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If you hadn't already noticed, these are the links. As time goes by, I'll add more and more. Don't worry, I will add more escape routes for you. Take a look. I urge you to go to each and every one of these sites because they're a ton better than mine!

The Lord of the Rings Official Site. You've got to go here if you haven't already. - Lord of the Rings Movie News, Rumors, Photos, Writings ...
The Barrow-Downs.
Lothlorien~ dream of Middle-Earth. I took pictures from this site and now I'm crediting you. Thanks.
Lord Of The Rings movie news site :: :: Main Page ::
Fantasy Planet (The Lord Of The Rings Movie). This is where I got a ton of pictures. Thank you. This is a great site, but it's even better if you can read Czech. I can't, so I only look at the pictures. But they're wonderful.
Spoof of the Rings - if Tolkien were alive, he'd be spinning in his grave. I love this site. The people who run it are hilarious.

All right, then. These next few are more actor-specific, if you know what I mean. Well, maybe you're a complete moron and you don't. What I mean is, they apply to a certain actor and/or character.

Hobbitself. I've taken some pics from here too, so, thanks a bunch! :) Okay, like in the title, this site focuses on Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, and the Elf (Legolas, of course. What other Elf is worthy?).
The Elijah, Billy, Sean, Dom and Orlando Appreciation Site. Here's one I just like. If you have eyes, which I would assume most of you do, you can see for yourself what the site's about.
Billy Boyd.Net. Now, this is my favorite site ever. As you can see, it's Billy Boyd's official website. It's not unofficial. This is the real thing.
Billy Boyd UK. Great site. I've gotten pics from here as well. Thank you!
The Shire. Good webpage about the four hobbits. Lots of pictures.
Examining Tolkien: A comparison of quotes from the creation myth of J.R.R. Tolkien and the ancient Gnostic scriptures of the Nag Hamadi Library. That pretty much covers it.

MSTs Are Fun (and other stories). Okay, this has practically nothing to do with The Lord of the Rings. It's a page my sister and I manage. It's a sort of Mystery Science Theatre spin-off -- if you've ever heard of it -- with the characters of Harry Potter. We have guests once in a while (most of the time, actually), and Merry and Pippin have been guests. Check it out, it's hilarious.