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Proud to be an Interclub

member of

President, Ruth Necco

Vice President, Betty Fields

Secretary, Susan Welsh

Treasurer, Jay Leslie


Next Meeting: September 23, 2007, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Mennan Arena, Salt Lake Room, NJCFSC membership registration form, Proxy

2008 NJCFSC Championships Bid Form to host the competition.

NJCFSC Scholarship and Grant Programs

2006-2007 NJCFSC Academic Honors Team Application

2006-2007 NJCFSC Grace Moore Competitors' Assistance Grant application , Media Form Deadline April 15, 2007.

Become a supporting fan of figure skating in New Jersey

NJCFSC Championships
2007 NJCFSC Championships- NEW Posted 5/25/07- Competitors by Group List, Tentative Schedule, Practice Ice Reservation Form

Important Information Posted 4/10/08

Announcement Revised 2/11/07

Attention High School Competitors of NJCFSC: Please contact Joan Branella at if you are taking the SAT exams on Saturday, June 2nd. We need to know for the scheduling of events.

2007 NJCFSC Championships Entry Form Revised 4/10/07

2007 NJCFSC Championships Maneuver Team Form Revised 4/10/07

2007 NJCFSC Championships Ad Journal Form

2006 Results

2005 Results

NJCFSC Committees


Kern Trophy Report Form
Grace Moore Memorial Competitor's Assistance Scholarship 2006 Application please download and submit the NJCFSC Media Form

2006 Qualifying Results

2005 Qualifying Results: Regional, Sectional, National

2004 Qualifying Competition Results

Synchro Team Qualifying Competition Results

Synchronized Skating News and Information
Ice Storm

NJCFSC High School Programs
NJCFSC Academic Honors Team
2006-2007 Application

NJCFSC High School Club Network Tentative Competition Dates
2006 Fall Harvest team standings

2007 NJ High School Open Announcement, Event Schedule

2007 Moran Memorial Championships Annoucnement and Application

NJCFSC Bylaws and Conflict Management Bylaws Updated 2006

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