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What would the world be like if everyone had one quality that is posessed by Oz? Would it be a better place? Probably. A more productive place? Again, probably. A loud place? This time, no (with the possible exception of 3 nights out of every month). Why? Becuase it's Oz!

Oz is just too laid back. He thinks about everything before he says it, so large talks would be out, small talk in. Oz is also really caring so the world would be more caring. And, since no one is talking much, more production would go on. Medical mysteries would be solved because people would stop having coffee breaks, and get to work. And just think about how well you'd do in school... okay, maybe that's not Oz's brightest point.

Sadly, Oz has left Sunnydale to go on and persure bigger, better things. We miss him though!

Who Is Oz?

Oz In His Cage

Now, considering you're at this site you probably already know who Oz is. But just to recap, here's a bit of information about Oz:

With the help of his girlfriend Willow, Oz successfully graduated from high school after his second shot at senior year. He went onto spend a year at the University of Sunnydale.

It was while in high school that Oz was informed of the excistance of vampires in his home town of Sunnydale. Surprisingly he really didn't seem surprised quoting "actually, it explains alot".

After the discovery of vampires in his town, and that his new friend Buffy was the slayer, Oz quickly made friends with the "Scooby Gang".

There is one major flaw about Oz though. A while back, while visiting his aunt and uncle, his cousin Jordy bit him on the finger. Turns out that Jordy is a werewolf. The bite to Oz's finger caused him to then become a werewolf. So, 3 nights a month, Oz is caged up to prevent him from biting anyone else. In the years that Oz has been a vampire he has only killed one person that we are aware of ("The Zeppo")... and that person was already dead anyways! Then, Oz finally mastered the ability to control his transformations, except they were brought on by Willow! So, he left Sunnydale for good to keep himself safe from others.

When in high school Oz played the guitar for the band Dingos Ate My Baby, making Willow gleefully exclaim "My boyfriends in the band!"

We can only assume that Oz is somewhere out in the world, not talking much, and playing the guitar... decently.

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