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Hello and thanks for visiting my Angelfire site!

Anyone interested in seeing more recent photos, please to go:

Ok, so I haven't exactly been upkeeping this site. I just figure that no one really looks at it anyway. Judging by my depressing guestbook :)

But I won't deprive anyone of recent information. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Masters Degree - who would've thought?? - back in December. I then spent five weeks in Africa visiting Mary followed by trips to Chicago, New York, back to Austin, out to LA and a few trips up to Minneapolis. After deciding that being stuck in MN wasn't much fun I moved out to Salt Lake City, UT to be closer to Karen, who was finishing up her BS. That was a lot of fun, I worked temp jobs and we took a road trip up to Seattle, down to LA, and back to SLC thru Vegas. After almost giving up on a job, I suddenly had three interview offers! Well I took the first one that came along and am now living and working in Florida. I love my job as an assistant university librarian at a small-but-growing campus in Jupiter. There you have it, my life to date. Eventually (when I'm ambitious) I'm going to try to switch most of this site over to my photo site that's listed above. I'd like to add more pics than I'm able to offer here - though you'll lose out on some of my exciting commentary.

Want to know more about who I am before seeing pictures of places I've been? Check out the More About Me page! Or maybe you've seen that one already... maybe you want to know the little-known facts about what I like and don't like, my favorite everything and so on?? Check out my latest addition All About Cathy!!

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