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Ummm... News!

August 25

Hey, The GOMF won't be updated for a few days, due to the very strong possibilty of my site being hosted by another site. I WILL have a totally new layout when I come back though!!! ^_^

August 24

Drew a picture of Oddish, and added it to the Fan page.

Hey, I'm working on lots of other stuff. Check me out at! See ya there! ^_^ You can ever see a possible new layout for the GOMF! ^_^

August 21

Wheh! It took me a few hours, but I added all of the pictures to the POKeMON in the New POKeMON page!

Added POKeMON Movie Previews! Find them, as well as TV coverage, on the POKeANIME page.

August 19

I re-wrote the summary for Showdown at Pewter City.

Drew two MORE pictures! Anther Ash picture, and a picture of Lapras. Find them with all of the other art on my page in the Fan section! ^_^

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