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Yes, yes, another world order. But this time, it's Willow. So, think if you may what the world would be like if everyone was like Willow.

Maybe at first people would be shy to talk to each other, but once they got to know other people around them you would find yourself in a very helpful, caring world. A world were everyone could have someone to help them out when they needed it, and a world were everyone would have a comforting shoulder to cry on.

It would be a happy, and very productive place. Everyone knows everything about computers, and science, and computer science. They would teach each other new things, because everyone would like learning about something they hadn't known before.

But I think the best part about this world would be that everyone was brave in their own sence, though it may not seem that way at first. They would have a way of surprising themselves and each other. Plus the world would be compasinate enough to listen to each other, and understand what everyone else is trying to say.

Of all the worlds I could think of, this would probably be my favorite to live in. It would just be so caring and nice.

Who Is Willow?


Willow Rosenberg is an extremely caring, nice, college freshman attending the University of California Sunnydale this coming fall. She is a bright, friendly girl, who just happens to be a wicca.

Willow lived with her mother and father in a nice house in Sunnydale, CA. Now, though, she lives in the dorms at her college. Her parents never really took much interest in her life. Once her mother didn't even notice she had gotten her hair cut until months after she had done it. But Willow doesn't mind that her mother or father don't take much interest in her, last time they did she almost got killed.

Willow relys more on her friends to help her out. Buffy Summers is her best friend, and also the one who first informed Willow of the exsistance of vampires in Sunnydale. Since then Willow has been helping Buffy out in every way she can. This past year Willow learned spells and tricks (hence, she became a witch) to help Buffy out. She was even the one who turned Angelus back into Angel (meaning from bad to good again).

Willow's other best friend is Xander Harris. She and Xander were close friends growing up, and for a while got even closer. But that all ended when Willow began dating Oz.

Oz is Willow's lead-guitar-in-a-really-cool-band boyfriend, who doesn't speak much, but gets his point across all the same. Willow pretty much relys on him to be the one to give her compliments if Buffy's not around.

I guess you could consider Gile's one of Willows friends, as well as Cordelia and Wesley. They are all part of the Scooby Gang, the group that fights the vamps and evils of Sunnydale.

Willow is just an all around nice person, and I don't know a single soul who could say anything bad about her... she's just too nice!

Join the wWo!

It's easy to do. Just write an e-mail with a user name, an e-mail address I can reach you at, why you think the world would be a better place if everyone was like Willow, and a quality of the World of Willow you would like to posses (these will be put next to your member name, current members who wish to participate in this can e-mail me with their member name, number, and the quality), and send the e-mail to: Once I get your application I will send you a member number, and your name will be added to the member list, along with your reason for thinking the world would be better.

Another way to apply: If you see me posting the Bronze, just send me a post with your request and reason, and, if I'm still there, I will post you a member number right there.

Coming Next: the aWo: Angel World Order . This will also begin my tribute to the new Angel series.

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