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Just choose the game that you want to see reviewed by clicing on it. All I've got is Banjo-Tooie at the mo, but there will be more Rareware games reviewed soon, like Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day, etc
Banjo-Tooie - They're back and with new and dead friends. But this time Tooty hasn't been kidnapped (actually she's not in the game at all?!), instead the old hag, Gruntilda, has been restored to "life" as a skeleton to go and suck life out of everything to get her looking "normal" again, but this time she's brought her two ugly sisters along for the ride...

Conker's Bad Fur Day - This is the third game Conker has been in, the last two were "Conker's Pocket Tales" and "Diddy Kong Racing", but in those two games he was as cute as a baby's bottom, this time he's as mean as Michael Jackson and as drunk

as Homer Simpson, but he still packs a wallop with his frying pan and flame thrower. Violence, swearing, adventure and poo all rolled into one neat package.
Banjo - Kazooie - Banjo the Honey Bear and Kazooie the Red Crested Breegull are on their first adventure ever to get Banjo's sister,Tooty back from Gruntilda the witch. With the help of Bottles the Mole and Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman you will experience one of the N64's most enjoyable and valuable
games. Each level is different than the last and filled with new objectives and original characters for you to meet (and take a jiggy off). An absolute classic.
Latest Stuff
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:: Xmas T.o.T ::
The Christmas edition of the Tower of Tragedy is up and full of Xmasy Rare related questions for you to test your throbbing brain on. Remeber, you have to get at least 7/10 to get in to the Monkey Mansion. Good luck and a Ho ho ho to ya.


:: Diaper change ::
Eyrie made a peepee and a poopoo and our heroes have to clean up the mess and that's one big nappy
:: Secret Sentence ::
I made up a little competition. Look all around the Index and see if you find the hidden page where it will say the 'secret sentence'. It will say on the page what to do to get into the hall of fame, or the Monkey Mansion as I prefer to call it. Look at the extra special sections to see the mansion. I don't think that anyone will find it as it's hidden kinda well, but if you do, well done. It could be anywhere. On a picture link, a text link, an affiliate link, etc. The secret sentence is somewhere on the Index. I'll have a quiz up soon too.