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I need more stories and I don't have the brain power to write any more. Well, any that make sense. I will take any story that's even slightly related to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you wrote a story about the actors, I will take it! If you wrote a story about Sam's second cousin, once removed on his mother's side, I will take it! Just send it to me! Thank you.

Now, read my untitled story. It's about all of the hobbits --well Pippin, Sam, Frodo, and Merry, anyway. I know the story is incorrect in every way possible with regards to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but I only wrote it for fun, so don't send me any e-mails saying I was wrong about this or that.

This is the next part in my Selvi chronicles. I still haven't thought of a name -- for now we'll just call it part two. I hope you enjoy it.

This story's kind of a joke. My friend and I came up with the idea. A Pint for Pippin is about a young--very young--Pippin. You'll have to read it to find out what happens.

Guess what? Another story by me is up. It's a short story, you lucky people, about Sam. Trust me, it's very short. But I still think you should read it (it even got my sister's approval and she doesn't even like LotR). Read In Dreams.

Here are two stories a good friend of mine wrote, who has only just become interested in The Lord of the Rings. Thank god she's the next Shakespeare, or I wouldn't bother putting it up. By the way, her name is Aurora and you can go e-mail her.
The first story is called May No Harm Come to You. Pippin fears that Estella Bolger is coming between him and Merry. It's short, it's sweet, and full of angst. Merry/Pippin friendship story.
The second one is A Birthday Present. This is an even sweeter Merry/Pippin friendship story. It tells of how they first become friends.

This is a funny parody based on The Lord of the Rings, appropriately entitled, The Lord of the Mings. It's by Aguachica.

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