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When talking of building a Quebec Nation, the subjects of language control, cultural freedom, and economic disaster always arise. But we seem to consistently ignore a large and powerful minority population in the discussion process.

Our native Canadians (First Nation, Inuits and Mètis) claim almost all of Quebec's land as theirs and they can produce signed treaties to back up their claims. Forget the anglophones and allophones. They could probably be merged into a sovereign Quebec with few problems. The trick of amalgamating the island of Montreal into one mega city in order to win a referendum might work, if Montreal does indeed control the crucial one percent needed to record a Yes vote.

But, our politicians have to be more informed and cautious when dealing with native leaders. The First Nation has been relatively quiet so far, but it is political suicide to continue to ignore them. They control far more than one percent of the popular vote.

The natives of today’s Quebec have little resemblance to their ancestral forebears. With modern education, an understanding of the modern world, and modern firearms, a single political mistake in dealing with native concerns can result in complete disaster - on a scale that could make the Oka crisis of 1990 a small irritation by comparison. And no one can predict how the federal government would react.

Militant activists among native groups undermine the capability of any right-wing separatist groups in the province. Members of the warrior societies in Oka and Kanesatake proved at Oka that they are willing to bring the full brunt of force against a government they consider hostile to their
rights. And, they represent a nation that can be strengthened by Indians from all over the US
and Canada.

Politicians can redraw borders but Quebec cannot separate from Canada because the two are intermarried historically, culturally and spiritually. Canada is Quebec and Quebec is Canada. Premier Landry must redraft his master plan to include all the peoples living in Quebec. Then, he will have achieved something that all previous separatist leaders have failed to consider. Quebec can separate perhaps, but there is no way to separate its peoples from their spiritual attachments to Canada and to their native Quebec. The current vision of a sovereign Quebec is flawed because it ignores a huge percentage of its own people.

But, if the separatists have the full cooperation of the native population, of the allophones and anglophones, francophones and the global community, they will have created a great nation, within the embrace of an even greater nation.

"Shame, Shame, Shame"

Get out of the Palestinian territories, not exile Yasser Arafat is the answer to at least slow down the suicide bombing of the Jews in Israel. They should listen to the U.S. president, leave the occupied territories, and continue the establishment of the State of Palestine.. It's about time that Ariel Sharon retire, he had killed a lot of people and failed to settle the conflict.. He should just dream that he had killed Arafat in a gunfight like the one in the O.K. Coral, on his quest to eliminate the "rats" as he described the people in the occupied territories. I just could imagine what those victims of the Holocaust must be thinking when they were being hauled together by Adolf Hitler, during the time of the purging of the Jews in Europe... I have turned my life into being a prolife person and killing is not in my dictionary anymore nor will it end a dispute between educated and civilized people. And, I should and continue calling those who believe in this process as morons of the 21st century?, yes of course and if India and Pakistan, if they would want to kill follow the patch of this Mid-East conflict then be my guest add another 12 million innocent lives in the basket but please leave us from Canada alone because those people they have here never did anything to educate their folks back home of what life is all about. Shame on you all.


Despite Yasser Arafat's call for immediate ceasefire (again?), suicide attacks keeps going. Explosions after explosions for the past 24 hours adding to hundreds of casualties on both sides   The wish of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a former general who was allegedly responsible for the massacre of thousands of  Palestinians, propaganda they say, some ten years ago in Southern Lebanon, Arafat's demise is not in the best interest of Israel to get it done.

Now, Arafat had been declared an enemy of the State of Israel, that means someone out there could kill him, that's not what the U.S. want. The Western leaders want him alive; eliminating Arafat could backfire to a more retaliations from sympathizers from the rest of the Muslim world, and that will be an extensive head ache to the administration of President George W. Bush.

Gen. Sharon, should not make a martyr out of Yasser Arafat, a terrorist they branded once attributed to the founders of the State of Israel. The U.S. don't  have any alternative but to see that  this gargantuan problem is fixed the soonest possible time, if not, more lives, in the thousands... innocent or not, won't be spared, in this war of hate amongst human beings in the 20th  and 21st Century. What a pity.  And that's how the holocaust begun...yes,  just hate...and greed.  Praying that  this war of the idiots doesn't spread to us here in Canada, for we are peace loving people leading the world  on human rights. 

What War? Just get out of Palestine! 

Gen. Ariel Sharon declared that war is on with the Palestinian, is something that the world didn't know? You got that right Mr. Prime Minister. What do you think of us? Idiots?  Since becoming prime minister he scored the most numbers of casualties on both sides. His office is being use to satisfy his own wish that the leader of the Palestinians is eliminated. But, wait a minute... the Americans say, don't touch Yasser Arafat.. Will he really listen? The world is not against the Jews but come to think of it, enough is enough... stop the insanity. Just get those Israeli army home and give back the Palestinians their land and territory as the United Nations manifested. And, then start the peace process from there. The mighty U.S. dollars is what Israel is listening (to) not just their principle is at stake. Is this short editorial too heavy? I think not. Considering the events that's been happening since September 11, we are all very tired and scared that this saga in the Mid-East is going to come here somehow if not brought to an end. This is personal war between Sharon and Arafat, why can't they settle this.. just the two of them. What about a duel? 

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After President Bill Clinton got re-elected, Jorge Cabrera, twice convicted for drug charges, a $20,000 contributor to a re-election fund, had been arrested again convicted for having caught with 588 lbs. of almost pure heroin, was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Before that, on an earlier drug trial Art David alleged to mastermind an attempt to import 44 lbs. in March 15, 1990 of not so pure heroin was tried and convicted in Las Vegas, Nevada, and sentenced to life.

David was never caught with the heroin, and had never used drugs in his life but when two men according to Philippine authorities were busted at Manila International Airport upon inspection of a golf bag arrested Eduardo Gomez who was carrying 44 lbs. of the drug on his way to board a flight for the US, implicated Michael DeWitt, as another courier who on December 9, 1989, was arrested in possession of 1-½ lbs. of the same drug, both later after conviction and sentenced to full life claimed on sworn affidavits that David was their boss.

How did the two named David as their handler? Just after the overthrow of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, in the first two years of President Corazon Aquino’s term three American drug agents from the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration) together with 13 Filipino policemen where arrested and charged of murder of three Filipino soldiers in a drug bust operation in July 1990, somewhere in the Central Luzon Island. Manila papers covered this report on August 2, 1990. It’s alleged that proceeds of the drug operations went to support an underground right wing military officers preparing to overthrow the Aquino government.

Then acting chief of the DEA Terrence Burke said that his three agents were drawn-in to prevent them from testifying that the drug trafficking belongs to unnamed Filipino military officials opposed to Corazon Aquino.

When all uprisings had stopped and Aquino’s administration had been stabilized, both the US and Philippine authorities have to compromise to end the incident and find someone to blame.

That’s where the name of Art David came about, an American doing a successful business in the Philippines at that time. Having fitted the profile of a drug dealer, David’s association with top Philippine politicians and military officials, like the now imprisoned ousted President Joseph Estrada, a plan was hatched by both parties to find an escape goat.

Remember the two men arrested in the two airport busts Michael DeWitt and Eduardo Gomez, that netted them lifetime jail?…well, they were given a deal through the Philippines’ counter part of the US FBI… the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) as agreed by the U.S. Assistant District Prosecutor Brad Jerbic, that if they would testify on video tape and sign affidavits that David was the ring leader… upon conviction. Jerbic will “officially” write the Philippine government through the US Embassy in Manila that they (DeWitt and Gomez) were innocent and should be released. After Art David’s conviction and sentenced to life, DeWitt and Gomez were eventually released and since traveled back to US.

So, what’s the difference between the case of Jorge Cabrera, a known big time drug lord who had been convicted three times and got 19 years for 588 lbs. against and Art David’s alleged lording a 44 lb. heroine smuggling? David was charged under the US CCE (Continuing Criminal Enterprise) law and got the maximum of life and Cabrera for simple criminal act of drug smuggling. Complicated? No, Art David happened to be at the wrong place and the wrong time. And, that’s America for you and me.

So the story of Art David’s life ended when he died in his sleep on February 27, at the Federal prison in Missouri. And, on March 5th Wednesday, 2003 at exactly 12:10 past noon he will be entered at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. May he rest in peace. Goodbye Mr. David.  



This Mid-East Conflict had been discussed, debated with countless UN resolutions that have never been implemented for the past 40 years, and 442 had been forgotten, culminating to the present behaviour of the Arab people towards the U.S. for standing by Israel for better or worse. Is it really the democratic principle and practice of the State of Israel that makes American policy so stubborn to stand behind it or there’s something else? Everyone should put history aside for it already changed a lot, and have let the Palestinians live their lives, struggle it out… to the best of their abilities to get along with the Israelis without taking another life due to human passion of revenge.. How can this be done for now? Israel should grant the Palestinians once again what the U.N. decided back in 1949…leave the occupied territories…now! And on Saddam Hussein? Spare the thousands of lives that could come out if Baghdad is attacked.



To avoid the complication of collecting business tax from commercial building occupants, the City of Montreal, passed the collection to building owners, which would effectively increase revenue, so their overpaid organized  or unionized city workers, and politicians doesn't have to work hard again. What about selling all the buildings to the government and let them do the work? Hello, Hello, Hello? Anyone listening?



Accordingly, 61% of Montreal's residents are on welfare or some kind of government assistance, if this is true, 39% represent the working force, which is composed of about 29% unionized workers. So, 10% are of higher living standard than the poorest? If this trend goes on the labor unions should ask for more money so they can support and maintain 71% of the population. 



To war Iraq because of Saddam Hussein, could produce an incalculable consequences and may take a long time inflaming the whole region into a Third World War. There must be a way just to take Saddam out of Iraq, to avoid this catastrophe. The geniuses of the world should get together (now) to work on a better way that this conflict is settled with few casualties.


"What economic boom most experts and media writers are talking about? They must have graduated from the former Soviet Union School of Economics. Only the government is doing fine...collecting too much taxes from everyone. Real growth is based on everyone's productivity and there's not much left around. Government subsidized corporations can only employ 15% of the working force.. entrepreneurs should be brought back or encouraged... they are the backbone of a capitalist economy. But,, Canada is a socialist state!



The Montreal Tribune received a "LETTER TO THE AMERICANS  FROM USAMA BIN LADIN"  for publication via our correspondent from Indonesia, which we are not posting. Since the subject is between Usama and the Americans, we thought of forwarding it to President George W. Bush, (upon The White House acceptance)  would be more proper that we (The Tribune) should stay at a distance from this controversy.



To bring back Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli's prime minister won't end the conflict in the Mid-East, instead, it will continue Ariel Sharon's goal of sacrificing more lives of their own and that of the Palestinians. They should seek another that could personify the likes of the late Yitzhak Rabin, not someone whose hatred of the people he calls animals is never ending. The Japanese, the Germans and who else?.., had done so much more than these hated people but they were forgiven... I don't believe the Israelis only maintain hate on the weak. Too bad, too many fanatics blow themselves to death for the cause...believing 75 virgins awaits them afterlife, instead of becoming productive.. ..formulate things better than Mercedes and Toyotas.. and  they may see an extended hand to seal a key to peace?

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"A long long time ago, when the British came they asked to lease a territory  from the Sultan of Sulu, known as North Borneo. When they left they had it incorporated to a country they created called Malaysia, with the blessing of Uncle Sam. The world wasn't told of what they did... they walked away thinking what they did was right. Now, unless rectified this could spark a war between, Malaya (not Malaysia), Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, the rebels, the U.S. and of course any of the Arabic speaking countries.... So what the Brits should do? ... go back and fix the problem for this could be the next big war." 



Saddam Hussein's survival could be the deletion of Israel in the Mid-East. With the Jewish economic might lobbying the Western World, Canada included, American soldiers could be sacrificed in the thousands, like a rerun of the movie "Saving Private Ryan.". Shall we all shut up and let Ariel Sharon continue his dream of eliminating Yasser Arafat, and his men or the Palestinians, which is being used as an alibi by the fragmented Arab Muslims on its continued hatred of the the U.S.?  Would it not be wise for the Free World or the U.S. to solve the problem where it started? Simply command Israel to get out of the Occupied Territories that may spell the beginning of peace? But peace without the 2.5 billion U.S. dollars aid to Israel could be unacceptable... Remember?... they were almost there... then suddenly ---- someone murdered Yitzhak Rabin (1922-1995), well... let’s just wait until we are all dead too? But wait a minute.. did anyone reserve any dates with the (74 or 75) virgins yet?



The Western World created a home and country for the people that were viciously and brutally dehumanized by the regime of Adolph Hitler, blessed with economic and influx of hardworking and intelligent inhabitants from all over the world prosperity is an understatement, but quoting history  (repeatedly for justification) and dubbing the Palestinians… pigs! ..and occupy their UN designated territories is something that they should reconsider studying.. Peace should be negotiated…continuously..  time will heal the atrocities they inflicted on each other. Politics should be more given a priority…  finding a step towards respecting life existence on earth is important… Peace would mean the rest of the Muslim world can’t use the conflict as a ploy to encourage hate against the Western World, especially that of the U.S.

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