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Many of us have seen her in the Bronze. Many of us have even posted to her. Whenever we do she almost always replies. Some of us may have even bought the CDs, or the tee shirt, or have gotten the free sticker. But who is Erika Amato really?

Imagine what life would be like if everyone was like Erika Amato. Well, diffinately a talented world. A singing world. A Diva world. Everyone would be so nice, it would almost be too perfect (but nothings really ever perfect). Anyway, in a whole is would be a great place to live.

Who Is Erika Amato?

*Note to fans: This information was given to me graciously by Erika, and the Velvet Chain website. See the link in the links section of this page.*

Erika Amato is an accomplished singer, actress, and musician. Her stage presence, attractive/alternative look, and most importantly, her sultry, expressive voice provide the focal point for Velvet Chain's image and dynamic musical style.

After graduating from Vassar College, Erika relocated from New Jersey to Hollywood to pursue her acting and singing career. She has appeared on the popular tv series Quantum Leap, and in a sitcom called Bringing Up Jack. She has also performed in local theater and currently does radio voice-over work. Erika co-stars in the indie film Ugly People.

After the formation of Velvet Chain, Erika's singing career soon became the priority, and has remained so ever since. Erika is still acting, however, and is currently represented by the William Carroll Agency in Burbank, CA.

*Another note to fans: This section I wrote on my own from my own personal experiences with Erika and the band.*

The band Velvet Chain has appeared in the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That is how I came around to knowing Erika, inside the Bronze posting board, where I have posted with her numerous times before. Anyways, here is my personal outlook of the Diva named Erika Amato.

I hadn't heard a single Velvet Chain when I posted with Erika in the Bronze posting board. She said it was pretty good, so I took the risk and bought the CD (the CD was the Buffy E.P.). I started to get really excited, waiting for it come. I came home every day after school, and searched the mail pile for a package for me. It didn't come for a long time. Finally, one day while cleaning up the house, I found the letter that was to be sent to the company that distributed the CD sitting on the kitchen table. Never again will I trust Pook to send anything important.

After sending in the letter it took just 3 days for the CD arrived. I was so excited when I saw it sitting on the counter. I immidiately put it into my CD player, and listened to the first song on the CD "Buffy". I right away made Velvet Chain my new favorite band. Erika's voice is so strong and beautiful that I find it hard to turn off the CD.

As I mentioned before I have posted with Erika a number of times in the past. I get really excited when I see her lovely blue text because it's sort of like meeting my favorite singer, and actaully having her talk to you and remember your name (which technically it is). She is always really sweet when she talks with you, and always returns posts, unless you post something after she leaves, in which case she doesn't get a chance.

When I started the World Order series I right way thought of doing Orders other than those of the cast of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I then made a list of the other people I would like to do World Orders for. Erika was at the top of the list.

Join the eWo!

Are you slavishly devoted to Erika like I am? Are you a huge fan of Velvet Chain? Do you think that Erika is the most rockin' Deva ever? Are you just a flat out fan of everything Erika?

If you answered yes to any of these questions that you are perfect for the eWo. The club designed to show Erika and Velvet Chain that you are behind them 100%! Signing up is easy! Just e-mail me an application telling me why you think Erika is the best, and why Velvet Chain rules.

Another way to join is if you see me posting in the Bronze posting board (name Peace Fire), you can post the application to me there. Make sure I reply, because if I don't I probably missed it. I will give you your number right there on the spot. If I don't either post it again, or just e-mail me.

Your duty as a member: okay, it's sort of corny, but your duty will be to sing. Who cares if you couldn't carry a tune if your life depended on it! Sing in the shower, in your bedroom, in the office, even in the library if you feel daring enough. And who really cares what you ding too. Sing Christmas carols, sing commercial themes, sing show tunes! Just sing!

E-mail applications to:

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Viva La Diva

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