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  Yukos shareholders win $50 billion payout

A court based in The Hague has ordered Russia to pay $50bn (£29.5bn) to former shareholders in the defunct oil producer Yukos.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky leaves a press conference in Berlin.

A court in the Hague has awarded shareholders in the defunct Russian oil company Yukos the largest compensation package to date.

The Court of Arbitration said  Russia should pay $50bn (£29.5bn) in damages. It said Russian officials, under President Putin, had manipulated the legal system to bankrupt Yukos, and jail its boss, Mikhail Khodorkovsky for fraud and tax evasion. Russia 's Foreign Minister said Russia would most likely appeal the decision. Yukos was once the country's largest oil producer. 'Major step' Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: "The Russian side, those agencies which represent Russia in this process, will no doubt use all available legal possibilities to defend its position." The claim was filed by a subsidiary for the financial holding company GML, once the biggest shareholder in Yukos Oil Co.  Russia frees Khodorkovsky ex-partner   Yukos declared bankrupt by court   Putin backs state grab for Yukos   The Tories' biggest Russian donors  Also read additional business news:  Ryanair raises profit forecasts   Budget airline Ryanair has raised its annual profit forecast after seeing a sharp rise in earnings for the three months to June.    Ryanair to be given image makeoverListen   Ryanair makes loss as low fares hit   Banks named in silver-fix lawsuit   Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Bank of Nova Scotia are accused of attempting to rig the price of silver, in a lawsuit filed in the US .   Barclays fined £26m over gold pricing   Silver price benchmark in doubt

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Fears over massive Libya fuel fire

Libya warns of a "humanitarian disaster" after a massive fire at a fuel storage site in Tripoli, as fighting between rival militias continues.

 Black smoke billows from a fuel storage depot, near the airport in Tripoli, Libya on 28 July 2014, after it was hit by a rocket fire.

Libya has requested international assistance to put out a fire at a large fuel storage site in Tripoli that was hit by a rocket during militia clashes. The huge blaze could cause a "humanitarian and environmental disaster," the government has warned. It is the largest facility in Tripoli , containing 6.6 million litres of fuel. At least 97 people have been killed in fighting between rival militia groups battling for control of Tripoli 's main airport in the past week. Fighting in the eastern city of Benghazi has also intensified, with at least 38 people killed in clashes between troops loyal to the Libyan government and Islamist fighters on Sunday. Calls for evacuation A statement by the prime minister's office said it had requested international assistance "as a precaution". "Several countries have expressed their willingness to send planes and a team of experts who specialise in putting out the flames," it continues. Residents within 3-5km (2-3 miles) of the area have been urged to evacuate, amid fears of a massive explosion if tanks are breached. But evacuations could be difficult, warns the BBC's Rana Jawad in Tripoli , due to the precarious security situation. Libya's chaos - in 45 secs Watch   Will militias defeat democracy?   Guide to Libya's militias   Why is Libya lawless?   Fresh Benghazi clashes kill 38

  Vans attacked in Philippine ambush

Gunmen have attacked two vehicles in the southern Philippines , killing at least 18 people. The military blamed Islamist militants of the Abu Sayyaf group for the attack. They said as many as 50 men armed with assault rifles opened fire on two vans in an ambush before dawn in the town of Talipao on the island of Jolo. Abu Sayyaf operates out of jungle hideouts on Jolo in its fight for an Islamic homeland. Army spokesmen said they suspected a clan feud between rival factions, which could lead to further revenge attacks. They said that some of those killed were members of a civilian defence group that had been working with the military in its offensives against the rebel strongholds. Villagers had packed into the two vans and were on their way to meet relatives to celebrate the end of Ramadan when they were attacked. Southern Philippines bomb kills six   Sulu: The islands home to Philippine militancy   What is behind the fighting in Zamboanga? 

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Ferry students 'floated from cabins'     Ferry students 'swept off feet' Watch   S Korea ferry boss death confirmed   'Corruption sank' South Korea ferry   White flowers to remember victims Watch   MH17 downing 'may be war crime'    Dutch 'need Ukrainian support' Watch   Pressure grows on Russia Watch   More Russians face EU sanctions   Strip Russia of World Cup - UK says   Other top stories   Yukos shareholders win $50bn payout   Lightning kills man on US beach   Fears over massive Libya fuel fire   Aruba frees top Venezuela official   Japanese girl 'dismembers classmate'  'Boko Haram abductions' in Cameroon   Dinosaurs' extinction 'bad luck'   Nibali seals Tour de France winBBC SPORT  Also in the News   Police told off for Lily Allen image NEWSBEAT   Naked body art enlivens New York   More News from Around the World   US & Canada   US 'will send migrant youths home'   Banks named in silver-fix lawsuit   Latin America   'Miners' grave' found in Bolivia   Venezuela party in key congress   Africa   South Africa shock NZ to win goldBBC SPORT   Sierra Leone Ebola escapee dies   Asia   Vans attacked in Philippine ambush   India riot city curfew relaxed   Europe   Costa Concordia ends final voyage  MH17 military mission 'unrealistic'   Middle East   Fresh Benghazi clashes kill 38   Isis 'may be on UN war crimes list'   UK  Bidding starts for fracking licences   Rain, hail and lightning cause chaos

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Special reports and analysis on the East Indian Nations & Surrounding countries - By Dr. Naseeb Ullah, Ph D. Media Studies

 Uneasy calm in Gaza after UN call NEW

A limited resumption of fighting in Gaza punctuates the relative calm that has followed a UN call overnight for an immediate ceasefire in the Strip.

Palestinian women visit a grave in Gaza, 28 July

There have been sporadic attacks by both Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza amid a relative lull in the violence of recent weeks. There were no Israeli air strikes overnight, though the military fired at targets in Gaza after a rocket hit the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon . Earlier the UN Security Council urged a halt to hostilities to coincide with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. Israel launched its offensive three weeks ago after a surge in rocket fire. More than 1,030 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 43 Israeli soldiers and two Israeli civilians have been killed. A Thai national in Israel has also died. The Security Council called on Sunday night for an "immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire" in Gaza over and beyond the holiday period. Both the Palestinian and Israeli envoys to the UN criticised the statement, for different reasons. 'Quiet' in Gaza for EidWatch NEW    UN calls for ceasefire Watch   Doucet: Children in conflict   Palestinian reaction Watch   Israeli reaction Watch   Who are Hamas?

Pakistan urges action on Afghan side for NWA operation success to be conclusive

ASPEN: Pakistan’s ongoing operation in North Waziristan is absolutely targeting all militants but it needs to be complemented by actions on the Afghan side so that Islamabad’s anti-terror drive along the restive border is conclusive, Ambassador to the United States Jalil Abbas Jilani emphasized. He was speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado in a discussion on Afghanistan and Pakistan with participants, including Afghan Ambassador to the U.S. Eklil Hakimi, Jeffrey Eggers, Special Assistant and Senior Director for Afghanistan and Pakistan , National Security Council, and Retired Gen. John Allen, who was previously Commander of ISAF forces in Afghanistan . “While the hammer is in full swing, we only hope that the anvil we have been talking about for a long time that would also appear one day, because our apprehension is that many of these elements, they are on the run, some of them may have gone to Afghanistan, the people belonging to the Haqqani network,” Ambassador Jilani said in reference Zarb-e-Azb operation underway in North Waziristan. Pakistan , he said, was having discussions with the United States and Afghanistan on these kinds of apprehensions. “We are having a good cooperation but I think something more is required to be done in order to make sure that the successes we are achieving in North Waziristan are conclusive, and we should make every possible effort that these people (militants) do not find any refuge anywhere,” the seasoned diplomat stressed. “We also need to cooperate very closely in order to ensure that these people, they do not come back, they do not regroup because that would again have very serious consequences,” he added. Pakistan , he explained, was making every possible effort. “We are screening each and everybody including the IDPs, who are moving into settled areas. Our expectation would be that the same thing is done on the Afghan side as well because 40,000 to 50,000 people have moved to Afghanistan .” Ambassador Jilani underlined that “this is the time we need to engage in some serious, discreet and candid discussions - not through the media.” Speaking in the broader perspective he felt things are looking better in the region and in this respect referred to political transitions including in India recently, the ongoing transition in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s own democratic transition last year. “These political transitions can bring about a lot of stability.” “India-Pakistan improvement in relations will also bring good stability in Afghanistan because that also over the years  became a contention between us.” When the moderator said if the remarks by the Pakistani and Afghan envoys could be interpreted as polite accusations against each other, Ambassador Jilani remarked that “rather than accusing each other, we need to cooperate.” He also pointed out the fact that after Afghanistan , it was Pakistan that had suffered the most on account of 30 years of Afghan wars and conflicts. He said everybody made mistakes in the past. “The operations we are conducting, are absolutely colourless -they are indiscriminate - and we are getting the results.” The current operation in the tribal areas had been in the planning since January this year, and there were discussions taking place in the media, in the parliament, with the Afghan side and the United States, he said while commenting on the suggestion that the Haqqani militants could have disappeared. “From our point of view the important thing is to eliminate the capacity of these forces who had made Waziristan (their sanctuary).”   More news reports

More news reports   US tells Pakistan: Do not let Haqqani fighters resettle  *   Pakistan, China to support efforts for stable Afghanistan  *   Pakistan presses for UN resolution ordering ceasefire in Gaza  *  Zarb-e-Azb: 8 militants perished, 5 hideouts flattened in Pakistan  *  Veteran journalist Majid Nizami passes away; President, PM condole  *    More news reports

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By Conrad David Brillantes

Seriously, ask me!: Got a question? Anything in mind that bothers you because no one seems to listen? Send them in and I will try to find the answers. Your name will be kept confidential if requested, and no one will ever know.

The Montreal Tribune and its publishers are not responsible for all contents in this section. All Rights reserved. Copyright 2007 Conrad David Brillantes. All Questions or inquiries submitted are not edited...posted as they are received. Question: Why on earth the Separatist government of  the late Rene Levesque created the language law known as Bill 101? Answer: Actually, Robert Bourassa, Quebec Premier then started the controversial language law (Bill 22) which was duplicated and made it more complicated by government of Levesque. Note that Bill 101 was declared not valid by the Supreme Court of Canada but because of the veto option given to all provinces under the unfinished Canada constitution headed by Brian Mulroney, precipitated when Pierre Trudeau, prime minister of the day brought home the BNA (British North America Act - Canadian Constitution) to Canada, Quebec was able to maintain the law (Bill 101) .

What happens in a US debt default?

Bills, bills, bills: how does the US government pay its debt?

20 dollar bills and hand

By Kim Gittleson BBC business reporter, New York

What is a US debt default?  At its most basic level, a default is when a person or an entity cannot repay a debt on time. For instance, when a person can't make a payment on a mortgage or a car loan. When a country does this, it's known as a sovereign default. This is when the country cannot repay its debt, which typically takes the form of bonds. So if the US were to default, it would essentially stop paying the money it owed US Treasury bond holders. A quick refresher: the US government spends more money than it collects in taxes. So to make up the shortfall, it raises funds by asking investors to buy US Treasury bonds. Investors, such as the Chinese government and pension funds, do this because these bonds are seen as a safe place to invest money. What are the consequences of a US default? No one really knows exactly what would happen, but the likelihood is that markets around the world would plunge and global interest rates would rise. This is because if the US government could not repay the money it owed bondholders, the value of the bonds would decrease. And the yield - the return the government pays to an investor - would rise. This is because it would be perceived as a less safe investment. This would prompt interest rates around the world, which are often tied to those of US Treasuries, to spike. Furthermore, the impact on the US 's creditors could be dire. Japan , for instance, owns about $1.14 trillion of US debt - which is equivalent to 20% of its annual economic output. In the US , Goldman Sachs estimates that $175bn would immediately be withdrawn from the US economy and it could lead to a very deep recession. Top 5 foreign holders of US debt :   Mainland China $1,27 Trillion  *  Japan $1.4 Trillion  *   Caribbean banking centres: Bahamas , Bermuda , Cayman Islands and others $287 Billion  *  Oil exporters: Venezuela , Iran , Iraq , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia and others $257 Billion  *  Brazil $256 Billion  *   SOURCE: US TREASURY     Will the Fed get back to normal?   How bad are US debt levels?   Q&A: What is the debt ceiling?    

Do you agree or you don't agree on the "The consequences of a US default"? Our editor an economist don't agree, saying it instead a clever manipulation on the protection of the dollar, instead of just printing them. Why? Go ask him at

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Bankruptcy may not be the answer

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Question: Is there any chance for Quebec to become a republic? Answer:  Not in this century; the separatists have to work harder for the next one. 50% plus one says so. It’s now the poorest of all the provinces in Canada. More later....JFT

What did they do?

  Lucien Bouchard2.jpg Jacques Parizeau1.jpg   Robert Bourassa01.jpg  Bernard Landry2-.jpg

Hey did you hear? We have  two new Saints from Quebec, no, it's not  Lucien Bouchard or Jacques Parizeau nor  René Lévesque or Robert Bourassa and  definitely not Bernard Landry (above pictures are in order from left to right) but here check it out! Pope Francis elevates 2 Quebecers to sainthood Note: All are but a waste except for The Great Rene Levesque, he should have been sainted a long time ago by the Separatists as the real Quebecois who inspired equality for all. Later, more about these nationalists or separatists Quebecois political leaders.

Coming later once article is complete -  On Economics and Politics, It won't get any better in Quebec By Conrad David Brillantes  

Highlights from Bill 14   New sovereignist group calls for united front   Quebec sovereignty needs rebranding, says former premier  But, Who’s supporting Richard?   Man charged in Quebec election shooting fit for trial   PQ setting up campaign to promote sovereignty goals

Canada Direct

A look at the nation beyond the headlines from BBC


One Square Mile of Canada

Montreal is a French island in a predominantly English-speaking country

It's known as La Main - "The Main" - and it's the lifeblood of Montreal . For the past three centuries this sweeping avenue, Boulevard St Laurent, has shaped the character of a city in the heart of French-speaking Canada . La Main was once the symbolic dividing line between the city's French and English speaking communities, with the boulevard a soft buffer attracting and absorbing waves of new immigrants. Today, it celebrates a cosmopolitan city with its array of little villages, from the Quartier Chinois, or Chinese quarter, to Little Italy and Portugal , along with strong remnants of an historic Jewish quarter.

What does it mean to be Canadian?

 With Asian trade and support for the monarchy rising, what does Canadian identity mean now?

What the Indians are trying to say, The French came as visitors and now they want the country for themselves?”  So they say "over my dead body" before Quebec becomes a republic. After all, they already killed millions of us since they arrived here. This is not a provocation but just letting them know we are still around and Quebec Nation is not going to happen as long as there are still Indians around. Please send your comments to the editor... MP Maxime Bernier defends language-law quip - Quebecers don't need Bill 101, "Not by imposing [French] and by preventing people from making their own decisions in matters that concern their personal lives."   Quebec militia leader faces death-threat charges Patriotic Militia of Quebec's website   Que. militia worries separatists   Death threats target Quebec English rights group    Letters threaten FLQ attacks in Montreal  Oops! Parti Quebecois are falling apart

How much farther can the Separatist push the envelope to preserve a language that's hard to economically maintain? Aren't we bankrupt yet? Send your comments to

Got a second?

1. Integrity and reliability are the most important quality that a public employee especially that of a politician should maintain otherwise the institution gets corrupted. 2. Poor immigrants are the greatest investment a country like Canada should bring in for they are motivated by dreams that money immigrants already have. We brought (in) lots of those money immigrants in the 80s from Hong Kong and surrounding areas, most settled in BC, did they bring their money to Canada ? No, they fried us with our own oil and most of the locals moved to nearby towns where the cost of living is much lower than where those so called investors settled in. But, where are those people now? They are back where they came from with our passports. Would you want to know more and why? Conrad David Brillantes

Oh Canada : How I Love You

The tour was to only last one hour. While the other educator and I waited for their arrival we decided we would not visit the Canadian galleries, since they were in another pavilion at the other end of the museum. We would choose the European Art collection to save time. They arrived twenty minutes late. My group had three mothers with eight children between the ages of two months and nine years old. Two Muslim mothers dressed in hijab and long over-... Quickly it was decided, even though time was limited, that we had to go visit the Canadian galleries. We showed the paintings, sculptures and objects from the Inuit, First Nations along with the first settlers from France and England . The children were mesmerized, listening to the legends and stories of the Canadian people. The mothers asked many insightful questions. As we toured from one gallery to the next, the mother from Benin began unapologetically to nurse her son. She didn’t ask for help or lag behind. She did what came naturally and continued to be an active participant. And the two other mothers? They held the infant’s head as she went to adjust her top and looked after her other child. Mothers from different parts of the world, nurturing, protecting and caring for one another. I witnessed the actions of a community. Being an Art Educator at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts affords me the opportunity to meet and interact with many people from all walks of life. I am very fortunate to live in a country where all people have equal rights and are valued for their uniqueness. Ennutsiak Nunavik 1896 – Iqaluit, Nunavut, 1967 Untitled (Birth Scene with Midwives) By Deirdre Potash, 2779 Honore Mercier Vaudreuil-Dorion Quebec J7V 8P5 (514) 999-8581

What's the difference?

Going overseas? Check this out first! Dangerous travel: Countries to avoid to visit  Or if you need advice before traveling, ask our editor an (experienced) expert on international trade and relation, it's free. Spread it out you never know you could save fellow Canadians. * Private companies and governmental agencies are welcome for seminars on how to behave when visiting countries around the world (*This service is not free)


  Thérèse Casgrain, feminist icon, quietly shunted by Harper government

Thérèse Casgrain, a feminist icon and Quebec heroine who died in 1981, has been quietly removed from a national honor, to be replaced by an volunteer award bearing the prime minister's banner. Jul 27

Michele Nadeau, president of the Therese Casgrain Foundation, holds a photo of her grandmother Thérèse Casgrain.

Michele Nadeau, president of the Therese Casgrain Foundation, holds a photo of her grandmother Thérèse Casgrain. (The Canadian Press)

The Harper government has spent millions to commemorate the War of 1812 and other episodes from Canadian history, but has also erased at least one inspiring piece of the past. Thérèse Casgrain, a feminist icon and Quebec heroine who died in 1981, has been quietly removed from a national honour, to be replaced by a volunteer award bearing the prime minister's banner. The Thérèse Casgrain Volunteer Award was created in 1982 by the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau. Casgrain fought for the right of Quebec women to vote, which they finally won in 1940. She also became the first female leader of a political party in Canada , heading the CCF in Quebec , and was appointed to the Senate in 1970 by Trudeau. The Casgrain award honoured Canadian activists such as June Callwood until it was eliminated — unannounced — by the federal government in 2010. Family never consulted  Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, which had administered the Casgrain award, was instructed in 2010 to create a Prime Minister's Volunteer Award in its place, to be handed out in a ceremony each year presided over by Prime Minister Stephen Harpe  Canadian Forces' return to old-style ranks, insignia costs millions     Conservatives draw fire for War of 1812 spending 

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Air Algerie Flight AH5017 crash: Black boxes to be sent to France   Air Algerie Flight AH5017: Mamadou Zoungrana, of Gatineau, believes family was on board    Air Algerie Flight AH5017 crash: Canadian family of 4 on board plane   Safe to fly? Crashes, accidents extremely rare, statistics show    Airline safety: Flight MH17 downing hurts perception of air travel   Benoit Huot seeks return of stolen Paralympic medals    Timbers defeat Impact with late goal    BOXSCORE: Timbers-Impact    TEAM PAGE: Montreal Impact   More Headlines   Denis Coderre says police union will pay for mass sick day tactic   Tim Clark outfoxes Jim Furyk to win Canadian Open   Princeville veal farm destroyed by fire   Casino dealers reach tentative contract deal   Julie Payette had early doubts about qualifying as astronaut    Impact aim to make most of short turnaround   Christina David, former Nunavik resident, takes credit for plucking bird on Montreal Metro   Weekend roadwork blitz closes many Quebec roads    Is Canada missing the boat on cycling tourists?   St-Laurent borough driver hits 3 people   Montreal fireworks mishap sees crowd showered with sparks

Check Montreal Weather    Drink and Drive? CAA says First offence cost up to $7,000  Linking to free web content is legal

Check out The Economics of Quebec

Description :   

 "Quebec's Debt Clock."

Special to The Montreal Tribune - We are pleased to introduce the new version of our popular mobile app "Quebec's Debt Clock." When first released in March 2012, it was named "App of the Week" by the newspaper La Presse. In addition to showing the growth of the public sector debt in real time, this improved version also provides the debt amount per taxpayer. Just like on our website, it is always possible for users to react by signing a pre-written letter to the Minister of Finance to share their concern about the growing debt of Quebec's public sector. According to our estimates, the public sector debt now stands at 267.7 billion dollars. This is more than $ 67,553 per taxpayer. Quebec's finances are in bad shape and the problem will only get worse if nothing is done. "Quebec's Debt Clock" mobile app can be downloaded from our website at

Government of Canada : partner of 2014 RBC Canadian Open

Special to The Montreal Tribune - July 25, 2014 Montréal , Quebec Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions. The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, today announces that the organization Golf Canada has been granted funding to commercialize, in markets outside Quebec, the 2014 RBC Canadian Open taking place at the Royal Montreal Golf Club in Île-Bizard, July 21 to 27, 2014. The assistance has been awarded in the form of a $250,000 non-repayable financial contribution through Canada Economic Development’s Quebec Economic Development Program. Quick facts  The financial support to Golf Canada will help promote the 2014 RBC Canadian Open abroad, as the event will be televised on the Golf Channel in more than 200 countries, Thursday and Friday, and CBS, Saturday and Sunday. These broadcasts will afford Montréal and its surrounding areas exceptional international exposure which could represent a media value of some $52 million. This event is expected to generate economic benefits of more than $19 million for the city. Quote “By supporting the international promotion of the 2014 RBC Canadian Open, our government is contributing to the economic development of the Greater Montréal area, the growth of the regional tourism industry and the creation of jobs.” Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec

Brazil frees up $13bn for economy

In a bid to stimulate the sluggish economy, the Brazilian central bank announces plans to reduce the amount commercial banks have to keep in reserve.

China's Xi Jinping and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil in July

Chinese President Xi Jinping signed new trade agreements with Ms Rousseff in Brazil earlier this month

Brazil 's central bank has announced plans to reduce the amount of money commercial banks keep in reserve, in a bid to boost economic growth. The bank says the measure will free up some $13bn (£7.6bn), which banks could lend to businesses and individuals. The Brazilian economy is expected to expand by 1% this year - the fourth consecutive year of sluggish growth. The central bank announcement comes less than three months before presidential elections. President Dilma Rousseff will seek a second four-year term in October. In 2010, when she was elected, Brazilian gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 7.5%. Growth dropped to 2.7% in 2011, 1% in 2012 and 2.5% last year. 'Chinese dependency'  The government is forecasting 1.8% growth this year, but independent economists expect the GDP to grow by only 1%.  "The central bank decided to adopt measures to improve the distribution of liquidity in the economy," the bank announced.    Brazil's currency marks 20 years   Is Brazil facing a housing bubble?    il's currency marks 20 years   Is Brazil facing a housing bubble?   The Brics: Building a new bank

Russia's surprise interest rate rise

The bank's board decided to raise the interest rate by 50 basis points, or half a percent, to 8% per year. Analysts said that they had not expected the move. The rate hike will come after Western sanctions over the crisis in the Ukraine were boosted. “ Russia 's economy is more vulnerable to sanctions (or even the mere threat of sanctions) than most still seem to believe.” Neil ShearingCapital Economics  Domestic stocks and the rouble tumbled earlier this year after sanctions were implemented. The Central Bank of Russia  said on Friday that it will raise the interest rate on Monday to ease inflationary pressure. "Inflation risks have increased due to a combination of factors, including, inter alia, the aggravation of geopolitical tension and its potential impact on the rouble exchange rate dynamics, as well as potential changes in tax and tariff policy," the bank said. In June, core inflation grew to 7.5%, well above the bank's forecast of up to 6.5% for the year. Left behind in 'dead' Ukraine cityWatch   Russian officials targeted by sanctions   On the ground amid clashes in DonetskWatch   US and EU boost sanctions on Russia  Also read additional business news:  Brazil frees up $13bn for economy   In a bid to stimulate the sluggish economy, the Brazilian central bank announces plans to reduce the amount commercial banks have to keep in reserve.   Brazil's currency marks 20 years   Is Brazil facing a housing bubble?   The Brics: Building a new bank   BSkyB pays $9bn to create Sky Europe   BSkyB wants to take over Rupert Murdoch's pay TV companies in Germany and Italy in a move that would create a company with 20 million European viewers.   Ahmed: Master plan comes closer to fruition  BSkyB bids to consolidate Sky Europe   Premier League revenues break £3bn

  Peru to auction Montesinos jewels

He is serving a long jail sentence for corruption and human rights abuses. The authorities say they expect to raise at least $1m (£600,000) from the sale of 152 items next month. Montesinos, 69, fled Peru in 2000, amid a corruption scandal that led to the fall of President Alberto Fujimori, but was captured a year later. The jewellery on sale includes diamond-encrusted cufflinks and gold rings. "The money will be used to tackle organised crime in Peru ," said the head of the government's commission for confiscated assets, Maria del Pilar Sosa San Miguel. The auction will take place on 18 and 19 August at the Justice and Human Rights Ministry building in the capital, Lima . "With this we will be able to close a chapter in our fight against corruption and, most importantly, use the assets in the interest of the state," Ms Sosa said. The Andean nation was engulfed in a brutal internal conflict from 1980 to 2000. In the fight against the left-wing Shining Path rebel group, thousands of innocent people were killed and tortured. Montesinos was the de facto chief of police, appointed by Fujimori. He is linked to the formation of the notorious anti-communist Grupo Colina death squad. Montesinos fled to Panama in a yacht in September 2000 after he appeared in a leaked video trying to bribe a congressman. He was detained in Venezuela in 2001 and flown back to Peru  

 What about our Salmon?

Special to The Montreal Tribune - St Andrews, N.B.—The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) commends the Fédération Québécoise pour le Saumon Atlantique (FQSA) for calling on the Quebec government to implement mandatory live release of all Atlantic salmon over 63 centimeters due to low numbers. Recognizing that both salmon and grilse (mature salmon less than 63 cm long) numbers are low in many rivers so far this season, ASF urges anglers throughout eastern Canada to release all the salmon they catch, whether large or small. "We are well into the season when Atlantic salmon migrate back  to their home rivers from far-away feeding grounds and indications are that, for the majority of rivers, these returns are down for both large salmon and grilse," said ASF President Bill Taylor. ASF strongly promotes live release, especially in rivers that are not meeting their conservation limits. "It will pay anglers to exercise caution by carefully releasing all their salmon and grilse to ensure they spawn and contribute to sustainable runs in future years," said Taylor . "Despite our hope that runs are just late, it is possible that the decreased numbers we are seeing now will not improve much during the remainder of  the 2014 season." Quebec is the only province in Canada where anglers can kill large Atlantic salmon.  In 2013,  anglers fishing in Quebec killed 2,932 large salmon which was an increase over the 2,680 large salmon killed in 2012.  Last year, throughout eastern Canada , anglers killed 35,627 grilse, an increase of 5,174 over the 30,453 killed in 2012. In Quebec , several rivers are showing a significant drop in numbers including the Matane River , and the Matapedia River . In New Brunswick , numbers appear to be down on both the Northwest and Southwest Miramichi River systems, when compared with last year, which was also a poor year.  Meanwhile, on parts of the Restigouche, there are reports of grilse numbers being way down and large salmon being lower than last year. In Newfoundland , counting fence information from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, indicates that some of the most important salmon rivers, including the Exploits River , have much lower returns when compared with last year. "ASF greatly appreciates the tremendous leadership shown by anglers who are currently practicing live release angling and encouraging those around them to practice it as well," said Taylor . "Reduced harvest of salmon is one aspect of conservation that is within our control.  When governments do not appear up to the challenge of stopping the kill, conservation-minded anglers can voluntarily accomplish this through releasing all their salmon." Tips for a successful live release (research shows that when utilizing proper techniques and with good conditions, survival is virtually 100 %): If a net is used, use knotless cotton, plastic coated or rubber  Support the fish gently while facing upstream  Keep the fish in water at all times, even for pictures  Use barbless, single hooks  Don't fish during warm water conditions   Break off fish that have been on the line too long  Click here to view a video on performing a proper live release:   For the latest salmon return numbers in the Newfoundland and Labrador Region please visit:   For the latest cumulative counts to date of salmon in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia please visit:  For the latest cumulative counts to date of grilse in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia please visit:    ASF River Notes (for updates on salmon returns and more):

How to Run Your Home More like a CEO

4 Tips for Time & Budget Management from a Business Development Strategist

Special to The Montreal Tribune -  All successful CEOs have one thing in common: They're able to maintain a big-picture perspective. It's also something successful moms have in common, says Zenovia Andrews, a business strategist, speaker, author and mom who coaches entrepreneurs and CEOs on time and budget management. "In business, CEOs implement a process that achieves efficient time and resource management in the most cost-effective way; sounds a lot like a mom, doesn't it?" says Andrews, founder and CEO of The MaxOut Group, a company devoted to empowering and teaching entrepreneurs development strategies to increase profits. "If every mom were a CEO, America would rule the world!" Andrews, author of the new book "All Systems Go – A Solid Blueprint to Build Business and Maximize Cash Flow," (, suggests the following tips for moms to better manage money and time. •  CEOs utilize apps, and so should CEO Moms. When a CEO's personal assistant isn't around or, if it's a small business and she doesn't have one, then apps do nicely. There are several apps for moms, including Bank of Mom – an easy way to keep track of your kids' allowances. Set up an account for each child and track any money they earn for chores or allowance. The app also allows you to track their computer and TV time as well as other activities. •  Measurement is the key to knowledge, control and improvement. CEOs have goals for their businesses and Moms have goals for their family members. In either case, the best way to achieve a big-picture goal is to identify action steps and objectives and a system for measuring progress. Want to improve your kids' test scores, help your husband lose weight or – gasp – free some time for yourself? There are four phases to help track progress: planning, or establishing goals; collection, or conducting research on your current process; analysis – comparing information from existing processes with the new one; and adapting, or implementing the new process. •  Understand your home's "workforce." A good CEO helps her employees grow and develop, not only for the company's benefit, but for the employee's as well. Most people are happiest when they feel they're learning and growing, working toward a goal, which may be promotion within the company or something beyond it. When they feel the CEO is helping with that, they're happier, more productive, more loyal employees. Likewise, CEO Moms need to help their children gain the skills and knowledge they need not only to succeed in general but to achieve their individual dreams.  •  A well-running household is a community effort; consider "automated" systems. In business, automated systems tend to be as clinical as they sound, typically involving technology. Yet, there's also a human resource element. Automated systems are a must for CEO Moms, and they tend to take the form of scheduling at home. Whose night is it for the dishes, or trash? One child may be helpful in the kitchen, whereas another may be better at cleaning the pool. About Zenovia Andrews Zenovia Andrews,, is a business development strategist with extensive experience in corporate training, performance management, leadership development and sales consulting with international clients, including Pfizer, Inc. and Novartis Pharmaceuticals. A sought-after speaker and radio/TV personality, she is the author of "All Systems Go" and "MAXOut: I Want It All." 

3 Ways to Get Your Audience Engaged with Your Brand This Summer

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Marketing Strategies Should Adapt to Fit the Season, Says Skywriting CEO. It's summertime and whether or not people have vacation time to spare, they still behave accordingly, says advertising entrepreneur Patrick Walsh. "Small business owners, non-profit organizers and anyone else trying to market a brand should take advantage of what makes this season special," says Walsh, CEO of AirSign Aerial Advertising, (, a company that has re-imagined skywriting. "While workers in the United States take far less vacation time than in most other developed economies, we still like to hit the beach and anywhere else with water, visit the park and grill outside with the family," he says. "With the kids out of school, many choose to take their days off during this time of year." So, how can entrepreneurs tailor their message for a summertime audience? Walsh offers advice from past experience. •  Don't be afraid to think big and beyond your handheld device. Earlier this year, during the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, Walsh and his crew of pilots teamed up with artist Ben Davis for a public display of art dubbed "Pi in the Sky," to commemorate National Pi Day on 3/14. Pi is that infinite, enigmatic mathematical equation beginning with 3.14. Walsh's team of five synchronized aircraft spent more than 90 minutes printing out hundreds of numbers, each as tall as a skyscraper, in the pi sequence in a "painting" that covered 100 miles of airspace. Walsh and Davis garnered national exposure in newspapers, on TV and on the radio. "This was the perfect cerebral display for the young, hip and entrepreneurial crowd attending SXSW," Walsh says. "Research potentially important summer dates and the cultural background of your target demographic." •  Now, think within your little device – be interactive! With the help of Walsh's social media team, #PiInTheSky was created and shared on Twitter days before "Pi in the Sky" display. Walsh's planes spelled it out before beginning the Pi sequence, which allowed the social media team to control the message. People quickly figured out that using #PiInTheSky in their tweets and Instagram photo posts allowed them to share the experience with thousands of other people. Between the interactive campaign and the city-sized performance in the sky, AirSign's #PiInTheSky trended on Twitter at No. 2 nationwide on the day of the display and No. 1 in Austin for 24 hours, which captured the attention of the national media. "Of course, this was pretty spectacular and took all kinds of planning, but we pulled it off!" Walsh says. "You don't have to go as big as we did to pull off something spectacular for your marketing efforts – but it does have to be interesting." •  A step farther in knowing your audience: know who they are now. Grocery stores know how to move product. One strategy is to offer, during lunch and dinner hours, free samples of products they're trying to sell. If your audience is less predictable than the day's natural hunger cycles, then consider tracking the mood of your clientele via social media. If a major event is happening within your market, such as a summer concert series, position your brand to be part of the event. "What's it like to be the people you're trying to attract? That's the question entrepreneurs constantly need to ask themselves," Walsh says. "Novel marketing strategies – or even those that are fairly straightforward – have the power to bypass the bargaining psychology of typical advertising by going straight to an audience's imagination." About Patrick Walsh Patrick Walsh is the CEO of AirSign Inc., (, which, through the use of giant full-color airplane and helicopter banners, skywriting, digital night signs and blimps, produces show-stopping campaigns. The company recently received global recognition for its artistic skywriting display of several hundred pi characters over the 2014 South by Southwest festival. Walsh is a veteran entrepreneur.  

CBP in the Northeast Reminds Travelers to 'Know Before You Go' as they Plan Ahead for Quebec Construction Holiday

Special to The Montreal Tribune - ST. ALBANS, Vt.— U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials would like to advise travelers of the possibility for increased traffic volumes associated with Quebec's two week "Construction Holiday" from July 20 through Aug. 2. This annual holiday could result in cross-border traffic delays since many Quebecers, including those outside the construction industry, take their vacation during this time. First and foremost, please ensure you have an approved travel document. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requires U.S. and Canadian citizens, age 16 and older to present a valid, acceptable travel document, such as a passport, a U.S. passport card, a trusted traveler card, permanent resident card or an enhanced driver's license that denotes both identity and citizenship when entering the U.S. by land or sea. U.S. and Canadian citizens under age 16 may present a birth certificate or alternative proof of citizenship when entering by land or sea. All travelers must have a valid passport book for international air travel. One of the best ways to ensure smooth and easy entry into the U.S. is to sign up for one of our Trusted Traveler Programs and to be familiar with the CBP travel checklist. Trusted Traveler Programs Trusted Traveler Programs (NEXUS, FAST, SENTRI and Global Entry) provide expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk international travelers and members of these programs can expect expedited processing when entering the United States through dedicated vehicle lanes at land borders or by using automated kiosks at airports. Members are also eligible to expedite their domestic travels by using TSA's pre-check trusted traveler security screening lines. Travelers interested in enrolling in one of CBP's Trusted Traveler Programs can learn more about the programs and apply online using the CBP Global Online Enrollment System (GOES). Travel Checklist Have all the required travel documents for the country you are visiting, as well as identification for re-entry to the United States . Passports are required for air travel. Passport books are required for all international travel by air. Other options such as the U.S. passport card, trusted traveler cards, border crossing card and permanent resident card can be used to enter the United States from Canada , Mexico , the Caribbean , and Bermuda at land or sea ports of entry. Visit the Dept. of State website for country-specific information. For citizens of Visa Waiver Program countries, make sure that you have an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) before boarding. Declare everything you are bringing from abroad, even if you bought it in a duty-free shop. Know that things bought abroad for personal use or as gifts may be eligible for duty exemptions. If you are bringing them back for resale, they are not. Know the difference between prohibited merchandise (which is forbidden by law to enter the U.S. ) and restricted merchandise (items needing special permit to be allowed into the U.S. ). For more information, please visit the Prohibited and Restricted Items section of the CBP website. Do not attempt to bring fruits, meats, dairy/poultry products and/or firewood into the United States without first checking whether they are permitted. For more information, please visit the Bringing Agricultural Products Into the United States section of the CBP website. Build additional

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  Johansson beats Johnson at US cinemas

Scarlett Johansson's action thriller Lucy comes out on top in a box office tussle with Hercules, the latest vehicle for former wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Scarlett Johansson in Lucy and Dwayne Johnson in Hercules

Scarlett Johansson plays the title role in Lucy, while Hercules sees Dwayne Johnson take the lead

Scarlett Johansson has come out on top in a box office tussle with former wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Johansson's Lucy, an action thriller about a woman who unlocks hitherto untapped brain powers, made $44m (£26m) in the US and Canada over the weekend, according to studio estimates. Johnson's fantasy Hercules had to settle for an estimated $29m (£17m) between Friday and Sunday. The film's distributor Paramount said the takings equalled expectations. "It's exactly what we had hoped for," said Megan Colligan, head of domestic marketing and distribution at Paramount Pictures  Directed by France 's Luc Besson, Lucy tells of a woman who can move objects with her mind after a drug causes her brain to operate at abnormally high levels. Hercules sees Johnson take on the role of the fabled Greek demigod, previously played on screen by Steve Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. Brett Ratner's film performed far more strongly than The Legend of Hercules, another outing for the character that could only muster $8.6m (£5m) when it opened in US cinemas in January. Chimps going ape at US box office   Johansson wins payout from author

Juste pour rire 2014: an EXTRA LARGE Festival!

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Montréal, July  2014 - The laughs are done for this year! The Festival Juste pour rire presented by Vidéotron in collaboration with Loto-Québec today is pleased to announce positive results for its 15 days of festivities including both its indoor and outdoor shows presented on the Place des Festivals. The 2014 edition of the Festival offered an extra wide range of programming in a cheerful mix of styles and genres for all types of audiences, all of which attracted extra large crowds to the Quartier des spectacles. Humour is alive and well, as represented by established artists and up-and-coming talents, many of whom had the chance to make their mark from July 12 to 26. The success is due in part to the enthusiastic response of the many Montrealers and tourists who participated in the Festival's 250 different shows and 1,600 performances, 500 of which were offered for free, including last Wednesday's memorable performance by Rock et Belles Oreilles, the Beatles of Quebec humour, to a record number of adoring fans. This extra large success translated into significant ticket sales and increased traffic on the Place des Festivals site. "Our team worked very hard to offer exceptional programming and the public showed up, which we never take for granted from one year to the next. After 32 years, I am still amazed to see how humour renews itself, reflects how our society evolves, makes people laugh, but also moves them," said Festival founder and president Gilbert Rozon. Just For Laughs goes big!  The Biggest Names In Comedy came and conquered at the 32nd edition of the Just For Laughs comedy festival. Highlights included two unforgettable performances by comedy legend Don Rickles and Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity gala, which sold out almost instantly and featured a surprise appearance by Canadiens hockey player PK Subban. Andy Samberg and Chevy Chase thrilled many generations of Saturday Night Live fans, and top comic Bill Burr felt Montreal 's love despite being a Boston Bruins fan. American Comedy Award winner Jim Gaffigan turned his gala into a family affair when his children introduced him; festival favourite Gabriel Iglesias made his debut as a gala host; and the internationally renowned Russell Peters returned with two sold out galas. This year's ComedyPRO Conference celebrated winners Andy Samberg (Comedy Person of the Year), Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg (Comedy Directors of the Year), Bill Burr (Stand-Up Comedian of the Year) and Nathan Fielder (Breakout Comedy Star of the Year) among others, and Jim Norton delivered a brilliant Keynote Address. The expanded Club Show series was once again a smash hit, as were back-to-back sold out shows by Aziz Ansari and performances by comedic heavy hitters like Lewis Black, Tommy Tiernan, Mike Birbiglia, Ron White and Kathleen Madigan, all of whom lent their talents to a hugely successful festival again this year.   Additional added performances for Cyrano  Another success, due in part to the exceptional work of the actors led by Patrice Robitaille and to production by Serge Denoncourt, the 2014 version of this classic brought together Juste pour rire and the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde. The result? An exceptional theatrical experience. So much so in fact that five additional performances on August 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 were announced this morning!    French Galas that turn heads   Presented every evening at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm , the six Videotron Juste pour rire Galas partied to the theme of "Poking fun at Quebecers." The opening Gala, Les Épais, was appropriately entrusted to Laurent Paquin, who started the show by making some heads roll. It was followed by Politiciens, hosted by the platinum voices of Quebec humourists André-Philippe Gagnon and Pierre Verville, and was in turn followed by Les anglos, featuring the not-so subtle Mike Ward and his guests. Les Rejets was entrusted to the compassionate François Bellefeuille, who was right on target in the same way that dangerous duo Maxim Martin and Anaïs Favron were in Le Sexe oppose. It was all rounded out by Vedettes, masterfully hosted by Charles Lafortune.  The challenge was as funny as it was enormous, with no less than 19 brilliant performances presented to packed houses and thrilled audiences. In excess of 80% of seats were sold, totalling more than 40,000 spectators. More than 120 artists went on stage to present 66 numbers, including 58 exclusive ones of which 88% were original work, presented as premiers. Flowers for Latulippe  Hosted by Stéphane Bureau, it brought some 30 artists to the stage to pay tribute to Gilles Latulippe and recognized the extraordinary contribution of this exceptional contributor to humour in Quebec Sister Act: The sisters are celebrating until August 2!  The famous stage adaptation based on the musical film once again gave Denis Filiatrault the opportunity to produce a perfectly paced piece. The 33 performances were enthusiastically received by audiences, as evidenced by the 45,000 tickets sold to date and 85% full houses. The actors, singers and musicians, supported by 22 scene changes, 100 costumes and 38 musical selections, will continue to make Montréal and the Théâtre St-Denis groove until Saturday, August 2.   Ma première fois, but definitely not the last!  Presented at the Monument-National, the play Ma première fois (My First Time) was also a popular success with a total of 7,500 tickets sold to date. The show, whose four supplementary performances will be presented in September, is being prepared to go on tour in Quebec this fall. Record Trouvailles!   The series Les Trouvailles de Victor presented by Sirius XM also became a popular favourite, with a record number of 12,000 tickets sold. Festival goers discovered a new generation of Franco-European comedians with memorable performances by Fabrice Éboué ( France ), Nawel Madani ( Belgium ) and Brigitte Rosset ( Switzerland ).  Le Mondial des Jeux Loto-Québec!   Young and old alike had a blast discovering all types of games thanks to the varied and entertaining program of the first Mondial des Jeux Loto-Québec. LaZone de Jeux vidéo was an undisputed success and the Bar à Jeux attracted both novice and experienced board game players. Le Boulvard des Jeux, on Maisonneuve, was crowded thanks to the various activities on offer. Several partners joined this Just For Laughs newbie, which was incredibly successful for its first edition, including Loto-Québec, Ubisoft, EA sports, Warner Bros, Eidos, Hibernum, Square Enix, Car2Go , Céréales Edge and many others. HaHaHaïti   The second edition of this initiative, which uses comedy to create connections between Quebec and Haiti , was an incredible success and was totally sold out. This hilarious exchange between comedians from hot and cold climates also provided an opportunity to donate money from profits to the École nationale de l'humour in order to finance a project offer training in comedy in Haiti Dieu Merci 3   It was a third successful year for this event, which combines improv, humour and audience participation. Spectators are asked to choose skits that artists and host comics have to perform on the spot without knowing anything about their roles beforehand. The formula has become so popular that an 80-date tour is scheduled to begin in mid-September.   Outside shows take over the street!   The Festival's exterior programming, which enjoyed almost perfect weather conditions, was also in on the party! More than 500 free shows were presented, primarily on the Scène Vidéotron, and enjoyed by more than one million festival goers! We just have to think of the shows by MC Gilles, La Bottine Souriante, P-A Méthot, Peter MacLeod and Patrick Groulx. Fuelled by humour, laughs and fun, the Place des Festivals was also host to several tens of thousands of enchanted spectators thanks to Cirque Éloize's three-night presentation on the Scène Vidéotron of Un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, a magical tribute to Olivier Guimond created exclusively for the Festival!   One of the highlights of 2014's Festival was the triumphant return to the stage, after a 20-year absence, of the mythic RBO, much to the delight of fans of all generations. An important new happening this year, the Melting Pot, on the Place des Arts esplanade, offered food trucks, burlesque, humour and magic shows in addition to international DJs who attracted thousands of night owls.   Festival of numbers    From July 12 to 26, the Festival brought together 2,830 artists and artisans from 20 countries, including 500 Francophone and Anglophone comedians who presented more than 250 shows in 24 venues in the Quartier des spectacles, for a total of 1,600 performances, including 500 that were free, during the 15 days of festivities. The budget for the 2014 edition was $31 million.   The year 2014 saw incredible growth in the number of our Facebook fans, now 1.2 million, or more than 49% more than in 2013. Our Twitter followers increased by an impressive 43%, up to more than 114,000 people. The website broke the 800,000 visit level in July alone, including 400,000 visits via mobile devices and tablets, generating a total of 2.1 million pages viewed. To date, the ensemble of Just pour rire productions has achieved more than two billion views on YouTube.    And Zoofest?   Simple: the event broke all its own records! Fourteen venues welcomed close to 130 different shows, confirming Zoofest's place in the major events of summer in Montréal. The results of the 2014 edition will be released August 3, but the wildest event of the summer is already headed for success, from both a ticket and package sales point of view as well as the economic benefits generated. Amazing!  Le Festival Juste pour rire presented by Vidéotron in collaboration with Loto-Québec would like to thank its public partners: le gouvernement du Québec, the Government of Canada , la Ville de Montréal and Tourisme Montréal. We are proud members of Montréal Festimania. Need more information? Contact  Jean-David Pelletier   Publicist   514-222-1276

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If Only I Could Sleep

How Do You Become a Survivor and A Leader of Change?

Special to The Montreal Tribune - By Stephanie Henry  Why is it so important to share your life's history no matter how painful it may be ...because YOU may actually be saving another human being from being caught in the depths of despair and spiraling down to a place that they can't recover.  I say, you can and can tell you why. As I watch my book, my story, "If Only I Could Sleep" take on a life of its own I've witnessed many things in others. Such as the times I'm sitting with pen in hand to sign either one book or hundreds. People either slowly walk to the table I'm perched at or they race towards me with such intensity I can't even catch my own breath. The longing is visible as each person has to share with me their experiences that parallel my story or express their disbelief that abuse such as this actually happens in our world. As the conversations go on and we talk about the effect the book has had on them or how they must get it to another person that "has to have this book", I see one very impactful thing happen every time. A change occurs; a real metamorphosis in their faces. I see it in their eyes as the words and emotions flow from them. The tears fall as if the words are leaves that have fallen from the branches of their past and into a stream of tears that wash away their secrets, fears, and pain until the physical appearance of peace takes over. It's a beautiful sight to see. The lines on the hundreds of faces I've seen lighten, and their eyes seem brighter. Arms become uncrossed, the barrier they've built out of desperation and mere self-protection drops, and they feel safe. Safe to share. Love surfaces and I am the lucky recipient of it in that moment in time. The trade-off is that some people are extremely angry at me for telling the truth, for bringing light into the dark places of my past with rape, family molestation, drug, alcohol abuse, anorexia, bulimia and becoming a stripper to make ends meet.  Dealing with the ridicule as my story unfolds without filter is fine because of the self worth I've gained by its telling. Although there are those uncomfortable with its reality, the people that find their own peace far outweigh those I've disappointed. Plus, what's disappointment really anyway? The fact that we've not fulfilled the expectations of others? So the essence of why I wrote my story is this...
A wonderful, freeing peace of mind washes away my pain at the same time. It releases me from the bondage of the past and opens up a space for me to give more love. To remind others that their value as a person doesn't decrease just because we've had those in our lives that don't have the ability to see our worth and value who we are. Wrapping my arms around the many who've shared their own stories fills my soul with more commitment to the future of a journey that only began as I gave the world the first three hundred plus pages of my life. I am reassured that I now know how to keep myself safe. I have the right to happiness and love, to finally feel calm inside, and find rest and sleep. Please don't be afraid to speak out or look for help. If Only I Could Sleep can be purchased for only $.99 for a limited time on,

Immersive Books Striking the Perfect Technology-Reading Experience

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Toronto , ON During the 1990s developers had high hopes that virtual reality gaming would become the next big thing. But the cumbersome nature of the technology, coupled with how time-consuming gamesmanship could be and its cost, found many of the ideas being shelved. But now, in the age of social media and smart phones, immersion technology is fast becoming a hot topic once again, with operational platforms being literally, in everyone’s back pocket. And that increased accessibility has horror author Oldrich Stibor excited for the future of story-telling and reading as we know it. Transmedia fiction—multi-platform storytelling where extra content is provided via digital platforms—by its very nature, is not well-suited for every genre. But for Stibor, who is also a film-maker, there is little question that horror and suspense stories are rife for a transmedia approach. The entire reason we read scary novels, is to fulfil a deep-seeded psychological need for the emotional reaction fear provides. What stands out from Stibor’s approach to immersive fiction, however, is that his product isn’t designed to replace books, but to enhance the experience of reading them. “I think the mistake other writers and developers—like those creating iPad-only projects—have made is in creating something that demands real-time commitment, making it into a game and requires too much work of the readers to participate in the journey. All those bells and whistles unfortunately often come at the expense of the writing,” Oldrich explains. It’s why for their first project, Red Right Hand Productions made sure that they prioritized quality story-telling before approaching the companion app development. The result is the stand-alone The Black Chronicle, which details the manhunt for a notorious serial killer known as “Mister.” Stibor then enlisted the talents of horror veterans, actors Melantha Blackthorne and Emmy winner, Bill Oberst Jr., and acclaimed director Tricia Lee to create the extra content that readers will then have access to. “In order for immersive fiction to be effective, you can’t skimp on the details—the elements you include simply have to be as close to real-life experiences as possible. To accomplish this Red Right Hand's companion app rolls out content to the reader as they progress through the story, such as videos created by the killer, crime scene photos, police reports and even phone calls directly from Mister himself. Eventually pulling the reader into the story until they themselves become another character in it.” Oldrich Stibor  and his company are currently testing the application in Android form and are seeking a publisher to bring the concept to the market. To test the application and learn more about Red Right Hand Co. visit!creative/c1on7  Facebook:

A Powerful Resource To Help Create A College-Bound Culture Among America's Youth

Special to The Montreal Tribune - Berkeley
, CA , June  2014 – Monica Betson-Montgomery knows exactly what it takes to give kids a competitive 'edge' when preparing them for college – during her career she has personally read and scored more than 20,000 freshman applications for the University of California at Berkeley !  Combining her vast experience and knowledge, Montgomery came up with a comprehensive, successful strategy for better preparing children to be competitive college applicants. The Keys to College: A Road Map for Parents to Guide Their Children (MM & Associates) by Monica Betson-Montgomery is a resourceful handbook that demystifies the steps needed to prepare parents and their children for college. Written in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand style, this book is a must-read for parents wanting to effectively navigate their way through their student's educational career, from grade school through high school - and beyond!   Packed with concise and accurate information, it offers powerful tools for any parent dedicated to the ongoing education of their student. Chapters include topics such as, Reaching Out for Help, Establishing Good Study Habits, College Pre-Requisites & Recommended Subjects, Different Types of Colleges and, of special interest to many, a chapter on Financing College . Also, in a chapter titled Sample Student Profiles, the author not only gives essay examples but goes on to analyze the essay's that include assessments. Her examples and explanations are well thought out and easy to follow and the assessments are extremely enlightening. The author has simplified what can often be a complex process by providing a step-by-step road map that lays the groundwork for parents to prepare and execute a plan that will give their child an advantage in this very competitive educational environment.   About the author: Monica Betson Montgomery completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of California , Berkeley , and later completed her MBA at St. Mary's College of Moraga . The Keys to College is her second book. Her first work, You Too Can Prepare Your Child for College, was inspired by the ongoing need to increase parent awareness of the education process and the importance of their role therein.  She also subsequently designed a series of interactive workshops for parents and students that complement the book. Monica and her husband commit a great deal of time and resources to impoverished communities to help ensure that information and opportunities are provided where the need is greatest. For more information, please visit: Available at  The Keys to College: A Road Map for Parents to Guide Their Children Paperback: 88 pages  Publisher: MM & Associates   Language: English and Spanish   ISBN-10: 0692004823   ISBN-13: 978-0692004821

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   Six seconds 'can transform health'

Short six-second bursts of vigorous exercise have the potential to transform the health of elderly people, say researchers.

Elderly man and bike

Short six-second bursts of vigorous exercise have the potential to transform the health of elderly people, say researchers in Scotland .

A pilot study involving 12 pensioners showed going all-out in very short bursts, reduced blood pressure and improved general fitness over time. The team at Abertay University believe it could help avert the "astronomical" costs of ill health in elderly people. Experts said the study emphasized the benefits of exercise at any age. High Intensity Training (HIT) has attracted a lot of attention for promising some of the same benefits as conventional exercise but in a much shorter time. Instead of a comfortable half-hour jog or a few miles on the bike, HIT involves pushing yourself to your limits for a short period of time. The team in Scotland say they were conducting the first trials in older people. 'Fit in three minutes' claim tested   Exercise guidelines 'hard to meet'  Also read additional medical reports:  'Nerve centre for appetite control'   Scientists have found a key cluster of nerve cells that can stop food consumption, according to research in mice.  Experts reveal 'fat gene' role   'Appetite control could be rewired'   Fist bumps 'cleaner than handshakes'   Scientists at Aberystwyth University in Wales have shown that more bacteria are transferred by shaking hands, than by fist-bumping or high-fiving.

Quarantine over China plague death     'Large gene find in schizophrenia'   US HIV infection rate drops a third     Aids researchers on crashed plane    'Biological pacemaker' tested in lab    McGill doctors find new method to treat blindness     A third of Alzheimer's 'preventable'    Gay men urged to take HIV drugs    Scientists probe 'sex addict' brains  HIV re-emerges in 'cured' US girl   Cooling babies 'halts brain damage'   TB in children 'much more common'   'Major step' towards Alzheimer's test  African states agree Ebola strategy     'Human corneas re-grown in mice'  WHO calls emergency Ebola meeting  'Malaria leads to body odour change'   Older sperm donors 'just as good'   'Drastic action' needed on Ebola  Jab 'protects mice against tumours'    Polio virus sample found in Brazil  'Sugar tax' call for child obesity  Sunbathing 'may be addictive'   Dementia progress 'achingly slow'     G8 pledges to beat dementia scourge   World dementia cases 'set to treble'    Suicide alert 'may have backfired'      Diabetes gene 'raises risk tenfold'   Two meals a day 'can treat diabetes'   Greenland profile   Bird flu 'danger zones' mapped     Aspirin 'not best to stop strokes'    Seven die in Monrovia Ebola outbreak    I caught Ebola in Guinea and survived   'I lost 10 relatives to Ebola'  'Diseased meat could go undetected'    The new regulations,. Halal labelling plan rejected by MPs   PM 'won't intervene on meat labels'  Horsemeat scandal: Lingering impact     Washing chicken 'spreads infection'   EU may define obesity as disability  Sunscreen 'not complete protection'   Don't extend statin use, say doctors  Red meat 'linked to breast cancer'  Call to decriminalise W Africa drugs   Concern over phone 'sperm threat'   Patient sings through throat surgery  Recession 'led to 10,000 suicides'     Sunscreen 'not complete protection'      'Tomato in a pill' for heart disease  Activity aids breast cancer survival   Sleep's memory role discovered   Ebola death toll hits 208 in Guinea  Saudi Arabia raises Mers virus toll   Q&A: Mers - the new coronavirus   US confirms first case of Mers virus Also read additional medical report:  'Millions denied end-of-life drugs'   Lack of access to pain relief around the world is a "public health emergency" as millions of dying patients endure

Staff leave Sierra Leone over Ebola   Being bilingual 'slows brain ageing'    Annals of Neurology.   Smoking and cancer gene 'deadly mix'    Babies can learn to love vegetables   Is mindless eating the way to get children to eat their greens?     The power of cooking skills

Heat maps' find cervical cancer   First H5N1 death in North America  Canadian health officials confirm the first known fatal case of the H5N1 avian flu strain in North America - a patient in Alberta .   Should you worry about bird flu?   H5N1 human pandemic 'possible'   Bacteria linked to premature birth    A major cause of premature births - where waters break too soon, triggering labour - may be caused by specific bacteria, according to research.   Asthma link to premature births   One in 10 babies born premature  

Montreal Heart Institute hits milestone with new surgical technique  (VIDEO) Vitamin E 'beneficial' in dementia New genetic clues for arthritis Youth-drug can 'reverse' ageing  Global cancer cases reach 14 million   Pakistan polio attacks - three dead   Blast targets polio workersWatch   The price of polio prevention   Polio workers speak out  

Shark antibodies 'may target breast cancer'  Sperm test hope for infertile men  Clue to male infertility found  Also read Concussion damage 'lasts months'   The damage caused by concussion can be detected months after the injury and long after patients feel like they have recovered, brain scans show.  And,  Nobel Prize winner Sanger dies at 95   Frederick Sanger, the British biochemist who twice won the Nobel Prize, has died at the age of 95.   His work was 'outstanding'  Autism detectable 'in first months' HIV antibodies 'have potent impact'    'My son disabled by rare disease'   Lorenzo's Oil boy is dead at 30  Lorenzo's oil: The full story  Lorenzo's Oil boy is dead at 30   Lorenzo's oil: The full story Syria: Polio epidemic fears grow  NEW  WHO warns of Syria disease threat   Children suffering in SyriaListen   Syria unrest 'wrecks health system'   History of polio  Daily aspirin 'risky' for healthy NEW . Daily aspirin 'can stop cancers'  Routine aspirin 'may cause harm'   Daily aspirin 'cuts cancer deaths'Watch  Also read:  Saturated fat heart disease 'myth'   New blood fat heart disease link   What causes coronary heart disease?BBC SCIENCE TB challenge over 'missing' millions. 'Urgent action' needed on child TB   'Visionary' leadership needed on TB   Also read:  Saturated fat heart disease 'myth'   New blood fat heart disease link   What causes coronary heart disease?BBC SCIENCE    Black women get 'worse' breast cancer   Walking 'cuts breast cancer risk'   Breast cancer risk up for UK Asians

The Art of Solace - Fifteen Tips for Pushing through the Discomfort and Truly Connecting with a Chronically Ill Person
Few of us know how to act around a very sick person. And yet, what we say (and don’t say) makes a huge impact. Here are some practical skills for caregivers, family members, and anyone else who wants to make a meaningful difference in a very difficult time. By Walter St. John, Ed.D. 

Medical Words - Explained -  Do you want to know what those medical terms means at all? Like, E. coli infection   Ankylosing spondylitis   Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder   Hepatitis B or C    Schizophrenia   Click the above link and you shall find out. Keep this vital info into your note book, so,  from time to time you’d know what medical science people are a talking about. The listing is from A to Z. Check it out now! (cdb)

Milestone in medical human 'cloning'?

What's a stroke?   Stem cell stroke therapy assessed   Click here for the latest news on stroke Soy may benefit stroke patients Helping stroke patients to speak    Music 'can aid stroke recovery'  Stroke risk peaks every 12 hours   Heart drug may help threat stroke   Stroke struggle: 'They said I would never become a doctor'   Stroke patients to test sensors   What's Killing Canadians?   What's the "Marburg" Virus?  More disease cures check archives   Magnetic field 'aids coma victim'  Institute of Food Research British Nutrition Foundation   Mind power moves paralyzed limbs  Surfing the web is good for your brain   Fatty acids clue to Alzheimer's Western diet 'raises heart risk'    Drug may reverse MS brain damage  'One-stop' embryo test unveiled  Purple tomato 'may boost health'   Lithium tested for impact on Motor Neurone Disease  What is motor neurone disease?    Cancer genetic blueprint revealed    

The Seven Medical Beliefs that's not true  Medical myths 'debunked'   Survey shows contraception myths    TV ad 'busts heart attack myth'    'Medical myths' exposed as untrue Drink at least eight glasses of water a day     We use only 10% of our brains    Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death    Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight    Shaving causes hair to grow back faster or coarser    Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals    Eating turkey makes people especially drowsy.

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Roadshow Van Dyck fails to sell

A painting revealed to be a Van Dyck portrait on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow fails to sell at auction in London .

Van Dyck portrait

A painting revealed to be a Van Dyck portrait on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow has failed to sell at auction.

The portrait had been expected to fetch up to £500,000 at the Christie's sale. The Old Master painting was bought by Derbyshire priest, Father Jamie MacLeod, from an antiques shop in Cheshire for £400 in 1992. It was identified as a Van Dyck after Roadshow presenter Fiona Bruce spotted it during filming and thought it might be genuine. Bruce, who was making a program about the artist at the time, asked expert Phillip Mould to examine the artwork during an episode of the Antiques Roadshow, which was screened last December. £500,000 likely for TV Van Dyck find   Bruce hunch reveals genuine Van Dyck

US gives Venezuela stolen Matisse

A painting by the French artist Henri Matisse, stolen more than a decade ago, is handed back to Venezuela by the United States .

Matisse's Odalisque in Red Pants

A painting by the French artist Henri Matisse, stolen more than a decade ago, has been handed back to the Venezuelan authorities by US officials. The painting, Odalisque in Red Pants, was recovered in Miami Beach in an undercover operation two years ago. An American and a Mexican citizen were both arrested and convicted of theft. The painting, which used to be on display in a museum in Caracas , was replaced by a fake but the switch took years to discover. It was exchanged for a bad copy sometime between 1999 and 2002 but it was not until 2003 that officials at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas realized what had happened. The original was found by US undercover agents in a hotel room in Miami .   50 stolen art pieces are recovered  Owner hopes to keep stolen paintings   Stolen art recovered in Italy

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring: Who was she?

As Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring returns home to The Hague , Alastair Sooke delves into the story of the mysterious painting – and its enigmatic creator.

(Mauritshuis, The Hague)

(Mauritshuis, The Hague )

Swivelling to her left, she glances suddenly in our direction, her soft face as luminous as the moon in the night sky. She wears a voluptuous blue and yellow turban on her head, while an improbably plump pearl hangs from her earlobe. A speck of bright moisture adorns the corner of her mouth, which is open as though she is about to speak. Her words, though, remain a mystery. Seductive yet silent, this exquisite nameless creature is known simply as the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’. The inspiration for a bestselling historical novel by Tracy Chevalier, which in turn was adapted into a 2003 film starring Scarlett Johansson, she was painted around 1665 by Johannes Vermeer, one of the masters of the art of the Dutch Golden Age. For the past two years, Vermeer’s masterpiece has been travelling the world, visiting Tokyo , Kobe , San Francisco , New York , Atlanta and Bologna as part of a touring exhibition showcasing the holdings of the Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery in The Hague , where the picture has been part of the permanent collection since 1903. The occasion for this exhibition was the €30m ($41m) renovation of the Mauritshuis, which boasts one of the finest collections of Dutch paintings anywhere in the world and has recently reopened to the public.

Monet's Water Lilies sells for £32m

A 1906 Claude Monet water lilies painting, Nympheas, has sold for £31.7m in London , the second highest price ever paid for the artist at an auction.

1906 Claude Monet water lilies painting, Nympheas

Why this painting sold for £32m Watch  

Claude Monet's water lilies painting, Nympheas, is among his "greatest achievements"   Inspired by the lily pond in Monet's garden at Giverny in France , the painting was the top lot at Sotheby's sale of modern and impressionist works. It totalled just under £122m, including £15.2m for Piet Mondrian's 1927 Composition with Red, Blue and Grey. Sotheby's said it proved collectors are still keen to acquire "trophy art". Paintings by Sisley, Picasso, Manet and Kandinsky were also among the 46 works, with only four pieces failing to find buyers as many sold close to the top end of the pre-auction estimates and sometimes above. "The Nympheas selling for such a huge sum is again a reflection that this is still a market that is driven by trophies, that the great works by the major masters are still really sought after," said Philip Hook from Sotheby's. The auction house said the bidding for the Monet work attracted buyers from Asia and all over the world and went on for 10 minutes, going up in £250,000 increments in its final stages. It said the painting, from the "most iconic and celebrated of Monet's painting series, can be counted among the artist's greatest achievements". It once belonged to Paul Durand-Ruel, the legendary art dealer who championed the Impressionists and represented Monet. The same work had been offered for auction in 2010 but failed to reach its reserve price. Sotheby's said this time it had carried a more "realistic" estimate of £20m to £30m.  Mondrian's Liverpool studio Watch

  Forger jailed for bogus paintings   Munch's The Scream sold for $120 million

Germany to release confiscated art   -   Owner gives up on 'Chagall' painting    Stolen Rembrandt found 15 years on

Matisse's Femme Assise  Chagall Painting  Rembrandt's painting Child with a Soap Bubble

A 17th Century painting by Dutch master Rembrandt is recovered in France , 15 years after it was stolen. - The painting measures 60cm by 49cm and was said to be in a good condition

A 17th Century painting by Dutch master Rembrandt has been recovered in France , 15 years after it was stolen. L'enfant a la bulle de savon (Child with soap bubble), valued at 3.2m euros (£2.7m), was taken from a museum in the southern city of Draguignan in 1999. Two men were arrested in Nice on Tuesday, according to the Agence France Presse (AFP) news agency. Police said they received information that a transaction was due to take place in a hotel the following day. The men, aged 46 and 53, one of whom was described as a former insurer, appeared in court in Nice on Thursday, AFP said. They were reported to be known to police for previous petty crimes. Police are still looking for other suspects.

Anyone looking for these paintings?

  Madame Leon Clapisson, 1883

Monet and Picasso among art theft    Scientists recapture Renoir's reds

Paintings by artists including Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Gauguin and Freud have been stolen from a museum in Rotterdam . Police in the Netherlands said the works were taken from the Kunsthal Museum early on Tuesday morning. The museum is showing works from the Triton Foundation as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The paintings include Monet's Waterloo Bridge , Picasso's Tete d'Arlequin, Matisse's La Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune and Freud's Woman with Eyes Closed.  Monet water lilies sells for $43 million    Monet artwork bequeathed by reclusive heiress  "Madame Leon Clapisson": The visualization (right) is produced using advanced image processing software - Conservation scientists in Chicago produce a stunning visualization of how they think a Renoir painting might have looked before its colors faded. Researchers in Chicago have produced a visualization of how they think a Renoir could have looked before its colors faded. The picture of Madame Valentine Clapisson was painted by the great French Impressionist more than 130 years ago. The original's impact has been degraded and dulled by the action of light. But by using the latest analytical tools, conservators have been able to recover a sense of Renoir's rich reds."When we first brought this picture into the conservation studio for examination and removed the frame, we noticed that at the top and at the left-hand side there was a sliver of very intense colour," recalls Dr Francesca Casadio from The Art Institute of Chicago. "This tipped us off to the fact that the mood of this painting that is now pretty cool and restrained with light purples and blues was once far more vibrant," she told BBC News.

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