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Iraq minorities 'wipeout threat'

Iraqi minority groups are subject to a "systematic strategy" by IS to drive them out of the country, human rights groups warn.

  Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing violence from forces loyal to the Islamic State in Sinjar town

Iraqi minorities, such as the Yazidis, have been subject to genocide by IS, the report argues

Islamic State militants are trying to eradicate Iraqi minority groups from large parts of the country, human rights organizations have warned. A report details summary executions, forced conversions, rape and other abuses suffered by minorities. Such acts are tantamount to war crimes, and in some cases, genocide, it argues. Iraqi minorities face a "threat to their existence", said the Institute of International Law and Human Rights (IILHR), one of the groups involved. Focusing on Iraq 's Christian, Kaka'i, Shabak, Turkmen and Yazidi populations, the report looks at their plight after the fall of Mosul to IS in June 2014, a key point in the rise of a group that now controls swathes of the country. Minorities were soon targeted, the report details. Christians were told to leave Mosul or face execution. At least 160 Shabak were killed. Others were forced out and left their belongings behind, which turned them "into beggars", one Iraqi MP is quoted as saying.

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Fawwaz guilty of US embassy attacks

A former aide of Osama Bin Laden has been found guilty of plotting the al-Qaeda bombing of US embassies in east Africa in 1998, killing 224 people.

A former aide of Osama Bin Laden has been found guilty of plotting the al-Qaeda bombing of US embassies in east Africa in 1998 that killed 224 people.

Khalid al-Fawwaz, a Saudi national, was convicted by a New York court after three days of jury deliberations. Extradited from the UK to the US in 2012, he was found guilty on four conspiracy counts and now faces a possible life sentence. Al-Fawwaz, 52, has been described as Osama Bin Laden's spokesman in London . A statement from Preet Bharara, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said the defendant "played a critical role for al-Qaeda in its murderous conspiracy against America ". There were a dozen Americans among the dead after US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania were bombed in 1998. He was arrested in London in the same year as the bombings and extradited 14 years later. Mr Bharara described Al-Fawwaz as one of Bin Laden's "original and most trusted lieutenants" who was the leader of an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, then later acted as Bin Laden's "media adviser" in London. One of his roles, Mr Bharara said, was to ensure Bin Laden's threats against the US were distributed and noticed across the globe. "Murderous words lead to murderous action," assistant US Attorney Nicholas Lewin told jurors. The trial, which lasted a month under very heavy security in Manhattan , did not feature any testimony from the defendant. Meeting Bin Laden's man in London   Al-Qaeda's remaining leaders  IS encroaches on al-Qaeda lands   Islamic State 'smashes Iraq statues'   Bahraini Shia sentenced to death   Netanyahu 'not correct' on Iran   Yemen ex-leader 'amassed billions'

Widow wants 'Jihadi John' alive

The widow of a UK aid worker killed by "Jihadi John", the masked IS militant identified as a man from London , tells the BBC she wants him caught alive.

The widow of a man killed by a masked Islamic State militant known as "Jihadi John" says she wants him caught alive. Dragana Haines said the "last thing" she wanted for the man who had killed her husband, British aid worker David Haines, was an "honourable death". The militant, pictured in the videos of the beheadings of Western hostages, has been named as Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born Briton from west London . Mr Haines' daughter said she wanted to see "a bullet between his eyes". Emwazi, who is in his mid-20s and was previously known to British security services, first appeared in a video last August, when he apparently killed the US journalist James Foley. He was later thought to have been pictured in the videos of the beheadings of Mr Haines, US journalist Steven Sotloff, British taxi driver Alan Henning, and American aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig, also known as Peter. Mrs Haines told the BBC she wanted him to be caught alive and not have an "honourable death" by being killed in action. She added: "I think he needs to be put to justice, but not in that way." However Mr Haines' daughter, Bethany, told ITV News: "I think all the families will feel closure and relief once there's a bullet between his eyes." Who is Mohammed Emwazi?   What is known about Jihadi JohnWatch  Emwazi 'claimed harassment'   Sotloff family reactionWatch

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Special reports and analysis on the East Indian Nations & Surrounding countries - By Dr. Naseeb Ullah, Ph D. Media Studies 

US-Bangladesh writer hacked to death

 A knife-wielding mob has hacked to death a US-Bangladeshi blogger

Avijit Roy, picture from 2012 from Facebook

Attackers hack to death a US-Bangladeshi blogger who campaigned for a secular society, sparking a protest by hundreds of students.

A knife-wielding mob has hacked to death a US-Bangladeshi blogger whose writing on religion had brought threats from Islamist hardliners. Avijit Roy, an atheist who advocated secularism, was attacked in Dhaka as he walked back from a book fair with his wife, who was hurt in attack. No-one has been arrested but police say they are investigating a local Islamist group that praised the killing. Hundreds of students gathered in Dhaka to mourn the blogger's death. Mr Roy's family say he had received threats after publishing articles promoting secular views, science and social issues on his Bengali-language blog, Mukto-mona, or Free Mind. The website was inaccessible on Friday. He defended atheism in a recent Facebook post, calling it "a rational concept to oppose any unscientific and irrational belief". The killing of another secular blogger in early 2013, which was blamed on religious hardliners, sparked protests from free-speech supports and counter-protests from Islamists. The police said the attack on Mr Roy was similar to the 2013 murder. A group of men ambushed the couple, who live in the US and were visiting Dhaka only to attend the book festival, as they walked toward a roadside tea stall. At least two of the attackers hit them with meat cleavers, police chief Sirajul Islam told the AP news agency. Bangladesh profile

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What the devil this Chinese Woman Thinking?

A Hong Kong woman is jailed for six years for severely abusing her Indonesian maid, in a case that sparked international concern.

Law abused her maid over the course of eight months in 2013

HK woman jailed for abusing maid  In addition to the jail sentence, Law, 44, was also fined HK$15,000 ($1,934; £1,253). She had faced a maximum sentence of seven years. During the six-week trial the court heard that Law beat Ms Erwiana with various household objects and deprived her of proper food, allowing her only a small portion of rice and bread. Law, a mother of two, only allowed Ms Erwiana to sleep four hours a night. On one occasion Law punched the maid so hard that her incisor teeth fractured. Handing down the sentence, Judge Amanda Woodcock said Law "showed no compassion" to Ms Erwiana and other domestic staff. Law saw them as "people that are beneath her", Judge Woodcock said and called for an investigation by authorities in Hong Kong and Indonesia into workers' conditions. Public outrage - Twenty-four-year-old Ms Erwiana arrived in Hong Kong in 2013. She went home to her village in Central Java in January last year after working for Law for about eight months. She came home beaten and bruised, too weak to walk and without any money. Her face, hands and legs were covered with scabs and lacerations. Parts of her skin were blackened and peeling. The BBC's Karishma Vaswani says images of her battered body made headlines in Indonesia , leading to public outrage. Footage that shocked HKWatch  Are Indonesian maids safe in Hong Kong?  Hong Kong profile

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Bloc Québécois anti-niqab ad takes aim at NDP   Quebec judge wouldn't hear case of woman wearing hijab   Why Zunera Ishaq should be allowed to wear her niqab when becoming a Canadian - Michael's essay   Justin Trudeau says Harper's pandering to fears about Muslims unworthy of a PM   Niqab appeal by Ottawa is questioned over motivation   Quebec judge wouldn't hear case of woman wearing hijab   Bloc Québécois anti-niqab ad takes aim at NDP  Hijab-wearing woman attacked in Metro urges others to don religious symbols   Canadiens' Price extends road-win streak to beat Blue Jackets   WATCH Canadiens' Price extends road-win streak to beat Blue Jackets   NHL: 4 stories from Thursday night   BOXSCORE: Canadiens-Blue Jackets  Harrison Ford signs for Blade Runner sequel; Quebec's Villeneuve in talks to direct   More Headlines - VIDEO Lawrence Hill visits McGill video  Montreal artists surprised Gilles Vigneault-inspired carpet makes it to London's Canada Houseread commentsvideo  CTMA Vacancier stuck in ice for third time read comments   Montreal takes Canada Post to court over community mailboxes video   Gracefield, Que., house fire leaves 2 children missing video  Collège de Maisonneuve suspends Adil Charkaoui courses  Uber launches petition to stay in Montreal read comments audio  Merouane Ghalmi the target of terrorism-linked peace bond   Cold weather drives Hydro-Québec's profits up by 15%   INTERACTIVE NHL trade deadline: Buyers and sellers   6 young Quebecers suspected of joining jihadists in Syria  AUDIO Montrealers speak out after anti-Semitic acts audio  Yves Bolduc, Quebec education minister, quits politics   AUDIO Sue Montgomery among reporters leaving The Gazette Laval man angry after hospital rescheduled his surgery President's Choice Blue Menu bran flakes recalled over plastic contamination

Headlines across Canada British Columbia   Calgary    Edmonton    Saskatchewan   Saskatoon    Manitoba    Thunder Bay    Sudbury    Windsor    Kitchener-Waterloo    Hamilton    Toronto    Ottawa    New Brunswick   Prince Edward Island    Nova Scotia    Newfoundland & Labrador    North    Nunavut orders health-care review following CBC investigation   Fort Simpson chief Minnie Letcher dies of meningitis

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The year of living far too dangerously

There are signals that three al-Jazeera men detained in Cairo may find freedom, but too many journalists still work in all too dangerous times. Read full article

Lyse Doucet

Article written by Canadian Lyse Doucet Lyse Doucet  BBC's Chief international correspondent - More from Lyse 

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Question: Is there any chance for Quebec to become a republic? Answer:  Not in this century; the separatists have to work harder for the next one. 50% plus one says so. It’s now the poorest of all the provinces in Canada. More later....JFT

They let it happen, Didn't they?

What did they do?  Turned the province into a Welfare State. Any Questions?

  Lucien Bouchard2.jpg Jacques Parizeau1.jpg   Robert Bourassa01.jpg  Bernard Landry2-.jpg

Hey did you hear? We have  two new Saints from Quebec, no, it's not  Lucien Bouchard or Jacques Parizeau nor  René Lévesque or Robert Bourassa and  definitely not Bernard Landry (above pictures are in order from left to right) but here check it out! Pope Francis elevates 2 Quebecers to sainthood Note: All are but a waste except for The Great Rene Levesque, he should have been sainted a long time ago by the Separatists as the real Quebecois who inspired equality for all. Later, more about these nationalists or separatists Quebecois political leaders.

Highlights from Bill 14   New sovereignist group calls for united front   Quebec sovereignty needs rebranding, says former premier  But, Who’s supporting Richard?   Man charged in Quebec election shooting fit for trial   PQ setting up campaign to promote sovereignty goals

Canada Direct

A look at the nation beyond the headlines from BBC


One Square Mile of Canada

Montreal is a French island in a predominantly English-speaking country

It's known as La Main - "The Main" - and it's the lifeblood of Montreal . For the past three centuries this sweeping avenue, Boulevard St Laurent, has shaped the character of a city in the heart of French-speaking Canada . La Main was once the symbolic dividing line between the city's French and English speaking communities, with the boulevard a soft buffer attracting and absorbing waves of new immigrants. Today, it celebrates a cosmopolitan city with its array of little villages, from the Quartier Chinois, or Chinese quarter, to Little Italy and Portugal , along with strong remnants of an historic Jewish quarter.

What does it mean to be Canadian?

 With Asian trade and support for the monarchy rising, what does Canadian identity mean now?

What the Indians are trying to say, The French came as visitors and now they want the country for themselves?”  So they say "over my dead body" before Quebec becomes a republic. After all, they already killed millions of us since they arrived here. This is not a provocation but just letting them know we are still around and Quebec Nation is not going to happen as long as there are still Indians around. Please send your comments to the editor... MP Maxime Bernier defends language-law quip - Quebecers don't need Bill 101, "Not by imposing [French] and by preventing people from making their own decisions in matters that concern their personal lives."   Quebec militia leader faces death-threat charges Patriotic Militia of Quebec's website   Que. militia worries separatists   Death threats target Quebec English rights group    Letters threaten FLQ attacks in Montreal  Oops! Parti Quebecois are falling apart

Canada launches Arctic seabed quest

How much farther can the Separatist push the envelope to preserve a language that's hard to economically maintain? Aren't we bankrupt yet? Send your comments to

Got a second?

1. Integrity and reliability are the most important quality that a public employee especially that of a politician should maintain otherwise the institution gets corrupted. 2. Poor immigrants are the greatest investment a country like Canada should bring in for they are motivated by dreams that money immigrants already have. We brought (in) lots of those money immigrants in the 80s from Hong Kong and surrounding areas, most settled in BC, did they bring their money to Canada ? No, they fried us with our own oil and most of the locals moved to nearby towns where the cost of living is much lower than where those so called investors settled in. But, where are those people now? They are back where they came from with our passports. Would you want to know more and why? Conrad David Brillantes

Oh Canada : How I Love You

The tour was to only last one hour. While the other educator and I waited for their arrival we decided we would not visit the Canadian galleries, since they were in another pavilion at the other end of the museum. We would choose the European Art collection to save time. They arrived twenty minutes late. My group had three mothers with eight children between the ages of two months and nine years old. Two Muslim mothers dressed in hijab and long over-... Quickly it was decided, even though time was limited, that we had to go visit the Canadian galleries. We showed the paintings, sculptures and objects from the Inuit, First Nations along with the first settlers from France and England . The children were mesmerized, listening to the legends and stories of the Canadian people. The mothers asked many insightful questions. As we toured from one gallery to the next, the mother from Benin began unapologetically to nurse her son. She didn’t ask for help or lag behind. She did what came naturally and continued to be an active participant. And the two other mothers? They held the infant’s head as she went to adjust her top and looked after her other child. Mothers from different parts of the world, nurturing, protecting and caring for one another. I witnessed the actions of a community. Being an Art Educator at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts affords me the opportunity to meet and interact with many people from all walks of life. I am very fortunate to live in a country where all people have equal rights and are valued for their uniqueness. Ennutsiak Nunavik 1896 – Iqaluit, Nunavut, 1967 Untitled (Birth Scene with Midwives) By Deirdre Potash, 2779 Honore Mercier Vaudreuil-Dorion Quebec J7V 8P5 (514) 999-8581

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Quebec's Debt Clock

German MPs back Greek loan extension

German MPs vote overwhelmingly to extend financial aid to Greece by another four months, despite public scepticism.

  A burning car in central Athens' Exarchia district on 26 February 2015

The violence marks the first display of unrest since Alexis Tsipras came to power in January

The German parliament has voted to extend financial aid to Greece by another four months. The extension - approved by creditors last week in exchange for a series of Greek government reforms - needs to be ratified by eurozone members. Some MPs had expressed doubts about the deal and there is substantial public scepticism but the vote passed easily. It comes after police and protesters clashed during anti-government demonstrations in Athens on Thursday. They were the first such disturbances since Greece 's leftist Syriza was sworn in as the main government party exactly a month ago. Dozens of activists hurled petrol bombs and stones at police and set cars alight after a march involving hundreds of protesters. Syriza swept to power in January by promising to renegotiate the country's debt and end austerity. Eurozone finance ministers on Tuesday approved a set of reform proposals submitted by Greece . As the dominant economic power in the EU, Germany 's approval was regarded as crucial - and on Friday the overwhelming majority of MPs granted it. A total of 542 voted for the proposals, with 32 voting against and 13 abstentions. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble spoke in favour of the deal, telling parliament: "We Germans should do everything possible to keep Europe together as much as we can." "We're not talking about new billions for Greece... rather it's about providing or granting extra time to successfully end this program," he insisted.  Violence on Athens streetsWatch    Are Greeks happy with government?Watch   Syriza's compromises    Syriza dumps Marx for Blair

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How to Pop the Cork on the Good Life and the Time to Do It Is When You Retire

Nationally Recognized Retirement Expert Offers 3 Simple - Tips in 2015 for Improving Retirement Prospects

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Imagine a bright, golden vista filled with soothing, warm sunshine – perhaps it is California 's Highway 29. You're driving this scenic route after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on a Tuesday during working hours. That's right, you're going to Napa . Of course, this is precisely the kind of thing you're getting used to doing on Tuesdays – not only because you're becoming a wine connoisseur, but also because Tuesdays no longer belong to hours under the glare of fluorescent lights in front of your work computer. Aah, you're retired. "That's the dream, and as a native San Franciscan I know it well. I myself have traveled the byways of food and wine in the Bay Area. More Americans could be living their dream during retirement, wherever they go to play," says Stephen F. Lovell, a nationally recognized retirement expert who emphasizes a comprehensive approach for well-being during one's golden years. "Many baby boomers will retire in the next few years, and for many of them that dream has a nightmarish tinge—they're worried they'll run out of money." Lovell, president of Lovell Wealth Legacy, (, says 2015 can and should be the start of that good life. He offers three simple ways to bring your dream into reality. •  Revise your budget at the year's beginning. Ask yourself: How do I spend my money? Many of us believe we have a reasonable idea of where we put our money, but unless you account for your spending, you may miss out by not putting away enough for your happy retirement. A household's discretionary spending on nonessential goods and services like a second smart phone case or the premier movie channel is could top 30 percent. And that is often twice what you intended—but you don't see it until you budget. "Budgeting puts you in the driver's seat," Lovell says. "From there you can control where you spend. You're buying on purpose, and sometimes you get a nice surprise. That alluring vacation is now within reach." •  Be proactive about your financial interests before visiting a professional. Knowing which financial products may work best for your personal needs and how to protect your hard-earned money from unnecessary taxation is not what most laypeople excel at. That job is best handled by working with a professional. But, as with your health, you reap the benefits of being aware of your needs and of initiating the process of looking after yourself. "Remember, 40 percent of retirees underestimate their life expectancy, according to an Ernst & Young study," Lovell says, "so if you don't want to run out of money, create your financial plan to cover this extended retirement period. Then, you odds for a comfortable retirement are improved." •  Consider alternatives to stocks, bonds and cash. Many new investment types have appeared to solve planning and retirement issues. Yet most investors limit their choices by relying exclusively on stocks, bonds and cash. From 2000 to 2013, the stock market, for all its ups and downs, wound up at roughly the same place, around 1527. At a 2 to 3 percent investment cost per year, many investors, for all their efforts, lost money! "I educate my clients by bringing to their attention the wide universe of investment types. Results are that more suitable solutions are uncovered and then applied for the client's benefit." About Stephen F. Lovell, MBA, ChFC®, CLU®, CFP®  CFS, BCM, CRPC®, AEP®, RHU®, AIF®  Stephen F. Lovell is a thoroughly credentialed, nationally recognized financial professional. Since 1990, he has been gathering various licenses — in insurance, securities, real estate, commodities and as a registered principle — to offer his clients a thoroughly comprehensive perspective on their wealth. He is president of Lovell Wealth Legacy, (, and a branch manager at LPL Financial. Lovell has earned several professional honors and memberships. Since walking with his mother as a child for the March of Dimes in San Francisco , he has been active in local and national charities. More recently, Lovell has taken to the airwaves as a radio host at KDOW, where he hosts a weekly show about pursuing financial success and, of course, enjoying the fruits of that financial success.

The next-generation presentation-making software

Tel Aviv, February 24, 2015 emaze, the next-generation presentation-making software taking the corporate world by storm, enters the sphere of conference production. Tailoring services to fit the needs of conference producers and participants alike, the cloud-based software allows multiple users to interact in real time. Its shareability proves well suited to the conference- producing community. Offering 80 professionally designed templates and an array of features designed to advance engagement with viewers, emaze maximizes the conference experience for presenters and attendees. "It brought the conference to another level. That is what design will do for an event. I can speak of my own experience of giving an emaze presentation. I didn't want to have to deal with aesthetics, but I wanted something that would produce a wow effect," said Liat Sade-Strenberg of FUSIC, a voice-syncing app.   emaze follows a "quality for all" strategy, providing themed presentations from investor pitches to high school seminars, and from financial statements to lifestyle, all free of charge. Like the free templates, emaze's advanced features are all free, including 2D and 3D environments, live data streaming, translation service supporting 90 languages, and analytic insight. "It is easy for a cloud-based product like ours to find its place in the conference production industry. It's a natural fit with a multitasking ecosystem where many people, suppliers, presenters, producers, need to collaborate synchronously," explained Motti Nisani, emaze CEO. About emaze emaze was launched in 2013, quickly redefining the presentation-making market. The revolutionary software introduced a new caliber of professionally designed presentations for mass use. For more information, visit  Media contacts - Anat L. Richter, emaze,, Amy Kenigsberg, K2 Global Communications, +1-913-440-4072 (+7 ET)   Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor®, is a psychological business consultant, social mediologist, speaker and writer who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses reduce their marketing budget and achieve higher ROI by understanding the psychology of their consumer on social media and beyond. He has a Master's of Science in Experimental Psychology and has taught psychology for more than twenty years, including at Washington State University and North Carolina State University . He is the manager of the Psychological Marketing Network on LinkedIn with more than 2000 members and a member of the American Psychological Association, Association for Consumer Research and National Association of Realtors®. When he's not busy consulting, engaging on social media, writing, teaching, or speaking, Jay enjoys life as a wine geek, musician, sports fan, and movie buff. He lives in Raleigh , NC , with his wife Linda Craft and their two dogs, Katie and Bandit. Learn more about Jay Izso and Got Social Mediology? at: Website: or  Blog:  LinkedIn: Facebook: or   Twitter: @internetdoctor  Google+:   Pinterest:   Got Social Mediology? was released on February 21, 2015 and can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble stores and all major booksellers. It is also available in digital and audio formats.

Arts & Entertainment

TV’s dirty little secret:  Can piracy be a good thing?

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Harrison Ford back for Blade Runner

Harrison Ford will reprise his role as police officer Rick Deckard in the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel, it is confirmed.

Harrison Ford will reprise his role as police officer Rick Deckard in the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel, it has been confirmed. Denis Villeneuve, who directed Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in kidnap drama Prisoners, is in talks to direct. The story takes place several decades after the conclusion of the 1982 film, which was based on Philip K Dick novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? The film is scheduled to start shooting in the summer of 2016. The cult 1982 film, directed by Sir Ridley Scott, saw Deckard hunting down genetically engineered lifelike robots, known as replicants, in a futuristic Los Angeles , set in 2019. The latest instalment - reportedly based on an idea from Scott, who will also produce the new film - has been written by Hampton Fancher, who co-wrote the original screenplay.  Blade Runner: What has come true?     Madonna 'suffered whiplash' at Brits    Brit Awards 2015: In Pictures   Brit Awards 2015: Winners list

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Special to The Montreal Tribune - The winners of the Ottawa Little Theatre’s 74th National One-Act Playwriting Competition represent four different provinces across Canada . The 2014 winners join the list of who’s who of Canadian Literary Luminaries who have won since the competition was first held in 1937. In the Plays Written for Adults Category first prize, the Ottawa Little Theatre Award, goes to Dashevsky and Lev by Phyllis Heltay of Calgary , Alberta .  After being hired to sit with a dead body as its official guardian or “shomer”, Dashevsky is shocked when the body he is watching gets up and starts talking. “A compelling, funny and poignant play peopled with two delightful characters," says adjudicator Stephen Heatley. Second prize, the Dorothy White Award, goes to Lac/Athabasca by Len Falkenstein of Fredericton , New Brunswick .  It explores the impact of the oil industry on Canada ’s people and its environment. “Weaving together strands of the past and present, the personal and the political and the mythic and the mundane, Falkenstein has created a cultural and “geographic” tapestry of our Canadian landscape that is both terrifying and hopeful,” says adjudicator Iris Turcott. Third prize, the Gladys Cameron Watt Award, sponsored by the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women, goes to The False Neighbour by Step Taylorof Chapel Arm, Newfoundland .  A new neighbour knocks on a woman’s door and asks for help…again and again.  This play “dances the line between realism and absurdism in this tale where a young woman too rooted in her everyday life is confronted by a man who wants nothing more than to live apart from everyone else,” says adjudicator Stephen Colella. The Sybil Cooke Award for a Play Written for Children or Young People goes to The Dumb War by Rachel Ganz of Montreal , Quebec .  When the Haitian orphan her parents have adopted wants to share a teenager’s room a fight erupts paralleling the causes and impact of war.  “Ganz’s voice is unique and compelling and her theatrical vision soars,”says adjudicator Iris Turcott, “and then plummets us to the conclusion that there are no real victors in battle, only victims and hostages.”  This year 45 entries were submitted from eight different provinces.  Winners were chosen through a double blind adjudication contest, with all of the plays submitted under pen names.  The names of the adjudicators are also kept confidential until the winners are announced. The three adjudicators who selected the winners for 2014 were Stephen Colella, Associate Artistic Director and Company Dramaturg of Young People’s Theatre in Toronto, Ontario; Stephen Heatley, a faculty member of the Department of Drama and Film at University of British Columbia; and Iris Turcott, a dramaturg based in Toronto who has worked with many companies including  Factory Theatre, Canadian Stage and the Banff Playwrights Colony. The winners will all be invited to Ottawa in April to work with a guest dramaturg  along with directors and actors from OLT, to mount public readings of the winning plays.  These readings will be held on Saturday April 18, 2015 , in Ottawa Little Theatre’s Janigan Studio.  Tickets are now on sale for this special event.  Watch the OLT website at for further details.

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Our Media's Images Are Killing Us – Stop and "Smell the Sunrise "

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Deerfield Beach, FL, February 24,  2015 - "I never thought that my hobby of photographing the sun would turn into my 'passion project,' never mind a book," says photographer/author, Kim Weiss about, Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude (HCI Books – Fall 2014 -- ISBN; 9780757318085-- $10.95). "Odd as it is to go from publicist to 'author,' I was moved to share the sense of awe I get to experience every day from my 14th floor terrace." Her universally loved sunrises (& sunsets) fill the pages, accompanied by the sage words of inspiring people we admire. Each week commentary from people like Candace Bushnell, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Joan Halifax, Marty Becker, Marci Shimoff and many, many more complement the visual beauty of the sun rising and setting. "I'm actually thrilled to see that a growing number of admirers of my photographs have convened on Facebook and Instagram and not only like my pictures but are inspired to post their own," says Weiss. "We're many thousands strong and have posts from Nova Scotia to Guam ." Sunrise , Sunset, (which happens to fit nicely inside a bag, or perch on a nightstand), is the ultimate gift book for saying "thank you," sharing a blessing, or offering an oasis for spiritual awakening. From sunrise to sunset this book will be a perennial source of inspiration. Weiss's actively growing community of backyard photographers can be joined on her Facebook page: and all her events and reviews can be seen at: We hope this will interest you for a gift guide, a feature, or as a giveaway for your audience. A significant portion of the proceeds from book sales goes to AVDA – an organization dedicated to helping and bringing hope to women who have suffered domestic violence. For more information on this very worthwhile cause, please visit: In great appreciation of your consideration. Please contact Kim Weiss at (800) 851-9100 ext. 212 or for an interview, excerpt, or a review copy. ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Kim Weiss ( Boynton Beach , FL ) has been a publicist in the book industry for many years and coaches other writers aspiring to be bestselling authors. Her love of nature and photography began when she was just a little girl and bloomed into the writer and photographer she is today. From her 14th floor terrace she witnesses the beauty of nature and captures it through the lens of her camera. As a storyteller, Kim has contributed to the hugely popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Ultimate Bird Lover with " America 's Vet" Marty Becker. You can also find Kim's stories and photos in Arielle Ford's acclaimed book Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul. When she's not working with authors, Kim is studying opera, playing guitar, being entertained by her birds and cats, or taking photos from her terrace at sunrise and sunset.

Simple Steps For Creating A Joyful, Healthy, And Meaningful Life: Paths To Healthy Aging

Special to The Montreal Tribune -  San Jose, CA, February 2015 - If you've read dozens of articles, had thousands of conversations, listened to too many lectures and still don't know how to make tomorrow better than today, here's the simple, step-by-step answer: Paths to Healthy Aging by Dr. Mehrdad (Mike) Ayati and Dr. Arezou (Hope) Azarani.
Dr. Ayati and Dr. Azarani take the most up-to-date scientific discoveries and pair it with a straightforward, conversational style to make Paths to Healthy Aging a colorful journey to help you live a meaningful, joyful, and healthy life. A collaboration between a geriatrician and a scientist trained in physiology, molecular biology and genetics, Paths to Healthy Aging cuts through the confusion. So much information on aging is oriented to marketing a product, or too technical, and often contradictory and impossible to follow. Dr. Ayati and Dr. Azarani's goal is to clarify many of these misconceptions and simplify the journey for everyone, including people over fifty, their children and grandchildren. Backed by solid clinical practice evidence and cutting-edge medical research, the guide has only five chapters. Questions and action plans encourage readers to participate in a discussion of nutrition and diet, mental health and how to preserve, stimulate and enhance mental status as we age, how to stay physically fit as we get older, the dangers of overmedication and Drug Cascade Syndrome, and how to find a physician you trust, feel confident about, like, respect and can form a long term relationship with. The dangers of Drug Cascade Syndrome have been generally overlooked, the doctors observed, but overmedication is a critical issue for many. The Good Life advisory panel for the San Jose Mercury News, in overwhelmingly positive reviews, pointed this out recently. Dr. M. Ayati is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. Board certified in Family Medicine and Geriatrics, he also practices as a Hospitalist and ER physician at the VA Hospital,
Palo Alto , CA . His patients appreciate how he explains complex, contradictory, unanswered, and confusing subjects on the topic of aging to them in a manner that can be understood and practiced with ease. Dr. A. Azarani holds a Ph.D. in Physiology from McGill University ( Royal Victoria & Shriners Hospital ) in Canada and two Fellowships in Molecular Biology from University of Montreal and Genetics from Stanford University School of Medicine. With more than 25 years of life and health sciences experience in academic, government and private institutions, she is founder and CEO of Protogen Life Sciences.For more information, visit:, Paths to Healthy Aging, Available in print and digital formats at  Also available at Barnes & Noble online, iTunes and Amazon, ISBN-13: 978-1502321176  $12.99 print

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'Give HIV drugs to healthy gay men'

Healthy gay men should be offered drugs which are normally used to treat HIV in order to prevent infection, say UK Medical Research Council scientists.


Their study, on 545 high-risk men, found one case of HIV could be stopped for every 13 men treated for a year. The research team says it would be similar to the pill for women and would not encourage risky sex. The findings have been described as a "game changer" and the NHS is considering how to adopt them. Antiretroviral drugs have transformed HIV treatment and patients have a near-normal life expectancy. Now there is a growing body of research showing the drugs can have a dramatic role in preventing new infections. Massive fall  Gay men face a high risk of contracting HIV. In London one in eight gay men has HIV while the figure is one in 26 in the rest of the UK . In the first year of the study, 19 people developed HIV out of the 269 men who were not given the medicine. There were just two cases in the 276 patients given preventative drugs - a fall of 86%.   Is HIV still a death sentence in the West?   HIV evolving 'into milder form'   US approves HIV-prevention drug  

Also read additional medical news -  WHO 'taken aback' by measles outbreaks   Measles vaccinations must be immediately stepped up across Europe and central Asia after a series of outbreaks, the World Health Organization says.  Threat to measles elimination plans  Boy dies in Germany measles outbreak   Skin clues to Alzheimer's disease  Scientists have proposed a new idea for detecting brain conditions including Alzheimer's - a skin test.  Breath test for Parkinson's disease  Dementia research to receive £300m  UK approves three-person babies  The UK has now become the first country to approve laws to allow the creation of babies from three people.  Peanut allergy 'cut by early exposure'  Eating peanut products as a baby dramatically cuts the risk of allergy, a study suggests.  Call for global single-use syringes   Smart syringes that can be used only once should be used for injections, the World Health Organization has announced.  A dozen overdose on 'Molly' in US   UK Ebola medics under investigation  Sierra Leone orphanage quarantined  WHO calls for action over Mers virus   Boy dies in Germany measles outbreak   Drug-resistant malaria 'huge threat'   Fifteen-minute Ebola test approved   Alcohol affects '1m children'   Sunlight harms skin for hours later   Dozens exposed to superbug in LA   N Korea bans foreigners from race 

The Art of Solace - Fifteen Tips for Pushing through the Discomfort and Truly Connecting with a Chronically Ill Person
Few of us know how to act around a very sick person. And yet, what we say (and don’t say) makes a huge impact. Here are some practical skills for caregivers, family members, and anyone else who wants to make a meaningful difference in a very difficult time. By Walter St. John, Ed.D. 

Medical Words - Explained -  Do you want to know what those medical terms means at all? Like, E. coli infection   Ankylosing spondylitis   Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder   Hepatitis B or C    Schizophrenia   Click the above link and you shall find out. Keep this vital info into your note book, so,  from time to time you’d know what medical science people are a talking about. The listing is from A to Z. Check it out now! (cdb)

Milestone in medical human 'cloning'?

What's a stroke?   Stem cell stroke therapy assessed   Click here for the latest news on stroke Soy may benefit stroke patients Helping stroke patients to speak    Music 'can aid stroke recovery'  Stroke risk peaks every 12 hours   Heart drug may help threat stroke   Stroke struggle: 'They said I would never become a doctor'   Stroke patients to test sensors   What's Killing Canadians?   What's the "Marburg" Virus?  More disease cures check archives   Magnetic field 'aids coma victim'  Institute of Food Research British Nutrition Foundation   Mind power moves paralyzed limbs  Surfing the web is good for your brain   Fatty acids clue to Alzheimer's Western diet 'raises heart risk'    Drug may reverse MS brain damage  'One-stop' embryo test unveiled  Purple tomato 'may boost health'   Lithium tested for impact on Motor Neurone Disease  What is motor neurone disease?    Cancer genetic blueprint revealed    

The Seven Medical Beliefs that's not true  Medical myths 'debunked'   Survey shows contraception myths    TV ad 'busts heart attack myth'    'Medical myths' exposed as untrue Drink at least eight glasses of water a day     We use only 10% of our brains    Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death    Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight    Shaving causes hair to grow back faster or coarser    Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals    Eating turkey makes people especially drowsy.

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The Montreal Tribune and its publishers are not responsible for all contents in this section. All Rights reserved. Copyright 2007 Conrad David Brillantes. All Questions or inquiries submitted are not edited...posted as they are received. Question: Why on earth the Separatist government of  the late Rene Levesque created the language law known as Bill 101? Answer: Actually, Robert Bourassa, Quebec Premier then started the controversial language law (Bill 22) which was duplicated and made it more complicated by government of Levesque. Note that Bill 101 was declared not valid by the Supreme Court of Canada but because of the veto option given to all provinces under the unfinished Canada constitution headed by Brian Mulroney, precipitated when Pierre Trudeau, prime minister of the day brought home the BNA (British North America Act - Canadian Constitution) to Canada, Quebec was able to maintain the law (Bill 101) ...  

Bringing back the glory that of Montreal

Everything is irrelevant when talks about making Montreal a solvent city again without considering lowering of taxes, especially on commercial, as well as private properties and most of all changing the language law, in permitting the free use of English in business. Otherwise, the city will run out of energy to support its existence. Everything that started good fifty years ago to becoming the most economically stable cities in the world had been taken down by the hatred sentiment of the so called nationalists who basically put a great number of residents in poverty mostly composed of the French Speaking Quebecois. And hey,  labor unions played most of the problem. Look around commercial areas and you'd see the gloomy picture of the city and that of the suburbs, plus the more than 30,000 homeless people in the city. Speak up people! cdb  

The day the economic dim light hits Montreal

Looking back at 40 years of French as Quebec's official language

The passage of Bill 22 in 1974 may have been in response to language tensions in St-Léonard, a predominantly Italian-immigrant neighbourhood in Montreal . However, it fanned the flames between Anglos and Francos, leading to what is arguably Quebec 's most hotly debated piece of legislation ever: Bill 101. (Radio-Canada archives)  On July 31, 1974 — exactly 40 years ago — French became the only official language in Quebec . A war of words and principles raged between anglophones and francophones at the time. Anglophones fought to preserve their rights while more and more French-speaking Quebecers lobbied for better protection of their language, particularly with regard to the francization of immigrants. That edict, introduced by Robert Bourassa and his Liberal government, was meant to remove any ambiguity about language in the province. It was known as Bill 22, the precursor to Bill 101 that came three years later. “The 1960s were a time of major changes in Quebec , like elsewhere around the world. Here, we became aware of some gaps in the protection of the French language,” said Office québécois de la langue française spokesman Jean-Pierre Le Blanc. Groundwork on bills 22 and 101 was laid during the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s. The Parti Québécois was created in 1968 amid the language turmoil; a year later, the Union Nationale government led by Jean-Jacques Bertrand adopted Bill 63, which would go on to become An Act to promote the French language in Québec. St-Léonard Conflict The flames of language debates in the province were stoked by what has come to be known as the St-Léonard Conflict, which came to a head in 1968. The conflict began when an act was passed to phase out English instruction from schools in the predominantly Italian-immigrant neighbourhood. Bill 63 was passed in 1969 as an attempt to smooth out thorny relations between Montreal ’s Italian community, the province and Quebec francophones. That law had provisions promoting French in education, including offering French courses to new immigrants. It also permitted parents to choose whether their children received English or French instruction. That law was superseded by Bill 22. FROM THE ARCHIVES | Riots in St-Léonard

 Don't forget to visit The Downing of the Twin Towers

A what? A $15 per hour minimum wage? For Quebec it's bad news for business - Montreal is already bankrupt. Given another 10 years, half of the city is going to be deserted, yes, just like Detroit ...Government should create a commission composed of business and economics students headed by professors to find out how the province can get out from it's present economic predicament.

What happens in a US debt default?

Bills, bills, bills: how does the US government pay its debt?

20 dollar bills and hand

By Kim Gittleson BBC business reporter, New York

What is a US debt default?  At its most basic level, a default is when a person or an entity cannot repay a debt on time. For instance, when a person can't make a payment on a mortgage or a car loan. When a country does this, it's known as a sovereign default. This is when the country cannot repay its debt, which typically takes the form of bonds. So if the US were to default, it would essentially stop paying the money it owed US Treasury bond holders. A quick refresher: the US government spends more money than it collects in taxes. So to make up the shortfall, it raises funds by asking investors to buy US Treasury bonds. Investors, such as the Chinese government and pension funds, do this because these bonds are seen as a safe place to invest money. What are the consequences of a US default? No one really knows exactly what would happen, but the likelihood is that markets around the world would plunge and global interest rates would rise. This is because if the US government could not repay the money it owed bondholders, the value of the bonds would decrease. And the yield - the return the government pays to an investor - would rise. This is because it would be perceived as a less safe investment. This would prompt interest rates around the world, which are often tied to those of US Treasuries, to spike. Furthermore, the impact on the US 's creditors could be dire. Japan , for instance, owns about $1.14 trillion of US debt - which is equivalent to 20% of its annual economic output. In the US , Goldman Sachs estimates that $175bn would immediately be withdrawn from the US economy and it could lead to a very deep recession. Top 5 foreign holders of US debt :   Mainland China $1,27 Trillion  *  Japan $1.4 Trillion  *   Caribbean banking centres: Bahamas , Bermuda , Cayman Islands and others $287 Billion  *  Oil exporters: Venezuela , Iran , Iraq , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia and others $257 Billion  *  Brazil $256 Billion  *   SOURCE: US TREASURY     Will the Fed get back to normal?   How bad are US debt levels?   Q&A: What is the debt ceiling? 

Do you agree or you don't agree on the "The consequences of a US default"? Our editor an economist don't agree, saying it instead a clever manipulation on the protection of the dollar, instead of just printing them. Why? Go ask him at

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  Forger jailed for bogus paintings   Munch's The Scream sold for $120 million

Painting sale sets $300 million record

Gauguin painting breaks sale record at nearly $300m

Two women look at the painting "Nafea faa ipoipo" (When will you marry?, 1892) by French painter Paul Gauguin on display in the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen, Switzerland, 06 February 2015

The Gauguin painting has been on public display for decades

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Bauer Painting - 34" Height X 24" Width - Open Bidding at US$100,000 is required (  

Georgia O'Keeffe work sets female art record

A floral painting by late US artist Georgia O'Keeffe sells for $44.4m (£28.8m) at auction, setting a record for an artwork by a female artist.

Jimson Weed/White Flower No 1 by Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O'Keeffe painted the simple white blossom of a weed

The piece smashes the previous record of $11.9m (£7.5m) for an untitled work by Joan Mitchell, set in May. Sotheby's in New York said the $15m (£9.5m) estimate on O'Keeffe's work was shattered after an intense bidding war between two rivals. The art auction record is $142.4m (£90.8m) for a Francis Bacon piece. The British artist's triptych, Three Studies of Lucien Freud, was sold at auction last year. O'Keeffe, who died in 1986 at the age of 98, was celebrated for her large-format depictions of flowers which she painted as if they had been seen in close-up. Her Jimson Weed/White Flower No 1 smashed her previous best of $6.2m (£3.9m) set in 2001, and was one of three works which were placed in the sale. It was offered at auction by the O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe , New Mexico , which holds a large body of the artist's works. The proceeds of the sale will be put towards the museum's acquisitions funds. Andy Warhol's Elvis sells for $82m  Manet £40m sale beats artist's record

Van Gogh's poppies sells for $61.8m

A floral masterpiece by Vincent van Gogh, painted in the closing stages of his life, sells in New York for $61.8m (£38.7m).

Still Life, Vase with Daisies, and Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh's striking canvas is dominated by the red of the poppies

A floral masterpiece by Vincent van Gogh, painted in the closing stages of his life, has sold in New York for $61.8m (£38.7m). Still Life, Vase with Daisies, and Poppies exceeded its estimate of up to $50m (£31.3m) at the Sotheby's auction. A 1951 piece by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti fetched more than $100m (£62.7m), but fell just short of the record $104.3m (£65.3m) for the artist. A sculpture by Amedeo Modigliani set a new benchmark for his work. Tete, an elongated head created in 1911-12 from a block of limestone scavenged from a Paris building site, was sold for more than $70m (£44.2m). Van Gogh's painting was created at the French home of his doctor just months before his death in 1890 and was one of the few works he sold during his lifetime. But it fell far short of the auction record for a piece by the Dutch artist, which stands at $82.5m (£51.6m). Sotheby's said the painting was bought by a private bidder from Asia . Portrait of Dr Gachet - the physician whose flowers he captured in this latest work to sell - went under the hammer for a record in 1990.

Manet £40m sale beats artist's record

A celebrated portrait of a Parisian actress by Edouard Manet sets a new auction record for the French impressionist.

Le Printemps (Spring), Edouard Manet

French actress Jeanne Demarsy is cast as an allegory of Spring

A portrait of a Parisian actress by Edouard Manet has set a new auction record for the French impressionist. Spring sold at Christie's in New York for $65 million (£40.6m), almost doubling the previous record of $33.2 million (£20.7m) for a work by Manet. The oil painting, which has been owned by the same family for more than 100 years, depicts actress Jeanne Demarsy in a floral dress and bonnet. The 1881 masterpiece had been estimated to sell for up to $35 million (£21.9m). The allegorical painting has been on loan to Washington 's National Gallery of Art for the past 20 years. It was intended to be one of a series of four paintings, but Manet only completed Spring and Autumn before his death in 1883, aged 51. Snicket books to become TV series   Arterton praises 'Dagenham ladies'

Swiss museum to accept 'Nazi art'

  Switzerland 's Bern Art Museum has agreed to accept hundreds of artworks bequeathed by German Nazi-era art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt. Many of the works are expected to remain in Germany until their rightful owners can be identified. Mr Gurlitt, the son of Adolf Hitler's art dealer, amassed a priceless collection of works, including pieces by Picasso and Monet. He died in May aged 81 with the Bern museum named his "sole heir". The Bavarian authorities seized some 1,280 artworks from his Munich flat as part of a tax evasion probe in February 2012. The find, which was not made public until November last year, has triggered legal disputes surrounding works taken illegally by the Nazis. In pictures: Gurlitt art hoard   One lonely man and his hoard of Nazi art   The unfinished art business of World War Two

Germany to release confiscated art   -   Owner gives up on 'Chagall' painting    Stolen Rembrandt found 15 years on

Matisse's Femme Assise  Chagall Painting  Rembrandt's painting Child with a Soap Bubble

A 17th Century painting by Dutch master Rembrandt is recovered in France , 15 years after it was stolen. - The painting measures 60cm by 49cm and was said to be in a good condition

A 17th Century painting by Dutch master Rembrandt has been recovered in France , 15 years after it was stolen. L'enfant a la bulle de savon (Child with soap bubble), valued at 3.2m euros (£2.7m), was taken from a museum in the southern city of Draguignan in 1999. Two men were arrested in Nice on Tuesday, according to the Agence France Presse (AFP) news agency. Police said they received information that a transaction was due to take place in a hotel the following day. The men, aged 46 and 53, one of whom was described as a former insurer, appeared in court in Nice on Thursday, AFP said. They were reported to be known to police for previous petty crimes. Police are still looking for other suspects.

Anyone looking for these paintings?

  Madame Leon Clapisson, 1883

Accepting Open bidding for the "Flower"  (left)

Monet and Picasso among art theft    Scientists recapture Renoir's reds

Paintings by artists including Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Gauguin and Freud have been stolen from a museum in Rotterdam . Police in the Netherlands said the works were taken from the Kunsthal Museum early on Tuesday morning. The museum is showing works from the Triton Foundation as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The paintings include Monet's Waterloo Bridge , Picasso's Tete d'Arlequin, Matisse's La Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune and Freud's Woman with Eyes Closed.  Monet water lilies sells for $43 million    Monet artwork bequeathed by reclusive heiress  "Madame Leon Clapisson": The visualization (right) is produced using advanced image processing software - Conservation scientists in Chicago produce a stunning visualization of how they think a Renoir painting might have looked before its colors faded. Researchers in Chicago have produced a visualization of how they think a Renoir could have looked before its colors faded. The picture of Madame Valentine Clapisson was painted by the great French Impressionist more than 130 years ago. The original's impact has been degraded and dulled by the action of light. But by using the latest analytical tools, conservators have been able to recover a sense of Renoir's rich reds."When we first brought this picture into the conservation studio for examination and removed the frame, we noticed that at the top and at the left-hand side there was a sliver of very intense colour," recalls Dr Francesca Casadio from The Art Institute of Chicago. "This tipped us off to the fact that the mood of this painting that is now pretty cool and restrained with light purples and blues was once far more vibrant," she told BBC News.

Bankruptcy may not be the answer

Did you borrow too much money and now cannot afford to pay creditors anymore? There are so many con artists or scammers that will tell you that they can wipe your record clean if you pay them for their service... This is not true... no one can clean your record but yourself. But before filing bankruptcy, check with us... There's nothing to pay (us). Definitely nothing to pay... it's a free service to everyone if you live in Quebec. Contact us for  assistance. All inquiries are strictly  treated confidential. Your name will never be passed around,  Or Check directly with the provincial court if you want to do it yourself by logging on to Quebec Government Justice

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Check criminal records of online daters, experts say       Hard to check criminal records of others    Online dating client check debate grows 

Buying a used car in Quebec? Check it out first, it could be owned by someone else!

Important note if you have a Bank Card: If you are forced by anyone to withdraw cash from ATM machine, do not resist for your safety, enter your PIN number backward or reverse... say your number is 1234, then enter 4321. Do not worry, the machine will give you the cash but automatically alert the police. Pass this on to anyone you know. This was shown on National TV but never repeated again. Anyway, now you know. Also, if  someone calls to tell you that he is from the bank investigating about a charge in your credit card, hang up and if you want to know why they phoned, call your branch to verify. That's it and if you want to read more scams click the above link.


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Thousands of films or motion pictures and musical recordings are produced every month and the most that reach market are less than 10%. So how do you find a way to the very complicated market of this industry? Get help or assistance from a trader that knows how it works. If you are or a company that’s in this situation, give us a shout by forwarding your e-mail to TPI Communications

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The Time Of Your Life

Worked hard  and got successful?  Let's record the time of your life. If you want to document your experience but didn't have time to write, have a professional do it for you. Your story might have a great commercial value for a book or even a movie. All inquiries are treated confidential. Contact TPI Communications.

Check Out the Canadian Pre-Fabricated Housing from The Traders Point

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