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WHAT'S A STROKE?   Stem cell stroke therapy assessed 

 You could be next! ....if not, it's someone you may know. Why is it important for everyone to know?  


"We're now beginning to recognize that areas on opposite sides of the brain can contribute to recovery."
Dr. Lawrence Brass


"We have discovered a way to get the brain to rewire itself after a stroke," said Dr. Larry Benowitz, a neuroscientist at Harvard University.

Stroke generally damages parts of the brain controlling things like movement and speech. Once it was thought the brain could never repair itself, but Benowitz and his colleagues discovered that a naturally occurring molecule called inosine can make it happen.

Injected directly into the undamaged half of the brain, inosine caused healthy new nerves to stretch across brain hemispheres, replacing the damaged ones: In other words, the healthy side of the brain is able to take over functions for the unhealthy side.  "We're seeing effects within a week already," Benowitz said. In lab tests in which two rats had a stroke, one was given inosine, while the second did not receive a treatment.
Stroke experts like Brass say until now, most treatments have focused on breaking up blood clots that cause strokes, so success in repairing a damaged brain, even in rats, holds great potential. "We're now beginning to recognize that areas on opposite sides of the brain can contribute to recovery," Brass said. The animal that was given the treatment was able to control its paw and able to reach for food.  Comparable motor skill recoveries in people could make a huge difference in quality of life. "This study is different, this approach is different," said Dr. Lawrence Brass, of the National Stroke Association. Because inosine is a naturally occurring substance, the hope is it will not cause side effects. Much more testing is necessary before it can be tried in people.  

Learn more about this brain attack called " STROKE"    INOSINE (whatís this?) aids repair damaged brain cells after Stroke (brain attack)      Find out who is Dr. Larry Benowitz, the neurosciencetist who did the study

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Alternative Names
bacterial meningitis; viral meningitis

An infection which causes inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.

Causes, Incidence and Risk Factors
The most common causes of meningitis are bacterial infections that start in other parts of the body and spread to the brain or spinal cord via the bloodstream. Meningitis is also caused by viruses, chemical irritation, or tumors.
Types include:

meningitis, cryptococcal  syphilitic aseptic meningitis  meningitis, H. influenza  meningitis; meningococcal  meningitis, pneumococcal  meningitis, staphylococcal  meningitis, tuberculous  aseptic meningitis  meningitis gram negative

Acute bacterial meningitis is very serious and should be treated immediately to prevent permanent damage. Bacterial strains that cause meningitis include Streptococcus, Haemophilus influenzae, Staphylococcus, and Meningococcus. In the U.S. about 17,500 cases of bacterial meningitis occur each year. Common viral meningitis is milder and occurs more often than bacterial meningitis. It usually develops in the winter and affects people under 30. Seventy percent of the infections occur in children under the age of 5. Other types of viral meningitis are rare, but more serious.


fever  headache,  severe  nausea and vomiting  stiff neck  sensitivity to light (photophobia)  mental status changes

Additional symptoms that may be associated with this disease:

speech impairment  neck pain  muscle pain  hallucinations  facial paralysis  eye lid drooping  drowsiness consciousness,  decreased  chills  breathing, rapid  agitation  positive Babinski's reflex  fontanelles - bulging opisthotonos  poor feeding  irritability

Signs And Tests:

lumbar puncture  CSF smear  culture of CSF (cerebral spinal fluid)  skull X-ray, sinuses X-ray, and chest X-ray
head CT scan looking for abscess or deep swelling

This disease may also alter the results of the following tests:

CSF glucose - CSF cell count


Antibiotics will be prescribed for bacterial meningitis; the type will vary depending on the infecting organism. Antibiotics are ineffective in viral meningitis. Treatment of secondary symptoms including brain swelling, shock, and convulsions will require other medications and intravenous fluids. Hospitalization may be required depending on the severity of the illness and the needed treatment.

Expectations (Prognosis)

Early diagnosis and treatment of bacterial meningitis is essential to prevent permanent neurological damage. Viral meningitis is usually not serious, and symptoms should disappear within 2 weeks with no residual complications.


hearing loss  brain damage  loss of vision  deafness
Calling Your Health Care Provider
If you feel that you or your child have symptoms suggestive of meningitis, you must seek emergency medical help immediately. Early treatment is key to a good outcome.

Haemophilus vaccine (HiB vaccine) in children will help prevent one type of meningitis.
It is highly recommended that parents and close contacts of individuals with meningitis caused by certain bacterial strains take preventative measures to avoid infliction themselves. (See Meningitis, meningococcal, and Meningitis, H. influenza'

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