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 Ukraine leader vows peace 'roadmap'

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says a "roadmap" to end fighting in the east will be drawn up, after talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says a "roadmap" will be prepared to end fighting between troops and pro-Russian separatists in the east. He was speaking after holding his first direct talks on the crisis with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Belarus . Mr Putin said Russia would assist a dialogue, but stopping the fighting was a matter for Ukraine itself. Ukraine and the West accuse Russia of arming the rebels, a claim repeatedly denied by the Kremlin. "A roadmap will be prepared in order to achieve, as soon as possible, a ceasefire regime which absolutely must be bilateral in character," Mr Poroshenko said after two hours of talks with Mr Putin in the Belarusian capital, Minsk . Earlier this year, Mr Poroshenko declared a unilateral ceasefire but accused the rebels of not following suit.  Putin: Process must start soonWatch   'Freedom for captured Ukrainians'Watch   Russian aid or Trojan Horse?   Key players in east Ukraine

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Syria 'used chlorine gas' - UN

The UN accuses the Syrian government of using chemical agents in eight separate incidents in a new report on war crimes there.

  Syrians inspect site of missile hit in Aleppo, August 11 2014

The United Nations has accused the Syrian government of using chemical agents in eight separate incidents in a new report on war crimes there. The UN also says Islamic State (IS) militants carried out frequent public executions that civilians, including children, were forced to watch. Islamic State, which now controls a large part of Syria , is one of the groups fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The conflict is in its fourth year. The period covered in the report coincides with the growth of the Islamic State group in Syria . The findings are the result of six months of interviews and evidence collected between January and July of this year as part of an inquiry into human rights violations inside Syria . Investigators said that Islamic State (IS) forces in northern Syria are waging a campaign to instil fear, including amputations, public executions and whippings. One year after Syria chemical attack   Did inaction over Syria foment regional chaos?   The suffering civilians of west Aleppo 

India 'criminal' ministers warning

India 's Supreme Court has said that politicians with criminal records should not be appointed as ministers. The court was responding to a petition seeking the removal of four ministers in a previous government. One-third of MPs - including a number of cabinet ministers - in the present parliament face criminal charges. Indian laws allow politicians facing criminal charges to run for public office, but not those who have been convicted. On Wednesday, the court dismissed the petition saying that it could not "pass directions for disqualification of ministers facing criminal and corruption charges". However, the top court said the prime minister and chief ministers of states should "not include people with criminal antecedents in their cabinet," according to the Press Trust of India news agency. "Those in conflict with law and involved in offences of moral turpitude and corruption should not be allowed to discharge duty as ministers," the court said, adding that the prime minister and chief ministers are "expected to act with responsibility and with constitutional morality". Do India's political parties condone corruption?   Why do many India MPs have criminal records?

Colombia frees hired killer 'Popeye'

One of Colombia 's most notorious killers, known as Popeye, who admitted to 300 murders for drug lord Pablo Escobar is freed from prison. One of Colombia 's most notorious hired killers has been released from prison after serving 22 years of a 30-year sentence. John Jairo Velasquez, nicknamed Popeye, was the top hit man of late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar. He confessed to killing 300 people and also claimed a hand in up to 3,000 killings in the 1980s and 1990s. But he also gave evidence against an ex-justice minister convicted of ordering the killing of a rival. Velasquez, 52, walked free from the Combita high-security prison on Tuesday to start a probation period of four years. He left under heavy police escort, a sign of the risks he believes he will face outside jail. The BBC's Arturo Wallace in Bogota says Colombia is divided over his early release. Several victims insist he still hasn't paid for all his crimes, while others say that after two decades in jail it is time to give him a second chance, our correspondent says. Velasquez was convicted for his part in the murder of presidential hopeful Luis Carlos Galan in 1989. But he later turned state's witness against former Justice Minister Alberto Santofimio, a rival candidate in the 1990 presidential election, who was convicted of ordering Mr Galan's killing. 'Popeye' was a notorious hit manWatch   Hit TV drama about Escobar   Escobar still divides Colombia   Book 'lifts lid' on who shot Escobar

US girl, nine, kills gun instructor

A nine year-old girl in the US has killed her shooting instructor by accident while being shown how to use a high-powered submachine gun. The instructor was giving the girl a lesson at a shooting range in Arizona when the recoil from the automatic fire caused her to lose control of the Uzi. Charles Vacca, 39, was shot in the head and died after being airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas . The girl was at the shooting range with her parents, who filmed the lesson. The footage shows the instructor coaching her as she fires a single shot at a target at the Last Stop shooting range in White Hills , Arizona . The Uzi then appears to be switched to automatic as the girl pulls the trigger and loses her grip of the weapon. The video, edited and released by the Mojave County Sheriff's office, ends abruptly before the instructor is shot.  US girl shoots gun tutor dead WatchNEW   Would more guns save US lives?Watch   In statistics: Guns in the US

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Special reports and analysis on the East Indian Nations & Surrounding countries - By Dr. Naseeb Ullah, Ph D. Media Studies

Long-term Gaza ceasefire agreed

Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza agree a long-term truce, ending seven weeks of fighting that has left more than 2,200 people dead.

A long-term ceasefire has been agreed between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. The truce, ending seven weeks of fighting that has left more than 2,200 people - mostly Palestinians - dead, was brokered by Egypt and began at 19:00 ( 16:00 GMT ) on Tuesday. Hamas said the deal represented a "victory for the resistance". Israel is to ease its blockade of Gaza to allow in aid and building materials, Israeli officials said. Indirect talks on more contentious issues, including Israel 's call for militant groups in Gaza to disarm, will begin in Cairo within a month. The US gave the full backing to the deal, with State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki saying: "We strongly support the ceasefire announcement." UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also welcomed the truce. But in a statement via his spokesman, Mr Ban warned that "any peace effort that does not tackle the root causes of the crisis will do little more than set the stage for the next cycle of violence". The breakthrough came as both Israel and the Palestinians continued to trade fire.  Celebrations in GazaWatch   Abbas accepts truceWatch   'Good for Gaza, good for Israel'Watch    Is the fighting over?

Attack Pakistan , Shiv Sena chief asks PM Modi

MUMBAI: Extremist Hindu hardline party Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray Monday urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attack Pakistan and teach a lesson for its continued intrusions in Indian borders. In an edit in the party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, Thackery said that recently Pakistan attacked 13 border villages, fired at 22 outposts in Jammu , leaving two dead and many more injured, compelling people from those villages to flee. “This is the biggest incident of its kind since 2003. In fact, in the past one month or so, Pakistan has carried out 25 similar attacks on Indian territories. But we have kept mum - like some damp fire-cracker,” Thackeray said. Terming as “a matter of serious concern” the Pakistani high commissioner in India holding talks with Kashmiri separatists, the Shiv Sena chief said it is “futile” to hold any more talks with the neighbouring country. “ India responded by cancelling the secretary-level talks, but that is not enough - Now, we must enter their borders and knock them down,” Thackeray urged. Indain Defence Minister Arun Jaitley has assured a suitable response to the Pakistani aggression and Home Minister Rajnath Singh has asked the Border Security Force to initiate counter-measures, he added. “Now, the country is expecting that we should set fire to Pakistan ’s tail and reduce it to ashes - Don’t make any further delay. Act and show that this is a ‘manly’ country. Prove to the people of India that a ‘macho’ government has taken over in New Delhi . This is our plea to the centre,” Thackeray added. He pointed out that around 1,000-plus terrorists have sneaked into the country to create bloodshed and the Indian army has discovered a big tunnel near the Chalka border post in Palanwala Sector through which Pakistan was planning to smuggle more extremists into India . Referring to the ongoing political developments in that country, Thackeray said Pakistan is indulging in these acts although internally it is confronting “a civil-war like situation” - people revolting against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and protestors even blocking its parliament. “Under these circumstances, Sharif’s government is in peril and he has no idea what is going on at the borders. Moreover, whoever is heading that country is immaterial as the government is controlled by the army, terrorists, clerics and the ISI continuing to be arrogant - So nobody can predict when the Pakistan president or prime minister would be ousted,” Thackeray said.  Click Here For More News

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Seriously, ask me!: Got a question? Anything in mind that bothers you because no one seems to listen? Send them in and I will try to find the answers. Your name will be kept confidential if requested, and no one will ever know.

The Montreal Tribune and its publishers are not responsible for all contents in this section. All Rights reserved. Copyright 2007 Conrad David Brillantes. All Questions or inquiries submitted are not edited...posted as they are received. Question: Why on earth the Separatist government of  the late Rene Levesque created the language law known as Bill 101? Answer: Actually, Robert Bourassa, Quebec Premier then started the controversial language law (Bill 22) which was duplicated and made it more complicated by government of Levesque. Note that Bill 101 was declared not valid by the Supreme Court of Canada but because of the veto option given to all provinces under the unfinished Canada constitution headed by Brian Mulroney, precipitated when Pierre Trudeau, prime minister of the day brought home the BNA (British North America Act - Canadian Constitution) to Canada, Quebec was able to maintain the law (Bill 101) .

What happens in a US debt default?

Bills, bills, bills: how does the US government pay its debt?

20 dollar bills and hand

By Kim Gittleson BBC business reporter, New York

What is a US debt default?  At its most basic level, a default is when a person or an entity cannot repay a debt on time. For instance, when a person can't make a payment on a mortgage or a car loan. When a country does this, it's known as a sovereign default. This is when the country cannot repay its debt, which typically takes the form of bonds. So if the US were to default, it would essentially stop paying the money it owed US Treasury bond holders. A quick refresher: the US government spends more money than it collects in taxes. So to make up the shortfall, it raises funds by asking investors to buy US Treasury bonds. Investors, such as the Chinese government and pension funds, do this because these bonds are seen as a safe place to invest money. What are the consequences of a US default? No one really knows exactly what would happen, but the likelihood is that markets around the world would plunge and global interest rates would rise. This is because if the US government could not repay the money it owed bondholders, the value of the bonds would decrease. And the yield - the return the government pays to an investor - would rise. This is because it would be perceived as a less safe investment. This would prompt interest rates around the world, which are often tied to those of US Treasuries, to spike. Furthermore, the impact on the US 's creditors could be dire. Japan , for instance, owns about $1.14 trillion of US debt - which is equivalent to 20% of its annual economic output. In the US , Goldman Sachs estimates that $175bn would immediately be withdrawn from the US economy and it could lead to a very deep recession. Top 5 foreign holders of US debt :   Mainland China $1,27 Trillion  *  Japan $1.4 Trillion  *   Caribbean banking centres: Bahamas , Bermuda , Cayman Islands and others $287 Billion  *  Oil exporters: Venezuela , Iran , Iraq , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia and others $257 Billion  *  Brazil $256 Billion  *   SOURCE: US TREASURY     Will the Fed get back to normal?   How bad are US debt levels?   Q&A: What is the debt ceiling?    

Do you agree or you don't agree on the "The consequences of a US default"? Our editor an economist don't agree, saying it instead a clever manipulation on the protection of the dollar, instead of just printing them. Why? Go ask him at

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Bankruptcy may not be the answer

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Question: Is there any chance for Quebec to become a republic? Answer:  Not in this century; the separatists have to work harder for the next one. 50% plus one says so. It’s now the poorest of all the provinces in Canada. More later....JFT

The day the economic dim light hits Montreal

Looking back at 40 years of French as Quebec's official language

Bill 22, passed in 1974, laid groundwork for province's most stringent language laws

The passage of Bill 22 in 1974 may have been in response to language tensions in St-Léonard, a predominantly Italian-immigrant neighbourhood in Montreal. However, it fanned the flames between Anglos and Francos, leading to what is arguably Quebec's most hotly debated piece of legislation ever: Bill 101.

The passage of Bill 22 in 1974 may have been in response to language tensions in St-Léonard, a predominantly Italian-immigrant neighbourhood in Montreal . However, it fanned the flames between Anglos and Francos, leading to what is arguably Quebec 's most hotly debated piece of legislation ever: Bill 101. (Radio-Canada archives)  On July 31, 1974 — exactly 40 years ago — French became the only official language in Quebec . A war of words and principles raged between anglophones and francophones at the time. Anglophones fought to preserve their rights while more and more French-speaking Quebecers lobbied for better protection of their language, particularly with regard to the francization of immigrants. That edict, introduced by Robert Bourassa and his Liberal government, was meant to remove any ambiguity about language in the province. It was known as Bill 22, the precursor to Bill 101 that came three years later. “The 1960s were a time of major changes in Quebec , like elsewhere around the world. Here, we became aware of some gaps in the protection of the French language,” said Office québécois de la langue française spokesman Jean-Pierre Le Blanc. Groundwork on bills 22 and 101 was laid during the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s. The Parti Québécois was created in 1968 amid the language turmoil; a year later, the Union Nationale government led by Jean-Jacques Bertrand adopted Bill 63, which would go on to become An Act to promote the French language in Québec. St-Léonard Conflict The flames of language debates in the province were stoked by what has come to be known as the St-Léonard Conflict, which came to a head in 1968. The conflict began when an act was passed to phase out English instruction from schools in the predominantly Italian-immigrant neighbourhood. Bill 63 was passed in 1969 as an attempt to smooth out thorny relations between Montreal ’s Italian community, the province and Quebec francophones. That law had provisions promoting French in education, including offering French courses to new immigrants. It also permitted parents to choose whether their children received English or French instruction. That law was superseded by Bill 22. FROM THE ARCHIVES | Riots in St-Léonard

What did they do? And, is it really worth writing about them?

  Lucien Bouchard2.jpg Jacques Parizeau1.jpg   Robert Bourassa01.jpg  Bernard Landry2-.jpg

Hey did you hear? We have  two new Saints from Quebec, no, it's not  Lucien Bouchard or Jacques Parizeau nor  René Lévesque or Robert Bourassa and  definitely not Bernard Landry (above pictures are in order from left to right) but here check it out! Pope Francis elevates 2 Quebecers to sainthood Note: All are but a waste except for The Great Rene Levesque, he should have been sainted a long time ago by the Separatists as the real Quebecois who inspired equality for all. Later, more about these nationalists or separatists Quebecois political leaders.

Coming later once article is complete -  On Economics and Politics, It won't get any better in Quebec By Conrad David Brillantes  

Highlights from Bill 14   New sovereignist group calls for united front   Quebec sovereignty needs rebranding, says former premier  But, Who’s supporting Richard?   Man charged in Quebec election shooting fit for trial   PQ setting up campaign to promote sovereignty goals

Canada Direct

A look at the nation beyond the headlines from BBC


One Square Mile of Canada

Montreal is a French island in a predominantly English-speaking country

It's known as La Main - "The Main" - and it's the lifeblood of Montreal . For the past three centuries this sweeping avenue, Boulevard St Laurent, has shaped the character of a city in the heart of French-speaking Canada . La Main was once the symbolic dividing line between the city's French and English speaking communities, with the boulevard a soft buffer attracting and absorbing waves of new immigrants. Today, it celebrates a cosmopolitan city with its array of little villages, from the Quartier Chinois, or Chinese quarter, to Little Italy and Portugal , along with strong remnants of an historic Jewish quarter.

What does it mean to be Canadian?

 With Asian trade and support for the monarchy rising, what does Canadian identity mean now?

What the Indians are trying to say, The French came as visitors and now they want the country for themselves?”  So they say "over my dead body" before Quebec becomes a republic. After all, they already killed millions of us since they arrived here. This is not a provocation but just letting them know we are still around and Quebec Nation is not going to happen as long as there are still Indians around. Please send your comments to the editor... MP Maxime Bernier defends language-law quip - Quebecers don't need Bill 101, "Not by imposing [French] and by preventing people from making their own decisions in matters that concern their personal lives."   Quebec militia leader faces death-threat charges Patriotic Militia of Quebec's website   Que. militia worries separatists   Death threats target Quebec English rights group    Letters threaten FLQ attacks in Montreal  Oops! Parti Quebecois are falling apart

Canada launches Arctic seabed quest

How much farther can the Separatist push the envelope to preserve a language that's hard to economically maintain? Aren't we bankrupt yet? Send your comments to

Got a second?

1. Integrity and reliability are the most important quality that a public employee especially that of a politician should maintain otherwise the institution gets corrupted. 2. Poor immigrants are the greatest investment a country like Canada should bring in for they are motivated by dreams that money immigrants already have. We brought (in) lots of those money immigrants in the 80s from Hong Kong and surrounding areas, most settled in BC, did they bring their money to Canada ? No, they fried us with our own oil and most of the locals moved to nearby towns where the cost of living is much lower than where those so called investors settled in. But, where are those people now? They are back where they came from with our passports. Would you want to know more and why? Conrad David Brillantes

Oh Canada : How I Love You

The tour was to only last one hour. While the other educator and I waited for their arrival we decided we would not visit the Canadian galleries, since they were in another pavilion at the other end of the museum. We would choose the European Art collection to save time. They arrived twenty minutes late. My group had three mothers with eight children between the ages of two months and nine years old. Two Muslim mothers dressed in hijab and long over-... Quickly it was decided, even though time was limited, that we had to go visit the Canadian galleries. We showed the paintings, sculptures and objects from the Inuit, First Nations along with the first settlers from France and England . The children were mesmerized, listening to the legends and stories of the Canadian people. The mothers asked many insightful questions. As we toured from one gallery to the next, the mother from Benin began unapologetically to nurse her son. She didn’t ask for help or lag behind. She did what came naturally and continued to be an active participant. And the two other mothers? They held the infant’s head as she went to adjust her top and looked after her other child. Mothers from different parts of the world, nurturing, protecting and caring for one another. I witnessed the actions of a community. Being an Art Educator at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts affords me the opportunity to meet and interact with many people from all walks of life. I am very fortunate to live in a country where all people have equal rights and are valued for their uniqueness. Ennutsiak Nunavik 1896 – Iqaluit, Nunavut, 1967 Untitled (Birth Scene with Midwives) By Deirdre Potash, 2779 Honore Mercier Vaudreuil-Dorion Quebec J7V 8P5 (514) 999-8581

What's the difference?

Going overseas? Check this out first! Dangerous travel: Countries to avoid to visit  Or if you need advice before traveling, ask our editor an (experienced) expert on international trade and relation, it's free. Spread it out you never know you could save fellow Canadians. * Private companies and governmental agencies are welcome for seminars on how to behave when visiting countries around the world (*This service is not free)


Montreal official warns workers may be fired for pension protest

Blue-collar workers' union president says threat of job losses has not been confirmed by city

Protesters blew whistles and horns inside Montreal council chambers, interrupting a council meeting on Monday, Aug. 18.

Protesters blew whistles and horns inside Montreal council chambers, interrupting a council meeting on Monday, Aug. 18. (CBC)

Comments made by a high-ranking Montreal official are fuelling tensions between the city and municipal workers over Quebec 's controversial pension reforms. The comments were in response to last week's protest over proposed pension reforms at Montreal City Hall , when hundreds of frustrated workers stormed council chambers, throwing papers and overturning chairs. In Tuesday morning's edition of La Presse newspaper, the executive committee member responsible for public security, Anie Samson, warned the workers' actions would have consequences. "There are people who have lost their jobs, and who don't yet know it," Samson stated in an article in La Presse. Chris Ross, the head of the Montreal firefighters association said Samson's comments "have done little other than to poison an already unstable relationship." The president of Montreal 's blue-collar workers union, Michel Parent, said he's heard nothing from the city about people being fired or facing charges. In an interview with Radio-Canada's Marie-France Bazzo, he said throwing around unfounded accusations would have consequences on union members' work performance. 'Savage' pension protest at Montreal city hall condemned by mayor  Hundreds protest against Bill 3 outside Montreal City Hall

Click here to read the latest News in Montreal    Montreal General News and Events Calendar 

Mother fights to keep autistic son in South Shore school   PCBs discovered in Pointe-Claire drainage system    CBC Archives: The Dangers of PCBs   PCB-laden oil found illegally stored in Pointe Claire    Quebec school boards’ budgets shrinking   Yves Bolduc apologizes for library book comments    Yves Bolduc, education minister, says schools have enough books  Eugenie Bouchard is easy winner at U.S. Open    Bouchard advances to 2nd round of U.S. Open    RESULTS: Men's Draw   RESULTS: Women's Draw   More Headlines   McGill's massive fair trade brownie could be the biggest ever audio  SPCA says province must rescue fur farm animals or face legal action   L'Isle-Verte seniors' home fire coroner's inquest announced   U.S. Open: Eugenie Bouchard steps into spotlight video   Yves Bolduc apologizes for library book comments   Marcel Masse, former Conservative cabinet minister, dead at 78   Tim Hortons, Burger King agree to merger deal video audio  Justin Trudeau home break-in: Man entered in error so no charges video   Saint-Bruno fights to keep medical clinic open   Montreal sewage waste dumped directly into rivers

Never lie when applying for Canadian citizenship, read this:   Blatant lying loses family its citizenship — but earns them a $63K bill from Canadian government - There is no statute of limitation on the revocation of citizenship.”

Check Montreal Weather    Drink and Drive? CAA says First offence cost up to $7,000  Linking to free web content is legal

CBP Reminds Travelers to Prepare for Busy Labor Day Weekend

Special to The Montreal Tribune - August 2014 - ST. ALBANS, Vt. — With Labor Day being observed in both the United States and Canada as a federal holiday since the late 1880s, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is reminding travelers planning cross-border trips to make sure they have their approved Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative compliant documents and to anticipate periods of heavy traffic at border crossings from Aug. 29, through Sept. 1. CBP is also providing guidance to assist cross-border travelers who intend to travel during this time, tips designed to ease their cross-border process as CBP officers and agriculture specialists maintain their principal anti-terrorism mission. In addition to the few simple tips, frequent cross-border travelers are encouraged to participate in one of the Trusted Traveler Programs (NEXUS, FAST, SENTRI and Global Entry) which provides expedited clearance for pre-approved low-risk international travelers. Members of these programs can expect expedited processing when entering the United States through dedicated vehicle lanes at land borders or by using automated kiosks at airports. Members are also eligible to expedite their domestic travels by using TSA's pre-check trusted traveler security screening lines. Travelers interested in enrolling in one of CBP's Trusted Traveler Programs can learn more about the programs and apply online using the CBP Global Online Enrollment System (GOES). Tip 1 - Travelers should prepare for the inspection process before arriving at the inspection booth. Please have crossing documents available for the inspection including a WHTI approved document for U.S. citizens and nonimmigrant aliens from Canada, Bermuda, and Mexico entering the United States by air, land or sea ports of entry. Tip 2 - Vehicle occupants should not use cell phones while approaching the port or during the inspection process. Cell phone usage slows down the inspection process and causes delays for everyone in line. Tip 3 - Travelers should build extra time into their trips in the event they cross during periods of exceptionally heavy traffic. Tip 4 - Alternate Routes. During periods of heavy travel, border crossers may wish to consider alternative entry routes. For example, they may want to use the nearby and less heavily traveled Norton instead of the Derby Line port. For more information on border crossing times, which are updated hourly, please visit the CBP Advisories and Wait Times section of the website. Tip 5 - Food items. Prepared foods for personal consumption or for family/friend gatherings is allowed. If bringing food items for resale or for commercial use, please refer to the FDA website or contact your local CBP office for more information. However, if you plan to cross the border with fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables and you are not sure if they are allowed into the United States , please check with your local CBP office before arrival. The border travel tips will be of assistance in averting any potential frustrations when crossing the border during your travels. If you have questions, you may also contact Daniel Mattina, Port Director, Derby Line at (802) 873-3316 or Ronald Stanley, Port Director, Highgate Springs at (802) 868-2778. For more information on traveling to or from the U.S. or locating a CBP office, please visit the Locate a Port of Entry section on the CBP website. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control and protection of our nation's borders at and between the official ports of entry.  CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terriost weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.   Contact: CBP Public Affairs, Shelbe Benson-Fuller, (207) 532-6521   Office of Public Affairs: U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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 Peak Meat Production Strains Land and Water Resources

New Worldwatch Institute analysis examines global trends in meat production, prices, and practices


Special to The Montreal Tribune - Washington , D.C. ----The steady growth of global meat production comes at considerable cost. Industrial methods in the livestock sector cut down forests to expand grazing lands and use large quantities of water. Production uses grains (such as corn or soybeans) for animal feed and relies on heavy doses of antibiotics in animals. Beef is particularly resource-intensive. Limiting these environmental and health impacts requires not only a look at how much meat people eat, but also at the kind of meat that they consume worldwide, writes Worldwatch Institute Senior Researcher Michael Renner. Global meat production rose to a new peak of 308.5 million tons in 2013, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In response to growing purchasing power, urbanization, and changing diets, meat production has expanded more than fourfold over just the last five decades. Even more startlingly, meat production has grown 25-fold since 1800. The growth in meat consumption has not been constrained by rising prices in the last decade. Worldwide, meat consumption stood at 42.9 kilograms (kg) per capita in 2013. Even though the gap is beginning to close, people in industrial countries continue to eat much larger quantities of meat (75.9 kg) than those in developing nations (33.7 kg). Close to 70 percent of the planet's agricultural land is used for animal pasture. Another 10 percent is used to grow grains to feed livestock (for meat and dairy). Producing beef is much more resource-intensive than producing pork or chicken, requiring roughly three to five times as much land to generate the same amount of protein. Beef production alone uses about three fifths of global farmland but yields less than 5 percent of the world's protein. Meat production also consumes a lot of water. Agriculture uses about 70 percent of the world's available freshwater, and one third of that is used to grow the grain fed to livestock. Beef is by far the most water-intensive of all meats. The more than 15,000 liters of water used per kilogram is far more than is required by a number of staple foods, such as rice (3,400 liters per kg), eggs (3,300 liters), milk (1,000 liters), or potatoes (255 liters).  Worldwide, more than 40 percent of wheat, rye, oats, and corn production is fed to animals, along with 250 million tons of soybeans and other oilseeds. Feeding grain to livestock improves their fertility and growth, but it sets up a de facto competition for food between cattle and people. Heavy doses of antibiotics are used to speed animal growth and reduce the likelihood of disease outbreak in cramped conditions. In the United States , 13,600 tons of antibiotics were sold for use in livestock operations in 2011-almost four times the 3,500 tons used to treat ill people. Even this number, however, pales in comparison with the possibly more than 100,000 tons used in China 's meat production. Alternative practices could reduce these environmental and health impacts. Solutions like switching feed from grains to grass and other plants, using natural instead of synthetic fertilizers, and ending factory-style livestock operations are a start. But dietary choices also make a big difference. Until broader changes sweep through the meat-production system, eating less meat, or choosing lower-impact meats, typically means leading a less resource-intensive life. Country and Regional Highlights from the Report: Asia 's 131.5 million tons of meat accounted for close to 43 percent of world output in 2013.   Europe was second (58.5 million tons), followed by North America (47.2 million tons) and South America (39.9 million tons). China single-handedly accounted for nearly half of global pig meat production in 2013. The two most important exporters of meat in 2013 were the United States (7.6 million tons) and Brazil (6.4 million tons), together representing 45 percent of global trade. Just two countries-Australia and New Zealand -were responsible for a stunning 84 percent of the world's lamb and mutton exports. The 10 largest meat companies, measured by their 2011-13 sales, are headquartered in just six countries: Brazil (JBS, BRF, Marfrig), United States (Tyson Food, Cargill, Hormel Foods), Netherlands (Vion), Japan (Nippon Meat Packers), Denmark (Danish Crown AmbA), China (Smithfield Foods- acquired by Shuanghui International Holdings in 2013).


The acquisition adds 3,000 new properties available for exchange to's community in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean

Special to The Montreal Tribune - (MONTREAL; August 26, 2014)—, the world's largest home exchange community, continues to broaden its North American member base—and in turn, its collection of homes available for swap—with the acquisition of Only in America Home Exchange (OIA), a home trading travel site based out of San Francisco. Adding 3,000 new properties to its ever-growing network of more than 55,000 listings, this acquisition gives an opportunity to expand on the geographical reach of its home listings available across the US , Canada , Mexico , and the Caribbean , the primary regions of OIA members. As part of a concerted global strategy by the team as they look to capitalize on opportunities for their members to exchange homes in more cities, the move will immediately incorporate the new property listings onto and include more houses in key US exchange markets such as California, New York, and Florida. "Only in America was founded with a distinct regional focus, but when our members developed an interest in home swapping opportunities overseas, it became clear we needed to look beyond North America ," says Helen Salem, who established OIA in 2002 after experiencing a home swap with her family. "With its dynamic business growth plan, unparalleled customer service, and an efficient platform that helps facilitate home exchanges in over 150 countries, ultimately offered the best home for our members – a place where I know they'll receive the best treatment." The transition between platforms is seamless, allowing OIA members to retain their home swapping profile and photos as they're automatically transferred over to will honor active OIA memberships at their current rate, and all other OIA members will have an opportunity to join the site free of charge for one year. Following the January 2014 acquisition of the online home exchange marketplace Aha! Go, this second purchase has helped set the foundation for's aggressive expansion plan: to grow their active user community and offer a wider variety of property listings to their members by acquiring 2-4 home exchange websites each year. "One of our greatest assets at is our dedication to our members. We want to be the go-to community for smaller home exchange networks looking to offer a larger selection of house swapping options around the world with a company that places members first in every decision we make," says Chief Operating Officer Jim Pickell. "For owners of smaller companies seeking a welcoming home where their members will receive the best treatment, we're the most obvious solution." About Founded in 1992 by Ed Kushins, was a pioneer, early adopter, and promoter of the "collaborative consumption" movement. Building upon a foundation of trust and enthusiasm, has evolved into the largest and fastest growing online home exchange travel community in the world. This year, their 55,000+ members will make over 130,000 home swaps across more than 150 countries, eluding the cost of traditional accommodations and saving over 50% on each vacation. makes it easy to plan and enjoy a home exchange vacation in almost any country, city, or area of interest, and offers travelers a memorable, authentic 'live like a local' experience. The site is now available in 15 different languages. was named one of the fastest growing private companies in America in 2013 on the Inc. 500 / 5000 list for the third consecutive year. For further info contact:  Paul Charoy, HomeExchange Canada ,  +1 514 991 5889

US-based Telecom BPO Recruits New Accounts Receivable Agent Rita Torres

Sound Telecom, a leading national BPO in the answering service industry, has hired a new accounts receivable credit agent for its billing team.

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Sound Telecom, a leading nationwide provider of telephone answering services, call center solutions, and cloud-based business communication systems, has brought Rita Torres on-board as their new AR Collections/Credit Agent. A position such as hers demands that Rita must walk a fine line between having a tenacious attitude when gathering fees and still providing a pleasant customer experience.  Her main responsibility will be to collect money from overdue accounts while maintaining a customer-centric approach identical to every other department at Sound Telecom. In order to be successful in her position, her manager, Derrec Williams, says Torres must: be organized, utilize good communication skills, be a self-starter, have the ability to be a goodwill ambassador, constantly be focused on customer service, and always try to keep things in a positive light.  She will be working closely with Williams to ensure she is up-to-speed on client profiles and maintaining a good rapport with those accounts. When asked about what convinced him that Torres was the right fit for the position, Williams related that, "She came across as a friendly, quick thinker that had relatable experience to bring to the table. I liked her follow-up tactics and her 'kill 'em with kindness' approach when it comes to collections." Sydney Diamond, CFO of Sound Telecom, says that Rita's position can be a tricky one.  Diamond stated that, "It is one that is constantly interacting with customers.  And while it is often required to harness a tactful blend of perseverance and tenacity, Rita must also champion our philosophy of putting the customer first.  It is paramount that she be an ambassador who carries our banner that lets our customers know we are here for them." Torres knows the balancing act she must enact well, due to her 20 years of collective experience in customer service and accounts payable positions that she brings with her to the Sound Telecom team.  Torres was asked to identify her main goals for the position and illustrate how she will execute those goals.  She responded that, "My goal is to ensure that we have good contact information for collecting monies owed on accounts. My focus is to work diligently to contribute to a low A/R again balance at the end of each month. I plan to use a pleasant version of 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease' collecting method." Rita spent her childhood traveling the world as a Navy 'brat' but has been calling Seattle her home since 1995. Her key responsibilities include credit reviews, customer account alterations, customer service and ensuring monies are received from current accounts. She earned her Associates degree in 1993 when she studied Marketing at Brooks College in Long Beach , California .  Rita is passionate about her family, friendships and making new connections. In her free time, she enjoys being a social butterfly and embraces the opportunity to help others wherever she goes. About Sound Telecom Since 1986, Sound Telecom is a leading provider of 24-hour telephone answering, call center, and cloud-based communication services, professionally serving thousands of customers throughout the United States and Canada with USA based agents to help them improve customer service and grow their businesses. For more information, please visit  Contact Information, Sound Telecom, Andrew Tillery, Marketing Director, 800-577-1550

Why Has There Never Been an Unemployment-Themed Reality TV Show?

With the Right Help, the Whole Cast Could be Winners, Says Employment Strategist

Special to The Montreal Tribune - After perusing the many niches of reality TV -- well-to-do housewives in multiple major cities, the rugged Alaska lifestyle, and working the dirtiest jobs known to man -- employment strategist Richard B. Alman wonders why we haven't seen a show about a popular and compelling subject: long-term unemployment. While unemployment has seen an impressive two-year decline and currently hovers near 6.2 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is no reliable data for the long-term unemployed – those who've been jobless for 27 weeks or more – and for the underemployed. "Recent college grads, who are typically saddled with student debt, still struggle to find terra firma in the professional world, and there's a large blind spot for older unemployed workers, who may have gone back to school or taken a lesser job for which they're overqualified, or they're still searching," says Alman, principal of Recruiter Media, owner of, the world's largest owner/operator of career websites. "Drama, struggle, learning moments and, yes, hope – that's what you'd get with an un- and underemployment-themed reality TV show." Alman reviews how the first season might play out. •  Week 1: Job-seekers are happy to have a gig. Since reality show participants are paid, all are happy for this opportunity. Newly graduated college students are grateful to have a place to crash for several weeks with Wi-Fi and other free amenities, and love interests begin to develop. Older professionals, however, will have mortgages and families; for them, the show is a business trip. Underemployed job-seekers tell their stories of working long hours in unfulfilling positions. •  Week 2: Putting the reality into "reality TV." "Un- and underemployment touches nearly everyone; we all know someone without enough work," Alman says. While reality includes fortuitous wealth and fame for a few, it also includes tough times for many. The second week would feature job-seekers sticking to old methods of searching that have not worked in the past and continue to fail them. •  Week 3: The reveal – participants find out it's a competition. While the cameras have sparked renewed vigor in their individual searches – a few participants may have even tried some wildly unconventional tactics – the group has had relatively little success. Producers reveal that it's not just a reality show about job-seekers, it's a competition. The group is separated into two teams. Participants from the winning team get legitimate interviews with Fortune 500 companies. •  Week 4: Job-seekers gain important tips. No matter how much experience, talent, youth or beauty they have, job-seekers still make mistakes with their strategies. While a well-written cover letter, an impressive education and a great resume certainly help – they're not everything. Professionals give participants tips for staying relevant in today's market, including the importance of doing volunteer work, preferably in roles that match their talents and training. "I really cannot overemphasize this tip enough. Volunteering is probably the best way for the long-term unemployed to demonstrate their abilities, initiative and effectiveness in a marketplace that hasn't given you enough of a chance," Alman says. "It builds new skills, introduces you to a new network of potential employers, and adds recent experience to your resume." •  Final week: All are on their way to gainful employment. After several weeks, most of the participants have made significant progress in landing career positions. While the winning team gains a great opportunity with a guaranteed, high-quality interview, there are no losers on this show. And, those who've made an excellent impression on the program are sure to gain additional opportunities. About Richard B. Alman Richard B. Alman is the principal and chief career/employment strategist of Recruiter Media Inc., the world's largest owner/operator of career websites, offering recruiters, employers and job seekers a smarter alternative to the impersonal, less-specific "universal" employment websites. The only national, city-specific job board on the planet for more than a decade, serves more than 1,000 U.S. cities with their own unique career websites. Alman has worked in all aspects of recruiting and career/employment strategies with corporations such as General Motors and UBS and privately owned multi-national companies.

IMF's Lagarde 'under investigation'

IMF head Christine Lagarde says she has been placed under formal investigation for negligence in a French fraud case but has not been charged. She has been questioned several times about her role in a 400m euro (£318m; $527m) compensation payout to businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008. Ms Lagarde, 58, was finance minister in President Nicolas Sarkozy's government at the time of the award. Mr Tapie supported Mr Sarkozy in the 2007 presidential election. He was once a majority shareholder in sports goods company Adidas but sold it in 1993 in order to become a cabinet minister in Francois Mitterrand's Socialist government. He later spent eight months in jail over a football match-rigging scandal. Mr Tapie sued Credit Lyonnais over its handling of the 1993 sale, alleging the partly state-owned bank had defrauded him by deliberately undervaluing the company. His case was later referred by Ms Lagarde to a three-member arbitration panel which awarded the compensation. Investigators suspect he was granted a deal in return for his support of Nicolas Sarkozy. Ms Lagarde, who took over the role of director of the International Monetary Fund in July 2011, said last year that her decision to refer Mr Tapie's long-running dispute with Credit Lyonnais to a panel of judges was "the best solution at the time". Profile: Christine Lagarde    Sarkozy and France's investigators


AWARDED TOP ANIMAL WELFARE CERTIFICATION : --Local farm uses sustainable agriculture methods  to earn Animal Welfare Approved certification

Special to The Montreal Tribune - WAKEFIELD, QUEBEC (Aug. 2014) - The flock of laying hens at Ferme et Forêt is now certified as Animal Welfare Approved. This certification and food label lets consumers know these animals are raised in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the U.S. and Canada , using sustainable agriculture methods on an independent family farm. Ferme et Forêt is the first farm in the Ottawa-Gatineau region to achieve this certification. Like other AWA farmers, Sean Butler and Genevieve LeGal-Leblanc recognize the growing consumer interest in how animals are raised on farms. Managing animals on pasture or range has known benefits for animals, consumers and the environment. The flock of laying hens at Ferme et Forêt consists of a mixture of breeds, including Plymouth Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. The birds are free to roam and forage on pasture all day, performing their natural behaviors, such as scratching and pecking for seeds and insects. "We keep chickens for more than just their eggs," says Butler . "They help prepare ground for planting through scratching the soil and eating weeds and weed seeds. They also eat insect pests, and their manure helps fertilize our plants." Butler and LeGal-Leblanc are passionate about animal welfare, and believe that happy livestock equates to healthier livestock and healthier food. The couple decided to pursue AWA certification because they wanted to show customers that they are raising their animals in a sustainable, high welfare manner. "We wanted to subject our farm to independent third-party verification to show our customers that our animal husbandry practices are top-notch," says Butler . "I like the stringent standards set by AWA and we were almost there with our practices before certification."  AWA Program Director Andrew Gunther says, "The accountability and integrity offered by Animal Welfare Approved farmers like Sean and Genevieve are unmatched in food production. We're glad to have Ferme et Forêt in the AWA family." For more information, visit About Animal Welfare Approved  Animal Welfare Approved audits, certifies and supports farmers raising their animals according to the highest welfare standards, outdoors on pasture or range. Called a "badge of honor for farmers" and the "gold standard," AWA is the most highly regarded food label in North America when it comes to animal welfare, pasture-based farming, and sustainability. All AWA standards, policies and procedures are available on the AWA website, making it the most transparent certification available.

Shweebo Announces Site Improvements Designed To Optimise Customer Experience

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Fans of Shweebo's international package forwarding service are in for a treat with the company announcing a back end overhaul specially engineered to optimise the customer experience. While the recent digital makeover focused on polishing website aesthetics, the new tweaks put the spotlight on usability and ease of navigation. The developments have been months in the making and draw on the digital expertise of Shweebo's in-house team of tech gurus. Josh Burnley, Owner and CEO said, "We're committed to making the online shopping and delivery experience as simple and stress free as possible and are always looking at new ways to enhance the customer experience. Our recent digital revamp was the first step and we've now followed up with a range of back end and customer portal improvements that make the Shweebo website simpler, cleaner and more user friendly than ever before." Launched in November 2013, Shweebo has rapidly built itself a legion of customers who can't get enough of the revolutionary borderless shipping service. The company puts an end to sky-high international shipping charges and incompatible addresses, instead providing its customers with a US address from which ordered goods can be shipped to worldwide international addresses at an affordable cost. This gives residents from all corners of the globe the opportunity to shop at their favourite US stores without any of the financial or administrative obstacles. Clean, simple and delightfully easy to use, the new service brings a fresh new look and feel to the customer portal. This makes it easier than ever to place orders, update details, track packages and customise preferences. For those demanding the very best in customer service, Shweebo has introduced the innovative new Shopper's Assist service. The fully functional feature allows Shweebo to place orders on behalf of customers, enabling customers who only have foreign credit cards to purchase items from US online shopping sites.. Josh Burnley said "This service is great for those customers that do not have a US based credit card as well as the customer that is looking for hard to find items and exclusive in store products. For customers that don't have time to make the purchases and track them themselves, Shweebo can purchase the products for them and then safely deliver these products directly to their international address." The continuous improvements to the site are a testament to Shweebo's customer focussed philosophy and reinforce the underlying company motto of '' Shweebo membership is free for a basic package, $20 one-time fee for Shweebo+ and $60 one-time fee for ShweeboBiz. To find out more about Shweebo and start exploring the optimised new site, visit: About Shweebo: Shweebo is a parcel forwarding company that offers various services to customers in order to ensure that their parcels arrive quickly and safely to their destination.  Shweebo believes in giving customers full control of the parcel supply chain which allows for customers to be proactive and take full advantage of cost savings and prevent delays in their parcel shipments. Contact: Issued by Dakota Digital. Please direct media queries to Jade Cayton. Email or Tel: +44 (0)1623 428996.

For All Those New Female Entrepreneurs,  the 5 C's for Building a Successful Business


Special to The Montreal Tribune - Small businesses have made a huge recovery since the economic crash in 2008 and that's good news for all of us. Since we account for 63 percent of new jobs, our success puts people back to work. That, in turn, helps us even more – people with paychecks buy stuff!  And here's more good news: Women are launching more businesses than ever – 1,288 a day, according to a recent analysis by American Express. That's up from 602 in 2011-12. Since 1997, women-owned businesses rose by 68 percent.  As a female entrepreneur who will soon celebrate my company's 25th anniversary, I'm well aware of the challenges these brave new CEOs face. I'm not exaggerating when I use the word "brave." My experiences have taught me that courage is essential to launching and growing a successful business – particularly if you're a woman. Why? Because we tend to be more risk adverse than men. We worry more about financial security and losing it all. Making the right decisions requires overcoming those fears. Courage is one of what I call my 5 C's for building a business. They're the guiding principles I've learned through the ups and downs and all the mistakes. If I rely on the C's as a sort of compass, I find I can always guide us back to smoother waters. What are the C's?  Caring   It starts with caring enough about yourself and your dreams to stay committed to achieving your goals. (Giving up is never a good option!) You have to care enough about yourself to firmly believe that you deserve success and the good things that come with it.  Just as important is caring about your staff and creating a positive work environment for them. Protect their sanity from the clients who want to chew them up and from new hires who don't fit in and hurt morale. Be supportive when stressful situations arise in their lives outside of work. And ensure everyone has the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.  None of us gets far at all if we don't care about our customers. Give them the best exchange possible for their money; define expectations so that they understand the end product you are delivering and for which they are paying. Be willing to listen to their concerns, take responsibility for mistakes, and correct them.  •  Courage   Thirty years ago, I probably would never have said it takes courage to lead a small business, but without it, I assure you, you'll fail. There are dragons and quicksand and dark woods all around. You'll find them in the day-to-day problems, the obstacles you didn't see lying in wait, the risks you must take, and the stresses involved with honoring your obligations to everyone working with and for you.   Trust me, your courage will grow every time you push your fear behind you and deal with what frightens you. Which will also help you build confidence.   •  Confidence  Think of the many challenges you've faced in your life, and the many times you've overcome them. Bring that confidence to your business. Believing that you can reach for and achieve your short- and long-term goals is essential to getting you there.  •  Competence  Competence comes from knowledge and experience. Hone it by staying up on the trends and disruptions in your industry. One of the most important roles a CEO plays is as the visionary for his or her company. That means you can't, and shouldn't, take on jobs within your company for which you're not qualified. You'll make yourself miserable and your business will suffer. Hire an accountant to handle the financials. Get marketing help if that's not your thing.  As for employees, take the time to hire competent people who you'll trust in their jobs – and then trust them!  •  Commitment  Stay dedicated to your goals no matter how difficult that becomes. That may mean taking painful measures, as it did for me after the 9/11 terrorist attacks put the brakes on the economy. There came a point for my business when all hope looked lost. I had to make drastic cuts, including letting go beloved employees. For more than a year, I ramped up marketing efforts, diversified our services, and took other steps to get the business out of the red. In 2005, I succeeded – and it has been upward and onward ever since. Building my business has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I get a lot of pleasure from helping our clients meet their goals. I enjoy coming to work and spending time with the team I'm blessed to call part of the family. We laugh loudly and often! If you've recently launched a new business, know that you'll encounter challenges. Don't panic! Remember the 5 C's and forge ahead with caring, courage, confidence, competence and commitment. About Marsha Friedman Marsha Friedman is a 24-year veteran of the public relations industry. She is the CEO of EMSI Public Relations (, a national firm that provides PR strategy and publicity services to businesses, professional firms, entertainers and authors. Marsha is the author of Celebritize Yourself and she can also be heard weekly on her Blog Talk Radio Show, EMSI's PR Insider every Thursday at 3:00 PM EST. Follow her on Twitter: @marshafriedman.

Should You Change Investment Strategies Because of Unrest in Ukraine , Iraq and Israel ?

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Advisors To The Affluent Offer Tips for People Concerned About World Events - The summer's headlines grew increasingly shocking: •  Malaysia Airlines Passenger Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine  •  Israel Steps Up Airstrikes as Gaza Buries Dead   •  U.S. Warplanes Strike ISIS in Iraq   The violence and instability, along with worries about the Federal Reserve ending its market-bolstering stimulus and raising interest rates, precipitated a negative return in July for the Dow Jones Industrial average, the first decline in 2014. Should you be taking steps to protect your portfolio?  If the recent geopolitical events have made you uneasy about the possible effects on your portfolio, now might be a good time to evaluate the real risks you are taking, says wealth management expert Chris Snyder, co-founder with Haitham "Hutch" Ashoo of Pillar Wealth Management, LLC, (Get their white paper, Intelligent Investing: Making Smart Investing Decisions In Today's Volatile Market, at the website.)   "You have to allocate your assets to avoid Undue Risk which will help protect your portfolio through  the inevitable wars, natural disasters, recessions and depressions that will occur," Ashoo says.  "That's right – not if, will. A well-diversified portfolio provides peace of mind."  Snyder and Ashoo offer these tips for weathering today's troubles – and those to come in the years ahead:  •  Ensure your portfolio is diversified. Modern Portfolio Theory, developed by Nobel Prize-winner Harry Markowitz, tells us that 90 percent of the return in your portfolio is based on the allocation of stocks, bonds and cash, Snyder says. "The percentages you allocate between these asset classes is far more important than timing the market or chasing around for the best manager, hedge fund, gold/commodities, dividend paying stocks or whatever Wall Street's next pitch is," he says. •  Steer clear of active portfolio management. Trying to outperform the markets involves active trading, which can have great impacts on your portfolio's net return. With active management normally comes high management fees and high portfolio turnover, which lead to higher taxes and transaction costs, potentially leaving Wall Street and the IRS the biggest winners! "World-class investment management must rise above the noise from Wall Street and day to day news headline," Ashoo says. • Never make financial decisions based on emotion. Individual investors tend to buy and sell based on the emotions: greed and fear. When the markets are up, they tend to buy, hoping to catch a piece of the rise, yet when markets are losing, fear sets in and investors sell. Investing with emotion often leaves investors wondering why they are overweight in growth investments before a market drop and subsequently why they were out of the market when it recovered. "Be sure that you and your investment advisers are qualified to understand and test the volatility and risk consequences your portfolio faces before the next big bad event happens " Snyder says. About Chris Snyder and Haitham "Hutch" Ashoo Chris Snyder and Haitham "Hutch" Ashoo are co-founders of Pillar Wealth Management LLC, (, of Walnut Creek , Calif. , specializing in customized wealth management advice to affluent families. Their unique five-step consultative process for new clients ensures they have a deep understanding of clients' goals. With a combined 51 years of experience, they are the authors of numerous published works, have addressed thousands of investors nationwide, and have been interviewed on radio shows across the country.

Canadians head to larger U.S. and Canadian cities to take advantage of extended weekend

Special to The Montreal Tribune - SAN FRANCISCO , August  2014 –®, a leading discount travel site, announced today the top 10 most popular destinations for Canadian travellers booking hotels over Labour Day Weekend. This year the experts are seeing the continued trend of travellers heading to mainstays like Toronto , Montreal , Ottawa , and Vancouver , as well as U.S. border cities like New York and Chicago in order to take advantage of one final, quick getaway before the summer ends. "We’ve seen some higher hotel prices this year, given there are more people travelling, but even though that’s the case, there are still deals to be had,” said Henrik Kjellberg, President of the Hotwire Group. "We’ve pinpointed some great Hotwire deals, so regardless of whether they’re keeping it local or heading to a U.S. border city, Canadians can have an unforgettable trip at a discounted price.” Toronto remained the most popular destination this year, while Montreal jumped up three spots to number two. New York kept the third place ranking, Ottawa fell two to fourth and Vancouver dropped one spot as the fifth most popular destination. Meanwhile, U.S. cities Boston and Chicago switched for sixth and seventh, followed by Seattle and Minneapolis in eighth and ninth, respectively. Rounding out the list, keeping its tenth place spot from last year, is Calgary .

The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know and Won't Bother to Find Out

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Kailua, HI, August  2014 –   Healthcare has turned into a multi-trillion dollar industry as patients around the globe are herded into doctor's offices, only to leave with prescriptions in-hand for brightly colored pills.  But what happens when the pills don't work and the doctor is out of ideas of how to treat your symptoms?  Mitzi Mensch knows first-hand the challenges this presents and has written about her experience in The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke:  What Your Doctor Doesn't Know and Won't Bother to Find Out, a neurological nightmare juxtaposed with a riveting love story.  This medical mystery has Mitzi playing dual roles of patient and detective all while embroiled in an intense affair with her long lost first love. There was the "Go to Psych" doctor, the "We're out of time doctor", the "No, next" doctor.  Physicians pushed pills which turned her into an emotional zombie and didn't work.  Alternative practitioners practiced protocols and provided potions which didn't work.  As Mitzi muddled through the morass she searched for anything that claimed to cure pain, calm nerves, create somnolence.  Still her headache raged on, her tics escalated, she didn't sleep.  Mitzi was determined to find out what was wrong and fix it. And then there is the power of first love, potent and compelling.  The Internet has made it so very easy for people separated by years and distance to rekindle what was long ago left smoldering.  But should they?  Much more than a self-help book, The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke sizzles, allowing the reader to voyeuristically experience an affair from the perspective of the 'other woman.' Mensch would like to help people through her writing.  "Even if one person's health is saved by eliminating Aspartame, or one person is cured of constant headache, or one doctor will look beyond the obvious – my words will have meant something.  One thing I would like for readers to take away from this book is to be your own advocate when you get sick.  As for lovers who love down through the decades, sometimes it works.  They are the lucky ones." Mitzi Mensch was born and raised in
New England and attended college in Vermont .  An island girl at heart, she lives in Hawaii .  Available on, and local bookstores, The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke:  What Your Doctor Doesn't Know and Won't Bother to Find Out, By Mitzi Mensch, Publisher:  AuthorHouse, ISBN-13:  978-1491814147

Friendship and loyalty put to the test!

Special to The Montreal Tribune -  August  2014 - Stone Soup Productions is proud to present its second offering since inception last autumn, the two-act comedy, Always a Bridesmaid by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten from September 11 – 21, 2014 . On the night of their senior prom four, ‘Southern Belles’ swear to keep a promise: to be in each other's weddings no matter what. Now, more than thirty years later, these friends-for-life remain determined to honour that vow, still making ‘the long walk’ for each other. It’s a marriage-go-round, laugh out loud journey as the beleaguered bridesmaids navigate the choppy waters of love and matrimony. Combining equal parts Libby Ruth (the hopeful romantic), Monette (the flashy flirt), Charlie (the free spirit), and Deedra (the no-nonsense gal), with Kari (the tipsy bride), and Sedalia (the very efficient yet temperamental wedding planner) is a winning recipe for a fun-filled romp. Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten are American playwrights, collectively known as Jones Hope Wooten. Having dedicated themselves to writing ‘Southern’ comedy, they enjoy the reputation of being three of the most widely-produced playwrights in the United States . They've built a following with their "humor that is crisp, clever, very, very smart and never settles for an obvious laugh.” Jessie Jones co-authored the classic, Southern-fried funeral comedy, Dearly Departed, and its feature film adaptation, Kingdom Come, (Fox Searchlight Pictures). Award-winning Nicholas Hope served as Director of Casting at New York ’s Theatre Communications Group, Chicago’s The Goodman Theatre, and ABC Television. Jamie Wooten was a writer/producer on the much-loved television series The Golden Girls. More than 3,000 productions of their plays were mounted within the first eight years of their collaboration. Between them, they've written classic television, hit movies, Off-Broadway comedy, and their plays are published exclusively by Dramatists Play Service, NYC.[1][1][1][1] Chris Brown designed the set with Darlene Reynolds as the props and script assistant. Joel Fox is the lighting designer and Brenda Hilton the costume seamstress. About Stone Soup Productions - Stone Soup Productions was founded by three women: Donna Byrne, Karen Burgan and Irene Osprey. Because acting, directing, and writing opportunities don’t come knocking at the door, the three chose to master their own fates by creating Stone Soup Productions. Their goal is to promote women of all ages in all aspects of theatre. Without excluding their thespian brothers, the company focuses on producing plays with a female majority cast. For more information, visit BIOGRAPHIES - Donna Byrne - Director Donna has directed over 18 plays, including her own play, The Widow Schwartz, produced by Hudson Players Club in 2012. She is a professional actor and a member of Playwrights Guild of Canada. Most recent film credits include: Betty Bailey in Fatal Vows (ID Channel), Brenda in Help Wanted (film short) that Donna wrote and directed, Billy’s Mom in Sorry (LWF Productions), Bobbi Joe Williams in Inheriting Trouble (Investigation Discovery Channel), a Standard Life TV commercial (Multi Media/CTV), and a teacher in  Zombie Boy (PSA for the Leave Out Violence (L.O.V.E) Foundation).  This is Donna's second time directing as a member of Stone Soup Productions, last year she directed Waiting for the Parade by John Murrell. Karen Burgan - Libby Ruth Ames Karen has been involved with theatre for many years either performing on stage, stage managing or producing. Selected theatre credits include Jasmin in The Widow Schwartz (Hudson Players Club), Truvy in Steel Magnolias (Lakeshore Players Club), Cassie Cooper in Rumors (Hudson Village Theatre), Desiree in The Riversmead Affair (Theatre Panache), The Baroness in Aladdin (Hudson Village Theatre), Momma Bear in Goldilocks And The Three Bears (Hudson Village Theatre) and Marta in Waiting For The Parade (Stone Soup Productions). Cristina Cugliandro - Kari Ames-Bissette Cristina Cugliandro is a Master's graduate from RADA and Birkbeck University in London , England as well as an Honours Theatre graduate from Bishops University . After three years abroad she is now back in Montreal in her second production with the company. Irene Osprey - Deedra Wingate Originally from Scotland , Irene came to Canada in 2003. She has trained for theatre and film with Heather Markgraf-Lowe, Mary Vuorela, Gordon McCall, Shimon Aviel, Bob Vernicks, Rea Nolan and Julia Lenardon. Irene works professionally as an actor in film and theatre. Selected theatre credits include, Countess Henslowe in Elizabeth Rex (Table D’Hote Theatre) at the Segal Centre, Charles in Joan of Arc (NTS), Ethel in On Golden Pond (Hudson Players Club), M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias (Lakeshore Players), Rose in The Riversmead Affair (Theatre Panache), Goody in Beauty and the Beast (Hudson Village Theatre) and Janet in Waiting for the Parade (Stone Soup Productions). Recent film credits include The Will, Being Human and Fatal Vows. Irene has also worked behind the scenes as a stage manager and as a writer. She is co-author of The Riversmead Trilogy (Theatre Panache). Debbie Wrenshall - Charlie Collins Debbie has a diploma in Theatre Production from John Abbott College and has taken acting and directing workshops with Centaur Theatre’s former Artistic Director, Gordon McCall. She played Margaret in Waiting for the Parade, Belinda Blair/Flavia Brent in Noises Off, Myra in Deathtrap, and Claire Ganz in Rumors.  Directing credits include William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Private Wars by John Mclure for the Hudson Players Club. Nouella Grimes - Sedalia Ellicott Nouella’s most recent credits include, film (Inheriting Trouble, Fatal Vows) and performing as a vocalist and dancer at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts (Flashback to the ‘80s Party & Come Together: A Tribute to the Beatles). Past theatre credits include 12 Angry Jurors (Geordie Productions); Having Hope at Home (Lakeshore Players, directed by our Donna Byrne); Night Watch and The Night of January 16th (PSC Community Theatre); and A Raisin in the Sun (Montreal School of Performing Arts). Staged readings include Gollywog and On Consecrated Ground (Black Theatre Workshop)  Sylvia Mauri - Monette Gentry Sylvia first performed with the Arcadians followed by work with the Centennial Players, the Park Players and the Westmount Theatre Group. She tap-danced as Lorraine Flemming in the Hudson Music Club's production of 42nd Street and was a torch singer in Hudson Music Club's In The Mood. Sylvia also played the lead, Tova Schwartz, in the premiere production of Donna Byrne's The Widow Schwartz and the Duchess in the Hudson Players Club's Alice in Wonderland! Always a Bridesmaid,

 "Quebec's Debt Clock."

Special to The Montreal Tribune - We are pleased to introduce the new version of our popular mobile app "Quebec's Debt Clock." When first released in March 2012, it was named "App of the Week" by the newspaper La Presse. In addition to showing the growth of the public sector debt in real time, this improved version also provides the debt amount per taxpayer. Just like on our website, it is always possible for users to react by signing a pre-written letter to the Minister of Finance to share their concern about the growing debt of Quebec's public sector. According to our estimates, the public sector debt now stands at 267.7 billion dollars. This is more than $ 67,553 per taxpayer. Quebec's finances are in bad shape and the problem will only get worse if nothing is done. "Quebec's Debt Clock" mobile app can be downloaded from our website at

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Deep Throat case dismissed by judge

Claims that a film about actress Linda Lovelace bore striking similarities to 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat are dismissed by a US judge.

Claims that a film about actress Linda Lovelace bore striking similarities to 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat have been dismissed by a US judge. New York District Judge Thomas Griesa concluded that last year's biopic of Lovelace did not copy the core of the original film, in which she starred. He said Deep Throat focused on one sex act but the 2013 film, titled Lovelace, did not feature any explicit material. The owners of the original movie's rights said they would lodge an appeal. Arrow Productions sued the makers of Lovelace last year in a bid to block its distribution, but their legal move was rejected by the judge. They also claimed the title Lovelace was used "without licence or permission" and sought damages of at least $10m (£6m). In his decision, the judge described Deep Throat as a "famous pornographic film replete with explicit sexual scenes and sophomoric humour", while Lovelace was a critical, biographical film documenting the life of the actress. He commented on the use of three scenes from the 1970s release in the later film, saying they added "a new, critical perspective on the life of Linda Lovelace and the production of Deep Throat". Under US copyright law, a certain amount of footage from Deep Throat could be inserted under the auspices of fair use. Porn company sues Lovelace producers  Sundance: Lovelace rights bought   Also read:   Kate Bush comeback    Kate Bush makes her stage comeback at London 's Hammersmith Apollo to an ecstatic response from fans at her first live concert for 35 years.   How was Kate Bush's comeback?   Fans' verdicts on 'utterly sublime' gig   Rave reviews for Kate Bush's return  Stars' verdict on Kate Bush gigWatch   Kate Bush comeback gig 'like no other'Listen NEW

Sherlock in triple Emmy Awards win

BBC One drama Sherlock wins a hat-trick of awards at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles , including prizes for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

The cast of Modern Family

BBC One drama Sherlock has won a hat-trick of awards at the US Primetime Emmys in Los Angeles . Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman won best actor and best supporting actor in a mini-series, although neither was at the ceremony. Steven Moffat also won best writing in a mini-series for the final episode of Sherlock's third season. Drug drama Breaking Bad was the biggest winner on the night, scooping five awards including best drama series. It was the second consecutive year that the show, which ended last September after five seasons, had picked up the ceremony's highest honor. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was named best actor in a drama series for a fourth time as the teacher-turned-drug kingpin Walter White. He beat a host of Hollywood heavyweights including Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson for their roles in the acclaimed crime drama True Detective. "I have gratitude for everything that has happened," Cranston said. His co-stars Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn were also honoured for best supporting actor and supporting actress in a drama series. Emmys 2014: Main winners   Highlights from the Emmy ceremonyWatch   In pictures: Emmy Awards 2014   Robin Williams honouredWatch   Cinematic style for the TV EmmysWatch

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The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know and Won't Bother to Find Out

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Kailua, HI, August  2014 –   Healthcare has turned into a multi-trillion dollar industry as patients around the globe are herded into doctor's offices, only to leave with prescriptions in-hand for brightly colored pills.  But what happens when the pills don't work and the doctor is out of ideas of how to treat your symptoms?  Mitzi Mensch knows first-hand the challenges this presents and has written about her experience in The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke:  What Your Doctor Doesn't Know and Won't Bother to Find Out, a neurological nightmare juxtaposed with a riveting love story.  This medical mystery has Mitzi playing dual roles of patient and detective all while embroiled in an intense affair with her long lost first love. There was the "Go to Psych" doctor, the "We're out of time doctor", the "No, next" doctor.  Physicians pushed pills which turned her into an emotional zombie and didn't work.  Alternative practitioners practiced protocols and provided potions which didn't work.  As Mitzi muddled through the morass she searched for anything that claimed to cure pain, calm nerves, create somnolence.  Still her headache raged on, her tics escalated, she didn't sleep.  Mitzi was determined to find out what was wrong and fix it.
And then there is the power of first love, potent and compelling.  The Internet has made it so very easy for people separated by years and distance to rekindle what was long ago left smoldering.  But should they?  Much more than a self-help book, The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke sizzles, allowing the reader to voyeuristically experience an affair from the perspective of the 'other woman.' Mensch would like to help people through her writing.  "Even if one person's health is saved by eliminating Aspartame, or one person is cured of constant headache, or one doctor will look beyond the obvious – my words will have meant something.  One thing I would like for readers to take away from this book is to be your own advocate when you get sick.  As for lovers who love down through the decades, sometimes it works.  They are the lucky ones." Mitzi Mensch was born and raised in
New England and attended college in Vermont .  An island girl at heart, she lives in Hawaii . Available on, and local bookstores The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke:  What Your Doctor Doesn't Know and Won't Bother to Find Out  By Mitzi Mensch  Publisher:  AuthorHouse  ISBN-13:  978-1491814147

A Powerful Resource To Help Create A College-Bound Culture Among America's Youth

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Berkeley, CA, August  2014 – Monica Betson-Montgomery knows exactly what it takes to give kids a competitive 'edge' when preparing them for college – during her career she has personally read and scored more than 20,000 freshman applications for the University of California at Berkeley! Combining her vast experience and knowledge, Montgomery came up with a comprehensive, successful strategy for better preparing children to be competitive college applicants. The Keys to College: A Road Map for Parents to Guide Their Children (MM & Associates) by Monica Betson-Montgomery is a resourceful handbook that demystifies the steps needed to prepare parents and their children for college. Written in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand style, this book is a must-read for parents wanting to effectively navigate their way through their student's educational career, from grade school through high school - and beyond!  Packed with concise and accurate information, it offers powerful tools for any parent dedicated to the ongoing education of their student. Chapters include topics such as, Reaching Out for Help, Establishing Good Study Habits, College Pre-Requisites & Recommended Subjects, Different Types of Colleges and, of special interest to many, a chapter on Financing College . Also, in a chapter titled Sample Student Profiles, the author not only gives essay examples but goes on to analyze the essay's that include assessments. Her examples and explanations are well thought out and easy to follow and the assessments are extremely enlightening. The author has simplified what can often be a complex process by providing a step-by-step road map that lays the groundwork for parents to prepare and execute a plan that will give their child an advantage in this very competitive educational environment.  About the author: Monica Betson Montgomery completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of California , Berkeley , and later completed her MBA at St. Mary's College of Moraga . The Keys to College is her second book. Her first work, You Too Can Prepare Your Child for College, was inspired by the ongoing need to increase parent awareness of the education process and the importance of their role therein.  She also subsequently designed a series of interactive workshops for parents and students that complement the book. Monica and her husband commit a great deal of time and resources to impoverished communities to help ensure that information and opportunities are provided where the need is greatest. For more information, please visit: Available at, The Keys to College: A Road Map for Parents to Guide Their Children, Paperback: 88 pages, Publisher: MM & Associates, Language: English and Spanish, ISBN-10: 0692004823 ISBN-13: 978-0692004821

Chasing 120: A Story of Food, Faith, Fraud, and the Pursuit of Longevity

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Pasadena, CA, August 2014 – While some may have differing opinions regarding whether they would want to live to be 120 years old, Chasing 120: A Story of Food, Faith, Fraud and the Pursuit of Longevity by Monte Wolverton, unveils the story of health mogul, Dr. Tyler Belknap, who insists that a long life can be realized even amidst health fads, GMO scares, scams and false advertising. Dr. Belknap is essentially the "Pied Piper" of health and spirituality.  He's a clever health mogul and marketer whose promises of a 120-year life influence the masses to dig deep into their pockets to follow his Bible-based program.  While some realize improved health; others suffer serious side effects after taking his specially formulated supplements and GMO's. However this doesn't stop Dr. Belknap.  His solution is to bury these occurrences by bribing politicians and city officials, and will stop at no length to keep whistleblowers at bay.  The truth somehow always finds a way to show itself, and it does so in this book when an employee of Dr. Belknap discovers his son developed brain damage from one of his substance-laced foods.  The book goes on to show readers that while life isn't always fair, it does go on and thrive despite misplaced faith.  About the Author  Monte Wolverton celebrates life through his creative talents as a designer, artist, cartoonist and writer.  Formerly the managing editor and design director for Plain Truth magazine, his editorial cartoons are internationally syndicated.  Wolverton is an ordained minister and holds a MA from
Goddard College in Vermont .  He resides in Vancouver , Washington .  About Plain Truth Ministries  Plain Truth Ministries invites audiences to discover authentic Christianity without the legalistic religion through online and print media, including magazines, books and radio.   Chasing 120 – A Story of Food, Faith, Fraud and the Pursuit of Longevity, By Monte Wolverton Publisher:  Plain Truth Ministries ISBN-13:  978-1-889973-15-9   Release:  Sept. 1, 2014

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Why Your Kid Shouldn't Be Guzzling 'Energy' Drinks

Vitamins & Minerals are Safer and More Effective than Artificial Stimulants, Says Food Science Expert

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Anxiety, hypertension, elevated heart rates, interrupted sleep patterns and headaches are just some of the side effects commonly associated with energy drinks, and those problems are more pronounced in children, according to a recent University of Miami study. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. These drinks have also been linked to heart palpitations, strokes and sudden death. The term "energy" drink is an unfortunate misnomer, says food science expert Budge Collinson. They don't give your body energy; they stimulate you with brief jolts of caffeine and unregulated herbal stimulants, he says. "Soccer moms and dads buy these 'stimulant' drinks for their kids before matches because both kids and parents want that competitive advantage," says Collinson, founder of Infusion Sciences and creator Youth Infusion, (, an effervescent, natural multivitamin beverage that helps people maintain consistent and healthy higher energy levels. "For a few moments, you'll get that spike, but it's a short-term experience with a heavy long-term toll." So, what are some ways kids can get a healthy energy boost? Collinson offers the following tips. •  Go for a speedy bike ride together, take a brisk walk or hold foot-races in the yard. Numerous studies demonstrate the power of vigorous exercise in boosting energy. Exercise pumps more oxygen – pure, healthy fuel -- into the bloodstream and to the brain and muscles for a short-term energy boost. Exercising regularly will increase lung capacity, so the body will gets more oxygen on a sustained level for the long term. Exercise also releases endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemical, which makes us feel happy. And happy people are energized people. •  Seek nutrition from a variety of sources. As humans, we need more than 40 different vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies functioning optimally. Since there is no single food that contains them all, it is important for children and adults to eat a variety, including as many different vegetables and fruits as possible. Adding a daily multivitamin supplement with essentials such as CoQ10, arginine, theanine, resveratrol and magnesium can help ensure bodies young and old are running at top speed. •  Drink plenty of water – the natural energy drink. Even mild dehydration can leave children (and adults) feeling listless, so encourage children to make a habit of drinking plenty of water. Kids need more water than adults because they expend more energy, and they may not recognize when they're slightly thirsty. Parents, too, often don't recognize the signs of dehydration; a national survey of more than 800 parents of kids ages of one month to 10 years found that more than half feel they don't know enough about dehydration. A quick, light pinch of the skin on the child's hand or arm is an easy check. If the skin is slow to resume a smooth appearance, the child is likely at least mildly dehydrated. About Budge Collinson Budge Collinson was the beneficiary of his mother's natural health formula as a sick baby, which led to a deep interest in health and wellness at a young age. After years of research and seeing the growing demand for natural products with clinical support, he founded Infusion Sciences, Collinson earned a bachelor's degree in food and resource economics from the University of Florida and certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Recently, he became a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and consistently attends the Natural Products Expo, where he learns the latest science and news about nutritious ingredients. Collinson is also a go-to source for media outlets across the country for healthy lifestyle and food source discussions.

'Ban E-cig use indoors,' says WHO  NEW

The World Health Organization says there should be regulations preventing the use of electronic cigarettes indoors in public and work places

Smoking an e-cigarette

The World Health Organization is calling for a range of tough regulations restricting the use of e-cigarettes.

In a report the health body recommends banning their indoor use and says sales to children should stop. The WHO urges manufacturers not to make claims the devices can help people quit smoking - until there is firm evidence to support this. The report says flavours attractive to children should be prohibited. According to the WHO legal steps should be taken to end the use of e-cigarettes indoors - both in public spaces and in work places. The health experts suggest fruit, candy or alcoholic-drink style flavours should be banned too, while the sales of electronic cigarettes from vending machines should be heavily restricted. The e-cigarettes phenomenon   Are electronic cigarettes safe?Watch   Call to 'resist e-cigarette controls'  Also read additional health news:   Briton begins UK treatment for Ebola   Doctors at a London hospital are treating a British man who contracted the Ebola virus while volunteering as a nurse in Sierra Leone .   DR Congo confirms Ebola outbreak   Patient 'no risk to others'Listen   Gut bugs 'help prevent allergies   Bacteria which naturally live inside our digestive system can help prevent food allergies, according to animal research.   UK experts to review stroke clot-buster   The UK medicines watchdog is setting up a review to look at the safety of alteplase, a clot-busting drug often used to treat strokes.

UK experts to review stroke clot-buster

The UK medicines watchdog is setting up a review to look at the safety of alteplase, a clot-busting drug often used to treat strokes.

The UK medicines watchdog is to review the safety of a clot-busting drug often used to treat strokes. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency believes the benefits of alteplase outweigh the risks. But it is revisiting the evidence. Some experts say previous assessments may have been flawed. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges welcomed the investigation, saying the review has "huge implications" for patient safety. A stroke is a medical emergency - and there is one every five minutes in the UK . Most strokes are caused by a clot blocking the flow of blood to the brain. Many patients are given alteplase to break down and disperse the clot - treatment known as thrombolysis. Concerns over 'balance'  There is an increased risk of dangerous bleeding in the brain, but regulators have concluded this is outweighed by the benefits of improved recovery. However, some experts disagree.

Double vaccines 'could end polio'

Using both types of polio vaccine could speed up efforts to free the world of the crippling and potentially fatal disease, research suggests.

Using both types of polio vaccine could speed up efforts to free the world of the disease, research suggests. The oral vaccine is leading the fight to eradicate polio, but trials in India show an additional injection of inactivated virus boosts immunity. The World Health Organization said the findings, published in the journal Science, were "truly historic". The disease, which is spread through contaminated faeces, can cause paralysis and even death. Fighting polio has been one of the biggest success stories in global health. In 1988, there were 350,000 cases of polio in more than 125 countries. The disease is now widespread in just three countries - Nigeria , Afghanistan and Pakistan - and cases have fallen by more than 99%. Vaccines  Two drops of the oral vaccine, which contains a weakened polio virus, is the preferred tool in eradication efforts because it is cheap and gives resistance in the digestive tract to lower transmission of the virus. Also read additional health news:  US Ebola patients out of hospital  One of the US aid workers who recovered from the Ebola virus says he is "thrilled to be alive" as he and another patient are discharged from hospital.   'I'm thrilled to be alive'Watch   South Africa issues Ebola travel ban

Botox may have cancer fighting role

Botox injections - beloved by those seeking a wrinkle-free complexion - may help fight cancer, early animal studies suggest.

Botox injection

Botox injections, as seen above - beloved by those seeking a wrinkle-free face - may help fight cancer, animal tests suggest.

The study, published in Science Translational Medicine, showed nerves help stomach cancers grow. Research on mice found that using the toxin to kill nerves could halt the growth of stomach tumors and make them more vulnerable to chemotherapy. Cancer Research UK said it was early days and it was unclear whether the injections could help save lives. Botox is usually used in the fight against the signs of ageing, not cancer. The toxin disrupts nerve function to relax muscles and even out wrinkles, but a growing body of work suggests nerves can also help fuel cancer growth. Stomach cancer -  Scientists Columbia University Medical Centre, in New York , and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim investigated the role of the vagus nerve - which runs from the brain to the digestive system - in stomach cancer. Also read additional medical news:   Shots fired at Liberia Ebola protest    Police in Liberia fire live rounds and tear gas during protests after a quarantine was imposed to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.   Economic impact of Ebola   Liberia troops enforce Ebola lockdownWatch   Life on Ebola front line   Special report: Ebola outbreak   Thousands 'eligible for Ebola drugs'   Around 30,000 people could have been eligible for drugs in the current Ebola outbreak - if they had been available, a report in Nature suggests.  In 60 seconds: What is Ebola?Watch   Why so dangerous?

What do you do when Western medicine fails to heal what ails you?

What do you do when Western medicine fails to heal what ails you?  Mitzi Mensch, author of The Dangers of Kissing and Diet Coke knows only too well what happens once doctors have exhausted their bag of tricks.  Through her writing, Mensch hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of Aspartame, challenge doctors to find answers – not simply mask symptoms – and to bring out the hopeless romantic in her readers. Mitzi Mensch makes an engaging guest and captivates audiences with ease.  She is available for interviews immediately.  Please read the release below and let me know if you would like to schedule an interview and receive a copy of the book for consideration of writing a review.  Thank you and I look forward to your reply.  Rik McKinney, Ascot Media Group, Post Office Box 133032, The Woodlands, TX 77393, 281.333.3507 office,, 8.20.14

How to Recover Like a Younger You

Remember Your 20s? Food Science Expert Shares -  5 Nutrients That Help You Feel Younger

Special to The Montreal Tribune - While barbecues, sports leagues, family vacations, days at the beach and nights out with friends are fun, keeping up with summer recreation while maintaining a steady work schedule can be challenging, says Budge Collinson. And before we know it, we'll be back into the busy fall grind, getting kids up and off to school, participating in clubs and civic groups that have been on summer hiatus, and yes, before we know it, planning for holidays! "We like to tell ourselves that there will be a period of rest before the next big thing, but usually there isn't," says Collinson, a food science expert with a passion for health and fitness. "The truth is, most of us like having full and often fast-paced lives, even if we tend to get worn out more quickly as we get older." Don't resort to caffeine and other stimulants for a temporary energy boost, Collinson says. "Replacing the nutrients that are depleted when you're active is a much smarter way to maintain or increase your energy level, and many of those nutrients have long-term benefits as well," says Collinson, who formulated an effervescent, natural multivitamin beverage called Youth Infusion, (, to make it easier to get all the essential nutrients and minerals in one 6-ounce drink. He discusses the revitalizing powers of specific nutrients: •  CoQ10 for that extra energy boost. Every cell in your body uses CoQ10 to produce energy, but your heart needs it the most. CoQ10 can help balance your blood pressure, and its powerful antioxidant properties help protect you against pre-mature aging. •  Arginine to help with your endurance during workouts and your daily routine. Arginine helps the cardiovascular system by assisting in nitric oxide production, making the arteries more elastic. It also supports the functioning of your hormones and immune system, helps kidneys remove the body's waste and promotes wound healing. •  Theanine helps support better moods. Theanine is a calming extract of green tea. Clinical research indicates that it helps focus a distracted mind. To a lesser extent, theanine has also been shown to reduce anxiety. •  Resveratrol: a versatile antioxidant for general well-being and long-term peace of mind. Resveratrol promotes healthy circulation, prevents cholesterol oxidation and protects your entire cardiovascular system from the effects of dangerous free radicals. Initial research shows resveratrol helps defend the body against a number of diseases, including Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. •  Vitamin D – for when the sun isn't as bright as it was during summer. Up to 90 percent of the vitamin D the body needs comes from sunlight, which is in much shorter supply after summer. Vitamin D is required for the regulation of the calcium and phosphorus in the body. It also plays an important role in maintaining proper bone structure and supporting immunity. About Budge Collinson Budge Collinson was the beneficiary of his mother's natural health formula as a sick baby, which led to a deep interest in health and wellness at a young age. After years of research and seeing the growing demand for natural products with clinical support, he founded Infusion Sciences, Collinson earned a bachelor's degree in food and resource economics from the University of Florida and certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Recently, he became a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and consistently attends the Natural Products Expo, where he learns the latest science and news about nutritious ingredients. Collinson is also a go-to source for media outlets across the country for healthy lifestyle and food source discussions.

Pill 'reduces hair-loss' in alopecia

Scientists have completely reversed hair loss in three people by giving them a drug normally used to treat bone marrow disorders. The patients all had alopecia - a condition that can cause severe, patchy baldness that is difficult to treat. But after five months of taking the medication ruxolitinib, all three saw total hair re-growth. The findings from Columbia University Medical Center are published in the journal Nature Medicine. 'Devastating disease' Alopecia affects around two in every 1,000 people in the UK and is thought to be caused by the immune system attacking hair follicles. The US scientists had previously identified a set of immune cells involved in the destruction of hair and conducted a number of successful trials in mice. They then gave three patients with moderate to severe alopecia areata a twice daily dose of ruxolitinib. Baldness cure a 'step closer' Read also additional health news: Depression with Parkinson's 'common'   Depression and anxiety are twice as common in people newly-diagnosed with Parkinson's disease compared to the general population, research suggests.  Williams 'had Parkinson's' at death   Williams' death sparks wider debate   Ebola 'to last at least six months'   The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa will take at least six months to bring under control, the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres says.   Special report: Ebola outbreak   Airport's infrared 'test'Watch  Prostate drug ruling 'a fiasco'   Patients say that the decision by the NHS in England to reject a treatment for men who have prostate cancer is a "fiasco".

Brain stimulation 'helps in stroke'    Prostate drug ruling 'a fiasco'   Obesity 'linked to 10 cancers'   Tiny pieces of gold 'boost chemo'   'Stem cells used in stroke therapy'   Ebola spreading too fast - WHO  Summit to launch urgent Ebola plan     Six seconds 'can transform health'  Quarantine over China plague death     'Large gene find in schizophrenia'   US HIV infection rate drops a third     Aids researchers on crashed plane    'Biological pacemaker' tested in lab    McGill doctors find new method to treat blindness     A third of Alzheimer's 'preventable'    Gay men urged to take HIV drugs    Scientists probe 'sex addict' brains  HIV re-emerges in 'cured' US girl   Cooling babies 'halts brain damage'   TB in children 'much more common'   'Major step' towards Alzheimer's test  African states agree Ebola strategy     'Human corneas re-grown in mice'  WHO calls emergency Ebola meeting  'Malaria leads to body odour change'   Older sperm donors 'just as good'   'Drastic action' needed on Ebola  Jab 'protects mice against tumours'    Polio virus sample found in Brazil  'Sugar tax' call for child obesity  Sunbathing 'may be addictive'   Dementia progress 'achingly slow'     G8 pledges to beat dementia scourge   World dementia cases 'set to treble'    Suicide alert 'may have backfired'      Diabetes gene 'raises risk tenfold'   Two meals a day 'can treat diabetes'   Greenland profile   Bird flu 'danger zones' mapped     Aspirin 'not best to stop strokes'    Seven die in Monrovia Ebola outbreak    I caught Ebola in Guinea and survived   'I lost 10 relatives to Ebola'  'Diseased meat could go undetected'    The new regulations,. Halal labelling plan rejected by MPs   PM 'won't intervene on meat labels'  Horsemeat scandal: Lingering impact     Washing chicken 'spreads infection'   EU may define obesity as disability  Sunscreen 'not complete protection'   Don't extend statin use, say doctors  Red meat 'linked to breast cancer'  Call to decriminalise W Africa drugs   Concern over phone 'sperm threat'   Patient sings through throat surgery  Recession 'led to 10,000 suicides'     Sunscreen 'not complete protection'      'Tomato in a pill' for heart disease  Activity aids breast cancer survival   Sleep's memory role discovered   Ebola death toll hits 208 in Guinea  Saudi Arabia raises Mers virus toll   Q&A: Mers - the new coronavirus   US confirms first case of Mers virus Also read additional medical report:  'Millions denied end-of-life drugs'   Lack of access to pain relief around the world is a "public health emergency" as millions of dying patients endure

Staff leave Sierra Leone over Ebola   Being bilingual 'slows brain ageing'    Annals of Neurology.   Smoking and cancer gene 'deadly mix'    Babies can learn to love vegetables   Is mindless eating the way to get children to eat their greens?     The power of cooking skills

Heat maps' find cervical cancer   First H5N1 death in North America  Canadian health officials confirm the first known fatal case of the H5N1 avian flu strain in North America - a patient in Alberta .   Should you worry about bird flu?   H5N1 human pandemic 'possible'   Bacteria linked to premature birth    A major cause of premature births - where waters break too soon, triggering labour - may be caused by specific bacteria, according to research.   Asthma link to premature births   One in 10 babies born premature  

Montreal Heart Institute hits milestone with new surgical technique  (VIDEO) Vitamin E 'beneficial' in dementia New genetic clues for arthritis Youth-drug can 'reverse' ageing  Global cancer cases reach 14 million   Pakistan polio attacks - three dead   Blast targets polio workersWatch   The price of polio prevention   Polio workers speak out  

Shark antibodies 'may target breast cancer'  Sperm test hope for infertile men  Clue to male infertility found  Also read Concussion damage 'lasts months'   The damage caused by concussion can be detected months after the injury and long after patients feel like they have recovered, brain scans show.  And,  Nobel Prize winner Sanger dies at 95   Frederick Sanger, the British biochemist who twice won the Nobel Prize, has died at the age of 95.   His work was 'outstanding'  Autism detectable 'in first months' HIV antibodies 'have potent impact'    'My son disabled by rare disease'   Lorenzo's Oil boy is dead at 30  Lorenzo's oil: The full story  Lorenzo's Oil boy is dead at 30   Lorenzo's oil: The full story Syria: Polio epidemic fears grow  NEW  WHO warns of Syria disease threat   Children suffering in SyriaListen   Syria unrest 'wrecks health system'   History of polio  Daily aspirin 'risky' for healthy NEW . Daily aspirin 'can stop cancers'  Routine aspirin 'may cause harm'   Daily aspirin 'cuts cancer deaths'Watch  Also read:  Saturated fat heart disease 'myth'   New blood fat heart disease link   What causes coronary heart disease?BBC SCIENCE TB challenge over 'missing' millions. 'Urgent action' needed on child TB   'Visionary' leadership needed on TB   Also read:  Saturated fat heart disease 'myth'   New blood fat heart disease link   What causes coronary heart disease?BBC SCIENCE    Black women get 'worse' breast cancer   Walking 'cuts breast cancer risk'   Breast cancer risk up for UK Asians

The Art of Solace - Fifteen Tips for Pushing through the Discomfort and Truly Connecting with a Chronically Ill Person
Few of us know how to act around a very sick person. And yet, what we say (and don’t say) makes a huge impact. Here are some practical skills for caregivers, family members, and anyone else who wants to make a meaningful difference in a very difficult time. By Walter St. John, Ed.D. 

Medical Words - Explained -  Do you want to know what those medical terms means at all? Like, E. coli infection   Ankylosing spondylitis   Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder   Hepatitis B or C    Schizophrenia   Click the above link and you shall find out. Keep this vital info into your note book, so,  from time to time you’d know what medical science people are a talking about. The listing is from A to Z. Check it out now! (cdb)

Milestone in medical human 'cloning'?

What's a stroke?   Stem cell stroke therapy assessed   Click here for the latest news on stroke Soy may benefit stroke patients Helping stroke patients to speak    Music 'can aid stroke recovery'  Stroke risk peaks every 12 hours   Heart drug may help threat stroke   Stroke struggle: 'They said I would never become a doctor'   Stroke patients to test sensors   What's Killing Canadians?   What's the "Marburg" Virus?  More disease cures check archives   Magnetic field 'aids coma victim'  Institute of Food Research British Nutrition Foundation   Mind power moves paralyzed limbs  Surfing the web is good for your brain   Fatty acids clue to Alzheimer's Western diet 'raises heart risk'    Drug may reverse MS brain damage  'One-stop' embryo test unveiled  Purple tomato 'may boost health'   Lithium tested for impact on Motor Neurone Disease  What is motor neurone disease?    Cancer genetic blueprint revealed    

The Seven Medical Beliefs that's not true  Medical myths 'debunked'   Survey shows contraception myths    TV ad 'busts heart attack myth'    'Medical myths' exposed as untrue Drink at least eight glasses of water a day     We use only 10% of our brains    Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death    Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight    Shaving causes hair to grow back faster or coarser    Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals    Eating turkey makes people especially drowsy.

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  Forger jailed for bogus paintings   Munch's The Scream sold for $120 million

Germany to release confiscated art   -   Owner gives up on 'Chagall' painting    Stolen Rembrandt found 15 years on

Matisse's Femme Assise  Chagall Painting  Rembrandt's painting Child with a Soap Bubble

A 17th Century painting by Dutch master Rembrandt is recovered in France , 15 years after it was stolen. - The painting measures 60cm by 49cm and was said to be in a good condition

A 17th Century painting by Dutch master Rembrandt has been recovered in France , 15 years after it was stolen. L'enfant a la bulle de savon (Child with soap bubble), valued at 3.2m euros (£2.7m), was taken from a museum in the southern city of Draguignan in 1999. Two men were arrested in Nice on Tuesday, according to the Agence France Presse (AFP) news agency. Police said they received information that a transaction was due to take place in a hotel the following day. The men, aged 46 and 53, one of whom was described as a former insurer, appeared in court in Nice on Thursday, AFP said. They were reported to be known to police for previous petty crimes. Police are still looking for other suspects.

Anyone looking for these paintings?

  Madame Leon Clapisson, 1883

Monet and Picasso among art theft    Scientists recapture Renoir's reds

Paintings by artists including Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Gauguin and Freud have been stolen from a museum in Rotterdam . Police in the Netherlands said the works were taken from the Kunsthal Museum early on Tuesday morning. The museum is showing works from the Triton Foundation as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The paintings include Monet's Waterloo Bridge , Picasso's Tete d'Arlequin, Matisse's La Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune and Freud's Woman with Eyes Closed.  Monet water lilies sells for $43 million    Monet artwork bequeathed by reclusive heiress  "Madame Leon Clapisson": The visualization (right) is produced using advanced image processing software - Conservation scientists in Chicago produce a stunning visualization of how they think a Renoir painting might have looked before its colors faded. Researchers in Chicago have produced a visualization of how they think a Renoir could have looked before its colors faded. The picture of Madame Valentine Clapisson was painted by the great French Impressionist more than 130 years ago. The original's impact has been degraded and dulled by the action of light. But by using the latest analytical tools, conservators have been able to recover a sense of Renoir's rich reds."When we first brought this picture into the conservation studio for examination and removed the frame, we noticed that at the top and at the left-hand side there was a sliver of very intense colour," recalls Dr Francesca Casadio from The Art Institute of Chicago. "This tipped us off to the fact that the mood of this painting that is now pretty cool and restrained with light purples and blues was once far more vibrant," she told BBC News.

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