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bcWo: Buffy Cast World Orders

Cast Of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Okay, as you may have noticed I've decided to change the way I work my sites. Now, instead of keeping only one or two open for a month, then closing them down, and opening up some more, I've decided just to keep them all open at the same time. So, here is a list of existing Buffy World Orders, and World Orders yet to come. I'm getting very busy with school and hockey that I cannot say when each site will open, but the order they are listed in is the order that they will be made and opened.

Existing World Orders

oWo: Oz World Order

bWo: Buffy World Order

xWo: Xander World Order

*New* wWo: Willow World Order

Orders Still To Come

My World Order Tribute To The Angel Series:

aWo: Angel World Order

cWo: Cordelia World Order

dWo: Doyle World Order

Yet To Be Named: A member of the Angel cast

Yet To Be Named: A member of the Angel cast

Now Back To The Buffy Cast:

gWo: Giles World Order

dWo: Dru World Order

sWo: Spike World Order

Other World Orders

These are tributes to non-cast members on the Buffy show:

eWo: The Erika World Order, devoted to the Diva Erika Amato, club now taking membership applications!

jWo: The Joss World Order, devoted to the creator of the show.

cWo: The Chris Beck World Order, devoted to the wonderful composer


If you have any suggestions for some World Orders I could do, feel free to e-mail me with your suggestions.

E-mail to:

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