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The sequel to Diddy Kong Racing racing is here... but this is by no means an ordinary sequel
First news at E3 - If you thought that Rare were worn and fresh out of ideas from all the grand games they made on N64 and Game Boy color, then you must not have much faith in the all mighty Rare.
They're gonna bring you awesome new games for the GameCube man! Just look over at Kiddy Kong at the bottom, right there. A-BLOODY-MAZING! Parden my language. And it looks like instead of the old fashion karts and planes, you can ride animals instead, I just hope Rare
will put some birds in, to replace the planes in animal form. Actually I've seen wasps and some emus from Donkey Kong Country, so we'll be going under water, on land and flying through the air! Take a look at the graphics of DKR, a humungous step up from Diddy Kong Racing on the N64. Just look at it! Even Taj the elephant genie from Diddy
Kong Racing is there! You can even race under water, Tiny Kong to the right is riding DK's old friend Enguarde the sword fish and Diddy's with some purple newbie in the screenshot link to your right, probably Enguardes girlfriend
or something. Anyway, it looks like every animal and Kong to ever grace any of Rare's Donkey Kong games is in here, not to mention some new guys, including the elephant Kiddy's on. Kiddy Kong is from Donkey Kong Country and Land III, incase you didn't know, But this time in nice and shiny 3-D form. You can reach speeds as fast as, well actually you can't get that fast, 70km an hour is about as fast as you'll get, and rumors suggest that your animal gets tired and you have to feed it fruit or something to keep it energized, nice idea, even if it isn't true. This looks set to be one fun jungle of a racing game. More on this animal racer as soon as it leaks out from Rare's plumbing pipes.
Donkey Kong Racing game Specifications
System : Nintendo Gamecube
Genre : Racing
Players : 1-4 Split Screen
Release Date : Late 2002
Anticipation Rating : 10/10