The Score,
Always Bleeding

My cute, little smiley should give you some idea of
the emotions I have experienced being a Rams fan for as long as I have!

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Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit to my homepage and found it enjoyable, maybe even somewhat informative :-) I invite you back for a visit anytime. By the way I hope you took sometime to sign my guest book. This way I know you've been here! Thanks :-)

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Can't wait for the official start to the 2012-2013 football season!

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Dedicated in loving memory of my husband & best friend 1957-2001