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Rare Lair's Tower of Tragedy Christmas Special


Try and answer all of the questions and if you have absolutely no idea what the answer is just give it a shot anyway. To truly finish the T.o.T Quiz, you must wait for the music to load, but if the music doesn't work for some reason then you may start the quiz. Good luck! Hopefully you'll end up in the Monkey Mansion


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1. How many times do you have to fly through the Christmas tree's star in Banjo-Kazooie?  A. once   B. three times   C. five times  **

2. On Crash Site in Perfect Dark, what instrument do you find in the snow?  A. Piano   B. Flute   C. Drum kit  **

3. What usually stands where this question mark is?  A. Snowman   B. Mumbo's Hut   C. A Christmas Tree  **

4. In Banjo-Tooie, what does Humba Wumba turn you into on Hailfire Peaks?  A. A Walrus   B. A Snowball   C. Santa Claus  **

5. Who is this wearing Santa's suit? (Click on the pic for a larger view)  A. Bottles the Mole   B. Banjo the Honey Bear  C. Jamjars the Mole  **

6. Which game does not have a snow level?  A. Golden Eye 007   B. Banjo-Kazooie   C. Conker's Bad Fur Day  **

7. Who do you have to kill on Crash Site in Perfect Dark?  A. Santa Claus   B. A Fake President   C. Cassandra De Vries  **

8. What does Boggy the Polar Bear live in?  A. a Fridge   B. A Huge Icecream Cone   C. An Igloo  **

9. Who is this cut up 'reindeer'?  A. Jinxy the Sphinx   B. Lanky Kong   C. Gobi the Camel  **

10. Which of these is a snowy Christmas level from Diddy Kong Racing?  A. Frosticle Village   B. Frosty Village   C. Everfreeze Peak  **


Latest Stuff
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:: Xmas T.o.T ::
The Christmas edition of the Tower of Tragedy is up and full of Xmasy Rare related questions for you to test your throbbing brain on. Remeber, you have to get at least 7/10 to get in to the Monkey Mansion. Good luck and a Ho ho ho to ya.


:: Diaper change ::
Eyrie made a peepee and a poopoo and our heroes have to clean up the mess and that's one big nappy
:: Secret Sentence ::
I made up a little competition. Look all around the Index and see if you find the hidden page where it will say the 'secret sentence'. It will say on the page what to do to get into the hall of fame, or the Monkey Mansion as I prefer to call it. Look at the extra special sections to see the mansion. I don't think that anyone will find it as it's hidden kinda well, but if you do, well done. It could be anywhere. On a picture link, a text link, an affiliate link, etc. The secret sentence is somewhere on the Index. I'll have a quiz up soon too.