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Classic Reviews

How I rate:
Great Suggestion I loved this movie!
Thanks for the suggestion pretty good!
Okay suggestion, rental fodder, don't spend $8.
Why the heck did you waste my time with that drivel?

Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein Truly a comedy classic. A hilarious screwball comedy starring of course one of the greatest comedy pairs ever. I can't believe I hadn't seen this yet. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, it even had some rather clever effects utilizing animation. Very good, thanks for the recommendation!

1/2 Gaslight: One of the great suspence thrillers. Is she crazy or isn't she? This is the question we ask ourselves until the end. Ingred Bergman gives a great performance (which she won her first oscar for), and really is the greatest part of this movie. It kept me riveted throughout, I really enjoyed it, thanks for the suggestion!

Gimme Shelter: A major moment in rock history caught on film, a mess of a free concert because of drugs and bad judgement on the band's part. Hmmm, hiring the Hell's Angels to keep peace, uhuh. Anyway, this is a really well made documentary, great editing and some very cool shots; and of course great music. I'm not even that huge a Stones fan, but this was very cool. Thanks!

In a Lonely Place: This film improved a lot as it progressed, leaving you guessing to the end, if Bogart's character is good or bad or something in between. I think if Bogie's normal partner in crime, Lauren Bacall, had been in the movie it would have been much improved. Bogie was notoriously hard on other actresses and in this case, this actress gives a pretty flat performance. Besides this, I liked the story and it kept me guessing. Thanks!

Madam X:Finally I a classic movie recommendation. Now I hope I watched the correct version, there supposedly are six different film adaptations of this play, I watched the Lana Turner edition. At times a little overboard, especially some of Turner's acting, but a great classic tearjerker nonetheless. Great costumes and locations definately help to make this a glamerous and enjoyable movie. p> The Night Visitor: This movie begins as what seems to be a strange stalker scary movie, but the plot twists and turns and what happens is intriguing. A young Max Von Sydow stars and is quite good in this tale of suspense. The movie has a cool gritty look and a dark atmosphere which really adds to the grimness of the film. I finally found this one! Thanks for the suggestion.

1/2 Panic in the Streets: This was a gripping, sitting on the edge of your seat movie. It just moves with such great pacing and acting. It was a great film to watch it just kept me involved all the way through. Thanks for the recommendation!