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Welcome to my 1980-90's Rams Trivia Challenge!
Somewhat of an easier place to
test your knowledge.

*Note..Thumbing through your Rams media guide for the answers really isn't testing your knowledge.
Nor is surfing the web for the answers. Come on take a shot! It's only for fun! Java required

THE 1980's

1. Who tied Elroy Hirsch's club record of 17 touchdowns in a season in 1981?

Mike Guman
Wendel Tyler
Barry Redden
Jewell Thomas

2. What Ram player was named consensus All-NFL and received the NFC defensive player of the year honors in 1980?

Jack Reynolds
Rod Perry
Jack Youngblood
Nolan Cromwell

3. In 1983 Eric Dickerson set a new record for rookies. What was it?

scoring 20 TD's
gaining 1,808 yards on the ground
gaining 1,821 yards on the ground
longest run for a TD (85 yards)

4. Four Rams made the Pro-Bowl in 1983. Can you name 2 of the players?

Nolan Cromwell-Jack Youngblood
LeRoy Irving-Dennis Harrah
Jackie Slater-Kent Hill
Eric Dickerson-Doug Smith

5. In 1984, the Rams hosted their first ever playoff game in Anaheim Stadium. Which team defeated the Rams before a record crowd?

New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins
Minnesota Vikings

THE 1990's

6. Two years in the 1990's no Rams were picked for the Pro Bowl. What years?


7. This defensive player was one of the few bright spots for the 1990 season when he made 13 sacks to lead the team. Who is he?

Frank Stams
Larry Kelm
Kevin Greene
Mel Owens

8. In 1991, the Rams allowed the most points in the NFC. How many did they allow?


9. In 1992, a Ram returned two punts for touchdowns in one game. Who was he?

Willie Anderson
Buford McGee
Todd Kinchen
Pat Terrell

10. The last game of the 1992 season saw a Ram running back score three touchdowns. Who was he?

Cleveland Gary
Buford McGee
Tim Lester
David Lang

Well, how did you do? If you enjoyed these then check out the other links for more trivia questions!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a little time to send me an e-mail with some feedback on this trivia page. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the trivia!

NOTE* All questions and answers to this trivia page came out of the
St. Louis Rams Facts & Trivia book.

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