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Action Movie Reviews

How I rate:
Great Suggestion I loved this movie!
Thanks for the suggestion pretty good!
Okay suggestion, rental fodder, don't spend $8.
Why the heck did you waste my time with that drivel?

American Psycho: This is an amazing movie.  The performance by Christian Bale is remarkable.  The film is mostly weakend by the violent scenes, which become just ridiculous.  What is amazing about this film is its comment on the 80's and it's obsession with appearances and wealth.  The first half of the movie is hilarious, and you will find yourself laughing quite a bit, though uncomfortably.  I love to go see a movie where someone behind me who was absorbed and laughing throughout the movie, stands up and says "that was stupid" at the end.  Same thing happened when I saw "Magnolia".

Brain Dead: A very weird twisted tale of a questionably sane person played by Bill Pullman. This movie definately keeps you guessing and wondering what exactly is going on. Go check it out, be scared and be bewildered. Thanks for the suggestion!

1/2 The Crow: City of Angels: This movie has a great gothic look, however that's about the only positive thing I can say about it. It basically has the EXACT same plot as the first, but is not acted or directed as well. Honestly, this movie did not need a sequel (very few movies do). It's visually interesting, except for the flight scenes with the obviously fake crow. I am a big fan of the original, so definately go see that, don't waste your time here.

Cube:Very cool, very scary flick. It is an amazing character study. Too see what happens to people when they are put into a horrible and complicated situation. Very cool concept, I recommend it!

Deliverance: A scary manly movie, which has it's flaws but also has spawned so many copies and spoofs that it is definately worth viewing. It is disturbing and I'm not sure I like the ending really. It is awfully hard on the backwoods people and can be derogatory at times. Check it out and make your own opinions, it's one of those that does not leave you with happy feelings.

Fight Club:Similar to Lock Stock...this movie is cool because of the style. The gritty look and the very cool editing tricks, which at the end will make you want to go back and watch again. I don't want to give away any of the plot, but if you have not seen it pay close attention to all those funny little quirks in the film. A very dark, violent film, but being a big Ed Norton fan, this is some of his best work. I did enjoy it, and my friend and I who watched it ended up chatting about it quite a bit afterwards. Thanks for the recomendation!

Gone in 60 Seconds: Okay, all I have to say is this--remake! Yuck, I am not a fan of remakes, and this movie does not change my mind. It is a bland action film at best, a big waste of the great actors at worst. The only redemption at all (hence the star) would be the final car sequence which is okay. I would say do not bother with this one.

Hard-Boiled: This movie is a little hard for me to rate, because if I went on plot and substance, I wouldn't have given it this high a rating. However, this movie is an excellent example of how John Woo has made action movies into an art form. Here he uses his slow motion action scenes and great cinematography, which is a thing of beauty. The plot is spotty and unfortunately I had to see this dubbed, which is always annoying. The movie is beautiful to watch though, thanks for the suggestion!

1/2Lair of the White Worm: This was a fun flick. It's interesting to see Hugh Grant in a very different role, as the sort-of hero. High on cheese and fun, bad effects and all. Great horror flick fun, check it out if you can find it!

Love and a .45: A very cool movie. Unlike a lot of the movies of this genre, the main characters, though mainly white trash types, aren't really treated like that. They are sort of the anti-heros, and are very likable. They fall into a situation which just spirals out of control. And what is wonderful is that it ends the way you want it to. Thanks for the suggestion!

Manhunter: Well this movie was okay, I liked the plot and I am a fan of Michael Mann, but the acting was so flat. It just drove me nuts to see a movie where the actors had no facial expressions at all. Not to mention, this being the prequel to "Silence of the Lambs", it no where near matched up. Thanks for the recommendation, but I would not necessarily recommend it to you all!

McClintock!:Very fun movie! Great banter between John Wayne and O'Hara, they were the best part of the film. The worst part was naturally what is inherantly bad about all of the old westerns, which is the stereotyping, which they made a half-assed attempt to avoid, but managed to have anyway. If you ignore this, the film is a lot of fun, but pc thinking makes certain scenes difficult to watch.

Pitch Black: I enjoyed this, scary and cool. It is nice to see sci-fi not dumbed down, which I think is happening to the genre these days. It is fast paced and the cinematography is very cool, with the unusual coloring of the picture. Vin Diesel is awesome as the bad guy and steals all the scenes he's in. Thanks for the recommendation, go check it out!

The Rage: Carrie 2Well, this movie nowhere near lives up to the original. It doesn't even stand as enjoyable horror movie shlock, mainly because it does not have nearly enough interesting inplausable gore or teenage make out scenes typical to the genre. And why on earth does she get those black veins? Just plain dumb and a flagrant waste of my $3, figuring this was still on the new racks at my Blockbuster. Tsk tsk to you for recommending it. Congrats on recommending the first piss poor movie though. :)