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In traditional, natal, and mundane astrology, we recognize that each of the Planetary symbols have Signs that they do well in, and Signs that they have negative relationships with.

A RULER is the Planet that rules (has direct relationship with) a particular sign. Each Sign has a planet that rules it. Rulership is important to most astrologers when working with the full synastry of the natal chart. A Planet is thought to be a strong position when in the Sign it rules.

A Planet is in itís DETRIMENT if it is in the Sign that is opposite in the zodiac from the sign that it rules. It is said that a Planet is not able to function at its best and cannot express its full energy when in the Sign of its detriment.

There are Signs in which a Planet is said to be EXALTED. This is considered to be the best Sign for a given planet to be. It is considered a strong and positive placement.

If a Planet is in the Sign opposite its exaltation, it is said to be in its FALL. This is said to be the weakest and most negative placement for a Planet.

With that in mind, it is important to know that many astrologers no longer believe that any placement is positive or negative, and that it is all in the way the symbol is expressed in your life. The planets do not have any control over us, do not emit actual traits upon us. However, it can be said that certain placements do seem to be harder than others. A planet in a detriment or fall may indicate a challenge for the person to overcome, or a placement of a Planet in a Sign that it rules or is at its exaltation might show as a talent in that area. It is always important to consider the chart and all aspects and dispositors. In any case, it is highly important for any astrology student to learn the traditional cornerstones in astrology before making decisions on how to treat the falls, exaltations, or detriment placements of the planets.

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