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Some Cool Ram Downloads!

Rams Wallpaper

Wouldn't this picture look great on your desktop! If you like it then CLICK THE IMAGE and go to the download page! If you would like to see more Rams wallpaper like this click either link below. Both links offer Rams wallpaper for your desktop!


For 800 by 600 or 1024 by 768 sizes visit ClanRam. *NOTE...these will be ZIP files.

Super Bowl Wallpaper

If you would like a Rams Super Bowl wallpaper for your desktop then visit
Scroll down to #35

Or you can use the one I offer. Just click here to download!

Desktop Themes Here you will find 2 different Super Bowl themes. Click on the thumbnails to view which theme you would prefer to download. Scroll down to #54 near the bottom of the page. to preview contents of desktop theme. Just a regular Rams football desktop theme. I downloaded this Rams theme then found the other one. *NOTE....this is a ZIP file.

Screen Savers This screen saver is of the Super Bowl and would go along nicely with the desktop theme from I did download this screen saver and am very pleased with it. This is just a regular St. Louis Rams screen saver I ran across while surfing the web. A St. Louis Rams screen saver with action shots of players and the sound from "lets get ready to rumble" also offers some really neat Ram screensavers to go along with some of his wallpaper.

Rams Skins

Patio Lanterns' Your choice of 8 different IE (4.0 or higher) browser Ram Skins to choose from.

Ram Helmet Cursor

Change your busy hour glass cursor to a Rams helmet cursor! To download click here. If you need instructions on how to get your new Rams helmet cursor up and running click here. If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me.

A very special thanks to clanram for making this background :-)