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How much do you know about 1940-50 Rams? Take my Rams Trivia Challenge and test your knowledge.

*Note..Thumbing through your Rams media guide for the answers really isn't testing your knowledge.
Nor is surfing the web for the answers. Come on take a shot! It's only for fun! Java required

THE 1940's

1. What year did one of the 1941 buyers purchase the Rams outright?


2. The Rams had their third-round draft pick from UCLA join the team as a T-formation quarterback in 1945. Who was this quarterback?

Bob Thomason
Tom Harmon
Norm Van Brocklin
Bob Waterfield

3. The Rams won their frist divisional title in the team's history in what season?


4. On an icy field in Cleveland, what team did the Rams defeat for the world title in the 1940's?

Chicago Bears
Washington Redskins
New York Giants
Green Bay Packers

5. What award did Adam Walsh receive in the 1940's?

NFL All-Pro
NFL Player of the Year
NFL Most Valuable Player
Coach Of The Year

THE 1950's

6. Who defeated the Rams for the NFL crown in 1950?

Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions
Philadelphia Eagles
Chicago Bears

7. What year did Bob Waterfield retire from playing football?


8. Who was the Rams' regular quarterback in 1958?

Rudy Bukich
Bobby Humphery
Frank Ryan
Bill Wade

9. Who did the Rams draft in the first round in 1959??

Billy Cannon
Dick Bass
Jim Phillips
Jon Arnett

10. In 1959 the Rams had their worst record since 1937. What was their record?


Well, how did you do? If you enjoyed these then check out the other links for more trivia questions!

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NOTE* All questions and answers to this trivia page came out of the
St. Louis Rams Facts & Trivia book.

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