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US runs the show in Ukraine - Russia NEW

Russia 's foreign minister accuses the US of "running the show" in Ukraine , influencing Kiev 's anti-terror operations in the east.

Pro-Russia activists hold a Russian flag as they picket in front of pro-Ukraine supporters (unseen) holding a rally in the center of the eastern city of Donetsk on April 22,

The US is "running the show" in Ukraine , Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said.

Mr Lavrov told Russia Today it was "quite telling" that Kiev had re-launched its anti-terror operation against pro-Russian gunmen during a visit by US Vice-President Joe Biden. Kiev and the West say Moscow commands the gunmen - claims denied by Russia . In the past month, pro-Russian militants have overrun several cities in the eastern Donetsk region. They have occupied public buildings and installed their own officials, in similar tactics to those used to take over the Ukrainian region of Crimea earlier in the year. The US had earlier demanded that Moscow must publicly call for pro-Russian gunmen to lay down their weapons and leave public buildings. The US also urged Russia to tone down its aggressive rhetoric or face further sanctions. However, Mr Lavrov accused the US of meddling in the Ukraine crisis. "There is no reason not to believe that the Americans are running the show," he said. He also told Russia Today that Moscow would respond in line with international law if "the interests of Russians have been attacked directly". 'We just want to live normally'Watch   Politician 'found tortured'Watch   'Uncontrolled sorrow' in SlovianskWatch  Crisis timeline    High stakes in the east   What the 'Russian soldier' photos say   Divided Ukraine   Russian media tactics under scrutiny

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Obama pledges Japan islands support

US President Barack Obama tells Japan that islands it disputes with China are covered by a bilateral defence treaty, as he begins an Asian tour.

U.S. President Barack Obama waves as he walks toward Marine One while departing the White House in Washington DC on 22 April 2014

US President Barack Obama has assured Japan that islands at the centre of its territorial dispute with China are covered by a bilateral defense treaty. In an interview ahead of his Asian tour, Mr Obama said the US would oppose any attempt to undermine Japan 's control over the islands. US officials have made such comments in the past, but this is the first time Mr Obama has given such explicit support. He arrived in Japan on Wednesday ahead of stops in three other Asian nations. Mr Obama is not going to Beijing , but relations with China are expected to dominate his meetings with regional leaders.The trip was an opportunity to reinforce the importance the US placed on Asia , former US Assistant Secretary of State PJ Crowley told the BBC. "Many traditional allies... [also] value a strong US presence in the region to balance against an assertive China ," he said. The visit comes amid a "period of very significant tension among American allies, and between American allies and China ", he added. 'Clear position'  Mr Obama's trip - from 23-29 April - comes nearly seven months after he cancelled a visit to the region due to a government shutdown.  China 'the elephant in the room'    Obama, Abe and a high-stakes deal   What's at stake with the TPP?   Seven decades of bitterness

More held in S Korea ferry disaster

Authorities in South Korea arrest four more crew members from the ferry that sank last week and raid the offices of companies linked to its owners.

South Korean divers take part in recovery operations at the site of the sunken ferry off the coast of the island of Jindo - 23 April 2014

The South Korean authorities have arrested four more crew members from the ferry that sank last week, bringing the total number detained to 11. Police have also raided offices of companies linked to the ferry's owners. Search teams are continuing to recover bodies from the submerged hull of the passenger ferry. One survivor has described taking the agonising decision to save himself as the ship capsized and water washed away students he was trying to rescue. The number of people known to have died in the accident has reached 150, with another 152 still missing, most of them teenage children from a single school in Ansan, outside the capital Seoul . An emotional memorial service took place near the school on Wednesday, with friends and family members laying flowers in front of photographs of some of those who died. The government is under strong public pressure to find out why the ferry capsized. Twenty-two of the 29 members of the ferry's crew survived and prosecutors say the 11 arrested were on the bridge when the ship listed and sank within two hours of distress signals being sent. 'I tried to save people'Watch   In pictures: Divers search ferry   More ferry victims recoveredWatch   Robot deployed in searchWatch

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 Pakistan TV station in shooting row

Pakistan 's biggest news channel should be shut for airing claims the country's spies were behind an attack on a TV presenter, the defence ministry says.

Pakistani journalists shout slogans during a protest against an attack on television anchor Hamid Mir in Karachi on April 21, 2014.

News of Hamid Mir's shooting has shocked journalists and other Pakistanis

Pakistan 's biggest news channel Geo TV should be shut for airing accusations that the country's spies were behind an attack on its most prominent presenter, the defense ministry has demanded. The regulator is considering the request, which comes amid army tensions with the civilian government. Hamid Mir was shot while being driven in the southern city of Karachi on Saturday. He is stable in hospital. Pakistan is one of the word's most dangerous countries for journalists.  Mr Mir, who was the first journalist to interview Osama bin Laden after 9/11 and is one of Pakistan 's best-known presenters, survived an attack by the Taliban in 2012.  He was hit six times in the abdomen and legs after his car was fired on by men on motorbikes as he was leaving Karachi airport.  It remains unclear who fired the shots and no group has said it carried out the attack.

Pakistan values its relations with Russia : President

ISLAMABAD : Zaheer A. Janjua, Pakistan ’s ambassador-designate to Russia on Tuesday called on President Mamnoon Hussain at the Aiwan-e-Sadr. The President while felicitating the Ambassador-designate on his new responsibilities said that Pakistan values its relations with Russia and urged the newly appointed ambassador to focus on further cementing Pakistan ’s bilateral relations with Russia . He said that Pakistan and Russia were important players in the region and therefore the two countries needed to further consolidate their relations and enhance mutual cooperation for peace, prosperity and stability of the region. The President also urged the Ambassador-designate to especially focus on enhancing trade ties of the country with the host country as the current volume of bilateral trade does not commensurate with the trade potential existing between the two countries. Zaheer A. Janjua, Ambassador designate thanked the President for reposing confidence in him and assured that he would concentrate on augmenting Pakistan ’s bilateral ties with Russia with particular focus on enhancing trade, business and economic ties. Read more reports 

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New Saints from Quebec?

    Lucien Bouchard2.jpg Jacques Parizeau1.jpg   Robert Bourassa01.jpg  Bernard Landry2-.jpg

Hey did you hear? We have  two new Saints from Quebec, no, it's not  Lucien Bouchard or Jacques Parizeau nor  René Lévesque or Robert Bourassa and  definitely not Bernard Landry (above pictures are in order from left to right) but here check it out! Pope Francis elevates 2 Quebecers to sainthood Note: All are but a waste except for The Great Rene Levesque, he should have been sainted a long time ago by the Separatists as the real Quebecois who inspired equality for all. Later, more about these nationalists or separatists Quebecois political leaders.

The Montreal Tribune and its publishers are not responsible for all contents in this section. All Rights reserved. Copyright 2007 Conrad David Brillantes. All Questions or inquiries submitted are not edited...posted as they are received. Question: Why on earth the Separatist government of  the late Rene Levesque created the language law known as Bill 101? Answer: Actually, Robert Bourassa, Quebec Premier then started the controversial language law (Bill 22) which was duplicated and made it more complicated by government of Levesque. Note that Bill 101 was declared not valid by the Supreme Court of Canada but because of the veto option given to all provinces under the unfinished Canada constitution headed by Brian Mulroney, precipitated when Pierre Trudeau, prime minister of the day brought home the BNA (British North America Act - Canadian Constitution) to Canada, Quebec was able to maintain the law (Bill 101) .

What happens in a US debt default?

Bills, bills, bills: how does the US government pay its debt?

20 dollar bills and hand

By Kim Gittleson BBC business reporter, New York

What is a US debt default?  At its most basic level, a default is when a person or an entity cannot repay a debt on time. For instance, when a person can't make a payment on a mortgage or a car loan. When a country does this, it's known as a sovereign default. This is when the country cannot repay its debt, which typically takes the form of bonds. So if the US were to default, it would essentially stop paying the money it owed US Treasury bond holders. A quick refresher: the US government spends more money than it collects in taxes. So to make up the shortfall, it raises funds by asking investors to buy US Treasury bonds. Investors, such as the Chinese government and pension funds, do this because these bonds are seen as a safe place to invest money. What are the consequences of a US default? No one really knows exactly what would happen, but the likelihood is that markets around the world would plunge and global interest rates would rise. This is because if the US government could not repay the money it owed bondholders, the value of the bonds would decrease. And the yield - the return the government pays to an investor - would rise. This is because it would be perceived as a less safe investment. This would prompt interest rates around the world, which are often tied to those of US Treasuries, to spike. Furthermore, the impact on the US 's creditors could be dire. Japan , for instance, owns about $1.14 trillion of US debt - which is equivalent to 20% of its annual economic output. In the US , Goldman Sachs estimates that $175bn would immediately be withdrawn from the US economy and it could lead to a very deep recession. Top 5 foreign holders of US debt :   Mainland China $1,27 Trillion  *  Japan $1.4 Trillion  *   Caribbean banking centres: Bahamas , Bermuda , Cayman Islands and others $287 Billion  *  Oil exporters: Venezuela , Iran , Iraq , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia and others $257 Billion  *  Brazil $256 Billion  *   SOURCE: US TREASURY     Will the Fed get back to normal?   How bad are US debt levels?   Q&A: What is the debt ceiling?    

Do you agree or you don't agree on the "The consequences of a US default"? Our editor an economist don't agree, saying it instead a clever manipulation on the protection of the dollar, instead of just printing them. Why? Go ask him at

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Bankruptcy may not be the answer

Did you borrow too much money and now cannot afford to pay creditors anymore? There are so many con artists or scammers that will tell you that they can wipe your record clean if you pay them for their service... This is not true... no one can clean your record but yourself. But before filing bankruptcy, check with us... There's nothing to pay (us). Definitely nothing to pay... it's a free service to everyone if you live in Quebec. Contact us for  assistance. All inquiries are strictly  treated confidential. Your name will never be passed around,  Or Check directly with the provincial court if you want to do it yourself by logging on to Quebec Government Justice

Exiled Ukrainian President Leaves Exotic Animal Collection Starving in Lavish Palace Quarters

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization Takes on Ukraine Zoo Rescue and Reorganization
Ukraine , April  2014 -- The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO), whose founder is famous for rescuing animals in war zones, sent inspectors to Kiev on Friday of last week to investigate the condition of fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych's abandoned lavish palace animal collection. While the private zoo quarters were found to be posh in the extreme, the animals will soon perish with no proper food supplies, despite well meaning volunteers knocking on doors begging for scraps to sustain them and locking themselves into the enclosure at night to prevent animal abductions and poaching.  "М;е;жигорье" (Mezhigor'ye), the location of the private zoo which means, between mountains and rivers, is a 343-acre pristine countryside environment which includes manmade lakes, lush grounds, rivers and an 18-hole golf course. It is situated next to the village of Novi Petrivsti , 30km North of Kiev on the shores of the Dnieper River , known by locals as the Kiev Sea . LAEO's inspection found the most threatening problems were security and no means of sustaining the staff, feed and maintenance requirements of such a vast preserve.  The self-appointed curators who also keep makeshift security watches, Mr. Serhiy Hryhoryev an experienced zoo curator and Mr. Bogdan Shvayka a qualified zoologist specializing in birds, are now working with the non-profit organization to cover immediate emergency needs and to construct plans and organize for a more stable future. "Whatever promises have been made by the Kiev government who has taken control of the property, there is no subsistence or information forthcoming with any concrete plans for the fate of these animals, hence LAEO's arrival was a just-in-time miracle," said Mr. Shvayka.   Following in the footsteps of Lawrence Anthony's extraordinary Bagdad Zoo animal rescue mission, at the onset of the Iraq War, an entrepreneurial, animal-loving, bush-war veteran from South Africa , now Ukraine resident, Lionel de Lange, has taken on the task of safeguarding these animals. By quickly forming up a Ukraine LAEO Chapter, De Lange is working with the organization's headquarter executives in South Africa and the United States who have raised enough funds to sustain 8,000 plus Ukrainian zoo animals for approximately a month, so as to buy time to put more permanent solutions in place for the plight of country's zoos. De Lange has also contacted the South African Embassy to gain more support and plans to return to the Mezhigor'ye palace preserve with emergency supplies and reinforcements next week. "Any idea that the Kiev Zoo will take responsibility for palace animal care is simply a rumor," said de Lange. "They and the government are facing their own mammoth problems, and as it stands right now, this is in the hands of well intentioned volunteers who are 100 percent out of feed and struggling to live one day at a time." As qualified zoologists, the curators also fear that any attempt to relocate these animals to smaller, cramped enclosures and cages at the Kiev or other zoos would result in their deaths. LAEO's first rescue target was Ukraine 's 114-year-old Nikolaev Zoo which has survived two World Wars. It currently houses 5,735 animals, including big cats, wolves, bears, bison, fox, monkeys, crocodiles, boas, deer, and a wide variety of birds and fish. Despite the economic woes associated with obtaining appropriate zoo animal feed and supplies it is interesting to note that the Nikolaev Zoo was pressured by the Moscow Zoo to take possession of a female polar bear, named Zefirka, or "Marshmallo" who had been promised to them in negotiations conducted prior to the current strife. The implication was that the animal might be put down if they did not take it. LAEO raised the funds and just delivered two months of medical supplies and several weeks of vet-certified meat to hold them over. De Lange fell in love with the polar bear but is worried about her future health. "Unfortunately, the strict diets of these animals cannot be replaced by food scraps thrown over the fences by well intentioned people," said de Lange. "The animals are getting sick. At the Nikolaev Zoo, these thousands of animals are on the brink. When we first came on the scene, there was only enough food left for the carnivores for two days. We've extended that short-fused timeline with meat supplies to hold them over for a few weeks." After receiving several pleading calls and communications from individuals about the plight of the zoo animals, LAEO's international president Barbara Wiseman was contacted by de Lange, after which time he was appointed director of a newly formed Ukrainian LAEO Chapter dedicated to the zoo crisis. "We want to make sure that not one animal perishes in the present crisis," said Wiseman in an emergency meeting with LAEO staff and volunteers. "For those of you familiar with what Dr. Anthony had to deal with in Baghdad , you know how quickly things can get very bad. In just nine days, before he arrived, that zoo went from 600 animals down to 35. Most died from starvation and dehydration. We are asking you to help us ensure that none of these animals die on our watch." Once obtaining details on the situation from de Lange, who is in direct contact with Ukrainian zoo officials, Wiseman immediately launched a fundraising campaign to supply food for the starved zoos. "This situation underscores the reasons why we submitted our proposed Wildlife in War Zones Resolution to both the UN and the International Criminal Court," said Wiseman. While de Lange cautions against anyone calling the Ukraine a 'war zone' just yet, he is, nevertheless, determined that zoo animals will not perish as a result of political and economic instability. The organization's operating basis in Ukraine will be similar to their other projects consisting of pulling together teams of qualified people capable of addressing a given environmental situation using a concept they call Cooperative Ecology ( a term they coined based on the premise that all life forms are interdependent and engaged upon the same objective, to survive, and are acting in mutual support of this objective for their mutual perpetuation. "Just in the past couple of days since we began getting the word out to our members and supporters, people are beginning to step up and donate to ensure none of these animals unnecessarily suffer or perish," said Wiseman. "We have to cover their immediate needs and get some breathing room here so that we can then help these facilities implement self-sustaining, longer-term solutions that are not wholly government-fund dependent." About Lawrence Anthony ( Lawrence Anthony, an international conservationist, environmentalist, and bestselling author had a reputation for bold conservation initiatives. Dr. Anthony, the only noncombatant allowed into Baghdad in 2003 during the first several weeks of the coalition invasion, made international headlines with his heroic zoo rescue initiative in Baghdad which will soon be the subject of a Hollywood movie based on the book: " Babylon 's Ark ", co-written by Anthony and Graham Spence. Also drawing world-wide notice was Anthony's famous herd of traumatized wild elephants that became intensely loyal to him, and were featured in Anthony's bestselling book: "The Elephant Whisperer". One of the many extraordinary events between Anthony and the elephants recently reported is when the herd walked 12 miles to his Thula Thula game reserve residence after having an uncanny, sixth-sense perception of his unexpected death. The herd appeared and stood outside the perimeter fence mourning his death with the family nearby for several hours and has since returned to the house on its anniversary for the past two years. ( 17 September 1950 - 2 March 2012 ) About Lionel de Lange: De Lange, a 48-year-old retired businessman and successful entrepreneur who relocated to Ukraine found himself in an animal care-giving role after providing food for abandoned stray animals and rescuing a puppy hit by a car outside his home in the city of Nikolaev . De Lange says he did not set out on this course to start an organization, but once finding out more about Lawrence Anthony's conservation work, he decided to take the problem on and help the zoos build something more economically sustainable. *More news, photos, and information on the LAEO Ukraine initiative may be found online, at **For anyone interested in making a donation, they may do so online by going to and selecting project "Zoos in Ukraine " as the project to make a donation to. ***Notice:  Media Contact; Barbara Wiseman, International President, Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) +1 (818) 769-3410 (office) +1 (818) 406-6321 (mobile) 1-858-531-6200 (publicist) Press Kit:

What Happens When You Love Everything About A Man Except For Who He Is?

The Powerful Story Of A Woman's Journey To Triumph

New York , NY , April 2014 – Throughout history there are stories of women falling prey to wealthy and powerful men, so it's refreshing when a woman is empowered to exchange a life of materialism for a life of honesty and play a part in her own destiny. This is exactly what the young widow in Deborah Schwartz's triumphant story, Woman on Top (Laudan Press), does when she goes from vulnerable to empowered to triumphant! After the heartbreaking death of her physician husband, Kate begins a new career as an attorney to support her two young children. When she finally finds the courage to reenter the dating world, she falls prey to Len, a powerful Wall Street banker. Len's wealth and influence become the compelling aphrodisiac that draws Kate into his world of private jets, five-star vacations and Cartier jewelry. It's not long before Len begins to strategically acquire Kate's heart in the same calculated way he lands multibillion-dollar deals - by pouncing on the vulnerable and taking control. Lured by the excitement and glamour she finds on Len's arm, Kate struggles with what he can offer her and her children against what's really important to her – love, respect and honesty. As Kate searches to find what matters most, she sets off on an extraordinary adventure - climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro , the highest mountain in Africa . When she returns, it is with an open heart and a newfound strength that will allow her to be loved by a good man. Inspired by events of her own life, Schwartz's thought-provoking read is passionate and persuasive and tough for readers to put down as they anxiously wait for Kate to leave Len and try to understand why she doesn't. They will relish the moment when Kate eventually feels empowered to take charge of her own destiny. A native New Yorker, Deborah Schwartz graduated from Tufts University and obtained her Masters in History at Columbia University where she wrote a thesis on "Feminism in Eighteenth Century England.” She received her J.D. from Boston University School of Law. Today, Deborah's passion is writing and she incorporated her achievement of having reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2011 into her debut novel. Deborah is most grateful to be the mother of two grown children. For more information, please visit:
Available on Amazon, Woman on Top, Publisher: Laudan Press, ISBN-10: 0985817704, ISBN-13: 978-0985817701  

Top 10 Female Gold Diggers and the list puts Jennifer on top. 

On the heels of the Top 10 names of men who are likely to cheat on you,, a free background check that searches public, criminal, arrest, civil, speeding tickets and more has just released the Top 10 Female Gold Diggers and the list puts Jennifer on top. Identity theft has been on the rise with 1 in 8 searches coming up with a criminal past, and with that comes a rise in 'gold diggers' or women who are just chasing the money, legally or not. pulled data from over 2 million background searches and looked closely at the female names most often searched. What came back was petty crimes such as personal property, vandalism and identity theft. Out of that list, the names that come up most often in the top 10 are Jennifer, Jessica and Michelle, followed by Lisa and Ashley.  Here are the Top 10:  1. Jennifer  2. Jessica  3. Michelle  4. Lisa   5. Ashley  6. Amanda   7. Melissa   8. Stephanie  9. Nicole  10. Angela . So if you are a man dating a woman and are questioning if maybe your girl has a shady past or are a qualified 'gold digger' just after your bank account, here are ways to tell your girl is a Gold Digger or make sure she is not on the 'dirty' list:  1. A sense of entitlement: She thinks she is a princess and has no long-term or short-term goals. Search her first name and last name anonymously on a background search site such as Sites such as that one searches through online public records based on an algorithm and aggregates data across the internet to find what is listed online.  2. Trouble paying their bills: Gold diggers drop hints that they may be evicted or their car might be repossessed when instead they are buying $400 shoes and watches. 3. Age range: The girl is 30 years younger than you but tells you that she is 15 years younger.  4. She neve r pays for anything.  5. She is into expensive and lavish gifts. The girl asks you to pay for nails, hair and lavish trips.  6. They indulge in a pipe dream: She is constantly talking about becoming an actress or a model. The company also earlier released 10 states where background checks are most prevalent. The Top 10 States are as follows:  Arizona    California    Texas    Florida    Illinois    New York   Pennsylvania    Ohio    Michigan    Georgia    Erik Knight, 20 plus year veteran of the online security industry and founder of DirtSearch is available for comment on the above data.

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Question: Is there any chance for Quebec to become a republic? Answer:  Not in this century; the separatists have to work harder for the next one. 50% plus one says so. It’s now the poorest of all the provinces in Canada. More later....JFT

Coming later once article is complete -  On Economics and Politics, It won't get any better in Quebec By Conrad David Brillantes

Highlights from Bill 14   New sovereignist group calls for united front   Quebec sovereignty needs rebranding, says former premier  But, Who’s supporting Richard?   Man charged in Quebec election shooting fit for trial   PQ setting up campaign to promote sovereignty goals

Canada Direct

A look at the nation beyond the headlines from BBC


One Square Mile of Canada

Montreal is a French island in a predominantly English-speaking country

It's known as La Main - "The Main" - and it's the lifeblood of Montreal . For the past three centuries this sweeping avenue, Boulevard St Laurent, has shaped the character of a city in the heart of French-speaking Canada . La Main was once the symbolic dividing line between the city's French and English speaking communities, with the boulevard a soft buffer attracting and absorbing waves of new immigrants. Today, it celebrates a cosmopolitan city with its array of little villages, from the Quartier Chinois, or Chinese quarter, to Little Italy and Portugal , along with strong remnants of an historic Jewish quarter.

What does it mean to be Canadian?

 With Asian trade and support for the monarchy rising, what does Canadian identity mean now?

What the Indians are trying to say, The French came as visitors and now they want the country for themselves?”  So they say "over my dead body" before Quebec becomes a republic. After all, they already killed millions of us since they arrived here. This is not a provocation but just letting them know we are still around and Quebec Nation is not going to happen as long as there are still Indians around. Please send your comments to the editor... MP Maxime Bernier defends language-law quip - Quebecers don't need Bill 101, "Not by imposing [French] and by preventing people from making their own decisions in matters that concern their personal lives."   Quebec militia leader faces death-threat charges Patriotic Militia of Quebec's website   Que. militia worries separatists   Death threats target Quebec English rights group    Letters threaten FLQ attacks in Montreal  Oops! Parti Quebecois are falling apart

How much farther can the Separatist push the envelope to preserve a language that's hard to economically maintain? Aren't we bankrupt yet? Send your comments to

Got a second?

1. Integrity and reliability are the most important quality that a public employee especially that of a politician should maintain otherwise the institution gets corrupted. 2. Poor immigrants are the greatest investment a country like Canada should bring in for they are motivated by dreams that money immigrants already have. We brought (in) lots of those money immigrants in the 80s from Hong Kong and surrounding areas, most settled in BC, did they bring their money to Canada ? No, they fried us with our own oil and most of the locals moved to nearby towns where the cost of living is much lower than where those so called investors settled in. But, where are those people now? They are back where they came from with our passports. Would you want to know more and why? Conrad David Brillantes

What's the difference?

Going overseas? Check this out first! Dangerous travel: Countries to avoid to visit  Or if you need advice before traveling, ask our editor an (experienced) expert on international trade and relation, it's free. Spread it out you never know you could save fellow Canadians. * Private companies and governmental agencies are welcome for seminars on how to behave when visiting countries around the world (*This service is not free)


Canadiens win Game 4, sweep Lightning

Max Pacioretty scored with 43 seconds left in the third period to lift the Montreal Canadiens past the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-3 on Tuesday, sweeping the first-round series in four games.

The Montreal Canadiens swept their way into the second round of the NHL playoffs, but not before the Tampa Bay Lightning made it interesting.

After the Canadiens blew a two-goal lead early in the third period, Max Pacioretty scored on a power play with 43 seconds left to play to lift them to a 4-3 victory and a sweep of their Eastern Conference quarter-final against the Lightning on Tuesday night. "It's a great feeling," said Pacioretty, a 39-goal scorer in the regular season who got his first of the series. "I've been in a bit of a drought since the end of the year. "I've been getting opportunities and missing my chances. But you wait for that bounce and I got it." Montreal won the best-of-seven series 4-0 and now face a long wait for the Eastern Conference semifinal against the winner of the Boston-Detroit series. Pacioretty, who played for the United States at the Sochi Olympics in February, is glad for the rest. "Going to Sochi and not having much time off, I feel this is going to be a good chance for me to get in the weight room and find some strength for round two," he said.  BOXSCORE: Lightning-Canadiens   SERIES PAGE: Canadiens-Lightning

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Richelieu man shot, police looking for suspect    Wharnsby: Canadiens sweep is first since 1993   Canadiens sweep Lightning out of playoffs     Contaminated soil dumped in Verdun waterfront park video   CBC Do Crew helps ActionS enfance get moving    Easter egg hunt in Laval goes horribly wrong    STM buses may now travel on Highway 40 shoulders    Opposition sworn in at National Assembly   Montreal police brace for overzealous Habs fans   Teen Nivatha Balendra discovers oil-eating bacteria strain   Dog found 4,500 km from home reunited with owners   Contaminated soil dumped in Verdun waterfront park   Quebec votes: Philippe Couillard moves forward with majority   Tanker Halit Bey freed after running aground in St. Lawrence   Police cars burned, stores looted in Montreal hockey riot  Undercover video shows 'abuse' of Quebec veal calves

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The Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal presents

Montreal , April 2014 - The Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal presents a lecture meeting with Simon Kreindler Monday, May 12, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the Jewish Public Library, 5151 Côte Ste-Catherine Road , Montreal (Metro Côte Ste-Catherine.) No charge, donation requested. Everyone welcome to attend. For more information visit or call the JGS of Montreal 24-hour Hotline at (514) 484-0969.Simon Kreindler grew up in Barbados , studied medicine in Montreal and since 1971, has practiced psychiatry in Toronto . He has been researching his family’s Galician roots for many years and has been able to trace his paternal and maternal lines back to the late 1700s. In 1995, his serendipi­tous discovery of a first cousin in Winnipeg , previously thought to have been lost along with his entire family in the Shoah, infused his search with new energy. After visiting Czernowitz and his family’s shtetls of Okna, Zablotov, Ilince and Solotwina (in present-day Ukraine ) he embarked on writing a memoir for his children and grandchildren. 

  NEW: Creative Writing Course at the JPL

In Your Own Voice taught by Ami Sands Brodoff

Montreal , April  2014 – Registration is now open for a new two-session creative writing class taught by Ami Sands Brodoff at the Jewish Public Library, 5151 Côte Ste-Catherine Road , Montreal . The sessions will be held on Tuesdays, May 13 and 20 from 10:30 to noon . Cost: $30 for Library members, $40 general.  Enrollment is limited. For information and to register call (514) 345-2627 ext. 3006. Get your creative juices flowing in this writing intensive work­shop with novelist and short story author, Ami Sands Brodoff. Catalysts and springboards will help you find your material. The leader will discuss ele­ments of the craft, such as character building and story shaping.  Ami Sands Brodoff is an award-winning novelist and short story author and experienced creative writing instructor. Her books include The White Space Between, Winner of the Canadian Jewish Book Award for Fiction, Bloodknots, a volume of stories and finalist for the Re-Lit Prize, and Can You See Me? a Pushcart nominee. She has just finished a new novel, In Many Waters.

Once more unto the parks, dear friends, once more!

-- Repercussion Theatre’s Shakespeare-in-the-Park presents Harry the King --

Montreal , April  2014 - With the snow barely melted, it’s a challenge believing that it’s almost time to break out the  picnic baskets and blankets and beat a path to the nearest park for Repercussion Theatre’s annual Shakespeare-in-the-Park festival. From July 3rd to August 2nd, the epic tale of Harry the King, The Famous Victories of Henry V will unfold both in and out of the city. A kingdom for a stage, princes to act, And monarchs to behold the swelling scene!  - Henry V, Act 1, Prologue by William Shakespeare. Harry the King is a hero’s journey, a coming-of-age story. Prince Henry, a.k.a. Harry, is a rebellious youth who takes great pleasure in doing everything a young prince shouldn’t: staging pranks, playing hooky, enjoying the company of ne’er-do-wells and thieves. But when called upon to become king and “pay the debt he never promised”, he rises to the occasion, uniting a country, inspiring a nation, and becoming one of England ’s greatest military kings.  But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger;  Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,  Disguise fair nature with hard-favoured rage; Then lend the eye a terrible aspect. - Henry V, Act III by William Shakespeare - Harry the King is not a newly discovered folio found tucked away in the thatched roof of the Bard’s country cottage. Paul Hopkins, Repercussion’s Artistic Director, has jumped headlong into the breach, in merging William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Parts One and Two and Henry V into one dynamic play focussing specifically on the storyline of Henry V. Hopkins has help shouldering the daunting task in the persons of Karen Oberer, former English professor at both Concordia and McGill Universities, and Paul Yachnin, the Tomlinson Professor of Shakespeare Studies at McGill University. Hopkins captures the overall appeal of the play in a nutshell. “Harry the King has all the elements of a summer blockbuster. From underdog to hero, there’s plenty of lively camaraderie, barroom brawls and intense battles.” For history buffs and those attuned to Shakespearean nuance, Harry the King also hints at the ambivalence of war, leaving the audience to reflect on the blind fervour that draws people into war, despite themselves. 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI, when ire rose and the blood boiled against a perceived common threat. Eager young men and women were stirred into action by ideas of honour, glory and nationalistic pride. With five hundred years separating Harry’s war from WWI, and another hundred between then and today, the similarities are still striking. Hopkins expands saying, “How a nation reacts in a time of crisis, the leaders that emerge, the unnerving way that history repeats itself, these are some of the more subtle themes that Harry the King explores”.  Casting the actors and choosing the design team is currently underway and as always, summer crowds can expect an outstanding mix of seasoned and emerging artists.  More will be revealed as the “band of brothers” forms. Parc Jeanne-Mance is a brand new location added to the various parks in and around the city. The travelling troupe of troubadours will also tour to Huntingdon for the first time, as well as returning to Grand-Métis, the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships . To stay abreast of Shakespeare-in-the-Park activities follow Repercussion Theatre on Facebook at and on Twitter @RepercussionMtl. Please consult the calendar at for complete details concerning all dates and locations.


Hidden-Camera Video Reveals Baby Calves Being Kicked, Beaten, and Left to Languish in Filthy Crates - Mercy For Animals Canada Calls on Retail Council of Canada to Ban Cruel Crates

Montreal, Quebec - Shocking hidden-camera video of workers kicking, punching, and beating baby calves, secretly recorded at one of the largest veal producers in North America, has been released by the animal protection organization Mercy For Animals Canada. The video shows baby calves chained by the neck and locked inside narrow crates so small they can't walk, turn around, or lie down comfortably, workers tormenting animals, and calves suffering from open wounds. A criminal animal cruelty investigation is now underway. Stéphane Perrais, board member for Mercy For Animals Canada, will speak at a press conference this morning: Date:
Monday, April 21, 2014    Time: 11 a.m.   Location: Hilton Montreal Bonaventure Hotel, 900 Rue de la Gauchetiere Ouest, Salon Longueuil, Montreal, Quebec.
The disturbing undercover video, recorded at a Délimax Veal-affiliated factory farm in Pont-Rouge, Quebec, reveals: • Calves crammed into feces-covered wooden boxes barely larger than their own bodies, often chained by the neck, unable to even turn around or lie down comfortably for their entire lives • Workers violently kicking, punching, and throwing baby animals    • Animals painfully stuck in the wooden slats of their crates   • Sick and injured animals left to suffer and slowly die in their own filth without proper veterinary care  After viewing the undercover video, Dr. Mary Richardson, a veterinarian who chaired the Animal Welfare Committee for the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, stated: "The conditions that the calves live in are both physically and mentally abusive. No animal should be so physically limited in its movement." Confining calves to tiny veal crates is considered inherently so cruel the practice has been outlawed in eight
U.S. states, Australia , New Zealand , and the entire European Union.
Following the investigation, Mercy For Animals Canada immediately submitted a detailed legal complaint to the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the agency responsible for enforcing animal welfare laws, calling for animal cruelty charges to be filed against the company, managers, and workers for viciously beating and neglecting animals in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada.
Mercy For Animals Canada is calling on the Retail Council of Canada, which represents all of the major grocery chains in the country, to implement a new policy that prohibits the cruel confinement of calves in restrictive veal crates in its member grocers' supply chains - a policy already supported by Costco, Metro, Sobeys and Loblaw. Last year, following a Mercy For Animals Canada investigation at a pig factory farm, the Retail Council of Canada committed to ending the extreme confinement of pregnant pigs in gestation crates. MFA Canada is now urging the Retail Council of Canada to give the same consideration to calves raised for veal.  "Science and common sense tell us that animals with legs should be given at least enough room to walk and exercise," said Twyla Francois, Mercy For Animals Canada's director of investigations. "The Canadian veal industry treats baby calves like mere meat-producing machines. Their short lives are filled with misery, violence, and deprivation. It's time for the Retail Council of Canada to take a stand against this horrific animal abuse by ending the use of inherently cruel veal crates in its member supply chains."  To view the undercover video, visit

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GM seeks to bar some ignition cases

General Motors asks a US court to bar some lawsuits relating to its recall over faulty ignition switches.

A GM dealership in Miami

General Motors has asked a US court to bar some lawsuits relating to its recall over faulty ignition switches. The faulty switches could turn off the engine, disabling the airbags and have been linked to at least a dozen deaths. The recall was issued earlier this year but GM has admitted some employees knew about the problem as early as 2004. GM has asked the court to ban cases "alleging purely economic damages" due to the recall. It does not affect cases relating to accidents or injury. The firm has been hit by various lawsuits since the recalls began this year. "The lawsuits that are the subject of this motion, most of which purport to be class actions, are brought by or on behalf of individuals who were not injured as the result of any failure of the ignition switch," the firm said. US regulator fines GM over inquiry   Families demand GM accountabilityWatch   GM boss 'deeply sorry' for car fault  Will GM recalls dent its recovery? Also read additional business reports:   Primark to open its first US stores   Clothing retailer Primark is to open its first US stores, beginning with a 70,000 sq-ft shop in Boston .   Yueh: The fashion business   KFC owner's profits get China boost   Yum Brands, the owner of fast food chains KFC and Pizza Hut, reports an 18% jump in first quarter profit, helped by a rebound in sales in China .   Bird flu fears overshadow Yum sales

Woman On Top:  Learning to Crawl Again and Finding Out You Have the Strength to Run

New York, NY, April 22, 2014 - Deborah Schwartz's Woman On Top is the triumphant story of a young widow whose journey to find herself takes readers on an entertaining, yet thought-provoking ride.  Inspired by her true-life story, Schwartz' Woman on Top is a battle cry for any woman who ever let someone make her feel less than worthy.  Further, it's a lesson to us all that we hold the power to reach any summit. It is often said that, it's not the hills or mountains you have to climb that gives you strength; it's the challenge you face on your journey by having a pebble in your shoe.  In protagonist Kate's case, the pebble felt more like a boulder. She was thrown into single-dom after her husband died from cancer.  After a few years, she ventures back into the dating scene and meets Len, a Wall Street banker.  What Kate discovers is a cocky narcissist who quickly tries to control every aspect of her life. Readers will scream in frustration at Len's controlling behavior while high-fiving Kate's efforts and subsequent achievements to finding herself again.  She shows us that we are truly in-charge of our destiny, and (in reflection) that there are more important things in life than what kind of car you drive.  In her stand-up-and-applaud road to independence, she reaches the highest heights.  Literally, with a rewarding climb of
Mt. Kilimanjaro . Born and raised in New York , Deborah Schwartz graduated from Tufts University and then obtained her Masters in History at Columbia University where she wrote her graduate thesis on "Feminism in Eighteenth Century England.” She received her J.D. from Boston University . Always a New Yorker to the core, Deborah's passion now is writing. For more information, please visit:

A Business World Massacre – What Can Happen

When Government Needs a Scapegoat By: Larry Katzen - It remains one of the greatest travesties in the history of American business: In 2001, the 85,000 employees of one of the world’s largest accounting firms began losing their jobs in droves. Their employer had become tainted by its loose association with Enron  Corp., a financial house of cards that was imploding and taking with it billions of dollars in employee pensions and shareholder investments. In 2002, accounting firm Arthur Andersen was convicted of charges related to Enron’s fraudulent practices. The charges had nothing to do with the quality of their auditing – or any of Enron’s illicit practices. The conviction was appealed, and in 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court struck it down in a unanimous vote. But the damage had already been done. To date, despite millions of records being subpoenaed, there is no evidence Arthur Andersen ever did anything wrong. Still, perceptions are everything: Most people are not aware that the accounting firm, which led the industry in establishing strict, high standards, became a government scapegoat.  When I speak to groups across the country, I ask the following questions. Below are the typical responses I receive – and the actual facts.

1. What do you remember about Arthur Andersen? Typical Response: They were the ones that helped facilitate the Enron fraud. They deserved what they got. Fact: Arthur Andersen was the largest and most prestigious firm in the country. It was considered the gold standard of the accounting profession by the business community.

2. For what was Arthur Andersen indicted? Typical Response: They messed up the audit of Enron and signed off on false financial statements. Fact: They were indicted for shredding documents. These documents were drafts and other items that do not support the final product. All accounting firms establish policies for routinely shredding such documents.

3. How long was it between the Enron blowup and when Arthur Andersen went out of business? Typical Response: One to three years. Fact: The largest accounting firm in the world was gone in 90 days.

4. Was the indictment upheld? Typical Response: Yes, that is why they went out of business. Fact: No. The Supreme Court overruled the lower court in a 9-0 decision, and came to the conclusion within weeks, making it one of their quickest decisions ever.

5. How many people lost their jobs as a result of the false accusations? Typical Response: Have no idea, but the partners got what they deserved. Fact: Eighty-five thousand people lost their jobs and only a few thousand were partners. Most were staff people and clericals who made modest sums of money.

6. Who benefited from Arthur Andersen going out of business? Typical Response: Everyone – we finally got rid of those crooks and made a statement to the rest of business to operate ethically. Facts: It was not the Arthur Andersen people; they lost their jobs. It was not the clients; they had to go through the stress and expense of finding a new auditing firm. It was not the business world in general: It now has fewer firms from which to choose and rates increased. It was their competitors who benefited– they got Andersen’s best people and clients and were able to increase their rates and profitability.

7. What accounting firms now have ex Arthur Andersen partners playing leadership roles in their firms? Typical Response: None Facts: The “big four,” all the large middle-tier firms and many small firms have former Arthur Andersen partners in leadership positions. Finally, many members of the new Public Accounting oversight Board (PCAOB), which oversees these firms, now have former Arthur Andersen people involved in reviewing the quality of these firms. About Larry Katzen: Larry Katzen, author of “And You Thought Accountants were Boring – My Life Inside Arthur Andersen,” (, worked at Arthur Andersen from 1967 to 2002, quickly rising through the ranks to become a partner at age 30. His new memoir details the government’s unjust persecution of a company known for maintaining the highest standards.

The 3 Major Sins of Sales Management

CEOs Must be Aware of How They’re Using Key People, Says Sought-After Speaker

It’s a simple fact of business: Without sales, no one else downstream can do their jobs, says veteran sales manager and business speaker Jack Daly. Because of how vital sales are to a company, CEOs frequently tend to misuse their best people, he says. “There are three sins that minimize the sales management role, which ultimately holds the company back from achieving its growth,” says Daly, author of “Hyper Sales Growth,” ( “When they misallocate key players, small to medium-sized businesses tend to go into one of two directions. They either stay small to medium, or they go out of business. When you ask why, it most often comes down to a violation of one or more of these three sins of sales management. Having the right people in important spots is absolutely the secret to success.” To ensure continued growth, Daly says the people at the top must avoid the following:  Sin No. 1 … is committed when the CEO or owner wears the hat of the sales manager. If you are doing that, you’re essentially relegating both the CEO job and the sales manager job to part-time status. In effect, you’re saying, “I’m going to grow my business part time.” If you want your business to grow, you must grow your sales force, and you need someone doing that full time.  Sin No. 2 … is to make the best salesperson the sales manager. It can work, but seldom does. The usual scenario, however, is you lose your best salesperson and get a mediocre sales manager. The role and the responsibilities are entirely different. A salesperson’s role is to win new customers and nurture the ones you have, thereby differentiating you from your competitors. The sales manager’s job involves recruiting, training, coaching, building and developing. Being effective at one of those jobs is not an indicator that a person will be equally effective in the other. Salespeople are used to immediate gratification, involving a deal-to-deal routine. Sales managers, by contrast, must take their time to recruit, train and coach. A salesperson might easily become disenchanted with the pace of the new role and look for another sales job, perhaps with your competitor. Sin No. 3 … is probably the most grievous of all. The best salesperson is made a sales manager, but he or she is also required to continue booking business. It’s absolutely ruinous. The person’s focus will remain fixed on the customer, as that is how their compensation is driven. Accordingly, the sales team will be underserved, missing the opportunity for leveraged growth. The key to growth is to put the right people in the right places, Daly says. “Since sales drive business, it’s essential to match skills and personality types to the jobs, and to ensure the people can focus on their roles,” Daly says. About Jack Daly - Jack Daly, author of “Hyper Sales Growth,” (, is an experienced and inspirational sales trainer and sales coaching expert who, as a sought-after speaker, motivates audiences to take action in the areas of sales planning and training, and customer loyalty. Daly draws upon more than 20 years of business experience, with several successful stints as the CEO of fast-growing companies. He has a Bachelor’s in Science degree in accounting, a Master of Business Administration degree, was a Captain in U.S. Army and is an accomplished author with audio and DVD programs. 

Your Upward Journey – A Guide To Transforming Life's Obstacles Into Success Stories

Miami, FL, April  2014 – Passionate about people, Patricia Périssé Bochi's vision is to help others realize that no matter what their circumstances are in life, change from within is possible! She knows from personal experience that it is not the stumbling blocks and tragedies in life that define us but how we react to them. Your Upward Journey: It's Easier Than You Think (Middle River Press), is the inspiring story of Patricia's life experiences and the coping tools she developed that enabled her to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds in order to live a truly fulfilling life. At age 15, Patricia broke her back in an automobile accident that left her a paraplegic. Since her career goal at that time was to be a classical ballerina, she learned at a very early and difficult stage in life that she would either have to reinvent herself or become a victim of her circumstances. The latter was not an option. Patricia got married at age 19, had two children, and graduated cum laude from law school. She became a solo practitioner almost nine years ago with only one client waiting in the wings, but today Patricia heads up a flourishing law firm and has become a respected writer and contender in the self-help genre. Your Upward Journey, part memoir/part life manual, is unlike any other self-help book. It is not the work of a psychologist, therapist, or psychiatrist writing from an outside point of view. It is a unique and compelling compilation of personal experiences and life-developed tools that can help anyone overcome obstacles, or wanting to make a radical change but not knowing where to begin. It offers rare insight that can be applied to literally any situation; a physical disadvantage, a negative experience, a life that's become stagnant, or one where a hidden personal barrier prevents a person from reaching their goals and dreams. The inspiring and motivating pearls of wisdom dotted throughout this book help readers find their true self and learn to look at life from a different perspective. In conjunction with her book, Patricia Bochi plans to lead self-help seminars involving interactive audience participation that will energize attendees and ignite in them the courage and motivation necessary to change their way of thinking, be proud of who they are, and look at life in a more positive way. Ms. Bochi obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the State University of New York and her Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law at
Coral Gables , FL.    She has served in a leadership capacity with The Disability-Diversity Initiative, a project of the Disability Independence Group (DIG), a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and serves on the Board for the Center of Independent Living of South Florida. She is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. For more information, please visit:

It’s a fact: people are the biggest asset in every organization.

It’s a fact: people are the biggest asset in every organization. If you do not treat them as such, your bottom line inevitably suffers – it’s that simple. “Leadership is about people. Take care of your people and your people will take care of your bottom line,” says Bob Urichuck who, along with his son Dave Urichuck, works with organizations to get bottom line results through an ongoing disciplined approach to sales, motivation, leadership and teamwork. So how do you extract optimal morale, productivity, and effectiveness from your employees? Enter their new book, Motivate Your Team in 30 Days, an interactive guide with self-discovery exercises and engagement and empowerment strategies that equip leaders to motivate their teams.. The first and most crucial lesson? You can’t actually motivate anyone to do anything – you must create an environment in which people motivate themselves. “As a leader you need to facilitate, and not dictate, to make it easier for others,” Bob points out. “You do that by engaging and empowering your team to identify a level of  effectiveness percentage rating, or a baseline to work from. Then, you have them recognize positive contributing factors, identify areas of improvement – more specifically what is under their control, brainstorm solutions, and leave it to them to implement those solutions, as they own those solutions, not you.” Motivate Your Team in 30 Days provides a step-by-step process with daily workday, or weekday, activities, first for the team leader and then as a facilitator for the team members. It is ideal for all leaders and future leaders, from leading oneself to teams of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  Through the engaging, insightful process that Motivate Your Team in 30 Days teaches, readers will learn how to:  Motivate yourself before others   Prepare to facilitate a Team Effectiveness Meeting and Team Effectiveness Day  Identify what you and your team want, and turn those desires into achievable goals   And finally, turn those goals into a reality  “The key is to stay disciplined and do each day’s activity as it comes up. By doing so, we guarantee you will have a highly motivated team one month after you start the process,” Bob adds. Bob Urichuck is an internationally renowned Velocity Selling Specialist, the creator of the “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System and a virtual sales training platform, With some fifty years of sales experience, ranging from door-to-door sales to corporate high-value boardroom sales, he has accumulated a wealth of experience in selling to individuals and big corporations. For the last twenty years, Bob has inspired, educated and empowered Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses to increase the velocity of their sales and the strength of their bottom lines. Using Singapore , Dubai and Ottawa , Canada , as his ongoing hubs, he has spoken in more than 1,500 cities in over forty-five countries to audiences of up to 10,000 people. Bob has been recognized as Consummate Speaker of the year and ranked in the top 10 of the World’s Top 30 Sales Gurus since 2008. He is a Certified Sales Professional, Certified Master Trainer and Certified Social Entrepreneur who has adopted through Free the Children a village in Sri Lanka where he is financially responsible for the medical care and education of over 700 children who survived the deadly tsunami of 2004. Dave Urichuck is a social entrepreneur, a landlord, and a property owner. He manages a successful business and eagerly shares his entrepreneurial knowledge and experience as a motivational leader and international speaker. Dave has achieved Advanced Level Bronze Certification in Toastmasters International, Ontario , Canada . One of his many passions is travelling the world. He has already visited 32 countries and spoken to diverse audiences in six of them.  Websites:; How to Motivate Your Team in 30 Days can be purchased from Amazon, and through all major booksellers 

The Origin of the Power of Money   -  Who are making the US dollar worthless? Ask our editor

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  Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre’s Jutra selected for Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes

April  2014 – Montreal , Quebec – National Film Board of Canada - The prestigious Cannes International Film Festival has announced that Jutra, a short film directed and produced by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (MJSTP Films) in co-production with the NFB (Marc Bertrand), will feature on the lineup of the 46th Directors’ Fortnight. An international showcase organized by the Film Directors’ Guild (Société des Réalisateurs de Films, SRF), the Directors’ Fortnight will take place from May 15–25, 2014 .  Based on skilfully assembled archival footage and animated sequences, Jutra is an ingenious portrait of the great Quebec filmmaker Claude Jutra, director of Mon oncle Antoine. Pursuing the process she began in 2006 with McLaren’s Negatives, Saint-Pierre has created a new animated documentary in which she encapsulates the career of a filmmaking legend with finesse and originality. Quick Facts: Jutra, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (2014, 13 min), produced by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (MJSTP Films) in co-production with the NFB (Marc Bertrand) Synopsis: Based on skilfully assembled archival footage and animated sequences, Jutra is an ingenious portrait of the great Quebec filmmaker Claude Jutra who, seen here in dialogue with himself at different stages of his life, becomes the spirited narrator of his own biography. Biography – Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre:  Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre graduated from Concordia University and founded MJSTP Films, an independent production company, in 2004. Over the years, she has developed a cohesive body of work that sits at the crossroads of animation and documentary. Many of her films, notably Post-Partum, Passages, McLaren’s Negatives and Le projet Sapporo , have won awards. Jutra marks her first co-production with the NFB. Biography – Claude Jutra:  Claude Jutra (1930–1986) is a major figure in Quebec film history. His works include the masterpieces Mon oncle Antoine and Ŕ tout prendre. He also co-directed A Chairy Tale with Norman McLaren. The annual Jutra Awards, which pay tribute to the year’s best Quebec films and their makers, are named in his honor. Presented at the 46th Directors’ Fortnight as part of the Cannes Festival, May 15–25, 2014    Jutra will also feature on the Not Short on Talent program created by Danny Lennon for Telefilm Canada .   Jutra will also be screened at Hot Docs, the Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto from April 24– May 4, 2014 . Quote : “An original mix of animation and documentary, Jutra by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre juxtaposes the two genres to push the boundaries of filmmaking. As such, it aptly illustrates how the NFB, on the eve of its 75th anniversary, continues to serve as a creative space where parallel worlds and uncommon visions can find their place and flourish.”    Claude Joli-Cśur, Acting Government Film Commissioner and Chairperson of the National Film Board of Canada Related links : MJSTP Films:   Cannes Festival:   Directors’ Fortnight:   Not Short on

Led Zeppelin unleash unheard work

Legendary rock group Led Zeppelin make public two previously unheard recordings.

Left to right: Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones

Legendary rock group Led Zeppelin have unveiled two previously unheard recordings ahead of the reissue of the band's first three albums in June.

The two tracks - blues classic Keys to the Highway, recorded in 1970, and an early version of the famous song Whole Lotta Love - are among dozens of tracks which the band will officially release alongside the reissues. The companion discs will feature alternative versions of songs, works in progress and live performances, all recorded at the time of the original albums. The tracks, like hundreds of others, had been carefully catalogued but then locked away in the the band's archive for decades. Guitarist Jimmy Page, 70, has spent two-and-a-half years combing through the vaults, listening to hundreds of quarter-inch tapes before choosing the best material   Unheard Whole Lotta Love recordingListen  Page on Led Zeppelin song finds

Lea Salonga to perform in Montreal with Il Divo

AWARD-WINNING SINGER LEA SALONGA TO ACCOMPANY MULTI-PLATINUM GROUP IL DIVO ON TOUR THIS SPRING - CURTAINS ACROSS U.S. AND CANADA RISE ON IL DIVO - A MUSICAL AFFAIR: THE GREATEST SONGS OF BROADWAY LIVE ON MARCH 28  Lea Salonga, the award winning singer and actress best known for her Tony Award winning role in Miss Saigon, will join Il Divo on their spring tour across the U.S. and Canada entitled IL DIVO - A MUSICAL AFFAIR: THE GREATEST SONGS OF BROADWAY LIVE. The Live Nation-promoted trek, which kicks off on March 28th, supports the group’s newest compilation of Broadway songs, A Musical Affair. Il Divo previewed this new show on Broadway with a successful limited engagement at the Marquis Theater in November. Nightly concerts will gleam with Lea Salonga’s powerful voice and perfect pitch on both solo performances and duets with the group throughout the night. Il Divo’s signature romantic and emotional performances will include heartfelt classics like “Some Enchanted Evening” (South Pacific), “Tonight” (West Side Story), “Memory” (Cats) and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (The Lion King). Tickets are on sale now at and “I am thrilled to be joining Il Divo as they continue their Musical Affair tour worldwide,” says Salonga. “Having such a passion for musical theater since an early age myself, I cannot imagine a more talented group to join forces with to share these timeless songs with audiences of all ages. And it doesn’t hurt that they are so handsome to look at too.” “We’re excited to be bringing our brand new show with the incredible Lea Salonga to North America ," says Sébastien. "Delving into the world of Broadway repertoire is new territory for us, and being able to create a wonderful new show with such an established and celebrated star of many musicals is such an honor." Lea Salonga is a Filipina singer/actress best known for originating the Olivier award-winning role of Kim in the West End production of Miss Saigon, then later bringing it to the Broadway stage for which she won a Tony, among other awards. The first Asian to play Eponine in Les Misérables on Broadway, she subsequently returned to the show in 2007 as Fantine, and again reprised the role for the sold-out 25th anniversary concert in London . Salonga garnered a Craig Noel nomination for Outstanding Featured Performance in a Musical for her latest work in the U.S. , Allegiance, a production developed by legendary actor George Takei. Salonga’s feature film credits include the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin and Fa Mulan in Mulan and Mulan II. Most recently, Lea Salonga was a judge on the Philippines ’ hit version of “The Voice.”  About Il Divo - Il Divo is the world's first and most successful classical crossover group. The foursome have sold over 26 million albums worldwide, achieved over 50 number one records, received 160 gold and platinum sales awards in over 33 countries and staged four groundbreaking world tours. The international quartet comprises of tenor Urs Buhler of Switzerland , baritone Carlos Marin of Spain , pop artist Sébastien Izambard of France and tenor David Miller from the United States . As Il Divo first came to fruition in 2003, this year’s album and complementary concert series marks a milestone for the four singers as they commemorate the success of a 10-year career together. Website:    Facebook:   Twitter:

Rock And Roll Will Never Be The Same: Counting Down Bruce Springsteen

Old Forge, PA, April 23, 2014 – Bruce Springsteen has held center stage for 40 years as the quintessential American rock and roll artist, expressing the hopes and dreams of the American everyman and every woman through his vast array of insightful and inspirational songs. In Counting Down Bruce Springsteen: His 100 Finest Songs (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers), Jim Beviglia dares to rank his finest songs in descending order from the 100th to his number one greatest song. In this unique book, Beviglia reflects on why each song has earned its place on the list and lays out the story behind each, supplying fresh insights on the musical and lyrical content of Springsteen's remarkable body of work. Counting Down Bruce Springsteen brings together critical historical and biographical information to explain the making and importance of each song, painting a fascinating portrait of Springsteen as a major American songwriter and consummate recording artist. For newcomers to his work, it's the perfect introduction to his vast catalog. For diehard fans, it's a fresh take on well-known songs. Jim Beviglia is a featured writer for American Songwriter magazine, reviewing new albums and looking back at classic songwriters and songs for both the print and online editions. This is his second book in the Counting Down series, following his Counting Down Bob Dylan: His 100 Finest Songs (Scarecrow Press 2013). Jim also authored  three e-books, Pump It Up: Elvis Costello's 100 Best Songs, No Surprises: Radiohead's 100 Best Songs and Breakdown: Tom Petty's 100 Best Songs. He maintains a blog at where he delves deep into the musical libraries of rock's finest artists. For more, please visit the website:   Counting Down Bruce Springsteen: His 100 Finest Songs   Rowman & Littlefield Publishers  June 16, 2014   Available at all online booksellers including $35.00   ISBN-13: 978-1442230651

In celebration of their 5th anniversary

Productions Coracole and l’Orchestre Philharmonique Équitable With the participation of La Boîte Vocale "Present" Romance and Revolution: Music from Les Misérables & More.  Conductor: André Gauthier; Stage Director: Coralie Heiler Vocal Director: Marc Deslandes; Director, Vocal Ensemble: Frédéric Vogel   In English- Sunday, May 11 at
3pm and Saturday, May 24 at 7:30     In French- Friday, May 2 at 7:30pm and Sunday, May 25 at 3pm    “If you wish to understand what revolution is, call it progress; and if you wish to understand what progress is, call it tomorrow.”- Cosette, Les Misérables

Montreal, April 2014 – Productions Coracole and l’Orchestre Philharmonique Équitable are thrilled to present the beloved songs from Les Misérables, along with music from the Romantic era. Montreal area theatergoers can enjoy this treat throughout the month of May, in English and French, in three different locales: Ville Saint-Laurent, Laval and Saint-Léonard. This exciting collaboration marks the 5th anniversary of both companies. In Romance and Revolution: Music from Les Misérables & More, audiences will enjoy the creativity of Conductor, André Gauthier; Stage Director, Coralie Heiler; Vocal Director, Marc Deslandes; and Vocal Ensemble Director, Frédéric Vogel. The show plays in English on May 11 and 24 and in French on May 2 and 25. This is a great idea for Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11 at 3pm. Throughout the run, proceeds benefit Kids Help Phone/ Jeunesse, J’écoute, offering 24-hour, anonymous phone and web counselling. The story of Les Misérables takes place in the Romantic period; an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that was in part, a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. Here we find themes of persistence, compassion, dreams, hope, sacrifice and love. Set in early 19th-century France, Les Misérables is the story of peasant Jean Valjean and his quest for redemption after serving nineteen years in jail for stealing a loaf of bread for his starving nephew. Along the way, he and numerous characters are swept up into a revolutionary period in France , where a group of young idealists make their last stand at a street barricade. Rounding out the show are orchestra pieces written in the Romantic era, including Alexander Glazunov's 'Le Petit Adagio' from The Seasons, recognizable in Quebec as the theme song from Radio-Canada’s Un homme et son péché and Les Belles Histoires des pays d'en haut. This unique project will present a full orchestra on stage, contrary to most local musical theatre productions which use pre-recorded tracks. Here, audiences will enjoy a wall of sound and vision produced by 100 dedicated, passionate and skilled artists on stage, including beautiful costumes and video projections.

For Stage Director Coralie Heiler, who plays Cosette in the French version of the show and is the Artistic Director of Productions Coracole, this is a dream come true, “Working with a live orchestra has always been a dream of mine and this is the perfect project. I adore the music and the story of Les Misérables. These songs are treasured, and the fundamental narrative of adversity, passion and justice, is as recognizable today as in the time of Victor Hugo’s novel.”

Besides being impassioned by the music, Vocal Director Marc Deslandes, who has worked with Productions Coracole on other shows as musical director, was inspired by the colossal challenge ahead of him, “I have wanted to work on a project of this scale for a long time, encompassing all aspects of a production at once; song and musical interpretation, directing, and acting. Productions Coracole pushes me to be very versatile and I love it.” For him, this music is an orchestral masterpiece, “The contemporary music, written for orchestra and voice by Claude-Michel Schonberg, showcases a variety of slow and fast movements, as well as a range of sounds including strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, guitars, piano, voice and choir.” Deslandes can’t hide his enthusiasm, “Though I have been working non-stop on this huge piece of music, teaching thirty people to sing in two languages, I am more motivated than ever.”

André Gauthier, conductor for l’Orchestre Philharmonique Équitable (OPÉ), was drawn to the music, an equal balance of romantic-era ballads and military styles- glorious, stirring and emotional. Gauthier would like audiences to be touched by Javert’s transformation, “If someone as closed-minded as him could change, then to some extent, anyone could. The characters’ evolution throughout the story line resonates strongly for me.” Concertmaster Jessyca Pitt, who is also the president of OPÉ, is proud of the orchestra’s collective efforts, “Every musician has something demanding to play and has risen to our ambitious goals.”

Cast members are excited to be part of this production. Kenny Stein, singing the role of Valjean in French, feels as though he has been preparing for this show his whole life. For him, the artistic collaboration between Anglophones and Francophones is so important in the context of our current political climate, “Our cast is a 50/50 mix of the two languages, and the majority of us are cast in both versions, which means we spend rehearsals together. We have also made an extra effort to socialize outside of rehearsal. The time we spend getting to know each other as individuals directly contributes to the fight against intolerance; it cultivates understanding and acceptance of each other.” Alisha Ruiss, playing Fantine in the English version, hopes people leave the theatre wanting to be better citizens, “I would like audiences to think about sacrificing for the sake of others, like Fantine, Valjean, Eponine and many other characters.”

Delight in a sneak peak: As part of the STM’s Metro-Art program, enjoy an excerpt from Romance and Revolution: Music from Les Misérables & More at Jean-Talon metro on April 23rd from 5pm to 6pm . Romance and Revolution: Music from Les Misérables & More Productions Coracole and l’Orchestre Philharmonique Équitable - 4 times over the month of May

In English:
May 11 at 3pm at the Mirella and Lino Saputo Theatre, 8350, boulevard Lacordaire, St-Léonard
May 24 at
7:30pm at Salle Émile Legault, 613, avenue Sainte-Croix, Ville-Saint-Laurent

In French:
Le 2 mai à 19:30 au Théâtre Marcellin-Champagnat, 275 rue Laval, Laval
Le 25 mai à 15h00 à la Salle Émile Legault, 613 avenue Sainte-Croix, Ville-Saint-Laurent

Tickets: Adults- $35, Children under 12- $28 For reservations: (514) 685-5093 or the box office page online at  For company bios etc:,  Also:,

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Lowcountry Punch

Just The Ticket For Armchair Travelers Hankering For The Sultry South

Benton City, WA, April  2014 – If you're sick of winter weather, take a trip to Charleston, SC, rated #1 city in the US for three years running by the Condé Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Awards. You won't even need to leave home. Boo
Walker 's Lowcountry Punch (Sandy Run Press) evokes Charleston 's gritty side and its charm so vividly the city itself is essential to the cast of characters. In Lowcountry Punch, DEA Agent T.A. Reddick leaves Miami for Charleston , SC after one of the worst nights of his life. He's hoping a return to his roots will heal a wounded heart and the guilt of killing a friend. The sleepy and sultry city of Charleston is filled with echoes of the Old South: genteel playboys, society debutantes, and quiet cobblestone streets. But as Reddick will soon discover, there's danger lurking under her charming veneer.  When a movie star's death shines a national spotlight on Charleston 's underground cocaine trade, he must go undercover to find the main supplier and shut him down. As a hurricane bears down on the port city and the DEA gets ready to spring its trap, Reddick must contend with more than he ever could have imagined. Brash and bold, TA Reddick is a hero you won't soon forget. Boo Walker also set Off You Go, a gripping and clever novella, in colorful Charleston . His second novel, Turn or Burn, has received critical acclaim. Walker attended College of Charleston before moving to Nashville to work as a banjoist and songwriter for the avant-garde punchgrass band, The Biscuit Boys. Some hand problems knocked him out of the game, and he stumbled into a position with Automated Trading Desk, a short term equity trading firm based out of Charleston , SC. When Boo decided it was time for a change, he grew out a handlebar mustache and moved clear across the country into a double-wide trailer situated on 5 acres of Malbec vines just down the road from Hedges Family Estate (see on Red Mountain in Washington State .  The Hedges family took him in and taught him the art of farming and the old world philosophies of wine. He now travels the world peddling the family's juice, and chances are you can find him in an airport somewhere working on his next novel. For more, please visit the website, Lowcountry Punch, Sandy Run Press Available in print and e-book exclusively from Amazon

13:24 A Compelling Look at Childhood Trauma

Leesburg , FL , April  2014 – Releasing on April 1, M. Dolon Hickmon's chilling story introduces a riveting and accessible approach to the issues of child abuse and recovery. At the same time, 13:24 – A Story of Faith and Obsession is a stay-up-all-night crime thriller. "I have written and published research on child abuse and excessive corporal punishment since 2006,” Hickmon says. "I eventually realized that although studies were being done and papers being written, the latest advances in our understanding of early trauma were not reaching the public. My solution was to create a fast-paced crime thriller that would combine my own experiences as a victim and survivor with true crime headlines and cutting-edge research into the neurobiological basis of PTSD.” The result is an acclaimed novel that sensitively guides readers through the spiritual, physical, and emotional consequences of child abuse and the lifelong process of overcoming it. "Mr. Hickmon writes with the clarity, power and passion of someone who really knows what he is writing about, and who understands the wide range of responses human beings experience when trying to deal with lives affected by ongoing trauma,” declared Bristol University trauma researcher and emeritus professor Dr. Kim Etherington, in her pre-publication review; "There are textbooks that explain the scientific mechanisms that underpin post traumatic stress disorder, but this book tells a story that reaches out to help us all understand.”
The novel opens with a troubled teenager named Chris. Struggling with a flood of emotions toward his mother's ex-boyfriend, he chooses to resolve things with lethal violence. When Chris's mother is also found brutally murdered, Detective William Hursel is left with only a handful of clues. While the media obsesses over Chris's infatuation with the violent lyrics of a popular heavy-metal band, Detective Hursel searches for a deeper motive. Links between Chris and the band's lead singer, Josh, soon emerge, drawing the detective into a web of crime and past family violence. Framed by scenes of rock-star glamour, political intrigue, and police adventure, Chris and Josh's stories converge at the intersections of religion and psychology, love and revenge, destruction and redemption. M. Dolon Hickmon is a writer, activist, and a survivor of religious child maltreatment. His writings can be found on news websites like AlterNet, Salon, and the Spiritual Abuse Survivor's Blog Network, and his opinion pieces have appeared in newspapers such as the Scotsman, the South Lake Press, and the Bainbridge (GA) Post-Searchlight. Hickmon's original research continues to be cited by many and was included in a 2010 civil rights presentation to a committee of the US Congress. His hobbies include reading, songwriting, and playing acoustic and electric guitar. He lives with his wife and their daughter. For more, please visit the website: 13:24 – A Story of Faith and Obsession Rehoboam Press Paperback now available for pre-purchase on Beginning April 1, available at all fine booksellers and as an e-book through Apple iTunes, Nook, and the Kindle store. ISBN-13: 978-09911066-0-8  
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Podiatric Medical Students from University of Quebec Three Rivers Completes 4-month NY Training

Complete Four-Month Clinical Rotation at New York College of Podiatric Medicine

  Pictured above left to right: NYCPM’s Dean of Student Services Laurence J. Lowy, D.P.M.; Louis L. Levine, NYCPM’s President and CEO; students Duy Francois Tran, Marilyne Chiasson, Anton Hajj, Julie Gauvreau, Aissam Jerraf, Yoan Blondeau, Lounes Laoudi, Guillame Buithieu-Legault; and NYCPM’s Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean, Michael J. Trepal, D.P.M. 

Eight senior podiatric medical students from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Three Rivers) (U.Q.T.R.) recently completed a four-month clinical rotation at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine’s (NYCPM) clinical affiliate, Foot Center of New York, as well as in three different departments at hospitals affiliated with the college. The U.Q.T.R. program is the first D.P.M. program in Canada , as well as the first French-speaking D.P.M. program in the world. The clinical rotation is part of U.Q.T.R.’s program in podiatric medicine, which was founded in late 2003 by NYCPM graduate, Dr. François Allart, in cooperation with the faculty and administration at NYCPM.

Sugar: The Secret Skin Assassin!

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of a Favorite Food Pastime By: Ron Cummings

The Good Wow, we sure like our sugar. After all, what’s not to like? I mean, what’s better with a glass of milk than a couple of chocolate chip cookies? Imagine that it’s the end of a long, hard day; you get home and put on your favorite TV show, kick your feet up and dig in to a bowl of your favorite ice cream covered in an assortment of decadent toppings.  And, for millions of us, that mid-day candy bar is just a regular part of life. Let’s face it – our favorite sugar-laden goodies are just flat out pleasing, comforting and of course delicious! Sugar satisfies one of our favorite desires: instant gratification. We love sugar; we crave it. It’s just plain good. The Bad With that being said, there’s not a single one of us who doesn’t know that sugar, especially in excess, is bad for us. It’s terrible for our teeth, destroys our mood, makes us gain weight and severely alters our overall blood chemistry. We have to admit that sugar simply ruins our health. Naturally, we continue to indulge our sugar obsession, despite the detrimental consequences of eating sugar. We can all agree life is too short not to enjoy our favorite dessert, right? – Lots of things are bad for us, so what’s the big deal?  If enjoying sugar means an extra few pounds around my midsection, then I guess that’s okay, right? Some of us think that, maybe, if I just watch my sugar intake a little and not go too crazy, then I’ll be able to enjoy the good of sugar and, maybe, the bad of sugar won’t really affect me too much. When it comes to sugar, most of us are willing to take the good with the bad, because we want to have our cake and eat it too. By now, most of us have been bombarded by endless antisugar messages. There are always new studies on how sugar adversely affects our health, our kids’ attention spans, and the obesity problem that seems to be getting worse by the year.  No matter what anti-sugar messages we read, see and hear, we simply refuse to give up our beloved sugar. However, there is a new and powerful message coming out from the scientific community about sugar, and whether it’s time for us to give it up. The Ugly Sugar is making you ugly! What? – Yes! Excess sugar in our bodies is now being revealed as one of the most damaging elements to our appearance. As it turns out, these sweet little sugar molecules are leading a double life. After they pass over our taste buds and give us that amazing sugar buzz, these appealing friends of ours change their personalities and go on a seek-and-destroy mission. In a process called glycation, excess sugar in our blood stream in reality attacks the proteins throughout our bodies. As a matter of fact, these sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins – much like a parasite. Once bonding happens, that particular protein becomes glycated; or, in other words, sick. A recently glycated protein becomes misshapen, hardened, does not function correctly and excretes exotoxins that affect surrounding proteins. After the glycation process has run its course, the protein is referred to as an Advanced Glycation End Product, or A.G.E. for short. A real-world example of glycation in action is the browning and hardening process when placing a piece of bread in the toaster.  This is where the ugly part comes in. Our skin is essentially one giant protein suit that covers us and protects all of our inner workings from the outside world. Most people are aware that the main protein in human skin is collagen, the proteins of which are very long lasting. They have a half-life of approximately 15 years and are not immune to the effects of glycation. Just like other proteins, when collagen becomes glycated, that protein is now considered an A.G.E. Like others, collagen proteins become misshapen, hardened, brittle and excrete exotoxins. While you can’t see the effects of most proteins in your body when they become glycated, the effects of glycation on skin proteins becomes very evident. Essentially, every visible sign we attribute to aging skin – including wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, sagging, uneven skin tones, stress, loss of elasticity, etc. – can all be attributed to the process of glycation. Glycation becomes more evident in your appearance when sugar molecules attack the surface proteins on the fine capillaries of your skin. This process causes your capillaries to leak, causing what we recognize as spider veins. The same process can happen in the under-eye area, which we recognize as dark circles. The most demoralizing aspect of glycation is the fact that once a protein has become glycated, or is now considered an A.G.E., the damage is permanent. Glycation is an additive effect and probably begins as soon as we’re born, affecting us throughout our lifetime.  If you’ve read or have been told that environmental factors like the sun, wind, weather and pollution age our skin the most, that would be correct, but it’s not the whole story.  Glycation is the chemical process which enables these environmental factors to damage our skin. For instance, when radiation from the sun strikes and penetrates our skin, it accelerates the glycation process. (Recall my mention of toasting a piece of bread.)  It seems a little unfair. In most cases, if I give up a certain vice, then my body, given enough time, will generally recover. If I start eating a better diet, I’ll most likely lose weight and be healthier. If I give up smoking, in most cases, my lungs, heart and blood pressure can return to normal. Nevertheless, once your proteins have been glycated, you’re pretty much out of luck; the damage has been done – end of story. Well … almost. You see, if you go online right now and do a search on the process of glycation, you will read much of what you’ve read here, including the fact that once a protein has become an A.G.E., it’s irreversible. Recent studies have shown some promising discoveries that may allow us to not only help prevent further damage from glycation, but also help affected proteins return to their normal state, function and appearance! Powerful, new and topically applied serums have shown the remarkable ability to help block the glycation process and break the bond between the sugar molecules and the protein affected. In a recent clinical trial conducted in France , 500 women were treated with a serum derived from a naturally occurring plant extract. At the end of the 60-day trial, the 500 women appeared an average of 8 to 10 years younger.  No doubt that a whole new category of anti-glycation treatments will soon be available in the marketplace. Based on projections, anti-glycation products will become as popular as the anti-oxidants, sunscreens and moisturizers of today. For a detailed description of how glycation ages your skin and how you can stop and even reverse the process, go to   About Ron Cummings Ron Cummings is the founder and CEO of AminoGenesis Skin Care, which utilizes amino acids as the key ingredients to its age- and damage-reversing products. The formula for the solution features 17 plant-purified amino acids, which are necessary for healthy and radiant skin. The company’s formulas include anti-glycation properties, which are very rare in today’s skin-care products. Cummings donated one of his products, a protective agent, to support military forces in Afghanistan and received a hearty letter of gratitude from the Marines of Special Operations Company Bravo, which described the product’s excellent performance, as well as a flag that was flown “in the face of the enemy, over Forward Operating Base Robinson in Sangin , Afghanistan .”

Skin cancer rates 'surge since 70s'

The incidence of the most serious skin cancer is now five times higher than it was in the 1970s, figures show.

The incidence of the most serious skin cancer in Great Britain is now five times higher than it was in the 1970s, figures show. Cancer Research UK statistics show more than 13,000 people develop malignant melanoma each year, compared with around 1,800 in the mid-1970s. It says the rise is partly due to rising popularity, from the late 60s, of package holidays to Europe . Sunbed use has also fuelled the increase, CRUK said. Malignant melanoma is now the fifth most common cancer, with more than 2,000 dying from it each year. Around 17 people in every 100,000 are diagnosed with the disease in Great Britain every year - compared with three per 100,000 in the mid 1970s. Getting sunburnt increases the risk of the disease. 'Stay in the shade' Those with the highest risk of the disease include people with pale skin, lots of moles or freckles, a history of sunburn or a family history of the disease. 'I had 2cm deep hole in my leg'Watch    Aspirin 'may prevent skin cancer'

Does Your Face Reveal Your True Feelings?

Physician Shares 3 Ways It Can Lie About Us   - Social science experts agree -- much of what we “say” is never actually spoken.

“Facial expressions and other body language account for more than half of our communication,” says Adam J. Scheiner, M.D.,, an international Oculoplastic surgeon who’s been featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The Doctors.” “When we look at someone, especially when we’re meeting for the first time, we quickly scan the eye and mouth areas of the other person’s face to make some quick judgments: Are they friendly or a potential threat? Are they trustworthy? We form first impressions within 7 seconds of meeting.” Those first impressions can become misleading due to the normal aging process and damage caused by stress, diet and environmental factors, particularly sun exposure. “I call them the three D’s of aging: Our skin begins to deteriorate; our faces deflate, making them narrower and wrinkled; and our eyelids and face descend, causing drooping and sagging,” Scheiner says. “All of these can affect what our face communicates to those around us.” It’s bad enough to communicate something you don’t really feel, he says. It’s worse when people react to that communication so often, such as saying, “You look so tired,” that you actually begin to believe you are tired, he says. He shares the three common “miscommunications”: •  “People say I look tired when I’m not.” As we age, our eyelids can begin to droop and look heavy, Scheiner says. The lower eyelid region often develops fullness below the lower lashes due to changes in the fat around the eye and changes in the facial fat of the surrounding cheek region. A lower eyelid height, heaviness of the upper or lower eyelid, or an eyebrow falling into the upper eyelid space can also occur. Whatever the cause, having baggy, puffy eyes can make a person look tired, sleepy, old or sick. •  “People avoid me because they say I look stern, even angry. I’m neither!” Whether through genetics or aging, eyebrows may lack or lose the arc that opens up the eye area and the entire face. A fairly straight eyebrow can convey a closed, unapproachable personality. •  “People think I’m sick or have no energy.” The brain expects to see a smooth curve from the temple to the cheek through the jawline to the chin. Any break in the curve is read as a lack of vibrancy. Normal facial aging causes loss of youthful fullness due to facial fat changes. This can cause a break in the curve that translates as a lack of vibrancy. In addition, poorly injected facial fillers can cause unnatural results. Cosmetic procedures shouldn’t aim to turn you into something you’re not, Scheiner says. “For rejuvenation, you simply want your face to communicate how you really feel inside. When you accomplish that, it’s so natural, people will say, ‘Wow, you look great!’ But they won’t be able to put their finger on why.” About Dr. Adam J. Scheiner - Adam J. Scheiner, M.D. is world-renowned in laser eyelid and facial plastic surgery for his groundbreaking treatment for Festoons. He wrote the medical text on the conditionand treated two complex causes of Festoons for the Dr. Oz and The Doctors TV shows.

 Long-Term Care Crisis Prompts More Aggressive Collection Tactics

Insurance Industry Expert Shares Tips for Protecting - Your Family from “Filial” Support Laws

Most people do not understand filial support laws, which are spreading to more states – 28 and counting, says insurance industry expert Chris Orestis. “We’re living longer, but for many of us, that also means we’ll require some type of  long-term health care at some point,” says Orestis, a longtime industry insider and author of “Help on the Way,” (, which explains the problem of funding long-term care and offers solutions. “It’s a problem no matter what your age because we’re experiencing a “Silver Tsunami” of retiring baby boomers and the costs of long-term care can be extremely high. Medicaid is the only option for many seniors, and that’s straining the funding for that safety net. Many people are not eligible for Medicaid, but also cannot afford the expense of care.” As a result, long-term care providers and the federal government are bringing lawsuits and mandating claw-back actions against families, insurance companies and legal advisors, he says. Many are turning to filial support laws, which impose a duty upon adult children for the support of their impoverished parents. Medicaid also has the right to sue families in probate court to “claw-back” funds spent on care. Just one recent example involved John Pittas, a 47-year-old restaurant owner who was sued by a nursing home company for $93,000 in expenses incurred by his mother over a six-month period after she was denied Medicaid eligibility.  “The court finding even granted discretion to the nursing home company to seek payment from any family members it wished to pursue,” says Orestis. To avoid a financial catastrophe, he says families should consider these options:

•  Know your and your family’s health-care rights as a veteran. Veterans who have honorably served their country should take advantage of their VA benefits – not only for their well-being, but also for their family’s health. Additional programs that may apply to family members include the VA Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA), a comprehensive health-care program in which the VA shares the cost of covered services and supplies for eligible beneficiaries; the spina bifida health-care benefits program for certain Korea and Vietnam veterans' birth children; and TRICARE, another health-care program serving uniformed service members, retirees and their families.

•  You can convert your life insurance policy for long-term care. There is $27.2 trillion worth of in-force life insurance policies in the United States , according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners – that’s triple the amount of home equity today! Rather than cancel or drop a policy to save on premiums when faced with long-term care needs, you can use it to pay for home care, assisted-living or nursing home expenses. “I’ve been lobbying state Legislatures to make the public aware of their legal right to use this option,” says Orestis, CEO of Life Care Funding, ( Seniors can sell their policy for 30 to 60 percent of its death benefit value and put the money into an irrevocable, tax-free fund designated specifically for their care.

•  Don’t be so quick to attempt to qualify for Medicaid. Many people who need significant long-term health care can’t afford it, so they drop life insurance policies that they’ve been carrying for years in order to qualify for Medicaid. Families often turn to Medicaid to pay for nursing home care, but it comes with many restrictions, including choice of facilities. In a situation where one spouse is healthy and the other is not, the spouse living independently will also face restrictions on the amount of assets he or she can retain, for instance, a maximum $2,898.00 for monthly maintenance. About Chris Orestis - Chris Orestis, nationally known senior health-care advocate, expert, and author is CEO of Life Care Funding, (, which created the model for converting life insurance policies into protected Long-Term Care Benefit funds. His company has been providing care benefits to policy holders since 2007. A former life insurance industry lobbyist with a background in long-term care issues, he created the model to provide an option   for middle-class people who are not wealthy enough to pay for long-term care, and not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid.

 Summer season is rapidly approaching in Canada

Summer season is rapidly approaching in Canada and the key question is usually how much sun protection should I wear; and how does it differ depending on your age: infants, toddlers, teens and adults. Dr. Bill Cham, renowned researcher and worldwide lecturer on dermatology provides some very interesting insight into sun screen with some added historical information about the necessary benefits of Vitamin D and the sun. Please let us know if you would like to publish the bylined article he prepared below.  His bio follows. Kind regards, Janet Shapiro, SMITH PUBLICITY, INC. 856.489.8654 ext 320  Mailing Address: 1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46 . Cherry Hill , NJ 08003 Dr. Bill E. Cham, PhD holds degrees in Chemistry ( University of Delft , The Netherlands), Biochemistry and a Doctorate in the School of Medicine ( Queensland University , Australia ). The varieties of his chosen degrees have enabled him to have a wide approach to research, exactly what was needed with the development of the BEC anticancer technology. This background has enabled Dr. Cham to have an open mind and a non-tunnel vision to science. He has published over 100 articles. His first book, The Eggplant Cancer Cure: A Treatment for Skin Cancer and New Hope for Other Cancers from Nature’s Pharmacy (2007) received worldwide attention and acclaim. He is the founder of CuradermBEC5 and consults worldwide for Curaderm Global LTD.  He currently resides on the island of Vanuatu but has resided in Australia for over 30 years where he still conducts his ongoing research.


Award-Winning, Distinguished scientist, WW Dermatological Lecturer and Author of Inspired By Nature, Proven By Science – The New Generation Cancer Treatment That Causes Cancer Cells to Commit Suicide

We all need some sun exposure; it's our primary source of vitamin D, which helps us absorb calcium for stronger, healthier bones. But it doesn't take much time in the sun for most people to get the vitamin D they need, and repeated unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression, and skin cancer. Even people in their twenties can develop skin cancer.

The sun, a six billion-year-old star, is currently still the centre of confusion regarding its effects on the skin.  The sun radiates visible light, which gives us the colour we see; infrared light, which gives us the warmth we feel ultraviolet (UV) light, which we cannot see.

When UV radiation reaches the skin, some radiation is reflected away from the surface.  Some radiation is also absorbed and scathered into the tissue just beneath the skin's surface.  The skin’s living cells absorb a proportion of this radiation.  UV radiation absorbed by living cells can result in damage to the skin such as: sunburn, aging of the skin and skin cancer. However, vitamin D synthesis relies on UV radiation and is essential for the body. Some scientists believe that vitamin D prevents skin cancer.  

So, does sun cause or prevent skin cancer? 

Compounded on the questionable effects of sun on the skin regarding skin cancer, is the questionable safety of sunscreens.  For example, the reflectors Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in nano particle size and almost all UV absorbers have been shown to have adverse effects on the body.

Most kids rack up a lot of their lifetime sun exposure before age 18, so it's important that parents teach their children how to enjoy fun in the sun safely. With the right precautions, you can greatly reduce your child's chance of developing skin cancer.

So what precautions should we take to prevent skin cancer?

The key to effectively protect the skin from skin cancer is to find a healthy balance between getting enough natural sunlight to maximise vitamin D production and obtain optimal health, while at the same time protecting the skin from damage that occurs from over-exposure to the sun.

The following pr ecautions are recommended:

For infants under 6 months – Keep out of the sun and especially avoid exposure to the sun in the hours between 10am and 2pm when UV rays are most intense.  Dress infant in lightweight long pants, long-sleeved shirts and brimmed hats that shade the neck. The skin of babies is less mature compared to adults, and infants have a higher surface-area to body-weight ratio compared to older children and adults.  These factors mean that an infant’s exposure to the chemicals in sunscreens (as discussed above) may be much greater, increasing the risks of side effects from the sunscreen. So, infants should not use sunscreens that contain potentially toxic ingredients.  Barrier sunscreen with Titanium or Zinc Oxide that or not micronized can be considered only on areas prone to the sun.  These sunscreens appear white on the skin when used.

For infants 6 months or older – avoid exposure to the sun during peak hours and dress with protective clothing, a hat with brim and sunglasses.  Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF of at least 15+.  Use a sunscreen that contains non-micronized Zinc or Titanium oxides.  Avoid using products that combine sunscreen and the insect repellent DEET.

Teenagers – Encouraging teenagers to use sunscreens is more effective by highlighting the effects of sunscreen usage on the prevention of premature wrinkling and ageing rather than precaution of skin cancer.  Highlighting consequences to appearance rather than health appear to be more effective with teenagers. The fact that teens are motivated by beauty to use sunscreens limits their use of non-micronized Zinc and Titanium oxides, as these sunscreens are visible as white when applied to the skin.

Children get 80% of their lifetime sun exposure before the age of 18, so protection is important. Teens and people below 40 years should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF30-50 and use sunsmart protective clothing.

Generally skin cancers appear in adults over the age of 40.  Additional care is required at this stage.  Recently a treatment for skin cancers has been reported using natural BEC glycoalkaloids in a cream CuradermBEC5.  Various scientific publications show that when skin cancers were eliminated by this therapy, histologically by biopsies, and over 5 years follow-up, that there were no recurrences.

Subsequently it was reported that BEC glycoalkaloids, when added to a specific sunscreen formulation with a broad spectrum and SPF 3, CurasolBEC had many additional benefits and that this sunscreen could eliminate very early precancerous and cancerous growths.  Accordingly, CurasolBEC sunscreen as a preventative for skin cancers is recommended for persons of all ages especially those over 40 years.  

Dr. Bill E. Cham, PhD holds degrees in Chemistry ( University of Delft , The Netherlands), Biochemistry and a Doctorate in the School of Medicine ( Queensland University , Australia ). The varieties of his chosen degrees have enabled him to have a wide approach to research, exactly what was needed with the development of the BEC anticancer technology. This background has enabled Dr. Cham to have an open mind and a non-tunnel vision to science. He has published over 100 articles. His first book, The Eggplant Cancer Cure: A Treatment for Skin Cancer and New Hope for Other Cancers from Nature’s Pharmacy (2007) received worldwide attention and acclaim. He is the founder of CuradermBEC5 and consults worldwide for Curaderm Global LTD.  He currently resides on the island of Vanuatu but has resided in Australia for over 30 years where he still conducts his ongoing research.  By Dr. Bill E Cham  Website:  Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science can be purchased at  Don’t miss this mini Greater Montreal tour: Ville Saint-Laurent, Laval , Saint-Léonard 

Your Upward Journey – A Guide To Transforming Life's Obstacles Into Success Stories

Miami, FL, April 17, 2014 – Passionate about people, Patricia Périssé Bochi's vision is to help others realize that no matter what their circumstances are in life, change from within is possible! She knows from personal experience that it is not the stumbling blocks and tragedies in life that define us but how we react to them. Your Upward Journey: It's Easier Than You Think (Middle River Press), is the inspiring story of Patricia's life experiences and the coping tools she developed that enabled her to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds in order to live a truly fulfilling life.

At age 15, Patricia broke her back in an automobile accident that left her a paraplegic. Since her career goal at that time was to be a classical ballerina, she learned at a very early and difficult stage in life that she would either have to reinvent herself or become a victim of her circumstances. The latter was not an option. Patricia got married at age 19, had two children, and graduated cum laude from law school. She became a solo practitioner almost nine years ago with only one client waiting in the wings, but today Patricia heads up a flourishing law firm and has become a respected writer and contender in the self-help genre.

Your Upward Journey, part memoir/part life manual, is unlike any other self-help book. It is not the work of a psychologist, therapist, or psychiatrist writing from an outside point of view. It is a unique and compelling compilation of personal experiences and life-developed tools that can help anyone overcome obstacles, or wanting to make a radical change but not knowing where to begin. It offers rare insight that can be applied to literally any situation; a physical disadvantage, a negative experience, a life that's become stagnant, or one where a hidden personal barrier prevents a person from reaching their goals and dreams. The inspiring and motivating pearls of wisdom dotted throughout this book help readers find their true self and learn to look at life from a different perspective.

In conjunction with her book, Patricia Bochi plans to lead self-help seminars involving interactive audience participation that will energize attendees and ignite in them the courage and motivation necessary to change their way of thinking, be proud of who they are, and look at life in a more positive way.

Ms. Bochi obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the State University of New York and her Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law at
Coral Gables , FL.    She has served in a leadership capacity with The Disability-Diversity Initiative, a project of the Disability Independence Group (DIG), a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and serves on the Board for the Center of Independent Living of South Florida. She is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. For more information, please visit:

May is National Allergy Awareness Month)

More and more kids these days are challenged with serious food or medical allergies and other medical conditions like asthma, diabetes and more. Medical alert bracelets are lifesavers but when kids don’t like to wear - or even refuse to  wear - typical medical alert bracelets that are ugly, clunky and even create a stigma that can prompt other kids to tease, that lack of available medical information puts the child in danger when an allergic reaction or medical condition comes up. How about a feature on a new, unique solution that is proving popular? It's a vivid, fashionable alternative for a medical alert bracelet that is as fun as it is functional. **(FYI - if you are seeking a timely newspeg, May is National Allergy Awareness Month) Beware Bandits - - are an effective, easy-to-use medical alert wristband for children with allergies and healt h issues that children will love to wear. These colorful bracelets sport informative characters that correspond to the child’s particular allergy or condition to help to easily identify  his/her medical challenge 
The Beware Bandits are a great reminder for friends, family, guardians and care takers to keep a watchful eye out for potentially harmful allergic reactions and health issues that a child (or teen or adult) might have.
The adjustable bands are made with a Latex-free band, and nickel-free snaps to provide comfortable & forgiving bands that will survive the tough and tumble activities of a child’s daily routine.  The bands even provide additional information about the child and the medical challenge on the back of the band. Here are just a few of the Beware Bandits and their allergy and medical alerts:  - Billy The Bee: Inse ct Stings   - Yeehaw Yolk: Eggs   - Poker Face Peanut: Peanuts   - Wagon W. Wheat: Wheat /Gluten   - Saloon Shelly: Shellfish   - Mr. Moo: Milk/Dairy/Lactose Intolerance  - Powder Puff: Asthma   - Buckshot Bob: Diabetes  - Dr. Penny: Penicillin   - And many more... For more information go to:  The Beware Bandits sell for $6.99 each are available at a growing number of stores and websites nationally.  Please let us know if we can get you photos, samples, answer further questions or help in any way to make your job as easy as possible. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Todd Brabender, 785.842.8909,

UK: Foreign doctors 'need tougher tests'   Artists have unique brain structure   Hepatitis C trial a 'turning point'  Stem cell scientist 'misled world'   Self-healing muscle grown in the lab   'Step forward' in skin cancer fight  Smoking bans 'improve child health'   Bat-eating ban to curb Ebola virus    Ebola virus 'high alert'Watch   Scientists 'closer to Ebola drug'   Ebola 'caused Guinea fever deaths' Air pollution kills Seven Million   Active mums 'have active children'   Nose can detect one trillion odors  Rapid breaths 'protect early babies'   Statins 'may help to control MS'  St John's wort blights contraceptive   'Vigorous exercise' cuts flu risk   Takeout food ban 'may fight obesity'   HIV protection gel 'a step closer'   Light drinking 'is preterm risk'  Blood test 'finds Alzheimer's early'   Warning over hospital superbug rise    Second US HIV-positive baby 'cured'   Smoke at home 'harms kids' arteries'  Angry people 'risking heart attacks' Three-person baby details announced   Doctor in Canada abused 21 sedated patients   Cooking meat 'may be dementia risk'  Prostate tests 'will predict risk'  Monkey's brain moves sedated avatar  Brain finds true beauty in maths    Lasers used for meningitis test  Women 'fare worse after strokes'   The science of materials   Rise in deaths from 'legal highs'    Alarm as Kabul records polio case   Belfast medics develop X-ray app   Vitamin C 'gives chemo a boost'   Women 'fare worse after strokes'   Car smoking ban 'due before 2015'   'No leukaemia risk' from power lines   Measles global deaths decline by 78%   Temporary blindness 'boosts hearing'   CBT 'effective' in schizophrenia   Bionic hand allows patient to 'feel'    Hospitals to log victims of FGM   Measles global deaths decline by 78%  Bionic hand allows patient to 'feel'   World facing cancer 'tidal wave'    'Pocket optician' trialled in schools   Dead eyes 'may give blind sight'  Peanut allergy treatment 'a success'  Multiple sclerosis link to food bug

Heat maps' find cervical cancer   First H5N1 death in North America  Canadian health officials confirm the first known fatal case of the H5N1 avian flu strain in North America - a patient in Alberta .   Should you worry about bird flu?   H5N1 human pandemic 'possible'   Bacteria linked to premature birth    A major cause of premature births - where waters break too soon, triggering labour - may be caused by specific bacteria, according to research.   Asthma link to premature births   One in 10 babies born premature  

Montreal Heart Institute hits milestone with new surgical technique  (VIDEO) Vitamin E 'beneficial' in dementia New genetic clues for arthritis Youth-drug can 'reverse' ageing  Global cancer cases reach 14 million   Pakistan polio attacks - three dead   Blast targets polio workersWatch   The price of polio prevention   Polio workers speak out  

Shark antibodies 'may target breast cancer'  Sperm test hope for infertile men  Clue to male infertility found  Also read Concussion damage 'lasts months'   The damage caused by concussion can be detected months after the injury and long after patients feel like they have recovered, brain scans show.  And,  Nobel Prize winner Sanger dies at 95   Frederick Sanger, the British biochemist who twice won the Nobel Prize, has died at the age of 95.   His work was 'outstanding'  Autism detectable 'in first months' HIV antibodies 'have potent impact'    'My son disabled by rare disease'   Lorenzo's Oil boy is dead at 30  Lorenzo's oil: The full story  Lorenzo's Oil boy is dead at 30   Lorenzo's oil: The full story Syria: Polio epidemic fears grow  NEW  WHO warns of Syria disease threat   Children suffering in SyriaListen   Syria unrest 'wrecks health system'   History of polio  Daily aspirin 'risky' for healthy NEW . Daily aspirin 'can stop cancers'  Routine aspirin 'may cause harm'   Daily aspirin 'cuts cancer deaths'Watch  Also read:  Saturated fat heart disease 'myth'   New blood fat heart disease link   What causes coronary heart disease?BBC SCIENCE TB challenge over 'missing' millions. 'Urgent action' needed on child TB   'Visionary' leadership needed on TB   Also read:  Saturated fat heart disease 'myth'   New blood fat heart disease link   What causes coronary heart disease?BBC SCIENCE    Black women get 'worse' breast cancer   Walking 'cuts breast cancer risk'   Breast cancer risk up for UK Asians

The Art of Solace - Fifteen Tips for Pushing through the Discomfort and Truly Connecting with a Chronically Ill Person
Few of us know how to act around a very sick person. And yet, what we say (and don’t say) makes a huge impact. Here are some practical skills for caregivers, family members, and anyone else who wants to make a meaningful difference in a very difficult time. By Walter St. John, Ed.D. 

Medical Words - Explained -  Do you want to know what those medical terms means at all? Like, E. coli infection   Ankylosing spondylitis   Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder   Hepatitis B or C    Schizophrenia   Click the above link and you shall find out. Keep this vital info into your note book, so,  from time to time you’d know what medical science people are a talking about. The listing is from A to Z. Check it out now! (cdb)

Milestone in medical human 'cloning'?

What's a stroke?   Stem cell stroke therapy assessed   Click here for the latest news on stroke Soy may benefit stroke patients Helping stroke patients to speak    Music 'can aid stroke recovery'  Stroke risk peaks every 12 hours   Heart drug may help threat stroke   Stroke struggle: 'They said I would never become a doctor'   Stroke patients to test sensors   What's Killing Canadians?   What's the "Marburg" Virus?  More disease cures check archives   Magnetic field 'aids coma victim'  Institute of Food Research British Nutrition Foundation   Mind power moves paralyzed limbs  Surfing the web is good for your brain   Fatty acids clue to Alzheimer's Western diet 'raises heart risk'    Drug may reverse MS brain damage  'One-stop' embryo test unveiled  Purple tomato 'may boost health'   Lithium tested for impact on Motor Neurone Disease  What is motor neurone disease?    Cancer genetic blueprint revealed    

The Seven Medical Beliefs that's not true  Medical myths 'debunked'   Survey shows contraception myths    TV ad 'busts heart attack myth'    'Medical myths' exposed as untrue Drink at least eight glasses of water a day     We use only 10% of our brains    Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death    Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight    Shaving causes hair to grow back faster or coarser    Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals    Eating turkey makes people especially drowsy.

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  Forger jailed for bogus paintings   Munch's The Scream sold for $120 million

Germany to release confiscated art

Prosecutors in Germany are to release 1,280 works of art confiscated two years ago from the Munich apartment of collector Cornelius Gurlitt.

Matisse's Femme Assise

A second claimant has come forward to declare ownership of Matisse's Femme Assise

Prosecutors in Germany are to release 1,280 works of art confiscated two years ago from the Munich apartment of collector Cornelius Gurlitt. Mr Gurlitt's father bought and sold art under the Nazis, including works looted from Jewish homes and works bought from Jewish owners under duress. The collector's lawyers accept a small portion of the works may be disputed. But the great bulk of the trove, they say, is the collector's for him to do with as he wishes. Mr Gurlitt has been recovering from heart surgery and it is not known how he has reacted to the decision. The immediate likelihood is that the paintings, some by Matisse, Picasso and other masters, will remain in a secure warehouse in Bavaria while legal disputes continue but the prosecutors' decision implies he has a right to them. A smaller number of works found at a property of Mr Gurlitt's in Austria are not affected by the German decision. Wednesday's decision came shortly after the collector agreed to co-operate with the authorities to determine which of the paintings had been stolen by the Nazis and to enable their return.

Owner gives up on 'Chagall' painting

The owner of a painting he believed was by Marc Chagall says he has given up on his fight to save it from being destroyed.

Chagall Painting

Martin Lang paid £100,000 for the painting, which he believed was by Chagall

The owner of a painting he believed was by Marc Chagall has given up on his fight to save it from being destroyed. Martin Lang, a businessman from Leeds , sent the painting to be assessed by the Chagall committee in Paris , but they declared it a fake and kept it. Under French law, forgeries can be confiscated and destroyed. Mr Lang paid £100,000 for the work in 1992. He originally wanted it back but has now said he will "walk away totally disillusioned with the French". The case was featured on BBC One's Fake Or Fortune in February, when experts informed Mr Lang that his work was painted after the 1930s. The painting of a reclining nude was dated 1909-10. Chagall died in 1985. The artist, an early modernist, experimented with various styles including cubism and expressionism. 'Lost cause'  Mr Lang said he had been issued with a writ by the Chagall Committee, which controls the artist's estate and wants the painting destroyed. "They're trying to get a hearing but I've said I don't want to go along that route," Mr Lang said. "I don't see there's a point. It's a lost cause, so I've just said, 'No, it's not worth it.' "There's no point contesting [it]. It's in France , it's a French court, they will come back on their side. It's a terrible shame."  Fake £100k painting 'to be destroyed'   Man 'takes action' over fake Chagall

Stolen Rembrandt found 15 years on

A 17th Century painting by Dutch master Rembrandt is recovered in France , 15 years after it was stolen.

Rembrandt's painting Child with a Soap Bubble

The painting measures 60cm by 49cm and was said to be in a good condition

A 17th Century painting by Dutch master Rembrandt has been recovered in France , 15 years after it was stolen. L'enfant a la bulle de savon (Child with soap bubble), valued at 3.2m euros (£2.7m), was taken from a museum in the southern city of Draguignan in 1999. Two men were arrested in Nice on Tuesday, according to the Agence France Presse (AFP) news agency. Police said they received information that a transaction was due to take place in a hotel the following day. The men, aged 46 and 53, one of whom was described as a former insurer, appeared in court in Nice on Thursday, AFP said. They were reported to be known to police for previous petty crimes. Police are still looking for other suspects.

Anyone looking for these paintings?

  Madame Leon Clapisson, 1883

Monet and Picasso among art theft    Scientists recapture Renoir's reds

Paintings by artists including Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Gauguin and Freud have been stolen from a museum in Rotterdam . Police in the Netherlands said the works were taken from the Kunsthal Museum early on Tuesday morning. The museum is showing works from the Triton Foundation as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The paintings include Monet's Waterloo Bridge , Picasso's Tete d'Arlequin, Matisse's La Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune and Freud's Woman with Eyes Closed.  Monet water lilies sells for $43 million    Monet artwork bequeathed by reclusive heiress  "Madame Leon Clapisson": The visualization (right) is produced using advanced image processing software - Conservation scientists in Chicago produce a stunning visualization of how they think a Renoir painting might have looked before its colors faded. Researchers in Chicago have produced a visualization of how they think a Renoir could have looked before its colors faded. The picture of Madame Valentine Clapisson was painted by the great French Impressionist more than 130 years ago. The original's impact has been degraded and dulled by the action of light. But by using the latest analytical tools, conservators have been able to recover a sense of Renoir's rich reds."When we first brought this picture into the conservation studio for examination and removed the frame, we noticed that at the top and at the left-hand side there was a sliver of very intense colour," recalls Dr Francesca Casadio from The Art Institute of Chicago. "This tipped us off to the fact that the mood of this painting that is now pretty cool and restrained with light purples and blues was once far more vibrant," she told BBC News.

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Check criminal records of online daters, experts say       Hard to check criminal records of others    Online dating client check debate grows 

Buying a used car in Quebec? Check it out first, it could be owned by someone else!

Important note if you have a Bank Card: If you are forced by anyone to withdraw cash from ATM machine, do not resist for your safety, enter your PIN number backward or reverse... say your number is 1234, then enter 4321. Do not worry, the machine will give you the cash but automatically alert the police. Pass this on to anyone you know. This was shown on National TV but never repeated again. Anyway, now you know. Also, if  someone calls to tell you that he is from the bank investigating about a charge in your credit card, hang up and if you want to know why they phoned, call your branch to verify. That's it and if you want to read more scams click the above link.


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