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Why Host an Astrology Chat and Class?

I am a member of The Reality Box, an Online metaphysics and spiritual group. When approached by the creator of the group, Master Ho, asking me if I wanted to do a public astrology chat as an off-shoot of the Box, I quickly agreed. It sounded like great fun and an interesting challenge. After my first week of hosting, I realized that though many people know about astrology and are interested in the subject, there are not many who know the workings of astrology in any great detail, even amoung a group used to discussing different areas of metaphysics and other phenomena. So, it quickly became a class. If you would like to learn some astrology in detail, beginning with the very bare basics, or would just like to chat astrology on a current topic, please feel free to stop by. I have been doing this off and on since 1998, and have folks who are new, and folks who have been returning from day one.

Go to and enter through the web chat. Sign up with a handle or as a guest, and enter through the Reality Box Room. You may chose your own type of HTML chat, with or without frames, streaming or pseudo streaming. If you are not used to HTML chat, you may need a little practice, but aftre about 5 minutes you'll be chatting like a pro. While it isn't as fast as a java chat, it is far more interactive and fun! It is definately worth it!

This class is free in the public room. In order for it to remian free, I do ask that you check out the Reality Box online group/community, and write to Master Ho for a FREE month sample membership.

Chat Dates

Times are 11 pm ET (8pm PT) Friday Nights

On the Following Dates 8/18 and 8/25. 9/8 and 9/15 and 9/29. It is on a two week on, one week off rotating basis right now.

Would You Like Paid Private Lessons?

I am currently offering paid astrology lessons through Keen, both on the phone and via Keen Mail. Click on the above link and find out more!

What is The Reality Box?

The Reality Box is a weekly news letter with both private (member only) and public chats. We chat about metaphysics, spirituality, morals, play games, discuss issues, and learn about ourselves. The Box is like a cyber family. The way that the group is set up is great for making real friendships via the internet, as you get a chance to say more than just "hello" to the people you chat with. We have discussions and debates without the blatant rudeness you find in other chatrooms and news groups. Free speech abounds, but personal attacks are not acceptable. Everyone can enjoy a good debate on issues without having to feel defensive or angry. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, just go to Master Ho's web site for all offical details. There you will also find a list of all the public and member's only chats the Reality Box Has to offer!

Hope to see you in chat!

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