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Diddy Kong Pilot
Come fly with me, come fly, let's fly awaaayy... or not.
First news at E3 - Well, look at this. It seems that Rare really like to make racing games starring one of the Kong family. This game is called "Diddy Kong Pilot" It seems that there are gonna be the usual
 lava, ice and beach worlds, how original. Still, I just know that Rare will make this game special. Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 looks verysimilar to this, except you can only ride in planes in this game. There will be a one player story game, as well a four-player battle
game called a dog fight. There are 24 tracks at the moment and 36 dog fight levels. This looks like some cool stuff from Rare. The strange thing is Donkey Kong is in DKP, he wasn't in DKR on N64 and
Donkey Kong is far more famous than Diddy, but this game is a mini-sequel so I guess it's okay to be named after Diddy, but a little odd to see DK in it. Errr....Hmmm..... There's also going to be a 'tilt' program put into DKP so to turn your plane, all you have to do is tilt
your Game Boy Advance to the left or right, kind of like 'Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble on Game Boy Color. It's going to be a beaut of a flying game.
Diddy Kong Pilot game Specifications
System : Game Boy Advance
Genre : Aircraft Racing
Players : 1-4 (link cable(s)
Release Date : Early 2002
Anticipation Rating : 8/10