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Drama Reviews

How I rate:
Great Suggestion I loved this movie!
Thanks for the suggestion pretty good!
Okay suggestion, rental fodder, don't spend $8.
Why the heck did you waste my time with that drivel?

1/2 Angel Heart: A marvelous dark scary film noir. Filmed with the same gritty style of the classic noirs, what a great look with the darkness of New York, and the strange eerie look of the South and voodoo. Well acted and shot very well. Thanks for the suggestion!

1/2 Angela's Ashes: The problem here is that I read the book. Which is why I hadn't gone to see it. The book is wonderful because in spite of the horrific conditions this little boy was dealing with, laughter persisted. The human spirit prevails. The movie however, has very few light points. It is dark and dreary and there is no laughter. This is why the movie tanked in the theaters, it is missing that element the book had; magic. It is well acted, especially by the boys who played Frank, but it doesn't leave you feeling uplifted, like it's supposed to.

Before and After: This is again one of those movies that could have been good, I think I shall blame the director for ths one. You have three great actors overacting so badly it's almost painful. Especially Meryl Streep, who's characer is so vapid and stupid you want to walk in the film and give her a clue. The idea is an interesting one and the script is not bad, though some dialog was iffy, but again I blame the director. I do not recommend this movie.

1/2 Boys: Could have been a good flick, if the dialog was decent, the plot made more sense and they had made good use of the amazing actors in this film. Too too bad. Don't recommend it, see some of these actors other films and don't waste your time here.

The Devil's Advocate: Well, the idea here is good; the devil is a lawyer. Very believable, too bad the acting is so bad. Even Al Pacino goes quite a bit overboard, so much so he's screaming for a life preserver. What can I say about Keanu Reeves, I don't think I have to say anything, that accent! My god. Anyway, the one redeamable person is Charlize Theron, here in her breakthrough role, she really does make the most out of her part. It wasn't horrible, but it certainly was not great, I would not recommend it, but I'm not offended having spent $1.99 on it.

Groove: I think Frenitic is the word. The key to this movie is the music, the actual groove which runs throughout the movie. I like that it's full of noname actors and djs, and it is a good picture of the night in the life of a raver. Very cool, fun and an amazing soundtrack. Check it out.

Hallmark's The Love Letter: A magical love story which spans generations. It's very sweet, and definately a chick flick, but since I am a chick that is ok. I'm not usually a fan of the made for TV movies, but the Hallmark series are usually of high quality and this is no exception. This was a very pretty and enjoyable movie to watch and it was just the movie I was in the mood for. Thanks!

1/2In Cold Blood: A great gritty movie which shows the criminal process. A marvelous character study of two evil men, and how they get that way. A little different then the crime dramas we see today, no nudity, you don't even see the violence, and geewhiz it's still effective. Hmmm something to think about. Thanks for the suggestion!

In the Heat of the NightI think I was supposed to really enjoy this movie more.  It is a classic and I know why.  At the time it confronted serious racial issues, and it tells a very powerful story.  However, it makes the side characters, the townspeople such cartoons, people who have no control.  I think this is one of the movies that upsets me, and therefore, I do not enjoy it.  It does resolve itself, but were the real issues involved really confronted?  You may disagree with me about this, but this is only my opinion. Thanks to Brian Fairbanks for the suggestion.

1/2Jacobs Ladder:This is a strange scary ride of a movie. If I had seen this when it came out, I probably would be more impressed. This movie has influenced movies that have come after it, and that's the problem. People have since used the concept and done it better. I don't want to divulge plot points, but I had the ending pegged half way through the film. I think I just never got into it after that point, everything that happened became unimportant. It is very jarring and interesting to watch anyway. Thanks for the suggestion.

The Last Seduction: A very slick movie with wow, a strong women who does not care what anyone thinks and doesn't pay the price for being real. I had been meaning to watch this one and I really enjoyed it, thanks for the suggestion.

1/2 Limbo: This movie really did a great job of focusing on the characters. They were very well developed and deep. Very interesting. However, there was no plot at all. This was frustrating and also made it difficult for me to stay interested in the film. It definately moved rather slow and the ending was sooo frustrating. Anyway, it is interesting for the characters, but not if you are looking for a good story.

The Limey:  Soderbergh is one of my favorite directors and he again does not let me down with this film.  An amazing film, with very interesting editing, and excellent acting, made great by Terrance Stamp in the lead.  A man coming to avenge his daughter, and what we discover is the line between hero and villain is so fine.  He discovers this too, throughout the film.  The character study is great!  I highly recommend this film.

Lost Highway: What absolute garbage. I've seen silent movies with more dialog. Ridiculously overdone and boring as can be. I really liked "Blue Velvet" but this has to be the worst thing that David Lynch has done. Thanks but no thanks, do not waste your time folks!

1/2 Made in Heaven A blurry dreamy looking fantasy. It loops and swirls and ends up falling a little flat, of course they will find each other! It is predictable, however, it does have a nice look and some good performances. Thanks for the recommendation.

1/2My Beautiful Laundrette: I feel like I should have liked this movie more than I did. I am a big fan of the indi film and this is an earlier one from the eighties, as is highly apparant by the pastels and punk haircuts. It has an interesting plot talking about the Indian community in England, but it doesn't go very deep into this. It also could be considered a movie about a young man dealing with his homosexuality, but it doesn't really go deep into this either. I think the problem is that it doesn't really focus on one specific point, it just sort of rambles. The characters were so very flawed as well, so much so there really weren't any we liked. Thanks for the suggestion, but I was left lacking at the end of the film.

Nowhere: I am not a fan of this filmaker, and I was not surprised with this film. Basically it was tasteless and so gratuitous. Now I am not from LA, but I as a teacher I know kids of today are for the most part not this disturbed. Why do filmakers think we want to see this?!?! I know I don't and I won't get into all the facets of my dislike of this film, just don't waste your time. End Rant.

The Ogre: A very interesting character, with John Malcovitch being very john malcovichy. I really like the gritty look of it, especially the flashback sections which look like old news reels. An interesting story about a slightly off man and how he effects the people around him and how he comes to understand people. I do recommend this film.

Pi: Interesting movie with a very original look. Grainy and black and white, which very much adds to the atmosphere of paranoia. Overall a very cool concept, though slow at times. I recommend it, as a example of some of the new styles of film making that has developed in the late 90's. Thanks!

Return to Paradise: I have mixed feelings about this film. It has some great performances especially that of Joaquin Phoenix, in his first strong role. It's the timing of the movie which weakens it. It is very slow, very very slow. And for a movie with such intriguing subject matter it really shouldn't be. My guess is bad editing is guilty here and additional Malaysian scenes were cut while keeping in too much bland dialog. I would suggest perhaps fast forwarding through some of the middle sequences while enjoying the beginning and the devestating end. Thanks!

Silkwood: An upsettling and unsettling movie. Meryl Streep is amazing as she always is, but I was expecting something different out of this film, more of a "Norma Rae" I suppose. This is not an uplifting story about how people can rise up and beat the system, but that of how the system can really destroy you. The movie was well made, but I didn't really enjoy it because basically it was a bummer. Thanks.

SLC Punk Let me say it straight, I can't stand Matthew Lillard, but in this movie he's tolerable. This movie accomplished something that so many rebellion films do not. It is realistic but at the same time funny and enjoyable. Not preachy but shows there are consequences good and bad to everyone's actions. Thanks for the suggestion!

Smoke: Quite different from "Blue in the Face". Same setting but much more of a drama, in fact a better movie overall. Again, it is mostly a character study, but this does have a plot. I love stories that involve people's lives getting intertwined and then helping each other get through hard times. Well done and acted, thanks for the recommendation!

Stealing Beauty: This is a very charming movie about a girl discovering her womanhood in Italy. It is set in beautiful Tuscany, and really how can you go wrong when you film there? But what is lovely about this film is that no one is perfect and how wonderful that is. That is what is wonderful about people, their imperfections, and we find the most flawed people are the most beautiful. Very cool, check it out!

Tumbleweeds:  I loved this movie!  I know that it got mixed reviews when it came out, and I understand why, there was not a super strong plot.  However, the amazing performance by Janet McTeer saves all.  She is so likable in this performance that could be very unlikable.  The other performance which is marvelous is that of newcomer Kimberly Brown, who performances as a girl her age should.  Like a child, yet one who has lived so long with a mother who also acts like a child, often has to be the grown up.  I highly recommend this movie!!

1/212 Angry Men:Excellent film, amazing and powerful acting. Henry Fonda is so subtle in his part and all of the characters are well developed and strong. Incredible movie with an amazing cast! I highly recommend and thank you for the suggestion!

1/2The Unbearable Lightness of Being: To tell you the truth when I read the box for this I was doubtful. They were attempting to make it something that it really wasn't, basically a film about sex. This movie is a marvelous love triangle, where all three people really do love each other, but take most of the movie to really figure that out. It is a beautiful bittersweet story, and I really enjoyed it. The ending is just amazing. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

Under Suspicion Honestly, I did not like this film. It was disturbing subject matter and not in an intriguing way. I can see why this film was not recieved well, honestly who enjoys watching people demoralized on screen? The two stars are for the actors, who unfortunately picked this film, but are amazing as always. Thanks for the recommendation, but I wouldn't recommend this film.

Where the Heart Is:  I found this to be a very sweet movie, about women and their relationships with each other.  This is the first movie where I actually was not annoyed by Ashley Judd, in fact she really was good.  Natalie Portman was great, as usual.  If anything, it may have been a touch overly dramatic, but I was still smiling at the end, though totally predictable, but what drama isn't really?  Girls go see it, Guys, you know you wouldn't go unless dragged so I won't bother to recommend it to you. :)

You Can Count Me: This is a phenmomenal movie. It is amazing because it is simple and real. The relationship between the brother and sister is so real, it reminds me of my own relationship with my sister. The boss is so much like my boss, not that I've done anything with him, ewww. This would have definately made my top ten list of last year, if I had been able to see it last year. However, being an indi, it did not come anywhere near me until this weekend. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend you try and see this film. Thanks for the recommendation.