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Welcome to Rivendell, Master... Well, I don't even know your name! That's all right. You can be called Master, then. Right, I have named the fanart section of this site Rivendell. It seemed like the easiest thing to do; name all of the sections after places in the books. As is normal for this site, all of the pictures are by me. Me and me only. But if you send me fanart, Frodo promises to share his mushrooms with you. That is very rare for him. Normally, he won't share them with anybody, not even his closest friends. Okay, onto the fanart. I encourage you to look at it and give me comments, or hate mail, anything really. Speak to the Web Master.


A drawing of Legolas. Sorry to the person who drew this. I lost the e-mail you sent me, so I don't have your name. Please e-mail me!

A drawing of Frodo by Jennifer.
A nice drawing of Pippin by Jennifer.

Here's an interesting little drawing of the wonderful actor who brought Peregrin Took to life on the screen. My first ever drawing of Billy Boyd.

My first picture of Pippin Took. This doesn't even look like him, but I'm putting it up anyway. I think the Hobbit is kinda cute, even though it doesn't look like Billy Boyd in the slightest.

A more recent pic of Pippin. This one's certainly a lot better than the last.

And the most recent drawing of Pippin.

I've also got some pictures of Frodo in here. Ah, here's one, my first, of Frodo and Sam.

Here's another of Frodo, from the end of The Fellowship of the Ring.

A pic of Frodo and Merry. Yes, Frodo has a patch over his eye. Just like a pirate. The thing is, I couldn't draw the eye on the left, I just couldn't! But I thought Merry looked all right, so I just put a patch over Frodo's eye. It's from A Shortcut to Mushrooms.

Here's another of Frodo. It's from the famous Weathertop scene. You know the one, where Frodo looks all scared and he's holding his sword up in front of his face. It's not on the ground...yet. So far, I think this is my best drawing of Frodo. That says a lot.

Great, you say, another picture of Pippin. This is my best so far, I think.

Pippin. My most recent drawing of Pippin.

That's all for now. Come and visit again soon. I might have some more drawings put up. Yes, I know what's going through your mind now: My god, she thinks we liked her drawings?! (Insert various types of hysterical laughter here.) Well, if you're going to think like that, go back from whence you came!