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Animation/Foreign Reviews

How I rate:
Great Suggestion I loved this movie!
Thanks for the suggestion pretty good!
Okay suggestion, rental fodder, don't spend $8.
Why the heck did you waste my time with that drivel?

1/2400 Blows: A very real movie, the beginning of the new wave scene in film, it looks a plays very differently from most films in the era. It's not overly dramatic with women weeping and men screaming over this child, I could see this family today. It was revolutionary, showing the nuclear family desolve. Very cool, great look to the film. Thanks!

Belle Epoque: A whimisical little movie, about three sisters and a very horny and confused man. It's very charming though silly at times, but fun to watch anyway. I very much enjoyed it, thanks for the recommendation!!

Breathless: Wow what a cool film, and I mean cool in the 1950's sense of cool. Taking place in Paris with a very chic look and such controversy. I enjoyed it emmencely and I'm glad I finally found it. For you who are searching for rare films, libraries believe it or not are great places to find them. Check this one out!
1/2  Eat Drink Man Woman: Great movie, funny and very sweet.  Funny how the cover talked about how much sex was in it, and there really wasn't much.  Anyway, I loved it, thanks so much for the recommendation.  For those who have not seen it, a sweet story about a cook and his three single daughters, how they discover what they all really want in life and love.  Marvelous and delicious!

1/2 The Emperor and the Assassin: Quite a remarkable film, an epic which summons memories of the great epics of the 50's. A grand cast, especially the three leads whose characters change so greatly throughout the film, showing how war, power and death can manipulate and change a person. There are points which move slowly, but overall it is a beautiful film. Thank you for the recommendation!

Hidden Fortress: This was a great flick! Very fun, great characters and great action sequences. I can definately see the obvious connection to star wars, right down to the goofy side kicks. Thanks so much for this recommendation, sorry I didn't get to it sooner, but strangely enough it was not at my local video store. Thank goodness for libraries!

Indochine: This was a beautiful sweeping epic. The acting was amazing and the cinematography was awesome. I don't know who won the best actress oscar in 1992, but Catherine Deneuve certainly deserved it for this great performance. A very interesting story of pre-communist Vietnam which has a great script and even better direction. I highly highly recommend this film.

1/2 The King of Masks: What a sweet film. Very beautiful, especially the sections with the King of Masks himself, which are remarkable, as are the sections with the Chinese Opera. It is very sad to see how poorly women were regarded, which makes you feel so very bad for this litte girl in the story. Beautitul beautiful film, check it out!

1/2 Light Years: I will probably get into trouble with this one, but I didn't enjoy this movie very much. In fact I had trouble paying attention. I liked the characters and it was an interesting story, but I am not a diehard sci-fi fan really and I think that is needed for this movie. The animation really wasn't all that great either, which bothers me. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

1/2The Night of Cabiria: A genuinely funny and sad movie. The acting is outstanding, especially by the lead. I have seen the re-make of this movie, with Shirly Maclaine, which was done well, but does not seem nearly as daring now. This movie was so ahead of its time, as so many of the great foreign films are. The last scene is still with me. Thanks for the suggestion!

Ran:This is a beautiful epic film, a great adaption of the King Lear story, with sons instead of daughters. The greatest point of the film is one point during a battle, where there is no sound only the wonderful score, you can see in this movie as well as most of Kurasawa's films, how much he has inspired so many other directors. Great film, thank you very much for the suggestion! <

1/2Red: The first in the french color trilogy and I wish I had seen this before blue, because then you see the connection. Besides that, this a beautiful, fascinating film. It seems that the past and the present overlap and mingle, and it all finally comes together in the end. And the colors! It is just pretty to look at. Very beautiful and neat to watch. Thanks!

1/2 Xiu Xiu: A very bittersweet movie. The story of the short life of a young girl and the men who surround her, manipulating her and caring for her. Unfortunately she does not realize who really matters to her until too late. A very pretty and simple film, I really enjoyed it and was drawn into the story. Thank you for the recommendation!

Yojimbo: Loved this movie, it was funny and very entertaining. Definately in the Western genre with the mysterious samarai and noon showdowns and all. Funny how Kurosawa can make a better Western then most American directors. Toshiro Mifune is great, definately check it out, especially if you are a Kurosawa fan! Thanks!