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So you think you know about the
1960-70 Rams? If so then take the Rams Trivia Challenge
and test your knowledge of this era.

*Note..Thumbing through your Rams media guide for the answers really isn't testing your knowledge.
Nor is surfing the web for the answers. Come on take a shot! It's only for fun! Java required

THE 1960's

1. What year was Roman Gabriel drafted?


2. In 1961, the Rams drafted an eventual Pro-Bowler & NFL Hall of Fame player. Who is he?

Roman Gabriel
Merlin Olsen
David Jones
Ollie Matson

3. The Rams drafted a Heisman Trophy winner in 1963. Who is he?

Terry Baker
Rufus Guthrie
John Baker
Merlin Olsen

4. What new defensive record did the 1968 Rams establish in a 14 game schedule?

most INT's
most sacks
fewest points allowed
fewest yards allowed

5. Roman Gabriel received an award in 1969. What was the award?

NFL's Most Valuable Player
NFL Player of the Year
Joe F. Carr Trophy

THE 1970's

6. Who was the Rams' head coach who lead them to a 12-2 record & a division title in 1973?

Tommy Prothro
Chuck Knox
Ken Meyer
Ray Malavasi

7. Who was the NFC Player of the Year for the Rams in 1973?

Tom Mack
Jack Youngblood
Merlin Olsen
John Hadl

8. The Rams won their 2nd straight NFC Western title and first playoff victory since 1951 in 1974. What team did the Rams defeat?

Minnesota Vikings
Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins
Chicago Bears

9. In 1977, head coach Chuck Knox resigned to become the head coach of which team?

San Diego Chargers
Baltimore Colts
Buffalo Bills
Seattle Seahawks

10. Which team eliminated the Rams from the 1977 Playoffs?

Dallas Cowboys
St. Louis Cardinals
New York Giants
Minnesota Vikings

Well, how did you do? If you enjoyed these then check out the other links for more trivia questions!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a little time to send me an e-mail with some feedback on this trivia page. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the trivia!

NOTE* All questions and answers to this trivia page came out of the
St. Louis Rams Facts & Trivia book.

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