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Think to yourself: what would the the world be like if everyone had one quality posessed Xander Harris?

First of all, this world would be a lot more... funnier. People would have a snappy comment or joke to get through problems or tough times. Second, people would be less impressionable, because let's face it, nothing really seems to bother Xander. He can be insulted by everyone and the guy doesn't ever really seem to care... on the surface anyway.

But the world would also be a very caring place. A place were people would do gopher jobs (like getting donuts, being the zeppo) for their friends, and do it without complaining.

So maybe people would be too busy flirting with each other to get things done, but what absolutely needs to be done will be. And when things get tough for someone, there will always be someone else there to make them feel better about themselves.

So maybe the world wouldn't be very good educational wise, but other than that I think it would be a very entertaining place to live, not to mention a very happy place.

Who Is Xander?

Xander and Buffy

Xander Harris is the type of kids you would consider a class clown (though he didn't win the class clown award at the prom). He finds ways to help people out by using humor, and his uncomperable charm. And don't forget all of those nifty dance moves!

Xander's best friend growing up was Willow Rosenberg, the shy queit girl. Their friendship remains today, but got a bit touchy feely last year for a little while. Maybe if Xander had realised the Willow and him loved each sooner they would still be together. But as it is, Willow had already met and fallen in love with Oz, and Xander had Cordelia. The reason Xander didn't notice his love sooner was because he was too busy swooning over Buffy Summers, but Buffy never really seemed to like Xander in that way.

What Xander did have with Cordelia only lasted a few months, then he lost her. But the two have managed to remain friends throughout everything they've gone though, and there may be hope for them yet... maybe not.

There's not much known about Xander. We know that he lives with his mother and father, but whether he has any siblings is only a guess to us fans. But, it seems that there are none to be seen.

Xander is very cute in a boyish sort of way. He is also smart, though he doesn't want to apply himself, except for one time which turned into a bug matting disaster! But, all in all Xander is a pretty nicely rounded human being, and a good friend to have.

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