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Imagine, if you will, what the world would be like if everyone in the world had one quality possessed by Buffy Summers. Everyone would have supernatural strengths, or the bravery to eliminate evil, or their own strong will, or the power to survive.

Would the world be a better place? You may ask. The answer to that would be definately YES! Since everyone would be like Buffy in some way, the demons of the underworld would be more overpowed, and inevitably destroyed.

But the world would also be a complicated place, because, let's face it, Buffy doen't have it easy. Though she tried hard to do well in her fate (being the Chosen One, the Slayer), the good, faithful fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer know that Buffy would rather it not be her with the fate of the slayer. But at the same time she sometimes seems to enjoy the chaos going on around her. Usually, when something really bad is going on in her life (like, say, her boyfriend is a bloodsucking demon) she always finds comfort in destroying an evil monster.

Who Is Buffy Summers?

Buffy Summers is The Chosen One, better known as a vampire slayer. In the old days the was one slayer in every generation (actually, when gets killed, another takes her place) who is chosen to fight the evil of the earth. This means vampires, monsters, hell hounds, evil doers, and the occational high school messup. But because of Buffy (with the help of her friend Willow), every girl who has the potential to become a slayer is one. But while there are slayers all over the world, to many, Buffy is still "The One".

After the distruction of Buffy's hometown (and her romance with Spike), Buffy moved with her sister Dawn to Italy.

Buffy has a small group of friends who also know her secret. Willow Rosenburg is her best friend. Xander is Willow's childhood best friend who had a crush on Buffy for years. Other's who know about Buffy's fate include Giles who is Buffy's former watcher, Dawn who is also the "key" (long story) who's not really Buffy's sister, but is her sister now (seriously, long story! Watch season 5!), and the whole fleet of vampires, monster, and demons that make up the world (well, MOST of them know who she is, anyway!).

Buffy takes her fate in stride, with a quick snappy phrase, and the thrust of her hand, which hold the key to kill the vampires; a wooden stake.

Join the bWo!

It's easy! All you need to do is e-mail me at, and tell my why you think the World of Buffy would be a better place. You may also include a quality of Buffy's you would wish to own (this will be put next to your member name, present members who wish to participate in this, and haven't already please e-mail me with your member name, number, and the quality).

Note: I used to open and close the clubs whenever I felt like it, but now I have decided to keep all the clubs open at all times.

Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 reasons why the World of Buffy would be better than the world we live in now (Thank you Qui-gon Jenn for these!):

1. No Mr. Blackwell's worst dressed list again ever.

2. Average SAT score for the US - 1480!

3. Prom dates for each and every vampire cursed with a soul.

4. Number of art galleries in the US importing funky tribal masks - 22 million (from the surplus of Buffy Moms).

5. Soda stuck in the machine - no problem. Anyone you ask can tip the machine to loosen it for you!

6. Hot babes at every two-bit dance club in town!

7. Only one Starbucks in any given town in the world.

8. "Witty comebacks" becomes a legitimate course of study at MIT and Cal-tech.

9. Picket fences a thing of the past as all are pulled up in the name of vamp-slaying.

10. No more lonely school librarians.

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