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Comedy Reviews

How I rate:
Great Suggestion I loved this movie!
Thanks for the suggestion pretty good!
Okay suggestion, rental fodder, don't spend $8.
Why the heck did you waste my time with that drivel?

All That Jazz: Oh, Bob Fosse, what can you say. He is simply the most innovative choreographer of the 20th century. The dancing is what makes this film great. The lack of a plot is what weakens the movie. The flash back sequences, which don't make much sense until the end, are the worst part of this movie. Basically, if you are looking for a great Fosse movie, see Cabaret, if you just love Fosse, see this movie and fast forward to the dance sequences. Thanks!

Blue in the Face: This was a fun character piece, I know I should have watched "Smoke" first which is the first of this two-part piece, but I am still looking for it. Anyway, there isn't all that much plot, but that's okay because it's about characters. The biggest character of all is Brooklyn, and having an aunt who lives there I definately enjoyed the characters love/hate relationship with their burrow. Fun interesting movie, check it out.

1/2 But I'm a Cheerleader: A semi-amusing satire. It is good to see the movies making fun of stupidity, however, it could have been done a little smarter. Very John Water'sish, and I'm not really a fan. It is a fluff movie and is good for a few laughs. Thanks!

Booty Call: This was a surprisingly delightful film. It was very funny and a great demonstration of how difficult it is to get lucky these days. I recommend this if you are frustrated and need a good laugh! Thanks for the suggestion.

Carmen Jones: Definately a monumental film, one of the first big scale all Black musicals. Very well acted and I liked it overall. Though as a fan of the orignal opera Carmen and a big fan of the composer Bizet, it was strange to see this version with very different lyrics, though the story is essentially the same. Very cool, Dorothy Dandridge was definately greatly underused and is a very tragic figure (for info on her check out the movie "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" at your video store).

East is East: A very interesting and challenging dramady. You are challenged by the fact that though the cultures that clash in this film are so interesting. Yet it can be upsetting how the women and children are treated at the same time. Mixed in are some very funny moments and very unsettling moments. Overall a good movie and a great commentary of cultural clashes.

Forces of Nature: This movie has good intentions, it has cute perky actors and a cute perky plot. But it tries to be more than it is. It has some cool shots with slow motion rain, which is interesting, but wasted in this movie. For all the good intentions, this movie is still the same old reused romantic comedy with the dumb guy and the smarter woman. Had some good moments but unfortunately nothing new here. Thanks but I wouldn't highly recommend it.

Four Rooms:Well, this is really four short films wrapped around one idiotic gyrating bell boy. The first short is awful and does not deserve any stars at all, all I can say is blech. The second was okay maybe a 2 star short, good banter, but that's about it. Third short, my favorite, 3 stars, I like Robert Rodriguez's stuff, and this definately has his style. The last short was just another typical Tarentino piece, a star and a half. Basically, it was annoying more than anything else. Overall, I would not recommend this movie.

Going All the Way: This movie means well I think. It means to be a character study of this guy right out of he army and his disillusionment that follows. Unfortunately, it just meanders around never really deciding on one plot point. Affleck is his usual oaffish self, playing the same character he always seems to play, basically the frat boy/jock. Anyway, it has some memorable moments, but for the most part is aimless, I wouldn't recommend it.

Half Baked: Hmmm, a movie about pot, potheads and their stupidity. Worth my time? I think not. I don't even think it would even interest potheads, considering it basically makes fun of them. Of course if you're high maybe you don't realize that fact. Anyway, don't waste your $1.99 at the video store.

Hurly Burly: Why does Hollywood make movies about its flaws? Does anyone really care outside of LA? I certainly don't, which is why I did not enjoy this movie. Full of great actors acting stupid, getting stoned and high and who knows what. Yet it has no point or plot. I do not recommend this film, unless you enjoy the seadier side of life.

The In-Laws: A great hilarious comedy, an ideal screwball comedy. Where has this kind of comedy gone? Where the characters get themselves in ridiculous trouble but never look stupid, just genuinely funny. Loved it! Thanks for the suggestion.

Jawbreaker: This movie so wants to be Heathers, but just isn't. Similar plot line, but does not have the dialogue or the actors, the noxema girl is just not Winona Ryder, sorry. Again, a waste of my money and time, though only $1.99 waste this time.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels:A very slick movie. The film's style is the greatest part of this movie, with the slow motion/sped up shots and the grainy appearance of the whole film. The whole plot is very far fetched, and it starts a bit slow, but the last half hour of the movie is worth the wait. Thanks for the recommendation!

Loser: I really like Amy Heckerling, especially "Clueless", but this movie is lacking a lot of what "Clueless" had. Especially the great banter between the characters and the use of great slang and inside teenager jokes. This does take place in college, but the actors simply don't have as much to work with. The dialog is not that interesting and all the characters are just plain underused, especially Dora who comes off just being a flighty twit, not an intelligent girl in a bad situation, which I think is what was meant for her character. Wait till video for this one.

Miss Congeniality: Yay! Finally a really funny movie!! All the so-called comedies this year have been either a) Not funny or b) potty jokes disguised as quality humor. This is the ideal Sandra Bullock role, she really gets to take advantage of her good grasp of physical comedy. Also, Benjamin Bratt, what can I say, Julia Roberts has great taste. Finally he's being used well, though I miss him on Law & Order. Thanks for the suggestion, I needed a good belly laugher!

Night at the Roxbury This was a painfully bad movie to watch. A mediocre skit made into a horrible movie. It was too long, very dumb and just a waste of my time. Thanks but no thanks, do not go see this movie, do not waste your two bucks.

Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps: Hiding deep, deep, deep down inside this movie is a cute story about people falling in love inspite of what they look like. Unfortunately covering this story is humor only a prepubescent boy could love. Yuck, I'm sorry I know that this extremely amusing to too many people, however, that doesn't mean that hollywood has to continue making this drivel. Until people stop spending money on this crap we will be cursed with it. End soap box.

1/2 Patch Adams: I've met the real Patch Adams, which was a reason I never saw this movie. He is a strange man, who has done some very good things and redefines unconventional. I don't think this movie really does him justice. It really makes overlight of his life, and makes it terribly melodramatic. This could have been a great story but is just a simplified "feel-good" movie. Too bad, please don't waste your time.

Sprung: A fun film, a little silly to the extreme. Great if you want a good laugh and don't really have too much taste. Goes overboard on occasion but has very sweet moments as well. Thanks I am always looking for new comedies to see!

The Young Girls of Rochefort: The French cinema's version of an American musical. It is so very 60's down to the bastardization of jazz they were so fond of using. However, the dancing is great, thanks to Gene Kelly I'm sure. What is remarkable about this film is the subject matter. Not so subliminally they sneak in a torrid murder, single motherhood, and premarital sex; all to a jolly musical soundtrack. That is what I loved about the musical. Thanks for the suggestion!