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Here's What I Thought of Your Suggestions!

How I rate:
Great Suggestion I loved this movie!
Thanks for the suggestion pretty good!
Okay suggestion, rental fodder, don't spend $8.
Why the heck did you waste my time with that drivel?

Wraith of the Ninja: Again this is a beautifully animated film, like a lot of the anime I've seen and reviewed. However, this film has an extremely convoluted plot. In fact until the end it is very difficult to understand what is going on. Now, I've have seen a reasonable amount of anime and I'm aware that this is a common problem. Mainly due to bad dubbing and translation. However, this film is especially non-sensical and it just is not something I would recommend, unless you are a real die-hard anime fan. Thanks anyway!
1/2 Blood Simple: This is one of those movies that has been in the back of my mind to see, and I just never got around to it. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I actually lucked out and it was on cable. This is the fantastic debut by the Cohen brothers, little known by the mainstream but critically acclaimed. It is a great suspence thriller with some fantastic original camera work. Also as a special treat is the introduction of Francis McDormand, she is fantastic here. Check out this film! Thanks again!
The Pledge: This is a great performance by Jack Nicholson. I wish I could say something else positive about the movie itself. In one word this movie is dull, just plain dull. What could be a taut suspence thriller, instead drags at a snail's pace. There is no big climax, especially considering the first scene you see gives away the ending. My guess was to peak the viewers curiosity, but as we get into the film we realize it just spoiled the ending. Nicholson is great here, but he's great in pretty much everything he does. Go see one of his other classic films, skip this one.
1/2 Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins: This movie is so early eighties! Anyway, why is that they can't get asian actors to play asian characters? Is there really that big a shortage? Actually having Joel Grey play the wise Korean martial arts master would not fly now. Not that he wasn't enjoyable, he was the most enjoyable part of the movie. This movie was fun, though completely implausable and silly. I enjoyed it anyway. I wonder if sequels were intended, hence "The Adventure Begins" in the title. Hmmm, something to ponder. Thanks!
Horror Hotel: Great horror kitsch! This is a real horror flick, not the crappola they produce now. A great dark look, and all the horror cliches. The blond gets it, the brunette is smart and helps save the day. (as a brunette myself I have no issues with this :P) Anyway, thanks much for the suggestion!
The Crow 3: Well, this one is better than the second one, that's for sure. However, that's not saying a lot. It has the dark look and ultra violence, however, the new crow just doesn't have the dark charisma that the original had. Maybe no one ever will. Anyway, it was pretty enjoyable nonetheless. Thanks!
U-Turn: Yuck. I don't like Oliver Stone, he's pretentious and ridiculous. Thanks but no thanks.
The Gingerbread Man: This was a surprise. It had such mediocre mixed reviews when it came out, I avoided it. But it was a very good edge of your seat thriller. It also once again shows that Darryl Hannah is only good when she is mousy. Anyway, good performances and great surprises. Thanks!
The Big Blue: This is a beautiful look at. Like all of Luc Besson's movies. However, there is virtually not plot, or at least not one that ever finds it's way. It rambles from the lead character's father's death and his obsession with water. A girl falls for him and stands by him even though he virtually ignores him, I guess he has this aura. Granted he is easy on the eye, but really come on, give the female gender credit here!
Ravenous: How did I hate this movie, let me count the ways. May I say this is such a waste of Guy Piece, go see Memento! Anyway, it is extrodinarily gorry but not in a way where there is relief or humor at all whatsoever. It is just unpleasant, and that was the reason I never saw it, it looked unpleasant. I'm sorry to whoever recommended this, wait, you should be sorry! You wasted my time!
Ninja Scroll: This is a fine example of quality anime. It is beautifully animated, an only slightly confusing plot. In traditional anime tradition, it is violent and there are not so subtle sexual undertones, but it has strong women, both good and evil. This is one of my favorite parts on recent animation. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!
1/2 Delicatesson: A very whimsical, yet creepy film. About a rooming house above a butcher, with a very disturbing secret. Anew tenant comes to live and work there and charms everyone. This is a very delightful movie, with a great dark and gritty look to it. Sort of like an Edward Gorey book come to life. This movie should win the prize for most original and interesting opening credit sequence, very cool. Thanks!
Tigerland: A very interesting war film. Very reminiscent of MASH and Catch 22. This is why I gave it only 3 stars, not the most original concept in a war film, the screwup grunt makes right. However, the acting by the lead is outstanding and this film has a great look to it. Thanks!
Memento: This movie was a wonderful puzzle and a very unique concept. The movie actually works its way backwards and the truth is slowly unraveled for you...sort of. There are several times within the film that you think you have it figured out and you soon discover you were completely wrong. I do not want to give anything away in this review, but I will say thanks very much for the recommendation!
Panic Great suggestion here, for several reasons: 1. I am a huge William H Macy fan. 2. It has great dialog 3. Supurb supporting cast. This is one of those wordy movies that critics just love, but it is a great one with tension and unbelievable suspence. Geesh even the kid did a good job. Anyway, glad it finally came to the video store (since it never came to any theaters near me). Thanks for the suggestion!
Requiem for a Dream: An amazing trip through the downward spiral that is drug addiction. Especially Ellen Burstyn's amazing performance as a woman who just wants to lose weight to be on TV and ends up being addicted to speed. The film style is dizzying and it has amazing editing. It is a very dark film and I unfortunately saw the edited version. I would be curious to see the unedited edition. Thanks for the suggestion!
The House of Mirth: A beautifully photographed period drama. It is the story of a woman who is torn between who she loves and who she should marry. The key to this movie is Jillian Anderson's wonderful performance. It is great to see her venture into new acting territory. A very lovely film. Thanks!
1/2 Before Night Falls: A remarkable story and an incredible performance by the lead, Javier Bardiem. One performance that was definately better than Russel Crowe (don't get me started about that). Anyway, the sad story of a Cuban writer who was persicuted because of his sexuality and voice. It is devistatingly sad and beautiful at the same time. A truly great film. Thanks!
1/2 Best in Show: A hilarious film by the same guys that did the spoofumentory Waiting for Gufman(sorry bout the spelling). This 'documentory' focuses on several dog owners and their journey with their dogs to the big dog show. It features some of the great funny indi actors. Also may I Highly recommend the DVD in that it has tons of cut out scenes that are very amusing. A very delightful film! thanks!







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