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Starfox Adventure : Dinosaur Planet
Fox and the gang are pulling a 'DK' and joining up with Rare, as well as Nintendo. Smart move Foxo
First news at E3 - Starfox Adventures will be Rare's second game for the Gamecube (Kameo is first) and will become a very memorable classic in a few years, but don't think of the future that far ahead just yet, the game hasn't even been released yet for goodness sake!
Anyway Starfox is on a mission to explore and help the ancient and prehistoric paradise of Dinosaur Planet. It's been eight years since the Starfox team defeated Andross and now there's a new villain in town, namely General Scales. A very strong Dinosoid type of guy who has taken over
the Prehistoric Planet and has captured a bunch of inocent dinosaurs and has put the world into chaos. Starfox will put everything bad to rest though, with the help of his new (and naughty) sidekick, Prince Tricky. A young Triceratops. Most of the team is still around, but
with new jobs. Slippy the toad is now a Technological Support officer and supplies Starfox with weapons and is on hand at Mission support, helping Fox with directions and routes. One of the new members is a robot, Rob is his name and he'll help you with supplies like ammo and the like.
But, Falco has left the team, in search of a solo career no less... Starfox Adventures : Dinosaur Planet will have some of the 'Cube's best reflection and water effects and will have day and night changes like Zelda : Ocarina of Time. The weather willl also change as time goes on in the game like the stormy pic of Krystal and her Pteradactyl friend above. So as you can see, SA:DP will be one monster of a realistic game and a great start to Rare's life on the Gamecube. Screenshots Ahoy! to the right >
Donkey Kong Racing game Specifications
System : Nintendo Gamecube
Genre : Adventure / Role Playing Game
Players : 1
Release Date : November 2001
Anticipation Rating : 9/10