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By Conrad David Brillantes

Got a question? Anything in mind that bothers you because no one seems to listen? Send them in and I will try to find the answers. Your name will be kept confidential if requested, and no one will ever know.

The Montreal Tribune and its publishers are not responsible for all contents in this section. All Rights reserved. Copyright 2006 Conrad David Brillantes. All Questions are not edited...posted as they are received.

Obama's 'no strategy' gaffe reveals political truth  

President Barack Obama spoke a great deal about Syria , Iraq and the Islamic State (IS) in Thursday's press conference, but these six words are dominating the non-beige-suit-related discussion among US politicians and pundits.

"We don't have a strategy yet."

Why bother?

Don't bother President Barack Obama, to do more what he had already done regarding the Muslim War and that of Ukrainian problem with Russia . And, China ? No problem. The Japanese are building its armed forces this year and will handle the problem on that side of the world. He's got his Nobel Prize already, and he would hold it tight until he gets out of the White House. He won't wage any war during his term, the CIA will handle what Republicans had started. If there's anyone to blame then go after those guys from The Norwegian Nobel Committee responsible for giving him (Barack Obama) the Nobel Peace Prize before he (can) even begin his term after he was elected president. Also, the West and Russia have a common denominator, the Muslim "war", instead of going against Vladimir Putin they should patch things up with him, leave Ukraine for the meantime, get the Euro people takes care of that and join hands in stopping the those Muslim radicals killing anyone they don't like. Go after their teachers and leaders, they are the ones responsible for all what's happening now. If you've got a question please send them in ( )..

New Saints from Quebec?

Guess who should be sainted by the nationalists or separatists?

  Lucien Bouchard2.jpg  Jacques Parizeau1.jpg    Bernard Landry2-.jpg

But before you send in your

Hey did you hear? We have  two new Saints from Quebec, no, it's not  Lucien Bouchard or Jacques Parizeau nor  René Lévesque or Robert Bourassa and  definitely not Bernard Landry (above pictures are in order from left to right) but here check it out! Pope Francis elevates 2 Quebecers to sainthood Note: All are but a waste except for The Great Rene Levesque, he should have been sainted a long time ago by the Separatists as the real Quebecois who inspired equality for all. Later, more about these nationalists or separatists Quebecois political leaders.


Is the greenback going to sink?

What happens in a US debt default?

Bills, bills, bills: how does the  US   government pay its debt?

20 dollar bills and hand

By Kim Gittleson BBC business reporter, New York

What is a  US   debt default?  At its most basic level, a default is when a person or an entity cannot repay a debt on time. For instance, when a person can't make a payment on a mortgage or a car loan. When a country does this, it's known as a sovereign default. This is when the country cannot repay its debt, which typically takes the form of bonds. So if the  US   were to default, it would essentially stop paying the money it owed US Treasury bond holders. A quick refresher: the  US   government spends more money than it collects in taxes. So to make up the shortfall, it raises funds by asking investors to buy US Treasury bonds. Investors, such as the Chinese government and pension funds, do this because these bonds are seen as a safe place to invest money. What are the consequences of a  US   default? No one really knows exactly what would happen, but the likelihood is that markets around the world would plunge and global interest rates would rise. This is because if the  US   government could not repay the money it owed bondholders, the value of the bonds would decrease. And the yield - the return the government pays to an investor - would rise. This is because it would be perceived as a less safe investment. This would prompt interest rates around the world, which are often tied to those of US Treasuries, to spike. Furthermore, the impact on the  US   's creditors could be dire.  Japan   , for instance, owns about $1.14 trillion of  US   debt - which is equivalent to 20% of its annual economic output. In the  US   , Goldman Sachs estimates that $175bn would immediately be withdrawn from the  US   economy and it could lead to a very deep recession. Top 5 foreign holders of US debt :   Mainland China $1,27 Trillion  *  Japan $1.4 Trillion  *   Caribbean banking centres: Bahamas , Bermuda, Cayman Islands and others $287 Billion  *  Oil exporters: Venezuela , Iran , Iraq , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia and others $257 Billion  *  Brazil $256 Billion  *   SOURCE: US TREASURY     Will the Fed get back to normal?   How bad are US debt levels?   Q&A: What is the debt ceiling?    

Do you agree or you don't agree on the "The consequences of a  US   default"? Our editor an economist don't agree, saying it instead a clever manipulation on the protection of the dollar, instead of just printing them. Why? Go ask him at


Its May Day today

May 1,  A very special day around the world, especially in Europe and Asia . Here in Quebec , particularly in Montreal , besieged of corruption since the very famous ’76 Olympics, where it took 50 years to pay for the building of the stadium that became a money pit since its construction. Whom should we accuse of corruption, well; who else but those politicians that took turns of running the city. Shame, shame, shame but who can throw those people out? That’s where political election comes in. But, would there be really a group that could get the city start to clean itself? Uhhhhhh that I have to see yet. So, let’s talk about election; if Stephen Harper doesn’t get a majority which really I doubt, within the next three months after the votes are cast, he will be thrown out. He had 5 years of staying at 24 Sussex Drive , that’s about a full term of a regular PM. And, Michael Ignatieff? No, he won’t make it to become PM; he doesn’t have the look that people would want to become a Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chrétien. This is not his place to become PM; probably he should turn back to where stayed most of his time down south in the United Sates of America . Oh, the Bloc, they could have never been elected to the parliament, but thanks to Brian Mulroney (“he’s not a crook) that brought in Lucien Bouchard, who had been a comedian throughout the years that he stayed in the politics. Let’s go to former Montrealer, Jack Layton, they say he’s got no experience to govern Canada , that’s BS, who amongst those former PMs that could be better than Jack?  None whatsoever. So, let’s try him, you never know, he might be the angel we are waiting for. Hospital or Health Care: There are so many things that changed throughout the years since I settled in Montreal , on my way to Amsterdam , getting away from madness of the Vietnam War back some forty years ago, seeing it a city much different from the rest of America , which I considered a paradise within. But at that time the city was booming, its one of the five designated trading cities in the world. There were plenty of jobs, lots of investments; people wherever you go have happy faces when you see them in the streets. But, when this thing about the Separatist came about, all things changed for the worst, lost billions of dollars to benefit Toronto . Rene Lévesque’s vision of Quebec , to turn it to a very lucrative place to invest got sideswiped by those ignoramuses who tried to force everyone into speaking French only. As Levesque was saying, ruling out of madness won’t make the score. And he was thrown out, and from there on, only three cities survived. I don’t have to tell the story here because everyone knows what all those idiots did. It’s simply to say that you CANNOT TAKE ENGLISH OUT of Quebec , it would prevail in the long run. The province lost most of the talents it’s got and now short of what you call brains. Speaking about brains, our hospitals don’t have that anymore. Good management is gone. Lots of patients are suffering from neglect and wrong diagnoses. Much more to continue, please stayed tuned. Happy May Day to everyone!  


Economic Union with the US? No way says great majority of Canadians

Loonie hits parity with U.S. dollar

Now we have to worry about this road to economic union with Uncle Sam that began back at the time of Brian Mulroney. If that happens then we are hooked to help them pay their debts which will take more than a hundred years to pay and a possible total bankruptcy within the next ten years once those overprinted greenbacks starts to come home. Maybe, the only way to stop that to happen is for Canada to encourage more countries to invest heavily in the USA, just like China, India, Russia, and Brazil.10.14.10


Don't blame China

China manufacturing accelerates - Official data from China shows that expansion of the manufacturing sector picked up speed in Septem China cannot be blamed for the economic woes of the US , Canada or the Western Countries; it’s the labor organizations greed! They were the ones that drove all those manufacturers overseas. They never thought about that before, way back fifty years ago? But, the problem is politicians cannot say about anything that could irritate the unions otherwise they won’t be elected. The bottom line is that those union members are the first one to suffer, correct me if I am wrong. Just check out what the US continues to do; they keep printing money with no value at all but the faith of those hoarding them. 10.01.10


Beyond Diplomatic protocol

Ahmadinejad UN speech sparks walk-outs - The US and other Western delegations at the UN General Assembly walk out as Iran 's President Ahmadinejad questions the events of 9/11.

The US followed by the EU countries, Canada , Australia , New Zealand and Costa Rica , walking out of the UN auditorium when Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was about to start his speech, is not kosher. What they should have done was unplugged their earphones and seat tight, that’s how it works on occasions like these. The formation of the United Nations was mainly to hear what the member country’s speaker has to say. It’s an international forum of world leaders and if countries like the US and its allies disapproved of its presence and whatever nonsense they claim it would say, then make sure he’s not given the time to deliver is speech. Mind you instead of being laughed at ---.he could have gained more supports from countries dominated by Muslims and others for the undiplomatic behavior that the US and its allies had shown and done. 9.24.10


If no one will stop them, who can?

Muhammad cartoonist 'in hiding'

If the free world would give everything that the Muslim World asks, then we are all in trouble. Remember what that Genghis Khan, the Mongol barbarian did to Persia when they sent him back his ambassador with his head cut? He sent his army and burnt the whole city down. And it took them sometime to really get back on their feet. Also, when those Ottoman killers did to Europe ? They all got wiped out when the Christians decided it's enough, and all of them settled back at the present day Turkey . So, now, unless the leaderships of the Muslim World agreed with the rest to civilize their followers, then the world would be at peace at last. Drawing the image of Muhammad is not a crime of any sort not found in the Koran or in any Muslim historical books.  It's not the freedom of religion that they want; it's what they want do that make our life miserable.9.17.10


Heard about a coup d'etat in Canada as per RCMP report?

Must be true, but not by any Canadian groups or political organizations, it’s just not going to happen but on the other hand remember the American revolution?, without Canada it's not complete, so we better watch out! Canada is so rich that it could cover their debts 100 times over, but why would we join the Union are we nuts?,  when their deficit is so high that it will take a hundred years for them to pay? Also our own Arab terrorist?, it’s a joke; they are just a bunch of unemployed illegal immigrants, nothing much about them that we need the protection of Uncle Sam... Reference Ottawa Citizen...9.13.10 or go to, click Ottawa Citizen  9.14.10


Young Moslem lives are sacrificed

Since the lack of standard qualification to become an Islamic religious leader, anyone that thinks he has spoken to Mohamed could posses  spiritual leadership without further educational attainment to have young’s Moslem lives wasted for their own vengeance against those they thought are their enemies as they call infidels but that’s not what the great Imam left them in this world to follow. It’s not hatred he planted; it’s understanding of everyone and spread that through love of human life. And, so, whoever you could be, wake up make yourself a part of the solution and not the one that spreads chaos amongst us that want to have a peaceful life.9.06.10 Children die in Pakistan bombing  Tajikistan suicide bomb wounds 25


An intimidation or what?

'Ground Zero mosque' moves closer

An attempt to block a plan for a mosque near Ground Zero in New York has failed after the site was denied landmark status.

There’s a lot of land space in the City of New York , why would they build a mosque very close to 9/11 attack site? It’s not principle that have to be considered but the human emotion that should prevail from the majority of the New Yorkers and of those from around America , including Canada and Mexico . Let the misunderstanding between the Western people or Christians and the Moslems cool off for sometime. By then they could reconsider the project one more time. It may take twenty five years or so, but the law of civility will apply, as it happened in the past since the time of the barbarians from Genghis Khan, Mao Tse Tong, to Adolf Hitler, and the others, like the Ottomans who had massacred millions of Christians including Armenians and they all comes in the millions. May we all have peace and work together toward a bigger war, the global warming, it’s’ already here, and for sure will kill us all. 8.04.10


President Barack Obama, fired US Afghan war commander

McChrystal cracked

Don't blame the general and his staff for their attitude towards Barack Obama; blame those who endorsed his candidacy for president to beat Hillary Clinton. As I was saying before, A US president must be very decisive, right or wrong they have to posses executive ability to lead the most powerful country in the world. And, Obama never thought of that before he decided to become president. CNN lost millions of viewers to as much as 40% once they start campaigning for Barack.. But, that's not the only major problem he's facing, more to come. Remember Jimmy Carter? He should have stayed a peanut farmer.. 6.23.10 Confidence crisis

What the media say: The manner of President Obama's reaction to a few remarks quoted in Rolling Stone magazine is already being interpreted as showing the president's weakness, rather than his strength. A stronger, more self-confident president would have given Gen McChrystal a public roasting, then told him in as many words to get on with the job and keep his mouth shut in future.


Canadian soldier killed by IED in Afghanistan

But who will be next to go?

Sacrificing Canadian lives for whom? So, the Taliban, and those people there can stop killing each other? Fat chance!!!  It's not our responsibility to civilize them; they have their leaders to do that... Let just get out of Afghanistan and other places where we are wasting our much needed resources to places that doesn't work. Put our humanitarian aid where it's really wanted, start from home. Accordingly, in Montreal we have about 50,000 homeless people, aside from a surplus of idiots working in the management of the city, the province and the Federal government.6.22.10


Belgium separatists in poll 'win' 

Can Quebec do what they want to do in Belgium?

Today, there are no interesting news coming out of Montreal ….Even in Politics, there's nothing, nada! Our politicians are boring.  But, there is one that you may want to know. It’s about an Afghan mother who stabbed her teenage daughter in Dorval , a suburb of the city for staying out all night. She was rushed to the hospital with multiple wounds which doctor say that she is in critical but stable condition. The mother will be charged with attempted murder accordingly. And here's (European news) something that you may want to read. It's about Belgium 's Flemish and the French. They are not getting along very well for the last century, and just this week the Flemish party won the election, who wanted that the two separate from each other, splitting the country into two. Can the Separatists in Quebec copy the same as what the Flemish wants to do there in Europe , have a separate state in North America ? That's not possible as there’s a big or huge difference in geography and people between Belgium and Quebec . In Quebec, all the French Quebecois Separatists could do is follow the rest of the Quebecois, assimilating themselves as purely North American people, just like everyone else between the United States and the whole of Canada. And in order to preserve its language and culture they would need the assistance of the Anglophone or allophone population instead of making their life so hard which is only to the satisfaction of the few. Without forcing the law that was created to preferably treat French Quebecois economically which really comes to a total failure, they should replace the Language Law (Bill 101) and make Quebec a fully bilingual province. Economically it will emerge from being bankrupt in the absence of much needed foreign or out of province investments. Actually that’s not the only problem we have here, but the first thing they (the politicians) have to do is use common sense. And, from there we could smoothly sail to a better understanding between ourselves, politics and economics. We do have a good life here that’s because we are still part of Canada . 6.14.10


Pakistan spy agency accused over Taliban

Way to go… Pakistan !

It’s the money that keeps them (the Taliban and other Islam fundamentalists) alive, like the never ending Mid-East Conflict... It’s the dollar that makes them rolling! I don’t have to write a long story about it...just base it from the past… They will never end their differences with the Jews and the Westerners as long as "In God We Trust" keeps coming in. There's no solution at all... everything had been tried but nothing worked. The best is leave them alone, just wait until they get tired and the leaders vanish on earth or leave like what Genghis Khan did and other barbarians who gave up and left with nothing, even the Russians failed. 6.13.10


Roadside bomb kills nine Afghans

Anything new in Afghanistan ? Nothing! The US and NATO could be there forever!

It's a lot better to contract the job to mercenaries gunning those who are threats to America . That's it!  That's a lot cheaper than the billion dollars spent and lives wasted on these very undisciplined country where everyone looks alike.6.11.10


Shell confirms closure of Montreal refinery

Whose fault is this?

What most of those supposedly economic geniuses keeps avoiding saying is that labor unions should take most of the blames of companies moving out of the province. In simple economics term it’s the cost that’s causing the problem. And, don’t forget the French Language Law (Bill 101). I will elaborate more on this subject later in the day.6.05.10


Quebec language law 'a mess': opposition

Bill 101 the Language Law: Winners, Quebec Elite Separatists; they have the money to make their children bilingual.  Losers: Ordinary Quebecois who cannot afford to pay for children to learn English. So far, after more than 30 years, Bill 101 didn't work for the Quebecois; instead it turned the Province Bankrupt. Thanks goodness it's still part of Canada (The Tribune) 6.03.10


UN push for nuclear-free Mid-East

Nuclear-free? If  Israel didn't listen before why would they listen now?

It's survival of the flow of the dollar. Good luck! Since 1948, Israel never accepted any resolutions the UN made, what on earth does the UN members think that another would matter? An Israel official just denounced the document as "hypocrisy".5.29.10


CSIS watchdog finds 'troubling' errors

Our Spy Agency is a joke!

How could this agency make anything good? They are all chiefs no Indians. Check it out! You got to have a master's degree to get in... so,  who's going to do the killing? Of course none of them... Imagine spending a lot of money, and time, studying hard just to become a soldier and die for us?  No, kidding…That's why since its conception nothing had been done good for our money, it’s just a waste. Let's settle with the RCMP. I think they will do the job better.5.26.10


The Falklands belongs to Argentina ... period

The Brits should stop thinking they are still an empire, that's gone and all they did was screwing up the world. Just look what they did in Asia, they leased a land they called North Borneo Company, and when the left instead of turning it over back to the Sultan of North Borneo, they incorporated it to a country they created, the Federal States of Malaysia. And, in India (?) they got all those people there killed each dividing it into three or four (countries). By now they should stop acting tough guys already; that’s gone… Should I say more? 2.22.10 Leaders 'back claim on Falklands'


The birth of American Union is near

I have that feeling of what I wrote before that the Union of America and Canada can happen within the next five years. This kind of EU like union has been on the plan for more than twenty years. Canada doesn’t earn anything from this and expect a great majority of the population to oppose. It’s in the interest of the US to get this union materialized for they are in desperate need of Canada’s wealth to backup their huge economic liability which themselves only are to blame Would any of their experts want to disagree with me? Please feel free to argue point by point what happened during the past 60 years. 2.06.10


The Mid-East War is never ending

There's nothing anyone can do... Put all the powerful arms and controls of both the US and Russia still the culture of killings will just never end in the Mid-East. Saddam Hussein could have been right after all. Between Israel , and Palestine ? Forget it! Unless, the UN builds a Jewish State in Europe , moves all the Jews there. But the killings in Palestine will still be around for the next one hundred years .This time it’s just among themselves. As they say in India , it’s the nature of the fabric. .  Re:  Bombings hit Iraq Shiva pilgrims 2.05.10


This is why I did not endorse Barack Obama

After all what the two monkeys did (George W, and Dick Cheney), the mess they created on top of what they inherited from Bill Clinton’s government, that’s the reason why my editorials were for  Hillary Clinton to get elected instead of Barack Obama, because the US need someone with experienced and executive ability to examine the problems facing the US. The humongous economic and international political problems created during the past should have been deeply studied very carefully, and probably by now a year after Obama was elected solutions could have began already. Obama, is dreaming that because of his ability to speak well... American problem will just disappear. I just don’t believe this is happening now with world’s champion of democracy and capitalism. 2.01.10


Hard to beat when man say he'll kill for his god

It's been a long time passing that the US never really thought that they inspired the birth of the Sons of Laden around the world. So many words described about them but not one mistake they think could be attributed to them. Does anyone want to know the list? Well, first their system of government made it so complicated to implement... it's been more than 300 years since the revolution and still adjusting .And, they even forgot France for helping out to win even though the reminder is right there fronting the New York City Harbor, Lady Liberty they call her. The only consolation one can get is by listening to their national anthem, that's the only thing one can really be sympathetic to America . Do they really have to apologize for their shortcomings?  No need to do that, just have to adapt to better understanding of the human relationship without humiliating the weak and the ignorant. Amen…1.10.10  Re: Taliban's reach


E-mail for Mayor Gerald Tremblay?

Photo by Mr. Conrad - The Montreal Tribune

If you are thinking of sending a message to the mayor of the City of Montreal, either you want to tell him why the city is so corrupted and why he didn't do anything about it if he’s not part of the deal since becoming mayor eight (8) years ago, and why the city employs thousands of people more than it really could afford where property and business owners are the ones to suffer for municipal tax increases they cannot even object, and the most part is why even dummies where hired to run the city? Speaking of dummies, this is really true according to previous report that there are employees who are not doing anything, no work assignments at all but are in the payroll. They cannot be fired for they belong to organized labor union. So there you go again, the system is being run by the mafias within and they are not Italians. Check it out! Even the police are unionized and I think the prosecutors and judges also have their own labor union or some brotherhood syndicated association. So, if anyone brings this subject up he can be in trouble himself.. I was told. Or if you just want to send him greetings for the holidays then click Gerald Tremblay and for sure he’ll get your message. Good Luck!  But don’t answer when someone from his office calls, for you’ll only be insulted and if you are an immigrant you will be told to go back where you came from. Almost about every time I see and talk to anyone of the locals especially those “middle class” at Nun’s Island, by the way they changed that name to “Sisters Island” translated to French, majority complains why there are so many Indians here, no they are not talking about the Mohawks or Comanches. It’s the Indians from India , Pakistan , Bangladesh or Sri Lanka , I told them “Hey don’t blame me or anyone else. You were the ones who got them in through your own immigration bureaus... So, why bother complaining now? If you want to read more stay tuned for there are more stories about what happened during the past thirty years. I haven’t touched those politicians running the province yet but wait until I get there. By the way didn’t you notice that lots of private properties are not owned by the government? I will explain later. Everyone agrees with me that we live in one of the best places in the world and I don’t understand why we have so many people on welfare. Adios Amigos….!!!! (josh) 12.13.09


Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Philippine President Arroyo quits as ruling party head

How can a sweet and honest girl turned to becoming a crook, elected leader of a country once led by a humble father, who became president based on honesty and served his country to the best of what he can do but to be cheated only on his reelection by a criminal named Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, 20th century’s biggest thief of the world. President Arroyo starts to step down and eventually will end up in jail with the husband branded as the "deal maker" the same way that had happened to another crook the former president Joseph Estrada, convicted of plunder. Can this god loving people be saved from politicians such as those that are presently leading the country? Probably not in this lifetime, but who knows? 11.20.09

Refused a passport Sudan born Canadian Abousfian Abdelrazik, wants $27 million

Canada is really a very nice place to stay... It's pays up to immigrants who put themselves in trouble and blame the government later thereby raking millions of dollars that is known throughout the world that made us number one target to so many scammers coming from all over the world. Is it not about time for our politicians and bureaucrats to wake up and see what’s wrong with our system and find out who we really hire to run it? We have so many people running the system and most probably doesn't know what they do. Our immigration system had ran out of common sense. They let in a lot of non productive immigrants and according to statistics 4 out of 5 are wasted. Who knows I maybe the next one to sue the government, maybe $50 million (?) and may have good reason to do that. But that’s really nothing considering that Canada can afford it. So, all those thinking of suing Canada …. line up and start sending your complaints here. Not to worry about lawyers lots are waiting to help out for the money! To know how easy to get the government to pay up, ask Brian Mulroney. 9.25.09



What about the Indians or the Native People?

When talking of building a Quebec Nation, the subjects of language control, cultural freedom, and economic disaster always arise. But we seem to consistently ignore a large and powerful minority population in the discussion process. Our native Canadians (First Nation, Inuits and Mètis) claim almost all of Quebec 's land as theirs and they can produce signed treaties to back up their claims. Forget the anglophones and allophones. They could probably be merged into a sovereign Quebec with few problems. The trick of amalgamating the island of Montreal into one mega city in order to win a referendum might work, if Montreal does indeed control the crucial one percent needed to record a Yes vote. But, our politicians have to be more informed and cautious when dealing with native leaders. The First Nation has been relatively quiet so far, but it is political suicide to continue to ignore them. They control far more than one percent of the popular vote. The natives of today’s Quebec have little resemblance to their ancestral forebears. With modern education, an understanding of the modern world, and modern firearms, a single political mistake in dealing with native concerns can result in complete disaster - on a scale that could make the Oka crisis of 1990 a small irritation by comparison. And no one can predict how the federal government would react. Militant activists among native groups undermine the capability of any right-wing separatist groups in the province. Members of the warrior societies in Oka and Kanesatake proved at Oka that they are willing to bring the full brunt of force against a government they consider hostile to their rights. And, they represent a nation that can be strengthened by Indians from all over the US and Canada . Politicians can redraw borders but Quebec cannot separate from Canada because the two are intermarried historically, culturally and spiritually. Canada is Quebec and Quebec is Canada . Premier Landry must redraft his master plan to include all the peoples living in Quebec . Then, he will have achieved something that all previous separatist leaders have failed to consider. Quebec can separate perhaps, but there is no way to separate its peoples from their spiritual attachments to Canada and to their native Quebec . The current vision of a sovereign Quebec is flawed because it ignores a huge percentage of its own people. But, if the separatists have the full cooperation of the native population, of the allophones and anglophones, francophones and the global community, they will have created a great nation, within the embrace of an even greater nation. Reprinted and posted from the original editorial of The Montreal Tribune:  More on this series later.....

February 22, 2009 - PQ members at odds over advertising boycott The Bloc Québécois was also keeping at arm's-length from Bourgeois's publication. "A year ago, we suggested to our MPs that they no longer purchase ads in Le Quebecois," said Bloc spokeswoman Karine Sauve. "At the next caucus meeting, we'll straight-out ask them to no longer buy ads at all." While she couldn't say what spurred the Bloc to dissociate itself from the paper 12 months ago, Bourgeois's most recent comments were definitely behind the latest push. "This time, it has to do with the 250th anniversary re-enactment," she admitted, noting that the Bloc leadership felt his comments were inappropriate. Until now, the two parties had been purchasing up to 80 per cent of the advertisements in the newspaper. Between the summer of 2006 and this January — 13 issues in total — the paper ran 175 ads for either the PQ or the Bloc.

February 23, 2009Lady Liberty -  Remember that huge statue of a lady in front of New York City ? If you ask ten people out there (in New York) or even here of what it say, most would tell you it symbolizes freedom, after revolution against England and that pretty much the same knowledge that I knew of since the time I learn to how to read. But as you go differ in your studies from high school to university you’d realized that lady is telling something else but liberty. Okay, just go back where it all started from. That battle, which ended the Seven Years War ( England & France) in 1759, at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City , won by England that was not easily forgotten by mother France. The surrender came along with a promised from General James Wolfe that the French could keep their language and culture. That contract was kept to this day… So, let’s go forward to the American Revolution, France was very instrumental in getting them win the in insurrection by supplying the guns and ammunition they needed, in fact French General Lafayette fought the battle with them and along with that Napoleon signed the Louisiana Purchase . Let’s go back to that Lady Liberty, now probably you would understand why that statue was given to the Americans… That’s a reminder that America without France wont’ have the liberty it has now. It’s something that the French wants the Americans to remember forever. Now, back to that war the French lost in Quebec City , if they won that war, the Quebec could have been handed to the Americans along with the Louisiana Purchase and thereby losing all their identities together with their language and culture. But that didn’t happen because of Gen. Wolfe and that’s a long, long time already… We have Canada , for God sake (!) composed of some dozen of provinces and territories, very rich and second largest country in the world with a very little population to maintain. So, the question is why can’t we just all get together and improve the understanding of tolerance and lose those stupidity and naive ness. It’s about time that we accept and live on what have now and at least agree to disagree. Look! There are so many French from Quebec that are very productive in the US and around the world. So, what more does some immature people want? Turn this place into like Afghanistan ? Read who's  Lafayette   

February 25, 2009 – Robert Bourassa started it all -  So, you read the first part of the Quebec Nation series? The others will follow later as the writer is putting the articles together. When I came in the very early part of the 70s, life was good then. The economic climate here was healthy and city was the envy of politicians in Canada and some part of the US where it’s known and of course it’s very popular in Europe . I was on my way to The Netherlands to join the leader of a radical group from one of those very corrupt island republics in the Pacific, but got enticed to stay by a Canadian immigration officer when he told and shook my hand to say “you are now a Canadian, with you knowledge and experience, we need you here”. That’s when I went (to the immigration office) just to extend my stay for another month, to observe further if I am really seeing a paradise out of North America, where everyone  seemed to be so happy and respectful.  The city itself was one of the first five trading cities in America second to New York , bulk of investments passed by here before it goes to Chicago , Dallas , Los Angeles and San Francisco .  Jobs were everywhere, all what entrepreneurs need is a ten dollar and a dream. But, all these started to change when then former and late Premiere Robert Bourassa, tried to be (French) nationalistic without thinking that he’s going to sink the province into financial ruin when he made a law to enforce French and culture to everyone known as Bill 22, More later….because everyone should know that our politicians thought we are all idiots, even the mayor we have now thinks we are stupid  

How can some people in Quebec expect a separate provicne will be more productive than being part of the confederation? If they were not able to convince the majority of the resident then until the 80's how can they think independence is still a possibility at the present time or in the next one hundred years? It’s gone… the commonly known “Children of the Bill 101” (Separatist Language Law) according to statistics that French descent learned more English than others learned French. Are politicians stupid enough not to know that this very oppressive law is the reason why this province is economically bankrupt? Mind you the government is filled with very ignorant Ph D graduates that are making our lives more miserable year after year since 1976. If only they could put hatred at the back burner since the French defeat at the Plains of Abraham, and look for real solutions to make this province great again, then we will be alright (economically and politically speaking) as early as two years from now and that could happen before the next provincial election. By that time Brian Mulroney’s boy wins again. Everyone should be involved in this rebuilding process, especially the labor unions; they are the ones that really control the system. Just look at the behavior of the police, they are not properly dressed up for almost a year (not in police uniform) because they want more money from a bankrupt system. Okay, just incase the sitting politicians are afraid of the Separatist mobster, then for the meantime divide Quebec into two, all of West Montreal towards Ontario will be known as West Quebec, and of course the other half is East Quebec. Do you see what’s going to happen? It did already without doing the separation yet… Look at what happened in the East… just here at Montreal …it looks like its depression; even the Big O is not doing well. They lost the Expos remember? So, what about the cities from St. Jean to Three Rivers, including Sherbrooke , they are all bankrupt as a result of this Bill 101. More later so, please stay tuned. 3.20.09


After all what the US did, Barack 'O sees recovery?

Sure, but it won’t happen in his time as president. The U.S. will be on its way to recovery but inflation comes first... the greenback will devalue against world currencies. What’s keeping it up for now is faith for those who are in possession of the dollar. And, this recovery will never happen within the first Barack ‘O administration, probably not even if he wins the next election. 3.25.09


Devaluing of the U.S. Dollar 

Are the people running the US government nuts? “Give away money” depletes the value of the currency, and that's just simple economics. In the capitalist system, those who failed should start anew. Money is supposed to be a result of production; printing and giving it away means more work for the Americans to support the scheme. But, that’s what the U.S. has been doing  for the past 50 years, it’s been printing money and handing them gratis to  foreign countries to maintain their economic and political control and became the world’s medium of exchange but it’s been producing more disasters than stability, like the situation now in Central And South America, and those in Asia, like the Philippines, who asked and given independence on July 4, 1948, (they) continued to dominate the system by corrupting the already troubled society a result of the domination and slavery inflicted on them by the Spaniards for 360 years. Their history has been tampered by some idiots who learned how to write at that time. In any event all of what's happening now is the result of greed, cons and scams and stupidity. If you want to read more of what I wrote before please click here (What’s happening). As an international trade consultant working with three of the first 12 biggest corporations in the  world it’s been a long  time that I know when America stops buying the world stands still. 3.24.09


Unity talks among the Palestinians? Bahhhhh humbug!

Guess why they are talking about unity? Simply, the US dollar made them talking but that's just a show. So, as I was saying before... take away the greenback and the Mid-East Conflict would just fade away. Caption: Israeli right joins coalition bid - President Shimon Peres urged MPs at their swearing-in ceremony to conclude a peace deal with the Palestinians by the end of this parliamentary term. "Negotiations with the Palestinians need to continue until an accord will be found," Mr. Peres told parliament on Tuesday evening. "We don't want to rule over another people, and we don't want another people to rule over us." Well, Dear Mr. Peres, this is politics you are talking about…. What I have been saying for years already that the only way to end the Conflict is for the US takes the dollar out of the equation. The mighty dollar is the reason why this war is continuing for the last fifty years or so. The US can protect the sovereignty of Israel and tell them to stay within their boundary. Stop building more settlements where the Palestinians are staying. Those that were built should be dismantled and turn over the area back to the Palestinians. Stop the money flowing to Egypt , Jordan , and Israel and of course to Palestine . 2.26.09


The mistake of Abraham... and also that of the British, France, and those Exclusive clubs of Idiots from Old Europe and the Americans, will end our life on earth.

It’s “recess" on murdering human beings - The killings are not ending yet... This is only a short snooze of butchering each other until they are all gone, and that’s the people that Abraham created to worship one God. On both sides men doesn’t seem to think through their brains all along instead they use their dicks to born more children to kill... And, where are the Arabs? Oh, well, they are busy killing each other right there in Pakistan , Afghanistan, India and other places populated by Muslims. Also, what’s this with Israel ? When they kill its self defense? And, if it’s the other side, it’s terrorism? Give me a break! 01.18.09


The Philippines, why is it so corrupt?  

The Philippines According to the CIA  & The Population as of July, 2008 -  96 million +

It's also corruption that prolong the insurgents' war in this very troubled republic in the Far East, and mind you the US is there. What’s really happening?  It’s the US dollar and sham policy of every American administration since freeing this republic on July 4, 1946, which in effect turned it slowly into a banana republic. Just imagine, all its presidents were all designated crooks, including one that was a murderer, written in books as the biggest thief of former head of states, and another an ex-movie star convicted of stealing or plunder, who could possibly get elected president again to rob his people more. One can only pity those very talented people that come from this very gorgeous country and hospital people in the world. But, should note that behavior of citizens in any country is based on its past history. This country had been born out of a magic wand... its history is far from the truth. From the time it got occupied by Spain and at one time the British, then the Americans, history has not been so kind to its people. Thus, the colonial mentality and corrupt practice of the West prevailed due to elusions that were established in the system. Even their much idolized national hero was misunderstood. Country profile: The Philippines  Timeline: The Philippines  01.15.09


Judas' place in the World  Book of Records

Bernard Madoff got them all: The greedy salamabitches, the religious fanatics, charities, including the Arabs...and, why not? They are all idiots. Just like what we have here (in Montreal , and at the parliament)... A bunch of so called economic experts that doesn't even know the common denominator of what caused this worldwide economic crisis started by the US a long, long  time ago. Anyone got the guts to tell me?  England's Serious Fraud Office opens UK Bernard Madoff investigation 1.08.09


Pol Pot's idea won't work at all either that of what the US and the Euros are doing.

The same thing what Adolph Hitler did to the Jews. And, now killing Palestinians would only prolong the dislikes and misunderstandings. But the bottom line is Killing is not the best solution to improve human civility. Check it out! Continuous support of US dollars is extending the desire of those uncivilized idiot leaders who are taking (in) a yearly budget of more than 6 billion greenbacks spread amongst them is the cause of this never ending war and hatred. And, what more can I say….Little words are enough for everyone to understand what all the killings is all about and no need for thousands of authors to write a novel or books on what make them kill each other.. Simply put, it’s just greed… stupid! 1.07.09


On Worldwide Economic Mess

It’s the US dollar, stupid!

The common denominator here is Uncle Sam’s greenback. Check it out, you all economic experts! The US is trying to get hold (regain) of their run away and over printed dollar that’s causing this economic chaos around the world. The more governments gives money away, the more the situation gets worse, defying the principle of free market economy or capitalism. But of all of these are illusions…. they have to figure out how they can recover what they lost during the past 60 years. Plus of course cons and scams perpetrated by business company CEOs, and alike. And, plus, they (US) are trying to stop the continued popularity of the Euro (EU currency) which was on its way to possibly replace the dollar as the international medium of exchange. Enough already in trying to control the world… just let loose and get all those world leaders figure out how to reform themselves from being corrupt and control freaks as they are. Even here in Canada, we have a prime minister who is trying to hold on to power that his parliament is telling him to step down. Meantime read following related articles.  Japan backs further aid package   Canada to aid car manufacturers  IMF urges spending to spur growth  Iceland recovering well, says IMF  IMF head calls for extra funding  IMF sees world slowdown next year  (12.21.08)


The legacy of George W. Bush

He will be remembered for the democratization of the Arabs, just wait. So, if anyone thinks Barack Obama can just pull out the US guns out of Iraq , he is certainly mistaken and for sure going to fail. The Americans have to be there whether they like it or not. They got in there and they cannot leave for a long, long time.  If they do, then the process is not going to work. No matter how smart the incoming US president is, his promised of "change we can" won't work for a system that's been practiced for thousands of years.  Not even that slogan would work right in the Untied States of America . What they really need to do is change their attitudes. They have to ask themselves how they can change their own system of being so arrogant to those they think inferior of them… Leaving Iraq as Barack Obama promised during his run for the office is going to be disaster… All those Arab countries like Saudi Arabia , the Emirates and surrounding areas are just going to fall under Al-Ka-eee-dah and their followers including those Muslim militants that hate the Americans so much, except for us Canadians that love them dearly to become like what we do as “peace keepers”. But the bottom line on this invasion of Iraq will put George W. Bush, up on the pedestal amongst world leaders who changed Arabia into a livable land of the free - maybe (?) within the next hundred years. 12.15.08


Whoever say that a Coalition Government is not democratic?

Whatever the experts or pundits say, still a coalition government is democratic. Who’s saying that we elect our prime ministers? That could be our intent but are they nuts? We elect our representatives to the Parliament and amongst those representatives choose the head of government. So, what’s this undemocratic about a group of parliamentarians getting together and decides they want to replace Stephen Harper, whose main political adviser is the most miserable former Canadian prime minister of all-time Brian Mulroney. So, let’s get our opinion very close to our system of government in the most democratic way, instead of throwing insults that could hurt those who may cause a greater problem in the very near future, who are only looking for a good cause to lit a fire that would be hard to extinguish. Could that happen even in this time of the century? Yes, you bet it could and why not?  We have plenty of nuts like the ones we have now, but those I am talking about are closeted fanatics that are looking for reasons. Just a reason to get us all running to Uncle Sam for help which is exactly what the old man is waiting for, get us all in the fold of the Untied States of America. Is that possible? Of course it is!  Whom do you think started this chaos in the first place; did anyone ever thought about what the CIAs are doing in Ottawa? (12.03.08)


Why rescue Citigroup but not the Lehman Brothers?

Why rescue Citigroup but not the Lehman Brothers? Or just let them go bankrupt...

The US at present is really screwed up and by far lost from it's based. The basic principle of market economy or capitalism is broken at this time. There are so many so called intelligent people hired to fix the problem, who for sure will only add up to mix. In order to become mechanics of a ran down economy they all have to backtrack not just a little but all the way where it begun. They have to know exactly why they are in this situation and why the world is involved. The government should turn to economics professors from leading schools and universities in the US, as well as those in the developing countries and of course Europe. This will be a mini economic summit and should only be composed of academics. If everyone will have their attention what really caused the problem, as I mentioned before, the common denominator here is the US DOLLAR, which was spread too much around the world for the past 60 years thus becoming the world’s currency. Just put this in your mind…the world evolves only with the dollars. When the European Union was being created as far as 1936, lots of economists missed reading the book written by Alfred M. Bingham, titled The United States of Europe, printed by Quinn & Boden Company, Inc. of Rahway, New Jersey in 1940, distributed by Duel, Sloan and Pearce, New York.  There were so many things to learn from that book and when the EU was finally formed, a common currency came along with that. And, that’s what actually triggers the start of the collapsing greenback. Come to think on how come all the free world got into the US economic crisis? It’s the dollar connection… the whole gamut of economics or free market economy is tied up to all those in the free world. But, Euro handlers didn’t expect the growth of its own money; they got it grown from mere 86 or less cents to the US up to more than 1.47… So those who were planning to do the exchange just changed their minds. If the Euro was handled like the Canadian dollars, then probably by 2020, they will replace the greenback as the world’s money. So, what happened? The US in order to turn around, they stop lending money away, instead used the dollar to buy part of those companies they purposely failed to continue operating. Check it out yourselves…. For those so called economic writers, they are free to pick up this info and develop articles that can better explain the real story behind this economic calamity that almost ruin the US economic power. So, if the US wants to fix the broken down economy then go back to the basic… Let the principle of ups and downs work. Do not save those companies that failed… let them all go bankrupt… Nothing to worry, for they all will rise again, that’s for sure. But there’s no miracle cure or any US president black or white, good talker or experienced can remedy the situation just let things go by and not to repeat it’s mistake from the past and make sure that those from the future won’t pay for mistakes that’s repeatedly done by those in control. This main stream media endorsement of Barack Obama could be more of a disaster than a fix. They all put him high on a pedestal so high that the only way to go is down. His suggested fix doesn’t conform to basic principle of a capitalist country. Copying Canada’s system as a semi socialist state is not what the Americans can understand. 11.15.08


Would it really matter if Montreal have another mayor? 

Most probably, but it will only be a little, nothing much even if the leader of the opposition Benoit Labonte' a former businessman wins. Our politicians have 'wise guys' mentality. Just look at what they did with the new parking meters? They collect as much as three times in a single space of time from three customers. And now they are planning to charge  fees to cars coming into the city?  Hello, hello, hello, does anyone of them see the difference? The city is bankrupt... The whole town is for ''A Louer'. It’s about time that they sit down with all the organized labor unions (of government workers) to  talk about how they can rebuild the city’s economic base. Have you noticed? The police are on the verge of staging another strike they want more money, of course! Someone from the union must have thought about the millions of parking revenues and those tickets they have been handing out 24/7?Those people really do not give a damn about us and politicians should do something about it, but how? There’s really nothing they can do… We are all doomed to totally becoming a welfare city. On the next election (2009) they (politicians) just have to bullshit themselves in, again.  7.13.08


What our Politicians must be thinking! Next?

 Getting ready for the next election.  Promises, promises, and more promises that they will never be able to accomplish. By the way, why are we from Quebec looking at France as our protector? They abandoned Quebec a long time ago... We should look at the British who preserved the old culture, the language, and the religion instead of getting all the abandonees in the English fold. Well, at least I speak French to people in the English world, just like our very famous local TV broadcaster, Mutsumi Takahashi.7.06.08


Again, I should say this (again)

There's nothing we can (really) do in Afghanistan ... We will end up with so many of our soldiers killed or blown up to pieces, instead, we should use them as peacekeepers somewhere else. If our politicians or top bureaucrats insist on helping out, then send them instead... all of them! At least we can get rid of so many idiots running our government! Let’s not pretend we are tough guys or gunslingers. Leave that to the U.S. they want to dominate the world so, let it be at their expense not from the blood of our people. JFT- 7.06.08


But don’t blame the Arabs for high cost of oil,  the problem is in America (NYMEX)

Prices are manipulated in the United States by market speculators. Although it’s well publicized...the US government just started investigation and soon as someone from the bunch is convicted followed by those who are involved... like the case at ENRON (remember?) that for sure will happen then oil price will go down…because if it doesn’t then the whole world is really in trouble, and most that will be hit are the Arabs and the rest of the Muslim world, simply because of high production cost that affects anything that we need in our daily life. This high price is the result of the free market economy (capitalist system) and we are part of that system but there should be some regulation because billions of people around the world are affected especially those from developing countries. Check the news about NYMEX, or google them because they have their own website. cdb 6.23.08  


The things that will become of the acquitted cop killer?

Montreal businessman acquitted for gunning a cop 

Basil Parasiris and his wife Penny Gounis leave the Longueuil courthouse after he was acquitted of murdering Const. Daniel Tessier. (Radio-Canada)

 I scrapped the article for this story....its simple the cops made mistake... it's not who and what the cop killer did, it's what they did was wrong and that's the law... and jury concurred. But for sure the killer's life is done for now....My suggestion is when all his cases are done... he should leave town and come back in about 5 years. Or settle permanently somewhere because the cops are not going to forget what they lost. 6.17.08  


Ireland rejects EU reform treaty

News report: Voters in Ireland have rejected the European Union's Lisbon reform treaty in a referendum by 53.4% to 46.6%. The vote is a major blow to leaders in the 27-nation EU, which requires all its members to ratify the treaty. Only Ireland has held a public vote. The European Commission says nations should continue to ratify the treaty, designed to streamline decision-making. Irish PM Brian Cowen said he respected the vote but it had caused a "difficult situation" that had "no quick fix". Leaders of the No campaign said the vote was a "great result for Ireland ".

A Treaty for the European Union composed of 27 member countries with an estimated total population of 490 million: Create an EU President, No Veto for members, Establish more Euro embassies to strengthen foreign affairs post. It's like the United States of America but the EU members maintains their own ethnic identities but probably or eventually will end up just like it was planned back in the mid 1930s to create the United States of Europe. A book was published written by Alfred M. Bingham, copyrighted 1940, printed in the USA, by Quinn @ Boden Co. Inc. Rahway, New Jersey...As I mentioned in my previous articles, the formation of the EU allows them to create their own money, the ”Euro”, and to my estimation which probably will come within another five years it will take over as the world's medium of exchange replacing the once mighty US dollars. According to latest business news China already cashed-in a third of their US reserve to Euro last year. Just look at the market economy it created at least 100 million more than the U.S. And this is the reason why the dollar has sunk to almost 50% against the Euro. I could provide more info by e-mail if requested. (cdb) 6.13.08


Clinton drops out of U.S. presidential race

Are the Democratic Super Idiots expecting their nominee Barack Obama really has the chance to win? I understand that majority of Hilary Clinton’s supporters are going for John McCain. Imagine just 5% of that is already huge. This is another chance that the Super Idiots led by Vermont ’s former governor Howard Dean would be missing. Majority of Americans may not like George W.  Bush and his Dick, but McCain is another story. He is his own man from the very beginning. I said it previously that even Obama got Hilary Clinton to run as his VP, still it won’t cut the check. Oh my my… it’s so near, yet so far….Well, that’s another four years for the Democrats to wait until 2012. But then a lot of those old men are not going to be here…along with that and while saying goodbye most probably would be scratching their heads and say, “Why did I not stay with Hilary, instead of Obama?” And, about those media experts? What else they must do now? As expected, they will start the demolition job on Barack Obama, and there’s nothing that the Super Idiots can do. 6.08.08


 Clinton to bow out of campaign

No matter what Hilary Clinton say from now on is not going to put a Democrat in the Whitehouse. No, it’s not the skin color that will decide the U.S. presidential election, it's just Barack Obama’s dream, guts and pledged of change, but from what? No president can just change something that was already in the system. No idiotic president could walk out from Iraq and don’t expect to make it worse. No, it not the color, it's the arrogance and ungrateful behavior, a copycat of the brothers Kennedy once they had the power… together got rid of those who helped them... And also consider this “Marlene Monroe” and a parade of different beauties of the 50s and 60s, Bill Clinton is nothing compared. Check their history... it's all in the internet. Like Obama, without those associations he had with that preacher and some hoodlums or con artists he won't be a senator now and the opportunity to run for the highest office. So think about being an unloyal friend who could become a more dangerous leader of the United State ? Canada should be worried if that time comes. 6.07.08 


Let's go to Sri Lanka as peacekeepers and leave Afghanistan to the East Indians to settle.

Why is this Island Country so troubled? Canada should leave Afghanistan, let those people there settle their differences… which  none of us no matter how geniuses we can be let those morons sit down to check their faults which have been running in their system for thousands of years… with our Canadian armed forces interfering with a scheme that we don’t understand and will never figure out that even Genghis Khan and Alexander the Greek left in desperation, how much do we think can we possibly accomplish but only to fatten the pockets of those who are now in control?  How much time do we need to know that we are being “coned” by the Afghanistan political leaders who must have already opened accounts with the Swiss Banks that could amount to billions of dollars that they already got for reconstruction program from the U.S. , Canada , and the EU countries?

Let’s back track to what we really do… peacekeeping! We should continue doing that… and later as we are able to wake up and realize that we are not really a warring or imperialist country like that of our neighbor down south, we should extend our peacekeeping troops to Sri Lanka, where the missing link is getting the two sides respect each other’s independence. It’s a very short life for everyone there to consider shaking hands is the best thing to do. Maybe we should suggest that they instead form a federal system of government, just like what we have here… before they blow themselves all to kingdom come. Will someone from our government stand up and work this out or help the Sri Lankans go forward to a peaceful road instead of running after those who settled here that support the rebels? We should not throw our opinion on something we don’t understand. We are peacekeepers; that’s all! In fact we got a Nobel Prize to remind us where we stand. 6.06.08  


Now that it's over for the Democrat's primary, even with Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, is not heading to Whitehouse..

The real fight has just begun! From this time on you’d see who Barack Obama is before and after he was elected to the State Senate of Chicago , and as a U.S. Senator. Funny, but the media who pushed and built him to oust Hilary Clinton are the ones that will crucify not only him but his wife Michelle, too. But, that’s the way it goes with American politics, the media is much involved. On Senator John McCain, there’s not much they can dig on him… they all got him out in the open. So, festivities on Obama and his wife starts right now…..No, need for McCain spending any amount on Obama's past... the media will take care of that.  6.04.08


“Wasting their only best bet”

Campaign staff have said Hillary Clinton will stay in the race for now

I am done with the Super Idiots, (Democrat Super Delegates); Barack Obama, is going to be their man for the U.S. presidential race this November, wasting the only best bet they have Hilary Clinton. Anyway...this will bring the Americans concentrate on John McCain, he is a real "Super American Hero" that will guide the country to political and economic recovery … After all he’s far in comparison to George W. Bush and his Dick. He is not as idiot as George and as greedy and user as the Dick. Media see hollow Clinton victory    Democrats to hold final primaries 6.03.08


  Clinton Have Electoral Votes To Win Against McCain

What count most is the Electoral Votes that decide who wins the presidency, and Hilary Clinton have more than enough to win against John McCain, which the Democratic Super Idiots should think before they select Barack Obama. Primary votes could be manipulated by the number of delegates a candidate can bring with so much resource collected, despite the fact that Obama collected four times or more than Clinton had received still her supports never dwindled. So go figure!  6.02.08


The Science of selection by the Super Idiots.

It’s in the bag already but could lose if it’s Barack Obama. An expert of eliminating political opponents even before the votes are cast featured by the major broadcast stations this week that begun in Chicago (1996). I am sure there’s more to what this man did in the past. Check it out yourselves! Americans don’t know this man… And he can do more harm to the country than having its problems solved. Selecting Barack Obama, over Hilary Clinton, Democratic Super Delegates hands the Whitehouse to John McCain without a doubt. Even if they put all the black votes together plus the followers of Democrats who don’t like the Clintons , still it won’t get the number to win. Some Democrats who are irritated of former president Bill Clinton and hate the guts of Hilary, that turned around to back up Obama are insane!  The U.S. has tons of problems on their international relations and on economics especially the declined of the buying power of their once mighty greenback that need fixing. A dream is something that should be put aside and on change? What change does Americans need? That/s another revolution of a kind that  will set them back again another 50 years….Do I have to say more?  And, for the all those US broadcast networks, especially NBC and CNN, there’s nothing more they can do to back tract on backing up Obama. They (the U.S.) could be wasting Hilary’s experienced and her political allies‘s expertise… With Barack Obama, it will be all experimentation, and why not?  Yes, but not at this time. They (democrats) are going to lose this game just like what happened to their last presidential candidate that ran against George W. and his Dick. (JFT) 5.31.08


Rabbis want Israel given back to the Palestinians

Would you believe that there's a group of Jewish Rabbis opposed to the created State of Israel ? Here's the picture to prove it! Their leader at the Israeli Day parade say's they want it dismantled. But why? They just don't need a country, because they want to go back to Europe ...or anywhere else they wanted to live, and have the freedom to exercise their religion  because Adolf Hitler, could have  been laughing now in purgatory satisfied that he was successful throwing them out from there ( Europe ) in the first place.  5.27.08


Don't throw her away!

This, U.S. Democrats should think hard and consider: Just look at the numbers…Yes, numbers! Barack Obama had 4 times (more) Money than Hilary Clinton received, 4 times the number of ads on TV an elsewhere, that should have been enough to knock her out before his North Carolina win.. no can do...…  that did not happen, so, what does it mean? The fact that still she keeps winning some states since then that shows the reason why she's got to go on. Come November, if Obama gets the endorsement of the Democrats, then for sure Senator John McCain gets the White House. They say it’s not race when the blacks shouts they’ll vote for or back up a fellow black candidate but it is when whites say they’d go for Hilary… But, that’s not why majority of the whites or what you call intellectual voters, like those from California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, and the rest of the big states that went for Clinton, it’s experience that Obama doesn’t have. As I’ve said it before… all his got is a dream and that won’t cut the check to get him beat McCain. Those so called super delegates that already sided with Obama, should be the ones to blame for missing an opportunity from the mess that George W. Bush created. 5.21.08


Here's where we are now.. BANKRUPT....!!!!  

Also, the state of our city's economy, and why we are Bankrupt, and our politicians could be wishing this made up economic disaster is just a dream. I would only write why but no way I could suggest any solution for there's none...Would electing a new mayor next year change the situation? No! There's no solution...without all leaders of unionized employees (of the city) work with an economic revival commission that could set up to find answers to economic recovery.

Thanks to Bill 101 +more taxes and they (city officials - Mayor Gerald Tremblay and his genius followers) are building another commercial town? Don't you think we need some good brains on economics brought in from our neighbor down south? Can someone tell our political leaders that the Province or the City is already bankrupt long time go? 

A homeless man, there are about 30,000 (thirty thousand) of them in the city was disturbed from sleeping who immediately stood up and tried to walk away when this photo was taken by Mr. Conrad of the Montreal Tribune. A LOUER  (for rent) signs flags all the main commercials streets of the city, check it out...I thought our government are ran by con artists and scammers, and wait until next year, it's election time again...and a lot of the bullshitters. will be running to join the team. 5.20.08


Can the Most Holy Mohammad please come down?

It's about time for  Prophet Muhammad (A.D. 570?-632), come down to earth and try pacifying his  followers who never stop for the last 10 centuries to continuously eliminate each other before they destroy the world. Please read on how the Koran was born "The Holy Koran" 5.11.08


No more US presidential politics for us...

The US Democrats will be committing a humongous mistake giving John Mc Cain a trip to the Whitehouse. So, Democrats go ahead for Barack Obama, follow Ted Kennedy and the others like New Mexico’s governor that made John Kerry history of hope and a dream for change. 5.10.08


What to do when crossing the border to U.S. for a visit

1.Be polite.  2. Do not speak until you are asked.  3. If you have a criminal record, forget it…do not to lie, turn around and go home because they know… take note: Conviction for DUI is not considered a crime involving moral turpitude and therefore, is not an inadmissible charge, that's according to Kevin Corsaro, Chief CBP Officer , Public Affairs Liaison, U.S. Customs and Border Protection , Buffalo Field Office (716) 626-0400 ext 204-Office , (202)-359-0570-Cell  If you were convicted of  a criminal offence other than DUI, then ask for some kind of amnesty paper from them (the US) not the one from Canada , that's is only a waste of money which is not recognized by the mighty American federal system. It’s going to cost you at least $500...or you can go to Toronto instead to do your shopping... They need your money there to help pop up their almost bankrupt economy. No comparison to already bankrupt Quebec due to stupidly...4.Do not smile without a good reason… just keep yourself disciplined and act like a good Canadian.. 5. Do no make any jokes about them (Americans) or talk about their politics or politicians, because it's only them that's supposed to talk about their politics. 6. If you want to talk about politics, say something about ours and make sure you make fun of our politicians, they like that very much. 7. Dress up properly and nice, and make sure you call them all "Sir", no exceptions.  8. If you are from India and dressed up with a sari, make sure you tell them that you are from India, and those from Pakistan and Bangladesh or the Arab countries, you are better off dressed in western attire, not with those pajamas seen around Montreal and Toronto. For Americans visiting Canada , none of the above are imposed, be yourself just don't bring your guns. If there’s something else that I am missing or overstated here let me know. 5.09.08


Who are pushing the price of oil up?

Who else but those who make money out of the  free market system and it’s actually based in the United States . It's part of the 'take advantage of the situation theory', in short it's called "GREED" So, don't put the  blame  on the producers or the OPEC. At this time there's no solution that anyone can think of getting the price down. The best way is continue working on the alternative supply of energy or power which are now on its way to balance the power of oil. 5.08.08


So, let it be Barack Obama!

News caption: ‘Many US pundits and editorial writers agree that after Tuesday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina , it is almost impossible for Hillary Clinton to overtake rival Senator Barack Obama.’  BUT, IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN? Should the Democrats think first (?)… really hard…!  before they front Barack Obama against John McCain? If that's what those idiots thinks? Then they are mistaken...It's going to be a walk in the park for McCain to win this coming November election. They say ‘do the math’... well that only apply on one side of the equation... but, what happens if it's on both sides, and the Republicans and the rest are counted?. The number of the hardline white voters plus those from the Latinos and what about the Orientals? So, add those all up and you’d see McCain is going to become the next president… And again, George W. Bush is right when he said that another Republican will replace him in the Whitehouse. Just remember America , hasn’t change that much…its still colors that matters overall. But you won’t hear that  from anyone of them down south saying those words! It’s not politically correct they say…and that's why Hypocrisy still exists down there. This  reminds me of almost being hired by Sears Roebuck (US) back in the 90s for my expertise and experienced in merchandising and off shore production for a very important position and when they saw me, immediately I felt my color really matters, and I am not even black. 5.08.08


As I have said it before that it’s commonly known that the UN is populated with "SCHEMES, SCAMS AND SCOUNDRELS" and it's a place where influence peddling is rampant, pennies compared to what they do at the US Congress or Canadian Parliament. So much money is wasted running this organization managed by very corrupt people that come from all over the world, mostly from developing countries. And, they very seldom do anything good for the world. So, what to do?  Scrap the UN. There’s an association of foreign embassies in Washington , D.C. where every country has representation… so maybe they could  get themselves organized like the UN… since so many things are decided there before it goes to the UN anyway. Any taker?  5.07.08


On Judges, rule of law based on attitudes....

Aren't judges supposed to rule according to law and evidence presented and not based on the attitudes of those involved in court cases whatsoever? I won a civil case against someone who coned me into paying for a service I never got. I was awarded only a fraction, less than 10% of what I asked. I know I should ask a lawyer instead of sending this question to you, but it’s going to cost me bundle just to say hello to anyone of them. Can you help me do that instead… since you must have a battery of lawyers on retainer? Jimmy Teasdale, Montreal

Answer:  Actually I don’t need a lawyer to answer your question... Judges are there to interpret the law and should make decisions according to evidence brought before their courts. But lots of them acts like they are the extension of God. So, they demand lots of respect, dress up properly and make sure that you behave like what colored people (any skin other than white) used to do for their white masters. These kind of judges are the ones making court cases more controversial and complicated when they based their decisions on attitudes rather than the merit of each cases. But there’s nothing much you can do especially when the amount of your claim do not merit an appeal that would cost more money to hire another lawyer. Drop the whole thing, forget all about it, and charge it to your experience, so it won’t happen again. I know of a lawyer, who appealed a case that was decided by a rental board judge in favor of the landlord, he won the appeal  but got the whole money for himself that’s involved in that case and even tried to sexually molest the daughter of his client.. This lawyer is well known in the shmata trade and should be featured on that TV show titled 'Very Bad Men". 5.06.08


A promise and a dream is not enough

With Barack Obama, there's too much to gamble, especially at this time that the States really need someone to guide it to economic recovery. The country is in recession, yes, hello American economic experts, stop asking each other, yes, … the definition you are looking for the word "recession" is based on it's word itself....'recess' meaning stop for a moment.. Relax, and think of what can be done. Just try to understand how those previous administrations did... they squandered and distributed the dollar without being accounted properly. The greenback flooded the world held mostly by political and business corrupt leaders in the Third World countries, and according to my sources, they have now or already switched some to Euros, headed by China, and if this phenomenon continues then the US will be faced with total depression, where the dollar keeps devaluating against major currencies in the world especially the Euro. And, whom do you think the only country that could possibly save them? Who else? Canada! That's the reason why we don't have any choice but help them out. First they are our number one trade partner, billions of dollars cross the border everyday... Almost about 80% of our production goes there. If we don’t help them out we ourselves could be in trouble of becoming bankrupt in the long run or become part of the United States of America.....which we have been resisting for more than 150 years. Speaking of Barack Obama, of being another John Kennedy?  Fat chance! No hard experience to back on, only a promise of change (what change?) and a dream? If you want to read more about what I wrote why Obama, cannot be elected president please scroll down. And, if you have any question, please send it in.

Changing Cuba

Lots of people and readers of The Tribune have been asking what's the difference between Cuba and other communist countries like China , and Vietnam on why the United States and the rest of the world have opened and accepted them just like nothing happened. Well, nothing they say was explained why Cuba , hasn't come to the same treatment by Uncle Sam? I should say that could have been explained by brainy writers from the US but probably missed by those who sent in the questions. The simple answer is simply politics... No one opposed when  the US was talking about opening relations with China and Vietnam , compared to Cuba .. Cuban population in Florida is huge and a very strong lobby to control the situation. Without the US lifting the economic embargo on Cuba , no big investors from anywhere would dare to do business there without their executives getting banned in entering the States. 5.03.08  Cuba lifts home computer ban


Adolf Hitler

Ahhhh Adolf Hitler! He was not the last of the Mohicans.... Since his time civilization hasn't progressed much... genocidal acts continued.  Not long after Adolf tried to obliterate the European Jews, the Americans bombed about 100,000 Japanese civilians to kingdom come right there in Japan ... following that then General Ike Eisenhower starved thousands of German prisoners in England ... And, the killings of mankind haven’t stopped. So, what have we learned...? None! And, the slaughter keeps adding up the numbers…. More, later… please stay tuned...5.02.08 ... Hitler plot survivor dies aged 90


Changing Pakistan ?

Oh boy! What a country Pakistan has been since the British left. What salvation this country need is not what they learned from both the British and the US .. Democracy is something that's embedded to t he minds of its people from the time they are born. And, now look who's going to be running the country? Two corruptors are going to head the government of Pakistan , because that's the democracy! But, they should have been in jail if President Pervez Musharraf's plan of reform was not abandoned by the power of the US dollar. 5.01.08


The Great Nigerian Con Game Continues... 

 People gets scammed because of greed and desperation.  Do not come to me when you already got coned.... let me know before that happens so I can tell you what to do. If it’s too good to be true, most probably it is. Meantime, click the link below to check some of the sample schemes we collected during the past 10 years. And for those people who wanted to immigrate to Canada , you can easily get direct information from our federal government by clicking the Canadian flag seen above which connects you to our immigration bureaus. Please apply directly don't get scammed by questionable travel agencies and conmen in your country. Lastly, if you are looking for work, there are plenty of openings in Canada, apply directly through the links above... don't even go through your own respective government offices, most of those government employees are scammers especially (those) in the Pacific region, I was told. 4.19.08


Dear Sir: Is there anything you can write about what’s happening in Montreal ?  

Answer: Nothing but aggravation! Imagine what those idiot politicians did? They bankrupted the city and the whole province of Quebec. So, what's there to write about a city that used to be the place where you’d find gorgeous women and economically prosperous? That's history already. You want to see where it stands right now? Come, walk around and you'd see lots of empty commercial buildings... the whole city is flagged with "A LOUER SIGNS". The motto here is impose Bill 101 and starve the people.  What’s that Bill 101? That’s a law forcing everyone to speak French or move out. And, that exactly what happened…. the good and brainy people and capital took off somewhere else… lots of them went to Toronto , and here we are stuck with federal government welfare fund to survive. 4.13.08 (JFT)


Wonder why Air Canada performed badly under Robert Milton?

Here’s why: Air Canada was so cheap that the president at that time Lamar Durrett, who just took over from Hollis Harris, appointed Robert Milton, a cargo man from Boston , who didn’t have any experience running a company as big as Air Canada , just because he can “walk the talk”. So, what did Milton do? He did everything based on his dream and lots of companies like the former Canadian Airlines also became part of that dream, and disaster was the name of the game. If they only consulted with good economists like Diane Francis a very famous American economic writer for the Financial Post, she should have instead recommended a real pro or a businessman, like Gerry Schwartz of Onex Corporation, and history could have been different by now. It’s like making Barack Obama, president of the United States of America , based on being good a speaker, and his “dream”. 4.08.08

Delta Air Lines

It's unlikely to happen here....!!!!  

Are we really included in the target list of the Moslem Fanatics?  Being listed in the terror agenda is possible but in reality they won't touch Canada, because the system is too good for them.... especially to their own people coming from the whole continent of India to the Arab world... lots of them are on the welfare system and those who reached 65 years old and their spouses receive government benefits at the tune of about $900 a month per person, plus free hospitalization and schooling for their children or grandchildren. And, the number is big...they even have their own (people) elected to the Parliament of Canada. Remember that Algerian (?), who got caught at US border in Washington State before 9/11? He could have carried out his mission right here in Montreal , but he knew his own community is not going to like it (if he would do the bombing here). In other words they have so much to lose than gain. It's all based on economics, not political…that's why radical Moslems will never ever try to do anything to force or make Canada totally join the US in purging them here and around the world. They see Canada as peacemakers, and a second home for them to retire when they get to 65. (4.04.08)


The Good Talker

Senator John McCain is absolutely right… American troops should stay in Iraq until a competent government is established, strong enough to take full control of the region, which will take a while. The debate should not go back on what George W. and his Dick did but instead find a system that will work there. Senator Hilary Clinton understands the situation and if elected president I am sure she would consider staying in until the time is right to get out.  Taking the troops right out the moment if he is elected, Barack Obama is selling a dream that for sure will never happen. It’s not because he is black which exactly what he is fronting in his campaign but the problem is he didn’t have enough accomplishments to run a country. There are so many black politicians far more qualified to lead but Obama (?), it’s just talks, talks, talks and millions of Americans can do the same, talk. No experience, no can do, that’s what a lot of people are saying. Americans should now consider between McCain and Clinton, and that’s what it should be instead of experimenting with a good talker. 4.01.08  


Keep Going  Hilary, ... Keep Going!!!

Why would she quit? Latest opinion polls suggest that she is leading Barack Obama by more than 10 points in the next major primary in Pennsylvania on 22 April. Is there something wrong with Senator Patrick Leahy? Asking, Hilary to give up so Obama becomes the Democrats presidential candidate to run against John McCain? As others say... "Relax" let the contest continue all the way to the convention. 3.30.08  


Assimilation, economics...etc....dahhhhh!

What can be done to make the immigrants mix up with the rest of the population in Quebec and get them productive? Realistically speaking none... fix the economy first.. But all Quebec did was produced more con artists and scammers, exported all the good brains out of the province... French Canadians alone numbers to more than 2 million now residing down south and they are very'd even find them in Washington D.C. and that's not a joke...But again, if you are satisfied to be on welfare or some government assistance, this is the best place to live. Well, at least we have something to brag around the world. 3.30.08  


The American Presidency

Whom do we really want to see elected as president of the US ? The one that's  not going to make us sick or give us a headache?. Remember (?) when they sneeze, we get the flu or cold? So, if it's not Hilary Clinton, then it should  be John McCain, both have the experience, not a vision or a dream that could be more divisive amongst Americans and their allies.3.29.08


Stephane Dion's Brian Mulroney is named Michael....

Michael Ignatieff, should wait and calm down. He lost the leadership nomination, and he should listen to his leader, Stephane, that's how it goes, just like what Bob Ray said... follow and support the leader. Ignatief, may think he's another Pierre E. Trudeau, and he's too far in comparison. All I can say, is just stay together and kick this Stephen Harper out of control, before he annex Canada to Uncle Sam’s territory to continue what Brian Mulroney and the late Ronald Ragan were planning to accomplish under the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) in the late 80s toward the 90s, to form a Euro like economic community. Didn’t anyone know that plan? Former PM Jean Chretien, did.. that's why he replaced that with NAFTA, now, you know why the plan did not work. But, as long as Stephen Harper, a good friend of Mulroney, is PM, we can never be sure. 3.29.08  


John McCain, chance is better with Barack Obama’s nomination

 Barack Obama, have to get the Jewish votes first to become president but it's already tied up to John McCain. Did you notice that man who’s always behind him wherever he goes? That's that Jewish orthodox senator (Joe Lieberman, from Connecticut) who used to be a Democrat... Imagine an orthodox Jew seen with a presidential candidate (?) that’s a sure (money) win….probably, even if the democrats front Hilary Clinton as their candidate. In other words, Barack Obama is not electable for the White House. That’s what it is… nothing changed yet as far as I know about politics in the US . The American media who have been trying to tamper with the direction of the US politics, not to mention the world will once again be proven wrong for endorsing Obama, who hasn’t done anything but coned his way to get (him) elected senator with the backing of a very controversial black pastor. Obama, is…as they say a good speaker, and with a dream but that’s typical of almost all Americans. JFT 3.24.08


Dollar at another record euro low

Worries over the US economy have been undermining the dollar: The dollar has hit a record low against the euro as worries over the US economy continued to hurt the US currency. At one stage, it took $1.5345 to buy a euro. That is the weakest the dollar has traded since the single European currency was launched in January 1999. Falling US interest rates have made it less attractive to hold the dollar. Sterling was little changed against the dollar at $1.9920, with traders looking ahead to the Bank of England's interest rate decision, due at 1200 GMT.  


No chance for peace

Just leave them alone so they can sort things between them… No help especially on economics to both sides, and once they are done killing each other then that’s the time to get them to sake each other’s hands and would eventually reach an agreement. Is there any solution around which could beat the almost 40 years of killing each other? None at all! Forget the biblical history of the region, move all the Israelis in the US .  Bring them all to Vermont or any Northern States… and declare the region (Israel-Palestine) a United Nations territory or betterstill, make it an international city…. Move all UN’s bureaus to the site. With that, the problem between the Jews and the Moslems could be solved without wasting thousands of lives in the years to come. Am I serious on this suggestion? Of course I am! By Josh F. Tanembaum. Read the latest news from the region Israel launches fresh Gaza raid: Israeli forces have briefly re-entered the Gaza Strip and clashed with Palestinian militants, with two people killed by gunfire, medics said. The dead were reported to be a senior militant and a baby girl. Israel stepped up military raids last week to counter rocket fire from Gaza . More than 100 Gazans were killed and Palestinian leaders suspended talks. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said negotiations could only resume after calm was restored. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is winding up a trip to the region on Wednesday in which getting the Palestinians back to the table without conditions had been a key demand.  The Middle East's asymmetric war   Israel's unpalatable Gaza options   In pictures: Gaza aftermath   Rice tries to save Mid-East talks   Israeli Gaza operation 'not over'   Abbas breaks contact with Israel   Dozens die in Israel-Gaza clashes  


Clinton comeback wins key votes

Hilary's win contradicts US adulterated media controlled and manipulated by business corporations

Thanks goodness it’s Hilary! The only one that could solve the problem created by George and his side kick Dick. The US adulterated and business corporation controlled media fronting Barack Obama for the Democrats.. an easy win for GOP’s John McKCain. Intellectual US states (no pun intended) like California , Texas , Massachusetts , Ohio and others proved them wrong. Does Canadians matter to the politics of the America ? It course it does, and they are very influential with so many of them who are already residing  there, and also can vote. I myself have more than a hundred relatives (from 8 siblings) who are truly conservatives that accounts experience and knowledge of what a president should have instead of just being brilliant as his wife described him (Obama), which is not good enough to run a country as big as the US that's politically and economically in dire need of smart woman like Hilary. Americans should b proud of her instead of dumping her for an opportunist politician. That could even make him worse than George W. and Dick.


The Holy Koran

Do you want to know all about the Koran? Check it out... If those uneducated imams are following this holy book whenever they ask their followers to blow themselves to kingdom come to eliminate their supposed enemies with assurance that they will be met in their next life by 72 or 75 virgins. Come on... spare 5 or 10 minutes of your time to read this very holy book to understand what prophet Mohammad wants them to do. iped out the whole city. 


Barack 'O

Barack Obama, described as brilliant, that’s fits almost every Americans alive or dead! What this coming US election should be doing is choose someone with real knowledge and experience of running a country. Opportunist like Obama, heck his past….is like taking another man like George W. Bush, to head a premier country very proud or I could say very, very proud of their country not only when they are getting anything for their good, just like what the wife of Obama said… she is now proud of America for giving her husband the opportunity to become president. But that’s what Obama was trying to do throughout his life…. Since he was growing up with no father who according to news abandoned his mother and him while still he was still a baby. It’s not that Obama is black that I am opposed for him to be the candidate of the Democrats; it’s his chance of winning the Oval office from the Republicans… With John McCain, as his opponents… the game is finished… and President George Bush was right and saying that the White House will be maintained by the GOPs. If black to black I have to recommend, I would probably choose Colin Powell who served two earned respect from both political arties including the independents.  


The politics of NAFTA

At least John McCain agreed with me scrapping NAFTA is not in the best interest of USA ... This trade agreement actually started under Ronald Reagan and former PM Brian Mulroney, (he's not a crook), when they formed FTA (Free Trade Agreement), which later included Mexico at the time of Bill Clinton. But why was Mexico got included? Because there was a rumored plan that Reagan and Mulroney were planning to establish an economic alliance of sort that would duplicate the European Economic Council which at that time getting momentum in accepting more countries especially after the breakdown of the Soviet Union. In fact both governments already formed a unification of border customs and immigration wherein six pilots where built up located in the different parts of the demarcation lines between the US and Canada.  When Jean Chrétien’s replaced Brian Mulroney (he's not a crook) sometime in 1993, he immediately launched the expanding of the FTA to include Mexico , which he called the Three Amigos. And the rest is history.... The Euro like economic council never materialized. This moved made a great majority of Canadians able to sleep at night knowing that one day they are not going to wake up part of the good USA . So, as I said before, if the American politicians want to end NAFTA, none of the Canadians are going to care at all. Okay, that's all I can write for today and will see you tomorrow... And, before I go read what Sen. John McCain said about this treaty McCain hails NAFTA and Canada's role in Afghanistan: U.S. Republican presidential hopeful John McCain reaffirmed his support for the North American Free Trade Agreement on Friday, scolding his Democratic rivals for saying they would reopen the 15-year-old treaty. Earlier this week, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama threatened to pull the United States out of the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico unless it's renegotiated. Speaking at a town hall meeting on Friday with Dell employees in Round Rock, Texas, McCain called NAFTA and similar free trade agreements with economic partners around the world the "future of America's economy."  


Why politician’s campaign promises cannot be done easily as promised once elected.

There’s nothing much anyone can do once they get into the system. Almost about anything that were created before are already unionized and whoever try to shake it would most probably get  in trouble. So, in other words, when any politician say or promised anything (that they would do), just take it with a grain of slat.


What are the economists talking about? Why is the US dollar getting low? Ending the NAFTA? Go ahead USA !

Aside from the overflowing of the dollar around the world distributed for the past 60 years or so...a strategy to institute political and economic control of the world considered to be more than half of what's circulated in the US...The amount is staggering more than enough to buy the whole United States of America. and here's another reason why the US greenback is low... not because of what those 'great economic geniuses' here and around the world are saying, simply put,  it's the Euros strength since the formation of the European Economic Council that's used to be laughed at by the American economists that's in the  floating status in the absence of monetary control agency just like what we have here and the U.S. that buys and sell currencies not monitored by any accounting system. Interested to learn more? Let me know, and before I go, it the US wants to scrap the NAFTA, no one should stop them... I was opposed to this agreement since day one. We are very rich here, so why do we have to be afraid of them? In fact, we are trying our best to support their money that's falling down against the Euro. Meanwhile, please read this related story about the Dollar falls to record euro low 2.28.08  


Don't ask Cuba anything!

What’s the US talking about reform? Turn back the clock make Cuba just like before? Leave them alone! Fidel Castro turned the island republic to country than it used to be and if not for the USS economic sanction… Cuba, could have been more successful than China or Vietnam, or Cambodia … So please leave those people alone… those Cubans in the Florida that dictates US policy on Cuba are not as good as they think they are… that’s a matter of my observation. Does anyone want to know or see how those Cubans in Florida are? Go there yourselves… and find out the difference… you'd be dead if you try to argue with anyone of them compared to those in Cuba , people there talks with humility and respect… Just think of this… there are more educated people in Cuba , than those Cubans in Miami or the rest of the US …. The system in the US is capitalism and therefore it’s corrupt… even the media is corrupt and they are the ones making it happen that way…. They are directing the destiny of politicians because of money…. It’s a money hungry populated nation that prints money that's not even backed up by production…. They could have been right dominating the world with the greenback until the creation of the Euro… now; it’s there time to think that they are sinking… Did you hear what Barack Obama’s wife said? She is now proud of being an American because Barack could become president? A lot of Americans have the same feelings or attitude that they only become proud (as Americans) when the smell of money is around the corner. Come on Americans, bring this Barack, to power and you’d see. Josh F. Tanembaum  


Viva Fidel!

 Despite the short distance to Cuba from Mainland U.S.A. one wonders why just after the Bay of Pigs failed invasion by Cuban patriots the American never tried to do anything but imposed so many sanctions, political and economics, Fidel Castro's regime prevailed until his resignation announced yesterday as leader of a revolution that lasted so many years, a cause that was never stopped by the mighty Uncle Sam. Why? After the power stand-up between then President John F. Kennedy, the great orator or speaker with no experience like Barack Obama and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, agreed that if the Soviets retrieve all the missiles planted in Cuba , the U.S. will not anymore try to go back  to invade the island republic. That's the reason why Castro survived all those years. Please read related articles on  Castro: The great survivor   Excerpts of Castro's letter  


Oh Brother, It Will Be A Big Mistake!

If they cannot say it then I will. Selecting Barack Obama, is a huge gain for r John Mc Cain. He could be a good speaker so as a man named Adolf… But, just wait Barack will be digging his own grave even before the convention. He already made a lot of mistakes, if only it’s being noticed.

As I was saying before… am going to say it again… as a reminder that the Democrats should not be carried away in fronting Barack Obama, against any Republican candidates for the presidency of the U.S. this coming  November election. No matter how bad the record that George W. Bush, leaves, the Americans hasn’t changed that much since the segregation ended. Still racism prevails especially in the Southern and you can count the Western part, California , Oregon to Washington States… The whites and the ethnic communities there such as the Orientals and the Latinos are still not going for a black man… not for now…later maybe… That’s a lot of votes to think about. If you listen to the speeches of Obama, he personified himself as the ultimate ender of colors between the whites and the blacks, but that’s just a wishful thinking that Dr. Luther King, had prayed before. For sure that time will most probably come but not at this moment… Obama, is not that black man who would cross that bridge, and again, not for now… The democrats should know how they are being played by the Republicans to believing that John Mc Cain, could easily beat Hilary Clinton, is a myth…but would have a hard time beating Obama, so, everyone will fall into their trap and will make the Democrats select a black man as their candidate to replace George W. Bush…. That’s what everyone would say a “fantasy” in the never land of Michael Jackson . I have noticed how the American media is playing this presidential contest…they want to steer this into their way without knowing the consequence they are facing after George W. Their problem cannot be solved with good speeches alone, and they should know better than anyone else.


Leave Afghanistan already!

If some hot shot politicians insists that we stay in Afghanistan beyond 2009, to teach the Afghans live a peaceful life and become civilized, these idiots must have never studied world history. Imagine if Alexander the Great is not a myth, he could have died there too. Even the very famous barbarian named Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khan), left in disgust thinking it's just going to be a waste of his time to change the Afghan system, where the normal way of living is  'kill, kill, kill'. His ambassador's head was cut off and sent back to him in a sack from Persia ... so, what he did is marched his army towards that place and killed everyone that moves. Check it out, this is history.The best that we can probably do is bring some children here and let them attend school and once that's done send them back so they could teach their people what human rights is all about.  Just about 30 years before the end of the 20th century the Chinese mandarins sent their children here and to the U.S. to study and voila!, they changed the political and economic system in China . But , the bottom line is modern education is what the Moslems of the world really need. Just check out the educational background of their spiritual leaders who controls the war lords.


No one knows? 

That Quebec' s French Language Law screwed up our economy for the last 30 years? And, there's nothing that anyone can do about it, eh? Good thing it's still in Canada... if not, we are all (non-francophone) out looking for refuge somewhere else. This very repressive law had already done too much discrimination and there's no one standing up to say we are all fed up and change should be implemented for equal distribution of much love democracy that our politicians are all preaching since the birth of this country or America that is? Speak up if you may...Our children don't have much better future to think about so what's the use of finishing school? Maybe that's what that Chinese writer from the Globe and Mail was trying to let our politicians or everyone know that there's something really here in Quebec that has to be studied before the whole thing blows up to something very, very different? But, who really cares? September, 20006


Let's get out of Afghanistan as soldiers

Canada should not mask itself as a super power and align with the U.S. in democratizing the entire world, that's a big mistake.  We should continue our reputation of keeping the peace around the world just like what we were doing before. If countries like Afghanistan need more help we should continue extending financial aid as we already sent them $300 million and if they need more then let see what we can afford, but please bring back all those fighting men that we already sent there for they will be killed one by one and there's nothing that anyone can do there to change the system. Let them fix theirs for we don't know from Adam how we can possibly understand theirs. Stay tuned; there will be more comments later. September...2006


Society of the "Pure Laine"?

 What Jan Wong wrote is true. It's the politicians that are trying to avoid letting everyone know what's really happening since the French language law was enacted. We are bankrupt and graduating students doesn't' have any place to go but be confined where they are discriminated by society of the "pure laine". JTS September ...2006


Can the US backed merger of NYSE and Euronext save the dollar?


The question is why do these two largest stock exchange companies have to merge? Do they really have to do that, so they can save the fall of the once mighty greenback?

I don’t think it’s irreversible, the American policy from so many years ago printing the greenbacks without economic backups and distributing them around the world like chewing gums will surely put them to total disaster just like the effect of the global warming would bring. The U.S must have initiated this merger, thinking that the Euro market might also help the dollar to remain the currency of the world but that could only be a wishful thinking, because the EU have their own that's been thriving since it was first issued more than 10 years ago and fastly replacing the greenbacks on international payments of goods and services. China 's uncontrollable economic growth could even trigger the pending US recession if they decide to dump the dollar in favor of the Euros. But, what I am saying here must have been discussed by the economic and political advisers of President W. Bush, and if that's the case let's watch what they intend to do to stop this to happen. 6.04.06  



Caption: The arrest of 17 people accused of planning attacks in southern Ontario took on an international twist Saturday when the FBI said some Canadian suspects had been in contact with two men arrested by the U.S. on terrorism-related charges.

What's Stephen Harper is saying?  "We are a target because of who we are and how we live, our society, our diversity and our values. Their alleged target was Canada: Canadian institutions, the Canadian economy, the Canadian people. Today, Canada's security and intelligence measures worked." 

Harper should be very careful in making us targets of the Al Qaeda followers. I don't think he realize the consequence of being counted with the Americans. Sooner or later the truth will come out that this 'plot of the followers of Osama bin Laden" could have been initiated or orchestrated by the Americans themselves, the CIA of course. Look at those young men implicated... I don't think anyone of them have this hate of Canadians... We are peaceful people and even those who immigrated here learned or have adapted to become one of us... No war... make love, that's what we are. Just think about it, especially those who were born here.... none in their life would have even think of destroying the country that they all love and proud. I guess the Americans are really or desperate enough to find ways to get us to be like them which we are not. Let's keep the relationship warm with them but to join them into wars that themselves inspired or created is stupid and dangerous. We have another Brian Mulroney in Ottawa, in the name of Stephen Harper, and before we get under the spell of the Americans our parliamentarians should throw this guy out before it's too late. 6/04/06


To change the "not with standing clause" takes another chunk out of our "democratic" system?

So, Paul Martin, without even his Deputy Prime Minister in the know, wishes to quash the "not with standing clause".  Who else is in on this Liberal "policy"???  To think that it is okay to register all of our guns, then suggest ban hand guns altogether and now take away the right of the elected people of our country to have the last say, leaves our Prime Minister and his party a little suspect, as to where they are going with ruling this country.  To leave the Supreme Court with the final say on the laws of our country would be fine, if they were elected, but as they are appointed by the current ruling party, to change the "not with standing clause" takes another chunk out of our "democratic" system. It is time Canadians, to stand up for our democracy and rid this Liberal party from office, and do what is best for all of us, as opposed to what is best for the Liberal party and Paul Martin. Bruce Ashton 1/14/06

Answer: It's not easy to take that veto (notwithstanding) clause out from our constitution unless it's a majority government that's elected this time. I guess it's another minority government but not sure which one. But as I mentioned previously, the Americans prefer Stephen Harper to become our next PM. Didn't you notice? All editorials endorses the Conservatives, how could that happen? Check what those heads of multinational corporations who are paying big bucks for commercial ads are saying; they already decided to go for the Conservatives. Well, sooner or later we are all going to become Americans.


What caused the sudden changed of public opinion shifting the pendulum towards Stephen Harper’s Conservatives? I suspect the US got something to do with this. Do you think the CIA’s political operatives are now in full force so Paul Martin’s government is defeated? Name withheld upon request, 1/07/06

Answer: What are you talking about (?), the CIA or its counterpart have been here even before the Second World War. They planned to invade Canada between 1935 -1936, during their dispute with England. Anyhow, it’s known that any international political leaders that support US policies will receive grace and benediction from the mighty Americans. We all should take note that voting the Conservatives to power will enhance the chances that sooner or later Canada will be disintegrating into several provinces, and merged with the United States of America. This almost happened during the time of Brian Mulroney, who invented the GST and Free Trade, the only former Canadian prime minister who retired from active politics to become a billionaire but never got caught in any corruption whatsoever due to lack of solid evidence, which we all could see but can’t prove otherwise. I wonder why despite the challenged by an author named Stevie Cameron who wrote ‘On the take” where he was the main character was not accepted. Now, going back to the US helping manipulate the polls leaning towards Stephen Harper’s election could only become true if all of us are influenced into believing that majority of us wants him to win. This Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, I just don’t understand why he sided with the rest of the jokers to bring down the Liberal government. He’s got to be a stupid moron. He’s got the better of two worlds on his hands in the previous Martin’s government. I guess it’s his wife that prompted him to decide so she can run again as MP and hope this time she’d win. It’s quite known that Caucasians married to Orientals usually follows the wishes of their wives for whatever reason but for me they are the ones that make things happens. Just like my six sisters after marrying bums they turned them into executives and millionaires. As to corruption, this cannot be wiped out; any administration will always have that problem. Now, let’s talk about Paul Martin, the man is good and honest but he didn’t have the chance to take the challenge of at least cleaning the government of corruption because the three monkeys (Harper, Duceppe and Layton) cannot wait to waste our tax dollars for another federal election. Whoever will win this time will have another minority government, and which won’t last more than the previous one. So, I call on all those immigrants like me to support Paul Martin, he’s the best so far and I will bet my bottom dollar that we are all better off with him.


Can't get employment

 It's been awhile that I am not able to get a job because the position that I was looking for (based on my training and experience) is not anymore in demand. I was offered to work outside in the U.S. but hate to leave Montreal and start all over again as I am already 66 years old. My question is what do you think should I do? I am not ready to retire; I still feel I am young and physically healthy. The government hasn't done anything but turned this province into a totally bankrupt society. Don F. McTeer 12/25/05

Answer: First, you should be happy that you are physically healthy and still have your discipline. It’s not surprising that you are not able to get employed again and I guess it’s been more than awhile which could be about 10 to 15 years. Although you didn’t mention your profession and whatever it is it really doesn’t matter, especially now that you are already within the retirement age. By this time you must be receiving your whole retirement benefits that could be about $1,200 to $1,400 a month, with this amount you could have a liveable life but that you have to learn. If you are married and your wife also gets the benefits then that’s even better. Going back to what you can do, of course there are plenty. Get yourself a computer and hook it up to the internet…don’t be silly to think that computers are hard to operate… It’s not the same as before that you’d have to understand the operating procedure or even knowing DOS, that’s history already. Remember Bill Gates? Well, he made easier for all of us to use computers without having to worry screwing up the system and spend time and a lot of money to fix any problem that may occur. Go ahead and buy one because it’s a lot cheaper now than before. Usually, Bill Gates’ Operating System found within the Windows XP’s or even the earlier version from Windows 98 to ME easily restores breakdowns. So, once you have access to the Internet you’ll be able to surf and find a lot of opportunities related to your profession. Don’t count on any of the three governmental levels for help because according to their own statistics, you are already out of their problem; in other words, you are retired.

The language law (Bill 101) is the main culprit on all our economic misery, since implementation of the law exodus of talents and businesses found their ways to Toronto and other parts of the country including the U.S. The only ones we have now are those subsidized by the government, such as the Bombardier group, whose shares are lower than Le Chateau Stores. Since this group was created billions of dollars are wasted and I don’t understand why it’s still there continuing operation. You’d probably be surprised despite the wealth Canada have we are experiencing such economic hardship. Ask our genius politicians they are the ones to be blamed. The language law contravene with a lot of things that make us poor plus our civil rights in Quebec, human rights that is…It’s not enough that this very repressive law (Bill 101) is allowed to stay. The Separatists even created an office to chase out all those businesses that doesn't employ French-speaking Canadians. This law cannot be challenged in court anymore, not even the Supreme Court could say anything because of the veto right (notwithstanding clause) that was temporarily inserted in the constitution pending Quebec’s approval, hoping that someday the Separatists gets tired and finally decides finally stay within the confederation. But, that won’t be coming for a long time because federalist as they call themselves doesn’t have the guts to end the goddamn problem because of politics. Can the language law alone save the Quebecois-French?  As I’ve said before, it’s not feasible because of economic cost. Most of the answers that I have are already posted in this section. Please scroll further down to find them.


Why Do We Allow Politicians Get Away With Promises Which They Cannot  possibly Accomplish?

Well, it's election time again, and before the end of next year Quebec follows for the national legislature. My question is why are we electing a group of idiots who makes our lives miserable throughout the years after Pierre Trudeau?  Simon F. Trudel 12/09/05

Answer: I think we deserve what we have. They or most of them don't have any choice but to let us hear what we expect them to say during election campaigns. Look what re-elected Mayor Gerald Tremblay just did, he said 'Honestly, I didn't know" in regard to the new tax or taxes that will be imposed by early next year. Whatever the taxes for or whoever (are) going to pay doesn't really bother me but I pity those who own properties or running a business. 


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