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Kameo : Elements of Power
A new and mystical woman from Rare. Not as sexy as Jo Dark though, hehe.

Kameo gets under my skin! - Kameo can take over enemies and see through their eyes, but she can also be seen inside whatever monster you are in. Just look carefully through the monster's transparent skin and you'll see Kameo moving around, nicely...

First news at E3 - The look and feel of this game is very similar to Jet Force Gemini on the N64. This RPG sees you taking the role of Kameo, a fairy princess who has to save the six elemental children. It's kind of like Pokemon on the GameBoy, you capture creatures and train them to be stronger and
reach their full potential in their fighting abilities. You can possess them and see through their eyes in combat. You can fight bosses with 'em and probably other monsters that you can weaken so that they can be captured. Some type of 'Pokeball' is
sure to be used by Kameo, maybe that colourful hexagon shaped thing that she's holding in one of the screenshots can capture creatures, what else would it be for? Possibly a mini-pan cake maker or something. Anyway, Rare have made quite an original RPG game. Pokemon red / blue or
whatever on the Gamecube in some ways. More on Kameo : Elements of Power most likely at Space World 2001 in Japan. How very exciting... exciting indeed...
Kameo : Elements of Power game Specifications
System : Nintendo Gamecube
Genre : Adventure / Role Playing Game
Players : 1
Release Date : Mid - 2002
Anticipation Rating : 9/10