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Welcome to the
Rams Trivia Challenge!
This page has different types of questions that is why it's called POTPOURRI.
Have fun and remember.....

*Note..Thumbing through your Rams media guide for the answers really isn't testing your knowledge.
Nor is surfing the web for the answers. Come on take a shot! It's only for fun! Java required

1. Hollywood actress Joey Heatherton was married to a Ram. Who was he?

Kermit Alexander
Jim Bertelsen
Lance Rentzel
Bill Munson

2. Who was NOT a member of the Rams "Bull Elephant Backfield"?

Paul Younger
Elroy Hirsch
Dick Hoerner
Dan Towler

3. In 1937, the Rams drafted a player who turned out to be Rookie-of-the-Year. Who was this player?

Ray Johnson
Johnny Drake
Mark Barber
Wayne Gift

4. Who holds the Rams record for the most field goals in a season?

David Ray
Frank Corral
Tom Dempsey
Mike Lansford

5. What year was Eric Dickerson an early season holdout for the first time?


6. Who was the Heisman Trophy winner who filled in for the holdout Dickerson?

Mike Guman
Rob Carpenter
Charles White
Greg Bell

7. What Los Angeles Ram became the first player in NFL history to return a punt for more than 100 yards?

Nolan Cromwell
Johnny Bailey
LeRoy Irvin
Robert Bailey

8. How many yards did he return the punt for?

102 yards
103 yards
104 yards
105 yards

9. Against what team was the punt returned?

New Orleans Saints
Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers

10. In what year was this feat accomplished?

1994 Well, how did you do? If you enjoyed these then check out the other links for more trivia questions!

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NOTE* All questions and answers to this trivia page came out of the
St. Louis Rams Facts & Trivia book.

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