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The Lord of the Rings Movie News

This is where you will see all of the newspaper and magazine clippings that I can find. I'll scan the article, then type it up for you. There aren't many yet, but that's only because I'm too lazy to take them off my wall.


Right, first article, copyright of the SciFi Channel magazine. Who Shot J.R.R.? This is really funny if you're a Rings fan. Check it out.

This next one is a review of the Fellowship of the Ring DVD/video. Fans will like it. In case you don't want to read the whole article, SciFi Magazine gave it an A rating. A+ is the best, but A is just fine. Read the review.

This is rather old, but I just found it in my room. Besides, some of you might not have seen it. Disney Adventures Interview with Elijah Wood and Sean Astin. Just letting you know before you read it, I think Disney was putting words in Elijah Wood's mouth...
And here are the scans that go with these interviews: Elijah Wood and Sean Astin.

Other News

Here's a bit of news I picked up from
In the words of others, these are some of the scenes that will be included in the Return of the King preview that is to be attatched to the end of The Two Towers.
-Aragorn handing the brooch back to Pippin
-Ride of the Rohirrim
-Merry pledging his sword
-Pippin approaching the Palantir
-Shots of Gonder
-Faramir and Eowyn's meeting
-Shots of Pellenor fields
-Mouth of Sauron
-Aragorn walking up to the Palantir
-Pippin riding with Gandalf on Shadowfax
-Shots before the battle at the Black Gate
-Aragorn in his Gondorian armour, riding into battle
-Paths of the Dead
-"Minor shots of Shelob"
-Frodo and Sam by the crack of Doom

I've just viewed the trailer for Billy Boyd's upcoming movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, so I thought I'd provide a link.