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Masculine and Feminine

There are 12 signs, and they are split into two polarities, each polarity with six signs. They are: Masculine (also called Positive) and Feminine (also called Negative). Not very P.C., is it? Well, first you have to understand that the "masculine" and "feminine" connotations were given in times when sexism was a common and acceptable practice. From a modern-day standpoint, we can see the polarities in a psychological light, changing the connotation a bit.

The Masculine or Positive polarity is better named "Assertive." The signs that fall under the Masculine category all have an assertive energy about them. Signs that are assertive have the get up and go to begin new projects, to start new projects, and to be moderately aggressive. The Masculine signs include the fire and air signs.

The Masculine/Assertive signs:

The Feminine or Negative polarity is better explained as "Receptive." The signs that fall into this category tend to soak things up. These signs tend to have an easier time with allowing the expression and exchange of emotions, and tend to be generally perceptive and intuitive. The Earth and Water signs make up this polarity.

The Feminine/Receptive signs:


Essentially, the person with a preponderance of planets in one polarity would display more assertion or receptivity in action or personality, depending on which polarity dominated the chart.

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